NOCHE SIN DIA by Daniela

Finally this long wait is over!!

The single NOCHE SIN DIA has been released, and is visible to everyone, on every page, including the official page of IL VOLO.

IL VOLO and Gente de Zona

Or rather, I have to rectify, because the video is visible to almost everyone, but for us Italians, it is not at all.

Unfortunately this is an unpleasant situation, but I’m sure it does not depend on the will of the boys, so for the moment we do not talk about it.

Let’s talk about music and video instead.

Here it is.

Let’s talk about the video.

Beautiful, captivating, engaging.

I see three guys who want to have fun, who want to dance, without excesses, without coarse manner, without vulgarity, without dancing with obscene movements. They are boys who aspire to a healthy fun, dressed in particular, colorful and lively clothes.

The script is beautiful, the movements also.

We do not think of NOTTE MAGICA or GRANDE AMORE, we think of many guys in the disco who want to have fun dancing and without having excesses . . . a nice party, in short.

I would say positive.

IL VOLO Gianluca Tweet

Let’s talk about music.

The rhythm is beautiful, stimulating, repetitive but not boring.

There are no swear words, no vulgarity, or masculine references typical of reggaeton, I would say it is very detached from reggaeton. I would say that is a rhythm to dance, to have fun.

The words are beautiful, they speak of love,

“There is no night without a day
There is no rain without water
That would be, of life
Without love it would not exist.”

Certainly their voices, here have a secondary role, it is true, but maintain a gentle harmony and that do not present the discord, typical of certain songs that are said “fashionable” and to which everything is excused.

I like it.


Marie and I exchanged opinions on the new single Noche Sin Dia, and Marie sent me this beautiful article that I enclose and which I report this beautiful statement.

Thanks Marie !!

This is an excerpt from the blog post:

“As opposed to their usual classic pop fare, the track instead sees them delightfully venturing into the globally popular genre of reggaeton, and although the sound is surprising some fans, the boys have not foregone the element that helped make them famous from the start–their powerhouse vocals and message of love. Rather, the song is giving them a fresh new and radio-friendly appeal not only for the Latin market but for the world.”

Music Notes Global Blog Post  – Click Here

IL VOLO screen shot

Summing up:

My opinion is positive. The boys did not distort their image, on the contrary, they tried to give their imprint in a different rhythm.

Not everyone will appreciate this type of music, but even when they faced NOTTE MAGICA, many fans said they would not follow them anymore.

Honestly, I do not think IL VOLO will abandon their style, but I think they have proven to be able to tackle anything.

They are young and it is right that they are also followed by young people. Let’s face it, too, their songs did not involve the boys their age too much.

They will always have a special eye for their more mature fans, and their repertoire will include this, but also all that they have performed before.

Here in Italy they have always called them “young old” because they present again songs of other times, the radio and the musical transmissions NEVER pass their songs. If this experiment can serve to approach people who would NEVER listen to IL VOLO on principle . . . welcome!

This project is welcome, if it is necessary to open up eyes and ears to people who do not know what voices these guys have. But they will notice, that IL VOLO, is this and even more.

Of course this is just my opinion, tell me yours.


Credit to owners of all photos and video.

93 thoughts on “NOCHE SIN DIA by Daniela”

  1. it’s pretty ordinary, Daniela…. it’s similar to what it shown in that genre (though i do not know much about this genre, just in passing. it seems just like all the rest. sorry.)

    1. Cynthia, I too am not a great connoisseur of Latin music videos, so I rely on what I see and hear in this video, and it’s a big and happy party.

      1. Oh, I like latin music, Daniela, and the latin beat. Am very familiar with that. I have a vast collection of it.
        I mean this type of video. Just speaking in terms of our guys, this video is ordinary. Looks like everyone else’s music video. Does not do our guys justice.

      2. Of course Cynthia, I agree with you.
        I also responded to Luckylady in this sense and of course, since it has been said that there will be a whole CD and not just a single, we will have to hear if there will be different uses, of the single voices, of the guys.

    2. I agree, Cynthia, but I love them and wish them the best always. And perhaps they will get some new fans with this music as Daniela thinks.

      1. I really hope for them Lynn, because otherwise it would have been a useless job, they are also running the risk of being abandoned by those who were already their fans.

      2. thank you, Lynn.
        …. is it a matter of getting jmore fans????…..
        or a matter of performing their usual par excellence craftsmanship?…..

