The Afterthoughts of Red Ronnie by Daniela

A few days ago we witnessed the four hours of live IL VOLO conducted by Red Ronnie.

For those unfamiliar with Red Ronnie, he is a music expert. He is often invited in to comment in broadcasts where the subject is music and he also keeps radio broadcasts, such as ROXY BAR, RED BARONE, and broadcast via internet on TV.

He never talked a lot about our guys, and the few times he had the opportunity to say something about them, they were never beautiful words. So we Italian fans, we were not very happy with this transmission, we were rather skeptical of the new pleasant words of Red Ronnie.

Red, Gian, Piero and Ignazio

But we must say that Red did not know them at all. Notwithstanding he is a connoisseur of music, he NEVER followed IL VOLO and NEVER interested in them, so it was as if he saw them the first time.

Red Ronnie met the boys during the presentation of Michele Torpedine’s book, and they must have made an excellent impression, so much so that they almost immediately decided to make this transmission together.

But here we are at the evening of four hours of live.

Red continued during the evening to tell the guys that they were really nice, he was amazed at their skill and also their simplicity and perhaps one last thing that aroused his astonishment was to see for himself how much they are loved, these boys.

Red with Notte Magica Album

How many times we fans have said that, “Those who know them can not but love them.” And finally Red has known them.

Immediately the morning after the broadcast, or rather after a few hours from the broadcast, Red has published this video on his Facebook page, with this dedication:

“With the taste of a fantastic night still live with IL VOLO, with incredible results.”

He says in the video:

“I’m listening to the vinyl of IL VOLO, mamma mia!, that night that we spent live, it was incredible! We have reached 200,000 people and 34,000 posts and interactions, only on my Facebook page, not counting the other pages.”

This clickable video link below is an interview of Red Ronnie on the RTL radio 102.5 on the evening of May 4, the day after the broadcast with IL VOLO. Red starts talking about the Flight around 52:50 minutes.

I translate what he says:

Last night I had IL VOLO as my guests, and I thought about one thing, but we (Italians), that we have the habit of listening to the blues, from Chicago, and Austin, Texas, or the country-music coming from Nashville, and we NEVER take, in the slightest consideration, the music we export from Italy. I was amazed, we’ve had 300,000 interactions, a crazy thing, from all over the world. I watched as the chat numbers went up, I looked at the posts and thought, but we are not considering three guys, who are sprawling (whose fame is spreading) all over the world.

And because last night they came here and signed their vinyl album for the fans. A copy remained glued to my fingers . . . this is NOTTE MAGICA that they did in Firenze, in Santa Croce, on the 1st of July 2016, with them was also Placido Domingo, who sang with them a song that we now listen to, but above all he wrote with his hand, this on the CD:  “I am very happy to lead Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca in this evening. Many people began to listen to classical music thanks to me, Luciano and Josè – these three guys continue our idea.”

It’s a beautiful thing, and the song is a classic, NON TI SCORDAR DI ME, and is a gem, because it is sung together by IL VOLO and Placido Domingo.


Notte Magica Album

The show host goes on to say: “They hit you, these three guys. You remember we interviewed them several times and then we were at their concert (sponsored by Radio RTL102.5) at the Milano Forum, supported by Radio 102.5, and said that there was a large audience participation. So Placido Domingo is right to write those things in the Notte Magica CD, because these guys are so young, they manage to involve their peers, and it is a moment of musical awakening that deserves to be acknowledged.”

The woman presenter confirms that it’s all true, and that she agrees with Paolo Giordano (another Italian journalist ), who instead now compliments Red Ronnie.

Red goes on to say that he spoke to the guys at RTL 102.5 and they told him that this is the only one of the Italian radio stations that has always supported them. Look, it’s not easy in Italy, we disdain this music, only to find out that abroad it is very good.

Last night something incredible happened, Ignazio at one point he made a very sweet song, Pino Daniele, at the piano, he did it in an incredible way, and Red said that today’s guys are competing to get the voice, higher, but you have to give emotions, not only have the high tones …… and this thing (which Ignazio said) struck me a lot, really.  I spent a wonderful evening.

