IL VOLO LIVE on Roxy Bar TV by Daniela


It was a good 4 hours live, but they flew by with our beloved IL VOLO!!

They showed themselves to the public for what they are, three adorable boys next door, simple guys, with no pretense. They are lively boys, sometimes unruly, noisy, very good friends. They did not put up masks or false behavior, they appeared very natural and true to themselves.

IV 08

I must tell you that Red Ronnie was never an admirer of them, he never had kind words for them, but as usual, he did not know them, he spoke only to “hearsay” from others, people who do not know them, and who like to denigrate them.

Red was able to get to know them during the launch of the Torpedine book. It seemed strange to us Italian fans that Red wanted them for a live show, as I said he was never particularly kind to them. But last night, during the live, Red has repeatedly said that “he did not know them at all” that now that he got to know them he saw that they are not at all haughty guys, but they are very nice and simple. Red also recognized their artistic value and marveled at the following of fans from around the world who love them. In fact, the official fan club site went haywire, due to too many requests.

The girl that sat next to Red and ran the laptop is Alice, the one who keeps active the official Fan club of IL VOLO.

IV 01

Now, I will summarize some of the important things that were said:

As for the new CD, unfortunately they said immediately, that they could not reveal anything for a contractual issue, which for them is difficult but not to say anything, neither the title, nor what it is, not even the date of publication , they only said that the record is ready and will be published soon.

IV 04

They answered several video phone calls throughout the show, but most did not have constructive questions, they were talking like friends. Among the calls, the one made by the only male was beautiful because he asked an interesting question. He asked if they could bring a friend around the world, where would they go. Piero replied that he would lead him to PIER 39, which is a pier in San Francisco, in front of Alcatraz. Ignazio replied to Chicago, which is beautiful to him. Gianluca instead says that he would take him to run in Malibu on a beautiful sunny day.

One girl told Piero that he did well to leave his red glasses behind, because he no longer needs them to be recognized.

I liked it when Red asked them if they were engaged. Piero immediately said NO. Gianluca did not answer but smiled. Ignazio has not confirmed but not denied, as if there was a sympathy in place. Ignazio said that he was very faithful for two and a half years to a girl, faithful to the end, because he said that when you’re in love you have to show it even in attitudes. When Red asked how the love affair was now, Ignazio said that it was over, that things had slowly intervened that they faced and that it was more him wanting to interrupt the love affair.

Then Red, asked Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio, to which person in their family they are more close to and here are the answers: Piero said his mother and father. Gianluca replied it was his grandfather. Ignazio said his sister and this surprised Red. Ignazio explained that he is very close to his sister because when he was little, she was like his mother, when his real mother was in hospital. And he also said that even now they are bound by a strong affection. “I will always be grateful to my sister, because she too was little more than a child at that time, and the task was burdensome, she could refuse this role, but she agreed to use her time to look after me when I was smaller.”

IV 06

Another important topic was when Ignazio said that some boys often contact him to make their vocal talents heard, and when singing they shout so much, however, Ignazio said that having a very high voice is not synonymous with skill. He explained that so many songs must also be whispered and interpreted.

They cannot be serious while running GRANDE AMORE. Piero begins one of the high notes so high Ignazio makes a gesture because he knows he has to climb a lot with his voice (Gianluca laughs). They are all spiteful !! At the end, Red says  he is a little surprised by the power of the voices, “Who will repay me of all the my eyeglasses you broke?”

For the rest were all chatter with friends, nothing new, they talked a little bit about everything, even the luck of having met on the same day at the same broadcast.

Red says that Piero is the most serious, Gianluca the most fussy and Ignazio the funniest. Red specifies that Gianluca is picky in a good way, that is he is precise, one that puts the dots, on everything. Gianluca responds that this “mania” sometimes makes him become uncompromising to the point that, when there are discussions (he says that yesterday they discussed a lot), even if he is right, with this way of being fussy, it makes you almost unpleasant therefore he understands that his attitude is too strong and will try to change.

At the end of the video, Gianluca stops and says that certain songs are untouchable and must be sung well.

Red asked how friendships are made up. Ignazio answered that he feels more connected to Piero, also because they are both Sicilians. Piero confirmed.

Red asked what their favorite song is. Ignazio and Gianluca said Smile. Piero replied My Way.