      3. i mean in terms of video quality – video direction, showcasing our guys properly… choreography, tying it together etc… all that would take to make a show, a music video par excellence

      4. After all my somewhat hemming and hawing, I realize that this video was not made primarily for me and you…. but primarily for Latin America … maybe THEY like it! (ha ha ha)

  2. Dear Daniela I love the music of the new song but there just wasn’t enough singing from either Piero or Ignazio for me and the video was ok because again not enough of IL Volo to much of everyone else. for me.

    1. Luckylady, it’s a throwing song, and in my opinion it serves to attract, it’s a collective song, so surely we can not think of hearing big pieces performed by one or the other. I think that there will be time for this, in this case the different rhythm must attract all the lovers of this genre, who would certainly not have listened to IL VOLO in the Magic Night songs. How many times have we said that once we have know them, then we were enchanted? I hope, again this time, this thing is confirmed. I hope for them that they deserve it!

      1. Yes Lynn, but in the midst of that chaos, there are also them, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

      2. Too many people, too much noise. Fortunately we can enjoy the song without watching the video! Or hearing it. The CD version is a bit quieter.

      3. Penina, there are two listenable versions.
        In the REMIX version it seems to me that the voices of the guys feel better.

      4. I haven’t listened to the remix. Thanks for telling me–I will listen to it right away!

  3. Hello Daniela and crew
    It is definitely a fun party/sing-a-long song. I have played it over and over and really enjoy it. I don’t believe the boys are going to abandon the music that we associate with them for regaetton completely. They are 20 year olds of course and want to have fun with their musical talents and it shows in this video. I wonder what else is on the CD, more surprises? I hope the wait won’t be as long as it was for the single.

    1. Exact RoseMarie, they will never abandon the style that has distinguished them until here, indeed they will try to bring their clean style into a musical form that has lately become very vulgar. The rhythm does not seem to me at all of a reggaeton (even if I do not know him) but more a rumba (from the words of a friend of mine who knows this style more than me).
      I also hope that we will not have to wait so long for the rest of the CD.

  4. Daniela, I went back and re-read your Il Volo to Marostica post indicating that the Trio will be performing at the Summer Festival on five dates in July with their well known music menu-this made me feel better about things. As long as they do this from time to time, I can better deal with the latest Latin project they felt they had to do. I wish the guys would, in some way/manner, at this point issue some sort of statement directed at their long time fans, who have supported them from the beginning, stating that they will not be forgetting them in the future and will always value their undying support and will favor them, from time to time, with the music selections that brought all those fans to them over the past ten years. I think the fans deserve the reassurance, especially those who may be thinking they have lost “their boys” for good. I will look forward to a post of your experience at the concert you will be attending in July. Thanks.

    1. Mark, you do not have to be afraid of this.
      All the program made by the boys in their years of activity, is part of them and will always be part of them.
      I can tell you that I hope tomorrow will be published a post of a prize given to the boys two days ago. Read well what I translated and know that the boys have performed the night before the award with two songs: GRANDE AMORE and MAY WAY, beautiful and elegant and good as always, and the new single was already on the web, so you see, they do not they will never give up their battle horses that we all like so much.
      These days, there will be posts, which will surely please you and clarify the doubts that it is normal to have come to everyone.

      1. Daniela, when you said there was an uproar before the release of Notte Magica, it blew my mind-it seemed impossible to me, but that’s because it’s my taste in music and not for others. At any rate, you made me feel even better about the current ruckus. They’re our “Trio” no matter what! Thanks.

      2. In fact, Mark, how much they hindered them, remember? Yet it was a success.

  5. I Love the ilVolo men…..they are unique and have brought beautiful music to their loving fans. I am not supporting this last release I personally prefer their original style…..this has made them successful and if you are winning who knocks success? The original style appealed to the masses. I feel that I am mature in artistic arts. The sincereity and love expressed by Il Volo in their beautiful Italian, is what has endured through time….Classic always loving and fun. This is my personal opinion also……there is enough noise on the outside world to detract from the beauty that Il Volo has given to the world. God Bless these young men always I wish them and their manager wisdom and grace in all that they do.

    1. Rose Marie Lomonte, I appreciate your way of exposing things, and I understand you.
      Of course the FLIGHT is something else, it is much more, but we know it, that we are their fans.
      How many times have you heard a music from IL VOLO broadcast by radio or TV broadcasting music videos every day?
      I do not know from you, but here IL VOLO never passes. Yet they are very good, yet they are acclaimed.
      I consider this single, as a reminder “Guys we are there too” and if this record will be able to attract guys who will ask “but who sings this music? IL VOLO ???”
      You rightly say that their beautiful way of singing Italian is what gives them success …… of course we know how good they are, but the charts here in Italy are climbed by guys who can not sing and offer ridiculous songs and absurd voices, we Italians are the first to not support the ” bel canto”, because the guys like the rhythm, does not care about the beautiful voice, but if these guys find out that behind this beautiful rhythm there are also beautiful voices and yes they call IL VOLO !!!