Red and the guys

And here is the post that Paolo Giordano, journalist who at the time of Sanremo had had no nice words for IL VOLO, but who then repented, and began to speak well of them (remember the interview made by him to Gianluca, in Bisceglie?).

Paolo Giordano was listening to RTL102.5 radio and he heard live Red Ronnie, so he posted this comment on his Facebook page:

Paolo Giordano


Bravo Red Ronnie a dire una cosa che agli italiani spesso sfugge: i ragazzi del Volo portano nel mondo la grande tradizione melodica italiana. È un merito, non un demerito. 

Paolo Giordano translation:


Bravo Red Ronnie to say something that often escapes Italians: the guys of IL VOLO bring the great Italian melodic tradition into the world. It is a merit, not a demerit.

I would say that the meeting with Red Ronnie, was more than positive, and Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca have left their mark this time too.

But we fans were sure of this. These guys have a charisma that goes beyond mere artistic skill.

They also conquered Red Ronnie who, after Sanremo, when asked what he thought of the victory, said that his choice was that Nek had to win.

Even Paolo Giordano has repented, and I would say that since May 3, IL VOLO has another extra fan: Red Ronnie.

Video by Piero and Red announcing the broadcast.

What is your opinion on the repentance/change of heart of Red Ronnie?

We Italian fans, we are very happy with this new opinion of Red Ronnie and we are happy that our guys are supported by the beautiful words of Red (which remains a great connoisseur of music). Maybe other critics now will have second thoughts.

However, it must be acknowledged that Red had the courage to admit that he was wrong. BRAVO! very good Red!

And you, what do you think of this change of mind?

Tell me your opinion.


P.S. This last video has always been published by Red Ronnie before the broadcast, you watch it to the end, because in the second part, I would say there is a nice recognition to the 2012 American tour.

Credit to owners of all photos and videos and Roxy Bar TV for Roxy Bar TV logo.

38 thoughts on “The Afterthoughts of Red Ronnie by Daniela”

  1. I am very happy that Red changed his mind,how could he not. He saw first hand how talented and humble our guys are,and what over 200,00 fans already know.
    I hope now that the rest of the Italian media will see what Red now sees.
    And Daniela, when I saw the video of the guys saying thank you to the fans, and Ignazio giving us kisses,I have decided to keep that video so I can kiss Ignazio good night,every night 😊

    1. Jill, what a beautiful idea, so every night Ignazio sends you a kiss.
      I also hope that the Italian media take an example from Red.

  2. I have always thought it quite dreadful that our guys have had to suffer so much nastiness from the Italian press. It speaks volumes for their courage and tenacity that they have put up with it and still carried on with their unique projects. It highlights how vindictive and short sighted the media is,.

    At last someone has the courage to see Il Volo for who they really are, singers in a class of their own in every way and in any type of music. Well done Red! Italy should be immensely proud of them.

    I think it is Il Volo’s ability to express emotion so completely that is so
    Wonderful, few singers do this and no one does it better. That they are lovely guys is the icing on the cake.

    I loved the broadcast, it was riveting. Never have I been so sorry that I don’t speak Italian.

    1. I agree Sue I have never understood how the Guys could be more popular outside of Italy, than in their own country. Thankfully the rest of the world appreciated their fantastic wide ranging talent and so they were able to continue to give us such enjoyment. They deserve every bit of adoration that comes their way. Well done Guys, and please think of doing something similar again.

      1. In fact Marion, Piero says this, since 2011 in America we were very well known, but in Italy they did not know about us, so we decided to participate in Sanremo.
        It’s unbelievable, but we Italians have discovered them last, I myself started following them after Sanremo.

    2. I agree on everything Sue, the guys are fantastic and have had a lot of patience with the Italian media.

      In the video, Piero recalls another Italian critic who said that IL VOLO in America sang in pizzerias. Piero had a contained rage as he said it, also said that this gentleman has offended even the people, who actually, sing in pizzerias.

      People can be really bad!

  3. God bless you for all for the translating. I am so happy that the boys are being accepted in their own country at last. It did my heart good to read the words from the show. We all know the depth and warmth of these boys. They are sincere and loving. We have been blessed to follow them all these years Thank you again Daniela and whomever contributed to getting this to all of us. Hugs, Victoria

    1. Victoria, what a pleasure to see your comment, I was beginning to worry.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the “experiment” as Red Ronnie calls it, and we all hope there’s another one soon.
      Thanks for the compliments.

