IL VOLO TO “AMICI” by Daniela

Really with very little notice, this news appeared two days ago:

Canale 5 IL VOLO photo

Immediately followed by the announcement on the official page:


Ieri alle 15:45

Piero, Ignazio e Gianluca saranno ospiti speciali al serale di Amici di Maria De Filippi domani sera! Tutti sintonizzati su Canale 5 dalle 21.10.

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca will be special guests at the evening of Amici di Maria De Filippi tomorrow night! All tuned to Channel 5 from 9.10pm.

It seems that two of the girls finalists will have a duet with IL VOLO, in an elimination trial. The two girls are Carmen and Emma.

Here we are at the evening.

Amici 01

And here is the performance with the two girls: 


Amici 02

Amici 03

In the next video, Maria de Filippi asks the guys what they are doing in this period and Piero answers as follows:

“We are working on new projects.”

Ignazio intervenes, joking:

“I’m learning to dance because I do not want to make a bad impression with Celentano (dance teacher), even if I’m not in shape, but I’ll try”.

Gianluca continues saying:

“We are working on many projects, especially for next year there will be many surprises, perhaps even unexpected.”

Below you will see a test of lip syncs to which the boys had to undergo.

Prepare to laugh!

Here is a second video where you can hear the Bee Gees song if you are unable to hear it in the one above.

Amici 04Amici 05Amici 06Amici 07Amici 08Amici 09Amici 10

Luca Tommassini, dancer and choreographer, had this to say about working with IL VOLO on the show:

“It was wonderful to embrace Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, after many years … nice to remember their first / our first tour in the United States of America … the long bus rides … the first dialogues tried on stage …

I dressed them with my clothes … the many laughs with their parents who discovered America … the first applause …. I love them!” <3

Luca Tommassini with IL VOLO
Luca Tommassini with our guys

This video was recorded in the backstage of the program, where the boys joined the chorus of wishes to celebrate the birthday of one of the participants.

Really very nice.

Ok, the lights go out, the program is over and has made the record of plays, consider that on another channel they broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest.

It seems that the guys had fun, they were at the game and they made people laugh.

Honestly I would have preferred to hear another song.

We fans cannot get enough of them!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

21 thoughts on “IL VOLO TO “AMICI” by Daniela”

  1. After looking at the video I think I like Ignazio’s curly hair. The boys seem to be relaxed and happy. I also wanted to hear at least one more song. Thought maybe they would start ‘testing” some of the songs from their CD. One can wish.

    1. Gina, instead I do not really like the new way to have the hair of Ignatius, and even the beard so thick, but it’s okay anyway.
      As for the new CD or rather the new single, I think that first will be made to listen in South America, so I did not expect the new execution.
      But seeing them is always beautiful.

  2. I just loved Somebody to Love….. I’m sure we’d all like to help them find somebody to love! Ok, who is going to fight to be first in line? 🙂

    1. I love “Somebody to love” too, even though I preferred it only by the three of them.
      I hope there is not so much to wait for the new single, I seem to be in a situation of “stall”, but I am inclined to think that by this end of the month we will hear it.

    2. Hahahah! 😆 Heck, they don’t have to find some One when they’re got ‘a Ton’ ! 😃 As for now, those sweet guys are pretty much married to their careers, whether they realize it yet or not. I’m sure they do, actually, the poor guys — and gals ! 😇😇

      1. Laura, they are so young, you know what they told Red Ronnie … that they are in love with love !!!

      2. Gee, Thanks, Daniela, on behalf of many “Vololovers” ! That’s really good news, especially for all the “Ignazio Gals”; they can now relax !! (at least for awhile). Hahahaha…😃😅😂

  3. I also love “Somebody to Love”, but sorry Jill and Jana… It’s me!

    I also love seeing the guys on a show where they are relaxed and having fun.

    What I don’t love is them singing with anyone else.. Including girls in pajamas (???). AND waiting for the new album.

    Thanks Daniela!

    1. Marie, I want to remind you for the umpteenth time, that when the guys are here in Italy, the one that can reach them before, it’s me …..