      1. Daniela… heritage is Sicilian/Italian full blood thoroughbreds…..I know what I like… personal opinion of course, I love these 3 beautiful artist, I fell in love with them because they were different than the run of the mill artist out there. They exuded the class and artistry not to mention the wholesome image that they. Portrayed. Gianlucca, Ignazio, and Piero have a distinct style… some one said there is a lot of noisy nonsense out there today…..IlVolo brings goodness and genuiness back into the world…..this is the kind of music that appeals to the masses…..the decency that you want for your children and grandchildren to know and love and admire, to bring the sense of a better world….Music is healing, spiritually, the emotions that bring you to appreciate the good things in life. I prfer the music that lead me to fall in love with with these speciall men. I have shared them with so so many people because I have loved them and was so proud of them and their family background. The world needs more artist like Gianlucca, Ignazio, Piero to show beauty in a restless world. Thank you for allowing me to express my feelings for the Flight. Fly High dear Il Volo!

      2. Thanks again, Rose Marie Lomonte, for this explanation. I think that in Latin music, I speak for what I see lately, there has been a decline in decency and language, but the pace has always been nice.
        So I say, if the boys manage to give a cleaner image of what healthy fun can be, it’s a beautiful message to the young people of today.
        It is always the positive message.

  6. I think it’s awful, I don’t like that kind of music, regardless of who performs it. When it’s the adored boys of Il Volo that is even worse. I only watched a few minutes, couldnt stand it any longer.

    1. Barbara, I do not think it’s horrible, you do not like it, it’s admissible, horrible NO. The horrible music is really different and, I was frankly afraid that the boys could be expired, but it was not, fortunately. I knew they would not like everyone.
      Do you think it was easy for them?
      For them, was it not easier to keep their path traced and comfortable?
      Evidently not, if you want to grow up.
      When they faced Magic Night, they received so many insults from those who perform classical music, because they said that they should not sing the music that does not belong to him.
      Now that they face a light genre, it’s not good as well.
      Do you know what I tell you? Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca can do one and the other, because they are IL VOLO, you know who I’m talking about!

    2. I am sorry to say I feel the same way but I love the boys and have all the other CDs to play (which I do every day).

      1. You do not have to be sorry Lynn, you have all my understanding, it’s not easy, but we got away trying.

    3. After viewing this several times to see how this exposing of breast can be called love……I am through with this and will not support this as we are trying to clean up the impurity so prevalent.ent in the world today. God Help us all. You can praise this your prerogative but I do not…..the black angel of darkness is so prevalent in the world today. For God’s sake promote good. That’s it….I am sure you could care less,What good is it of. An to concord the word ….yet lose his soul. So sorry the world stoops to this looking at the comments.

    4. I agree Barbara. I watched it once and didn’t like it at all. I tried watching it again but stopped it halfway through. I doubt I will be buying the CD. Such a shame as I have loved everything Il Volo have done up to now.

  7. I have already given my opinion of the video on the previous page and will not repeat myself. However, I have a few comments to make. I have loved Il Volo since I found them on some video when Gian and Ignazio were 14 and Piero was 15. Long before Detroit. I remember waiting impatiently for the Detroit PBS performance.
    Whatever they sing, I will listen to, and will (probably!) appreciate in one way or another. That being said, I also want to say, let’s be honest. All of us have a favorite or favorite songs that appeal to us in different ways. We all bring different life experiences to our listening and as such different songs touch us individually. We are allowed to have favorite songs! And songs we don’t care for as much! Just as an author writes different books with varied successes, singers have a varied repertoire–all singers. We like some Elvis songs better than others, some Frank Sinatra songs more than others. This does not mean we stop listening to Elvis or Sinatra and it does not mean we will stop listening to Il Volo! I actually like this song, I only wish they were singing it alone so I could her more of THEM and less of the others. I listen to it–the version without the motorcycles and the video–just the song, as it will be on the CD.

    1. Well said, peninahonig, and I agree totally with your comments. When I first heard this song I did not like it, but it does have a catchy tune and it is growing on me. I have followed Il Volo since 2011 and even though I prefer their pop opera style, I can understand them wanting to try something different especially after spending all last year singing the operatic songs of Notte Magica. My only complaint is that I really cannot hear their voices much on this song. I am looking forward to the rest of the CD and hopefully some songs that they sing by themselves (I know they did a duet with Gloria Estefan). I will always support them in whatever they do.