Magnificent SMILE

Then he asked if they see themselves in their solo career and Piero immediately answered NO, Ignazio NO, Gianluca SI.

Ignazio also said this really beautiful thing, he said that thanks to their music teacher he understood that everyone must follow their inclinations, Ignazio wanted to make music, he did not want to go on television or become famous, he was interested in making music, because it makes him feel good.

Then he was also lucky because he met them (Piero and Gianluca) on the same TV show. Gianluca then says that their parents have not pushed them but have always adapted to their needs.

At the end, Red Ronnie congratulates Ignazio for his performance.

Therefore Red confirms:

1) You have talent

2) Fortunately, they met in a broadcast

3) There was Cenci who understood to put them together

4) Torpedine accidentally saw them on TV

5) Torpedine was a friend of Renis who opened the American market to the guys

At this point Red says that in front of them they had an open highway, but even if you’re on a highway and you cannot run (that is if there is no talent), you do not do anything.

Red confirms that IL VOLO has been famous for some time, but he did not know them at all, he admits that he knows them better now and thinks that they are really good and pleasant, not like many journalists make them appear.

(This is the greatest satisfaction for us Italian fans: Daniela)

Red asks how many songs they have in their repertoire and Piero answers by producing a sheet on which he has written all 116 of them. Then Red sees that L’IMMENSITA’ is written twice and then Piero says 115.

The “TIRICHITOLLA” could not be missing

They said that for the tenth year of their career they will do beautiful things that they are already thinking about. At one point they took 10 vinyl records of IL VOLO, NOTTE MAGICA and signed them, these records will be delivered to 10 girls of the fan club, they will later say how to get them.

The guys have just made a short video published on the official IL VOLO fan club page where they thank all the fans who followed them last night and they say that there will be many surprises coming.

(This video DOES NOT play upside down! 🙂 )

The following day Red Ronnie thanked everyone for the beautiful night live saying that they have reached 200,000 people with 34,000 interactions and contacts only on his Facebook page.

I tried to translate the most important things, but if you have any questions about the video, ask me, and I will translate to you what they were saying.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos and Roxy Bar TV for Roxy Bar TV logo.

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  1. Daniela. Thank you, thank you thank you! for your translation. I watched almost all of the 4 hours (except for 1 hour when I had to pick up the grand kids from school). I understood only a few Italian words here and there but loved watching their interaction, teasing, laughing and singing. Great to see them together again. There were a few things said in English. One question was “when will your book be published in English” to which Piero and Gian answered together “very soon!” I do hope so. I loved the answer to the question about where in the world they would take a friend and they all said somewhere in the USA. Piero even said my hometown- San Francisco, pier 39 looking at Alcatraz on the bay. makes me happy to think he likes my hometown and would love to see him here again sometime.
    they certainly were themselves, sweet, funny, down to earth and humble. Italy should be so proud of them and call them “national treasures”. looking forward to what all the promised surprises will be!

    1. Daniela,thank you so much for the translation.I feel so much better now that I know what they were saying.
      They are still three “adorable puppies” and I love them all❤️❤️❤️

      1. Jill, I was sure that if you read, you would have raised your morale, so I told you “tomorrow I’m waiting for your comment”.
        I hope everything is ok in Hawaii.

    2. Janet, it was a nice evening, but when Piero appointed S. Francisco, I immediately thought of you, wondering, if you had heard it.
      It would have been nice, that they could have unveiled some news on the new CD, but they were very reluctant to this.

  2. Once again, Daniela, we owe you thanks! I am always excited when they mention the USA. It somehow brings them closer.

    Those “pups” are the world’s “treasure” and certainly ours!

    1. Yes Marie, they spoke little in English, but they remembered America in their desires.
      You are always in their hearts, and them, in yours.

  3. Thank you so much, Daniela!!! I watched the show but until I read this, I was only guessing at what went on. Your post is such a big blessing! God bless you!!! 😊❤️‼️

  4. Daniella I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful translation !! I sat and watched the entire 4 hours totally entranced and excited to be seeing our three endearing guys live but frustrated because I could not understand one word !! So thanks again !!
    Their surprises seem to be taking forever to be revealed !! We all miss them terribly and are waiting with baited breath for their new Latin CD ,Tour and Hugs !! 😃

    1. Hi Joanie, I understand how you feel, just like when I see an interview in another language !!
      I’m happy to have made everything more understandable.