  4. Thank you again Daniela for this translation !! Of course Red fell in love with them !! To know them is to love them so why would he be any different !! This was a wonderful opportunity for the Italian Press to see how humble, down to earth, fun, talented and loved our guys are and have always been worldwide !! I adore them and can’t wait until I can give them hugs again !!

    1. Certainly Joanie, even the radio’s speaker, after Red’s statements, said “they made an impression on you, these guys”.
      Finally Red was able to know the true essence of the boys.
      We hope that others, too, open their eyes.

  5. Yes, to know them is to love them. I am glad Re has ijumped on the Il Volo fan train , and hope we will be joined by many more critics and journalists . It is About time they were more appreciated by critics at home. Thanks again Daniela for another interesting translation

    1. Thanks to you Janet. Surely the word of Red, will have a certain weight, it is not only an opinion of a fan, but a music expert.

  6. First of all, a great big thank you to Daniela for the translation…this one and ALL of the others! Secondly, it is wonderful to read and hear the good words that Red Ronnie has to say about Il Volo after getting to know them. He has gone out ahead of the Italian media with his opinion change which is courageous. It is also nice to see that others may be following in his path because they are beginning to understand that Il Volo is a treasure of talent, charm and genuine personalities making them excellent ambassadors from Italy to the world. Congratulations to Il Volo for never giving up!

    1. Jeanette, thank you. And we can FINALLY say a few good words for them. Of course we all hope that these will be followed by other words, perhaps by other experts.
      Come on like this, guys.

  7. I have been privileged to have watched these three young men since 2009. They brought joy and love into my life when I really needed it. Reading this post made my heart swell with pride. At last. Italy will see what they have missed by not accepting our Il Volo from the beginning. Thanks, Daniela, for the translation. I am hoping with all my heart, there will be an American Tour soon. I love these three young Italians, Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio with all my heart. – Allene

    1. Allene, during the broadcast, Red ran all the various questions of fans around the world, was very amazed, because many were not questions, but statements of people who said, that IL VOLO had helped them in sad moments. Red looked at the boys and said, “Do you realize how many people love you because you have unconsciously helped them?”

      1. Daniela, I’m so glad you mentioned that “RED” said this to the guys-it’s so true. The only song they sing that I can not listen to is Smile, as it is personally too sad for me-it just happens to be one of their favorite songs though. Otherwise they light up day, even a difficult day.

      2. One more thought/question. How do the everyday citizens of Italy feel about Il Volo. You have indicated how the media regards them, but what about the people. Are they featured in popular magazines, newspapers, TV, conversation or followed on the radio? Thanks.

      3. Thanks again Daniela for all the translations and videos. It’s great that Red Ronnie has now realized what a treasure Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are and he is able to admit that he was mistaken. Hopefully even more critics will soon feel the same. They are also the best Ambassadors for Italy and it’s always evident how much they love their country.
        I’ m so happy that Red let them know how many people felt Il Volo had helped them through very difficult and sad times. I myself just feel more calm, peaceful and happy listening to them. I sometimes wonder if they have any idea how much they mean to so many people!

      4. Wow! that was quite a question/statement from Red. I am one of those people that IL VOLO has helped and I love them for it! 🙂

      5. Mark, it’s true, SMILE is one of their favorite songs, very sweet!
        Good question you make me …….. the answer is NO. Very few newspapers speak of IL VOLO, and the important ones often only have words that are not good for them.
        They are rarely invited on TV.
        The radios do NEVER pass songs of IL VOLO, except RTL102.5 (this too rarely passes them).
        It’s a shameful thing !!
        You must know that in Italy there is a radio that is called RADIO ITALIA ONLY ITALIAN MUSIC and it does not make them feel, just them, that they sing beautiful Italian songs.
        There are no words.

      6. Margaret and Pat, even Red, realized this, and said it in the video ……. “but you realize how many people say you helped them?”

