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These days, Michele Torpedine is releasing several television interviews to sponsor his book, RICOMINCIO DAI TRE.

This is the last one he has released to “SABATO ITALIANO“, present in the studio Eleonora Daniele (presenter) and Iva Zanicchi (Italian singer).

I will translate it for you.

E= Let’s talk about the inspired book, also from them, the guys of Volo, a great international success.

I= I like them very much, finally someone who sings, come on.

<introductory song>

E= Hello Michele Torpedine, the one who also decreed the success of these guys.

Hi Michele, RICOMINCIO DAI TRE, ie from them, from these three talents.

T= Hello, let’s say that the book I dedicated more to them, because they were a kind of breath of oxygen, IVA can confirm that in our environment is a rare thing.

I= I’ve known Michele for a lifetime, he’s a great man, it’s useless to say so, for example now the next tour, we’ll do it in South America, he and I will sing in a duet (she jokes). It’s true or not Torpedine?

We will only sing ZINGARA (a famous IVA’s song)

E= In 2012 the guys of the IL VOLO were with a great artist and international actress, look.

<video with Barbra Streisand>

I= Come on Michael, let’s unveil the scoop, it was not Barbara Straisand, it was me with the mask.

E= In this book you wrote about these guys, not only, also of many artists you have followed in these years, but especially of them, because they have marked your transformation.

T= Yes, as I said before, after almost 40 years of colleagues, sometimes even a little particular, IL VOLO was a new window opening, people with a lot of sensitivity, respect for the things you do ….

E= Because Michele in this book spoke of the recognition of many artists, dear IVA.

I = Gratitude is not human, dear Michele. Did you find gratitude in this world?

T= Few times

I= Do you know why Lucifer has rebelled against God? It was unbearable for him to be grateful to God, so imagine if those artists know gratitude.

T = It’s true, I arrived a little late.

E= The guys from IL VOLO sent us video messages, let’s watch them.

Piero = Who are these three? I send you a hug, hello Eleonora hello to everyone, hello Micael

Ignazio = Hi Eleonora, listen, we’ll be back on tour next year, and we need a drummer, send it off Michele, send it to us, we need a drummer for the tour so do not waste time with him, bye.

Gianluca= I must say that I’m really proud to be part of this beautiful story with Il Volo, and thanks also for the title, RICOMINCIO DAI TRE, hello to everyone.

E = You play the drummer.

T = I did it for many years, the first 23 years I was a musician, I started with a colleague, Orietta, in fact she never misses an opportunity to say that she was the first to understand that I could do this job.

Your great friend Orietta Berti.

I= Orietta is a girl, very intelligent, and she is an exceptional girl indeed, as well as a good singer and an extraordinary woman. You worked with her, and why did you never work with me? But you played the drums with me once in Turin.

Because a good manager must also be a good musician to be able to love singers and music.

E = Let’s see Giorgia, Pino Daniele, many artists that you have followed in these years and really exclusive images that you sent us.


E = Congratulations to Michele Torpedine.

RICOMINCIO DAI TRE, thanks to Michele Torpedine for being here with us.

Read the book, it’s very interesting, with some behind the scenes a little peperino, thanks Michele.

(I asked Daniela what the words “little peperino” meant. She better explained by saying, “The presenter, greeting Torpedine advises the public to read the book because it is interesting and because are described moments a little lively, pungent, and that we do not know.”)

A little trivia . . . I don’t know if this has been mentioned here before but would you like to guess who took the photo of Michele that was used on the front cover of his book?

RICOMINCIO DAI TRE - Michele Torpedine

Photo credit to CHI MAGAZINE and credit to the owner of the Facebook interview video.


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  1. Thanks for this post and especially for the translation. I think I read somewhere that Gianluca had taken the photo. From the little I have heard about the book, it seems as if Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca really restored Michele’s faith and trust in the goodness and loyalty of people.

    1. Brava Margaret, it is true that the portrait of Torpedine is by Gianluca.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the translation, and yes, the guys have really restored faith and trust in Torpedine.

  2. It was Gianluca! At the first introduction of the book, it was mentioned several times.

  3. Interesting interview. Thanks for the translation. I noticed Igna said they would be touring in 2019! Hope the tour includes the US. I imagine tour dates will appear later this year.

    1. Thanks Janet.
      But they will certainly tour the US, they will not forget their devoted fans.

  4. Gianluca’s portrait of Michele is quite good. Would like to read the book and that other one from a few years ago, but probably neither will ever be available in English; that’s ok, though. Thanks as always for translating for many of us, Daniela. I wonder if Michele has any kids of his own. I think that he doesn’t. Looking at the picture of the four of them, I imagine that he must feel like he has three sons, or three, close nephews. None of them need ever be alone in life. That must be a very secure feeling. Very glad for Michele and for Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio about that. ♡ No wonder they are confident and happy people. Someone they trust and can depend on will always be there for each of them. ⛅️♡

    1. Laura, I would be happy to be able to translate both this book and the other, but there are problems of copyright.
      In fact, I have already translated a chapter of Michael’s book about Ignatius, we are just waiting for an OK to publish it.
      As for Michele, he is not married and has no children, in fact, in the book, he describes himself as a womanizer.
      But I must tell you that towards the boys he has an almost paternal affection.
      And they reciprocate with affection.