  5. This was so interesting. Thank you Daniela. Hmm Piero not engaged. Too bad I’m happily married. And of course old enough to be his grandmother.

    1. Barbara, the beautiful thoughts, do not hurt anyone, and many times are good for the heart.

  6. Thanks so much Daniela for translating the Guys comments. I wonder if they have commented on their evening and how they felt it went. It was great to see them so relaxed, but i think a little bit tired towards the end. Do you think this could be a precursor for future “interviews” as they are able to reach so many fans at one time and have fun doing so ? It is always interesting to watch the interaction between all three and they never disappoint. Thank you again for letting us into the “experiment”

    1. Marion, I hope that this “experiment” is repeated.
      I wrote it several times in the comments to Red Ronnie, and I hope the next time will be to present the release of the new single. What better way to make it feel to all the fans at the same time?
      I also admire these interviews made as meetings between friends, let’s call them “chatter in freedom”.

  7. Hi Daniela, I watched the entire show.It was great , even though I didn’t understand it. I really enjoyed hearing the guys and seeing there interaction. Good news about the book. Thank you so much for the translation!

    1. Hi Joan, I watched the entire broadcast and it ended at 2:00 am, late at night. The next day I turned like a zombie, but it does not do anything, those hours have flown. The most pleasant thing is certainly the sense of friendship that is palpable, looking at the boys. Delicious!

  8. Daniela you are our treasure we are all extremely lucky to have you to translate. I do wish they could have spoken in english but I so enjoyed the interaction between the boys & Red & also when they answered the phones & then to see Ignazio come alive from boardum he is hillarius, it looked as if he was going to fall asleep. He is a joy to watch. I am glad also at the end they thanked the fans for calling in & as I said above I thought I heard your voice as one of the callers. I’m happy if you did get through. Well now they know how a good interview can go, so maybe this experience can help them in future interviews. Good luck Guys. Hope you got the rest you needed.

    1. Thanks for all the compliments Loretta.
      Did you read how many nice things Ignazio said? In addition, Red Ronnie, when Ignazio performed the song by Pino Daniele, made him many compliments, he said that he performed very well, with so much feeling, for Red was a surprise, but we know that Ignazio is a bit ‘crazy, but has a big heart and is a high-level artist, as well as Gianluca and Piero.

  9. Thank you once again Daniela for being so kind as to translate for us. I watched a great part of the interview, but understood little, so it is a gift to have the translation.

    1. Thanks to you, Jeanette, for reading the translation. IF you have questions to ask, tell me!

  10. I should also reiterate love the kisses Ignazio sends it seems so personal, I feel so lucky if they recognize us & with your help Daniela thank you.

  11. Dear Daniela thank you so much fo transalting the interview. It’s fun to just wath their interactions with each other but it really helps to know what they are saying. Thank you you are a dream come true for us.

    1. So Luckylady51, I’m happy to have made you dream ….. or amuse, because these three, at times, were just playful.

    1. They do not talk about tours, Loretta, or rather, not for now, but in 2019.
      But they will come to America to promote the new CD.

  12. Again a great job Daniela. You bring the boys close to us by all your translations.
    Thank you.

    1. Gina, if I could, I would take them directly to you all!
      For now this is all I can do!

  13. I am so thankful that we have Daniela to translate these very special and welcome interviews for us. I am also very thankful to see our Il Volo guys together and being happy to be in each others company.
    Wonderful to see the interview a second time, having a better knowledge of topics that they are talking about! Grazie mille Daniela.

    1. Ineke, I heard you before the live and you were excited to see them again.
      We all waited for this moment and hopefully it will happen soon, another time. Believe me, Red Ronnie was impressed.

  14. Add me to the list of appreciative people thanking Daniela for all the translating effort she put into this event. Knowing some of what was said helps complete the picture for me. Where was Mr. Red Ronnie, not to know much about The Trio the last 10 years-was he living in a cave? I didn’t know he did not think favorably of them-they were more than generous and agreeable to spend 4 whole hours on his show and show him who they really are. It seems a lot of the young girls were more interested in flirting and giggling at the boys, than asking substantive questions, but this is understandable. I’m sure members of this blog would have made a better effort of asking more serious questions of them, if they had the chance. Overall, a great pleasure to be part of. Thanking you again Daniela.

