LAST HOUR!!!! by Daniela

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This video from Red Ronnie at Roxy Bar TV just appeared.


Tomorrow evening from 10:00 pm, until 02:00 – 03:00 in the morning, in this studio, there will be IL VOLO.

The three guys from IL VOLO, will be here, and we will interact live with all the fans of the world.

In fact we aired late at night, from 10:00 pm onwards, to allow even those who follow us, will follow us from South America, United States, etc., to be able to connect.

There will be opportunities for interaction, to ask questions, to call via Skype, to interact via Facebook, so we will be on my Facebook page, on the facebook page of IL VOLO, on, on my YouTube, Periscope page and so on.

It will be an experiment that I believe has never been done, that is, without term, in continuity, to be able to interact with all the fans of the world.

IL VOLO are artists who have a crazy following, all over the world, and so tomorrow evening we will do this experiment.

This experiment, all over the world, I believe has never been done, that is, being in a studio and interacting, answering the questions of the fans from all over the world that connect, for 4 hours, 5 hours, I do not know how long it will last.

We are not preparing the event, it is something that comes naturally, spontaneously, and it will be something special.

Do not ask to come, because it is impossible, the studio is this little you see, so you can interact from home, clearly the fans registered to the official fan club IL VOLO, will have a priority, so they will be the first who can ask questions, then, we will be open to everything.

Like a big party.

I’ll show you this trailer that has just arrived of IL VOLO and that explains who IL VOLO is.

Here, this is a video that shows what they have done, and so they will be here and answer all the questions.

The thing that I like, I say in an ironic way and I refer to Antonella Mosetti, who asks me (Red Ronnie while talking, he receives questions live and is answering a question posed by Mosetti):

“Hi Red, I would like to know what they did in that hotel in Switzerland.”

Antonella, I’m showing you a video of the enormity of things IL VOLO has done, and your only curiosity is to know what they did at the Locarno hotel in Switzerland ??? Guys, get over it!!! Go beyond this television that now is just a scandal, where we talk only about bad things, negative things, to look for …….. but have you seen what they have combined these guys here? Have you seen the success they have had???

However tomorrow night will be here, we will connect and answer all the questions, it will be an experiment, believe me, it will be a very interesting experiment, because it is the first time that the Internet is used in such a global way, for the total interaction, so I think be nice.

I’ll see you tomorrow night.

There will also be Torpedine.

See you tomorrow.

Credit to Roxy Bar TV for Roxy Bar TV logo and to Red Ronnie for the Facebook video.


36 thoughts on “LAST HOUR!!!! by Daniela”

  1. What fun! Thanks so much for sharing, Daniela and Pitterpato! I definitely want to hear if any of our folks ask a question!


    1. Hi Jeanine, you saw that I found your special moment with Ignazio!
      I recommend this evening connected with our boys.

      1. Thanks so much, Daniela! I’ll be on if my schedule allows. Can’t wait to hear responses, too! 😊

  2. This is just too exciting and what a terrific experiment……..cannot wait for 4 p.m.

      1. thanks Daniela I finally got to the end of this mans interview. My calculation is that he had the guys better part of the day, could not figure out how important he is. Have come to the conclusion he isn’t important.

      2. It was fun, they are very nice and simple. I will pass a summary.

  3. Hi Daniela, it’s now 6pm May 3rd ny time I’ve Been watching live Red Bar TV . The guys are very relaxed and having a great time. Great experience. They my be on another 2 hours.

    1. Yes, Vincent, I know them, too, and I’ve seen several of the connected Flight Crew.

  4. Just finished watching four hours-interesting to see them in their off stage persona’s. Even though I don’t understand a word of Italian, their personalities come out in their facial expressions and hand/arm gestures. I’m guessing they are three very funny guys to be around!
    This was a great opportunity to get to know them as themselves. They must be really something in person. Thanks!

    1. Mark, I will pass a summary of what has been said, but more than anything else it was an evening with friends.
      Very funny, with Ignazio who was not standing still for a moment.

      1. I watched all 4 hours. Love to see them loose and relaxed. Ignazio cannot sit still, only when he spoke of his sister Nina and he could not continue because it is still a very emotional memory for him. So, no news on the CD yet, they said it was ready but that’s all the info we got from them. By the way, who likes Igna’s new look?

      2. Excuse me, RoseMarie, that’s Ignazio’s picture, everyone’s favorite !!!!

    2. Although I didn’t understand most of it, it was just lovely watching them up close interacting with each other and and having fun! While I liked Ignazio’s hairstyle before, I really liked his new look. Ignazio is certainly a force to be reckoned with. You never know what he will do and/or say! I also loved seeing Piero and Ignazio going over the the keyboard and sing and play beautifully. They all are incredibly talented!
      Thank you so much Daniela for all the videos and giving us a summary of so many of their interviews and videos. We really appreciate all you do.

      1. Margaret, I saw you live, I saw your comments.
        It was good to see them, but be alert, Monday you will also read what they said.
        Thank you for your compliments.

  5. Wonderful experiment with excellent reception. Really showed us how the guys react when just sitting down and “shooting the breeze” Ignazio goes off on his own tangent and comes to life every so often, leaving Piero and Gianluca to answer questions.He really is thoughtful when he joins in. Still no info as to when the new CD will come out, I was hoping for a hint from Gianluca but to no avail. I would have liked to have had some answers in English, perhaps another time. All in all a great time.

    1. Yes Marion, it was all very improvised, and perhaps beautiful for this, because natural.
      The boys were at ease.
      Let’s say that if there was a little more organization they could read questions from more countries.
      I tried to connect for the questions but the page was not reachable for too many calls.

  6. It was really great!!! They talked about so many personal things, altought Ignazio didn’t want to answear if he is single or not. Loved to see them speaking portuguese. Ignazio can’t stay quiet. Sometimes I wonder if he is hyperactive…

    1. Claudia, in my opinion, Ignazio is really hyperactive, he can not stay still for a moment !!
      What a treasure.

      1. Daniela,I agree with you on Ignazio’s hair. It looks so much better in the photo. I only got to watch two hours of the live Red Bar tv, and was dissapointed that nothing was answered in English, so am anxiously waiting for your translations.
        Thank you for the video,I will watch the two hours I missed🐿

      2. Jill, you’re right, I was hoping they talked more in English, I sent a lot of messages telling them to answer in English too.
        This morning on the radio I heard of the earthquake in Hawaii, and yesterday of the volcano in activity, all right from you?
        I await your news. Kiss

  7. WEll that was an intersting experience. Alas, it was made painful for me just to listen to Red Ronnie talk. I wanted him to talk less! I look forward to some translation. For instance why was Ignazio emotional talking about his sister Nina?

    1. Ciao Connie, Monday will be published the translation. In fact it was not a real interview, it was a chat between 4 friends. As for Nina, it was a very sweet moment.

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