I’m Smiling Because ….

Hello Everyone!

It’s kind of rainy here, but I was  thinking of a couple of reasons to smile…

1.) My new nephew, Garrett, arrived safe and sound last week.  I absolutely can’t wait to meet him!

2.) Though it is rainy, it’s 70 degrees, and the trees are  blooming, so I think winter is finally over!!!


What about you?


~~ Kelly

17 thoughts on “I’m Smiling Because ….”

  1. congrats for the new baby in your family. It,s getting warm here. I am settling in to my new apt. in a Sr. living place. I, going from a 1900 ft. house to 600 ft. What a bunch of stuff I had.

    1. Joan, I know what you mean….I have just gone through the same experience. But am very happy in the new location, and love that some things stay the same, like our Flight Crew site always there for us to start our day.

  2. It’s such a joy to go out of the house without having to put on a coat, a hat, gloves, boots etc! Spring has sprung! And I don’t care if it rains (again!)–you don’t have to shovel rain!

  3. GREETINGS Kelly, for your new nephew, a new life is always a magnificent piece of news.
    Here last week was summer, not too much today, but the sun is warm and beautiful.
    Maybe you do not know, but I love IL VOLO !!!!

  4. Congratulations Kelly on your new nephew I’m so happy for you and your family and I’m smiling because It’s I love the weather this weekend in California is going to be really toasty. and I love heat.

  5. How wonderful to have a new nephew! It is over 70, a robing is energetically singing in the back yard and the skies are springtime blue It is a great day in Minnesota.

  6. I meant to say robin and there should be a period after blue. Now that has to be the computer and NOT my keyboarding skills, don’t you all agree?

  7. I’m smiling because the snow is gone at last! And next Sat. (the12th) my granddaughter Brittany is getting married! And outdoors at that, so I am especially glad to see the green grass and the green in the trees! Not to mention the warmer temperatures!

    And congratulations Kelly. A new baby in the family always makes everyone smile. – Allene

  8. I’m smiling for the ladies of this site who have precious newcomers joining their families. Congratulating ladies. Also I saw the guys at Red Ronnies & all I can say Ignazio is hilarious & he sure knows how to sway those hips to the music & be funny as well. I was watching him after a few hours of being interviewed he was totally bored so decided to act up with the juke box & Mr. Torpedine & Red Ronnie. Our other boys were answering the questions so Ignazio decided to dance with Mr. Torpedne & do his own dancing as well as other entertaining acts.
    Daniels did I hear you asking the boys a question about the CD’s because I thought I heard your voice.
    If you saw the pictures of Ignazio then you saw the face of a bored young man. He is so precious & hilarious, he can sure liven things up. Red Ronnie I am sure is going to look at his juke box to see if its still working. Ignazio I am sure you are glad the interview is finlly over & you can go outside & make a noise. Please be gentle with Mister Torpedine. Next time I see you you will have to shoe me your dancing moves. Love you always Loretta Canada

  9. I’m smiling because Kelly’s question reminds me how important it is to remember to find a reason to smile each day. even if it can only be mustered for just one second of a happy memory stored in the heart. My own cause to smile right now is from reading Kelly’s own comment and all of the ones here. I also am smiling today because yesterday evening I finally found my ‘old’ Gipsy Kings cassette tape (Yes; a tape! 😂😄) and soon I thought, ‘Hmmm… I wonder if IL VOLO ever heard of them and would IL VOLO ever try out one of these songs??! Wish I could ask them about that idea, especially because they are releasing an album of Spanish-language songs soon. The Gipsy Kings sing in (Andalusian) Spanish and sang “My Way” in English at an impressive London concert. My tape is from the Gipsy Kings’ live concert they did at The Royal Albert Hall in London, back in the late ’80’s, which I caught on PBS TV at that time. ( Like IL VOLO, they introduced to the world, via concert tours and albums, their traditional, heritage music with a new, pop-oriented form of it ( basically “Spanish Flamenco” and “Gypsy Rhapsody” music.). They combined them, adding a bit of salsa and rumba ‘flavor’ to it. The result was / is pretty awesome music, mostly with singing, though their (strong, harmonious) voices are not of the very highest caliber and quality as we have with IL VOLO’s (gorgeous) voices. Happily for the Gipsy Kings, the music is really the dominant star of their show. Anyway, just imagining IL VOLO singing above those driving, insistent, emotional, Spanish-Gypsy rhythms makes me smile, too. 😍

    1. Meant video tape, not cassette tape! 😂 (Way too much going on at once. Could use a vacation from it all, but that’s not an option yet. ‘The Music’ is the ‘vacation’. 😎

  10. A correction: Gipsy Kings sang “My Way” in Spanish during the 1989 London concert. I was mixing them up with IL VOLO’s “My Way”, probably because last night, I had just listened to IL VOLO singing it on the Las Vegas 2017 concert videos that Jeanine and Daniela posted previously; sorry about the mix-up. I’m sure that IL VOLO would love the Gipsy Kings. I’ll always be grateful that PBS played that ’89 London concert and that I happened to catch it and tape it. I could listen to them over and over and never tire of them, just like with our IL VOLO’s music. I do hope IL VOLO has heard them.

  11. I’m a little late here, but I’m smiling because I found out last week that I get to spend another day taking care of my old boss, while the other admin is on vacation. 🙂 in a few weeks.

    And of course spring is finally here, also!

    Hello to all of you!! 🙂

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