    1. It was a pleasure Mark, I must say that Red Ronnie did not know them at all, just like many others unfortunately.
      He admitted he was not kind at the time of Sanremo and asked the boys why they went to Sanremo. They replied that in America they were known and famous and have always been followed since 2011 while in Italy no, so they decided to participate in Sanremo, and they had the popularity. They also said that the popularity, they could have it from the radios, but unfortunately, they have never passed them before and do not even pass them now.
      Really disheartening.

      1. Let me add my thanks also for the videos and giving us a translation of some of their discussions. It is very kind of you to take the time to do these translations for us. I am always surprised to see that people like Red Ronnie would judge Il Volo based on what others had written or said. I would think that hearing them sing and their many interviews would give most people an idea of how talented, genuine and humble Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have always been.

      2. Margaret, do not tell me. I am shocked when I read that these characters give comments, without knowing what they are talking about, and these are the people who should at least know the subject they are discussing.
        I must also say that Red never spoke exhaustively of IL VOLO, precisely because he did not know them.

  15. Hi Daniela I was referring to earlier what are they doing today if continuing touring as I thought they would have to stop yesterday to talk to Red Ronnie & continue today to what they were doing or travelling before Red Ronnie. I have to laugh at Ignazio when he is throwing kisses, its too bad he can’t come through my computer anyway we will have to wait & see what’s next. Hope you can get some more rest Daniela you work so hard for us. You are a treasure & this site & us are very lucky to have you with us translating & looking after us & making yourself available to all of us. We are the ones who are very blessed Daniela THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU we are the ones who are honoured that you so willingly give us your free time. That is true friendship & that kind of friendship is hard to come by & who I want to meet in the near future. Hope you have a good nights sleep tonight.

    1. No Loretta, I confirm that IL VOLO at this time is not doing anything, they are all here in Italy and are taking days of freedom and rest, often with their families.
      They will participate in some events, such as the Heart Game at the end of May or live for Pino Daniele and will be in concert in Montecarlo.
      Apart from these commitments, nothing else is known.

  16. I do not know Daniela if you remember somebody asking for Perfect Symphony by Ed Sheeran (that was me ) both Piero and Gianluca said that was by Andrea Bocelli but they sang it whilst in Miami working on the new CD and also Gianluca sings it with 2 friends playing guitars and also the three of them sing it at some promotional concert and all three can be seen on Youtube so it looks as if they are letting Andrea lay claim to that song in Italy . I also managed to get another couple of questions in but no answers.

    1. Oh how I love Perfect Symphony, no matter who sings it! I did see Gianluca and his friends sing it. Can’t help it…….I just melted! There were a lot of questions that Red Ronnie asked out loud that never were answered.

      1. Pat, if I can say my opinion, in my opinion, is that, the kind of music on which the boys should continue to insist, I hope the Latin American is just a parenthesis.
        Of course it is only my opinion.
        Thanks again Pat, for the excellent job you did.

    2. Marion, during the evening, a girl asked if they could sing Ed Sheeran’s song, Piero said that they were not able to play it (but it was an excuse), Ignazio said, “I can play but I do not want to.” ….. I think that was referring to the fact that it was sung by Bocelli really paired with Ed Sheeran, so if I’m not mistaken Gianluca sang it before the release of the duet between Bocelli and Sheeran, so I think that now you do not they would allow more to do so if there were no precise agreements.

  17. I get a big kick out of Ignazio when he sends his kisses to us fans through the internet or here or on tour or werever he happens to be I feel he is so sincere, thanks Ignazio sending kisses back to you KISS KISS KISS from Loretta Toronto

  18. Hi Daniela ,
    Thank you so much for this. I was trying so hard to understand what they were saying, but my Italian is very little.
    What a great night it was , even when we can’t understand the words the guy’s charisma and interaction is fantastic to watch. I loved every minute of it 😊

    1. Hello Sue, they were really fantastic, and even hilarious, you think that Red has asked a question that I did not translate, he first asked Ignazio, who of them three, would eliminate from the group and Ignazio answered, myself.
      Then he asked Gianluca and he said “Ignazio” (and laughed)
      Then he asked Piero and he said “Ignazio”, another laugh ……. and then they commented, at least on one thing we agree !!
      What a fun !!

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