      1. Daniela, That would be super if you get the OK to publish the chapter. Bless your heart for having done a translation of it ! I do hope that wasn’t too much work for you. You are beyond kind to do such a thing for everyone. I had a feeling that Michele never had kids. That paternal feeling of his towards the boys and their sincere affection for him has always been just so apparent in pictures of them together, you know?! What good fortune for him. They have even another source of love and support in their lives! Such good fortune for them, too. (Makes me believe there was a contract ‘signed’ in Heaven by so many souls to ensure that the life mission of “Il Volo” would be accomplished here on on Earth! 🙂

      2. Laura, you saw Jeanine’s namaste time, I published it in Rome, the eternal city. Very beautifull.

    2. Ciao, Daniela ! SI ! Grazie ! (I saw it there and commented back** to you in both posts, I think, and to Jeanine, too. Yes, beautiful and love the funny antics of Ignazio during the concert, his playfulness very endearing. Was happy to see them still having fun together like that. (** Shakepeare” and “Rome” 😃).

  5. Daniela, thank you for the great translation here. Yes, I truly hope someday these books will be available in English! Love seeing the deep respect and friendship Michele shares with the boys and their families. (Jane)

    1. Jane, dear friend, thanks to you for always supporting me.
      I recommend you, tomorrow we must all be connected to support our beloved boys.
      IL VOLO always in our hearts.

      1. Daniela, is the entire show devoted to Il Volo or are they part of a show featuring other celebrities as well”? Also, are they expected to perform? Maybe I don’t understand what type of show this is. Thanks

      2. Mark, it will not be a show, but a direct connection live with the guys. They will answer questions from fans around the world, it will be like being there with them, it should be a great experiment.
        Tomorrow, here, there will be a video that I have translated that will explain everything.
        The guys will be very pleased to hear the warmth of the fans from all over the world.

      3. Jane, I too can not wait, and I will do, the small hours, because this connection is late for us, to allow you, on the other side of the world to be able to connect.

  6. I think that in English we would translate “peperino” as “peppery” in this context. It comes from “pepe” which means “pepper.” In English one meaning of “peppery” is “sharp tongued.” I think that some of Michele’s comments would come within that description.

    1. Thanks Bernard, yesterday I wondered why I did not see your comments, and today here you are.
      Tomorrow you absolutely must be connected to the Roxy Bar, we must support the boys.
      But how are you preparing for the great wedding of the year ???

      1. Hi Daniela

        It is true that I have been missing both from here and from Facebook for a short period of time. I have been busy with a private project; and I have been playing golf again now that the new season has begun.

        As far as the wedding is concerned, I am not really a royalist. I think that Harry and Meghan are a well-matched couple; and I hope that they have a long and happy life together. However, Windsor will be full of tourists over the week-end from 18 to 20 May. Many roads will be closed and there will be enhanced security when we try to move around the town centre. My intention is to watch some of it on television because it will be easier to see everything.

        The population of Windsor is about 30,000 persons. We are expecting several times that number to visit us for the big day. We will make sure that we have done all our shopping by Friday 18 May. Some of my wife’s colleagues at work have expressed a wish to visit on Saturday 19 May. They are from other European countries and Japan. We will welcome them, of course; but I think that they will not see very much by walking in the streets. I think that they want to experience the atmosphere. Royal weddings do not happen too often.

      2. I think you’re right, the wedding will see a lot better from the television, but the atmosphere will be really fabulous on the streets.
        Very well you’ve started playing golf again.
        I recommend tomorrow, Roxy Bar !!

  7. Thank you for translating once again for us… Without being able to see the boys on tour this year, hearing any little thing about them and their Leader Michele helps us cope with their absence… We miss them all so much… Thank you again for always keeping us up to date on whats going on in Il Volo Land…

    1. Thanks to you Jeannette, this year we are suffering without seeing our boys, I recommend this evening connected, we will all be together.

  8. Daniela, grazie mille for all you do for us. It is work from your heart, for your love of our boys and their talents. Everyone who is able to should be watching Roxy Bar tomorrow.

    1. RoseMarie, you know, I love these guys, but you all love them so much, and tonight they have to feel all our love !!

  9. oh, so Gianluca took this shot! good shot!
    thank you for your translation….
    and comments of Bernard Duffy re Royal Wedding……

    A pleasant day to all

    1. Exact Cynthia, by Gianluca the photo.
      Will you see the royal wedding? I certainly do.

  10. Daniela, Thank you for getting us on the RoxyTV. I was up and watched the guys. They get more handsome all the time. I hope their new album comes out soon. Please let us know if they have a date for the release. Hugs, Victoria

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