~~ We Laugh A Little ~~ by Daniela

Time ago talking to the pirate of our crew, we both remembered having seen this montage of photos of our beloved Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero.

Connie, I finally found again. I dedicate it to you.

And all of you, what do you say about these combinations of characters?

To me they seem very apt.


But, since our boys make us dream, we remain in the world of fairy tales.

Which of you would not like to have a prince like these?

Really nice, are they not?

Which one do you prefer?


And in a comic version? Also nice here, they could interpret a whole comic!


What to say, these guys, we like in every way, but what I prefer, is this !




Credit to all owners of photos.

19 thoughts on “~~ We Laugh A Little ~~ by Daniela”

  1. Jane, I had not seen these pictures before. Thank You for a great laugh to start the day! Wonderful! What would our days be like without Il Volo?

  2. For me always Ignazio, I am going to find my pirate hat & run after Ignazio to live happilly ever after in his arms.. These boys are my treasures I look for every day. No others suffice. These young treasures attach themselves to my heart every day helping me live forever in their arms to listen to them sing to me daly. If Italy or anyone else wants to ignore them then my arms are open in Canada where I am sure their are plenty of fans who love them as I do. Thanks Daniela for sending us all information on the most important & melodious singers in the world. How can anyone NOT love them they are IL VOLO.

    1. Well Loretta, even today you made your declaration of love to Ignazio and also to the whole IL VOLO.
      Thanks to you for all your affection.

  3. PS I can’t ignore the other 2 treasures of Il Volo, Gianluca whose beautiful handsome face & melodious soft voice sooths our hearts with his croning & Piero who reaches high for his notes to open up the universe. We are the ones who are blessed to hear them & know them & watch them daily progress better & better every day.

  4. Oh Daniela! That was so kind of you, MY favorite men dressed out as Pirates!!! These men would ALWAYS be welcome on my ship the Dragonmist! Although I think I need to rough Piero up a bit and help him not look so…stuffy. I know there is a wicked rascal in there somewhere….I loved that picture earlier of him with the wild stand up hair!
    Well it made this pirate’s heart happy Grazie!

    1. I’m glad I made you smile.
      It ‘s true, the photo of Piero is the least exuberant, but you know, certain appearances hide the craziest souls!
      Surely it would be a nice crew for your ship.
      Kisses ……. that is, I meant “At the boarding”

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