  8. Hi dear Daniela, How wonderful to read your translation of Red Ronnie’s impression of our boys….thank you so much!! Now, he too, has been moved by their extreme talent, kindness and humility. It’s hard to imagine the Italian media has been so negligent of such talent our boys’ possess. I did watch most of the long video, and was touched by our boys’ affection and fun attitudes. I am happy for them to have great home time, they work hard and give so much of themselves, sharing their lives with us. Miss seeing them in concert this year, but, I’m hopeful for news in 2019. ♥ Thank you again and again, Daniela. Nonna Harriett ♥

    1. Hello grandma Harriet, yes, it is true, Red Ronnie was fascinated by our talented Piero, Ignazio and GIanluca, they offered themselves, as they are in reality, without filters, and this is their greatest strength. We all fell in love with them and now it’s up to Red.
      We hope others will follow.

  9. Hi Daniela. How can others not follow when “the proof is in the pudding” as they say. The figures for viewers and the quantity of comments and questions .surely is proof for Red Ronnie that the Guys are the most popular singers on the scene today.!! Their popularity is worldwide !!

    1. In fact Marion, I think Red was impressed to see with his eyes, how many people called for them and love IL VOLO, from all over the world

  10. I am ecstatic that Italy has finally opened their eyes to see how Il Volo has worked hard to please the very city they live in & kept trying to please unfairness to no avail. Italy do you realise how the Il Volo boys love Italy & how proud they are of the cities they live in. No other singers show pure love for their fans & I am glad Red Ronnie reiterated his pleasujre & has schozen to help with his positive commnts on how our precious guys conduct themselves in a favourable & loving manner. We always knew that boys & I for one am waiting patiently for a concert where I can show my appreciation for your singing & for Ignazios funny antics & I hope I am able to catch one of Ignazio kisses & send him one of mine. My life is totally centred on Il Volo day & night since the beginning 2009 permanently no one else can compeat.

    1. Yes Loretta, I must say …. finally someone understood !! But the road is very long, yet when the boys are invited (rarely) in the broadcasts, everyone sees the success of the public they have.
      We are hoping that Red Ronnie will contribute, with his word, to open the obtuse minds of so many critics.

  11. Daniela ,as always a big thank you for the very extensive translation ! The first concert I attended was their first at Radio City Music Hall in NYC. After the most enjoyable concert, I sent a message to my cousin in Rome asking if she had heard of them and what did she know.!!!She said that they sang very old fashion songs. I guess that is what most thought in Italy but they sure have proven them wrong!! They are a beautiful package of looks, personality, warmth and voices that touch every part of your being and they can sing any genre . Red Ronnie finally listened.

    1. That’s right, Annette, also Ignazio, in the video says it, in Italy, had been cataloged as “young – old” because they sang songs of the Italian and Neapolitan tradition.
      Even now, when you talk to someone from IL VOLO, you hear “but who, those old men?” and this way of thinking that has never been hindered by anyone (even from their press office) has made disasters.
      That’s why they went to Sanremo, to give way to people to see that they were not old-fashioned!

  12. Wonderful post. Thank you so much for these news, but it’s still hard to believe that after so many years (10 years almost, a life), their home press just didn’t recognize how important these boys are.
    Hugs from Brazil to all the fans!

    1. That’s right, Annette, also Ignazio, in the video says it, in Italy, had been cataloged as “young – old” because they sang songs of the Italian and Neapolitan tradition.
      Even now, when you talk to someone from IL VOLO, you hear “but who, those old men?” and this way of thinking that has never been hindered by anyone (even from their press office) has made disasters.
      That’s why they went to Sanremo, to give way to people to see that they were not old-fashioned!

    2. Claudia, I would venture to say, that their press office has not defended their image very well, but I hope that it finally takes positions with certain newspapers that say ridiculous things.
      A hug from Italy!

  13. Thank you, Daniela, for this post. I know you are tired of me saying, “what would we do without you”. But… What would we do without you?

    I love being evolved with the Boys long enough to watch so many people fall for them immediately and oh so deeply. Always makes me smile and nod while thinking… “yep, there goes another one.”

    1. Yes Marie, I am very pleased, too, when some new person is fascinated by IL VOLO, I think “well, here’s another in love”.

      Thanks for the compliments, read your comments stimulates me a lot, I always admired how you kept this site !!

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