      I also have to clarify something, as in other facebook pages, people are wondering, why are those girls in their pajamas?
      In reality that is the uniform of the competitors, there is the blue team and the white team, but I have to admit that this year’s uniform looks like a pair of pajamas.
      However they were really nice the two girls, and the one with the blue uniform is also Sicilian.

      Grazie a te Marie.

    2. me too, Marie…. prefer them singing on their own. just them. period.
      grazie, daniela. this was fun

  4. Thank you Daniela, you always keep us in the loop of everything the guys are doing especially when it needs translating you have been such a joy to this group… I do not know how us only English speaking Il Volo fans ever did without you… We are blessed that you are here…

    I love anything the guys do, and seeing them relaxed and having fun thrills me … I miss them but they have been entertaining us for nine years, they need this break from touring and yet they are still busy… We miss them but we love them and will wait for the surprises they have in store for us in the coming year… Thank you again Daniela for all you do to share these Italian show with Il Volo to us and in English…

    1. Hi Jeannette, always thanks for the compliments.
      Yes, the boys miss a lot, and when they participate as guests in the shows, we would like them to stay there all evening.

      Today I met a couple from Boston who is in Brescia for a tour. Last year I met them at the gate of the Arena, where I also met you. They also came to the fan faire. That’s beautiful these friendships.

  5. Yes, thank you, Daniela, for all your good posts here. You’re a great ‘international’ reporter based in Italy (Perfect ! ). Finally caught up with you all. I, too, think the two gals singing with the fellas appear to be wearing ‘onesies’ pajamas, feet included ! Hahaha 😂. I like the pics. posted the other day of Piero’s hair blown straight up by the breeze and seeing them all as pirates again. Piero looks comical with his red, 21st c. eyeglasses and stern countenance.😃 If I knew how, I’d choose a better pic. of Piero so that he’d look as handsome as he actually is in that 17th c. suit and that usually flattering Tri-corner hat ! 😍 Thanks again for keeping us all current with IL VOLO news and for the fun, too. 👍

    1. Thanks Laura, I’m very happy that you like posts.
      For the girls in their pajamas, I answered above to Marie.
      As for Piero, I think that photo of the three pirates penalizes him a lot, but I think that Piero has made a wonderful transformation. I followed them from Sanremo, and Piero had seemed to me the youngest physically speaking, he was really a kid. Now he is a beautiful man. Congratulations Piero.

      1. Hi, Daniela ! Yes, I, too, was agreeing with Marie about the pajama-look of the uniform, even though I was reasonably sure they weren’t dressed for bedtime, although I hoped it wasn’t a new fashion trend that I wasn’t aware of yet! 😊 I’m sure they are swell gals, too ! Hope they don’t feel bad about people having been bemused by their outfits. Actually, going back and looking again, I think they look rather relaxed and cute in them. I also just went back and looked once more at Piero in the costume picture, and I think that costume is probably a pic. someone chose of later 17th and 18th c. fashion. (Not a big deal; I just want to be accurate !).😆 I often wish that men could choose to wear similar clothes from other eras, today, just as women get to do regarding clothes / fashions. I’d bet that lots of men must find their clothing choices somewhat boring by now. Personally, I’d like to see that happen for them. I say let’s see some longer hair, some longer sideburns and Tricorne hats, Cravats, Frock coats, (etc. etc.), commonly again ! Yeah ! ) 😃 Piero was such a cute kid and now, just as you described him, Daniela, has become “a beautiful man.” Just goes to show how ideally important it is for every kid to have at least someone very supportive and caring in their formative years, you know? Can’t hurt. 🙂

  6. Daniela, while the boys where in Miami recording the new single video, we could see that the new project includes the duo Gente de Zona, from Cuba. As you are in Italy, closet to the news, didn’t you see an strange coincidence on the release of the new Laura Pausini’s video exactly with the same Gente de Zona right few days before the new Il Volo’s single? I keep wondering if this was the reason of the delay…

    1. Yes, I noticed it, Claudia. But I believe that waiting for publication, is more due to calculations of production, perhaps to avoid a period of release of more news, so that the focus is all for this project. The single is ready, for some time, they are waiting for the right time, and I think that now very little is missing.
      Of course it is only my opinion.

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