      1. Mary, I was waiting for your comment and thank you, that you too came to break a spear for our boys.
        That’s right, the more you listen to it, the more you like it, if you clear your mind.
        I think it was a crazy effort for our guys to have to undergo the Magic Night repertoire for the whole tour. In fact, if you remember, when they went to bring Magic Night in Latin America, they lightened the program by inserting their pop songs that we like so much. Nobody bet they would be able to take such a long tour of classical music, but they did.

    2. Penina, I adore you, thank you for what you wrote!
      That’s what I wanted to say.
      Sometimes we are attracted by the song, not by the singer and then maybe we discover that the song that we liked is sung by that singer we did not want to hear, this makes us discover an interpreter that we did not know.
      I hope this happens for our boys.

    3. Penina, i was just thinking along those lines you wrote…. i could like a singer but not necessarily all his songs…. i also thought particularly about Frank Sinatra. i like him, and his songs, but not necessarily all his songs. so i just listen to the ones i like.

      1. That’s it exactly. I don’t know what the big fuss is about. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it! I have to confess there are times when I am not in the mood for some of the songs on the CDs–when that happens I just skip whatever it is and continue listening to the rest. Sometimes I am not in the mood for a Christmas song in July!

      2. oh hi, Penina…. thank you for responding….
        anyway, we’re all just sharing our feel about this… and communicating with each other…..
        thanks much 😉

  8. They’re singing. They’re obviously having fun. That’s good enough for me!
    Now I’m working on liking the actual music.

    I’ve always been a fan of reggae music, but Latin music… not so much. To me it’s sort of like mixing chocolate with Brussel Sprouts. I’m kinda confused.

    1. Dear Marie, for us it is difficult, but not impossible.
      We are not used to these rhythms, to this music, but it’s not bad, we just have to get used to the ear and if we can not see them in all that chaos, isolate their image and really see them happy, 3 guys just over 20 years.
      I know you will love them too, because you love them so much, beyond what they are singing.

      By the way, Brussels sprouts with chocolate, are really a delicacy in Europe !!

  9. Well Daniela the guys have indeed stepped into a new genre for them!! I have to say that after listening to it a number of times I find it a very catchy tune! Gianluca seemed to be in his element, Ignazio somewhat and Pireo a question?mark! It sure looks like they had a lot of fun making this video though! I send to them my best wishes and support for a successful outcome!!!

    1. Annette, I admire the fact that you did not stop just to make a positive or negative note of the song, you evaluated the whole set, and the result did not disappoint you.
      Thank you for having made the best wishes to them.

  10. I really liked the song and the video. It’s just different of what we use to see and listen about the boys. A new experience, a tribute for Latin America, that support them so hardly, instead even in Latin America there’s who don’t like the rhythm. For me, it seems that they had a lot of fun doing it, and for my surprise, Ignazio is completely at ease.
    Let’s enjoy, let ‘s dance!!! In the future concerts, this song will be a real party for all, i’m sure !!

    1. Claudia, it’s really disheartening. They have made a record to please the Latin fans, and instead those fans are the ones who have had the most negative comments for them.
      I must also say very bad comments, that I would not want to read, and I hope the boys will never read.
      You know Claudia, at the next concert of Marostica, I hope they will sing this song too, there will not be Gente de Zona and I would like to hear who will sing the phrases of the two Cubans.

  11. There is a lot of controversy in the release of their new single! I see it as a special project for Latin America. That is what IL Volo said it would be! They have a Christmas Album and they are not singing Christmas songs all the time! They have Notte Magica, yet they will not sing opera all the time. That is the best of Il Volo their varied repertoire! The 3 of them have different voices, they sing in different languages and in different musical styles and rhythms. That’s what makes them unique and special. They have the talent to do everything they like. Let them have fun. We love them and support them. If people don’t like one song skip it and enjoy the rest!

    1. Very well said!!!! I am hoping to hear more of their voices in the album and not so much background and other voices.

    2. Brava Miriam, that’s right, it’s not a turn, theirs is a tribute, just as it was Magic Night. All of this will be part of their vast repertoire, because they can do this and more. They will not abandon all they have done so far to launch ONLY in this new project, this is the difference.
      Thank you for writing it so well.

    3. Exactly! I am just hoping at least some of the songs will be only them singing.

  12. I personally really like their new video. I have always loved the Latin music, especially Puerto Rico and Cuba, and this combines my interest in that music and Il Volo. I have watched it several times, and the first time I watched the minute the music started my foot started tapping and then I was up dancing around the room. The music and the beat are infectious and they look like they are having a lot of fun with this. They are young guys in their early 20s with lots of energy and they seem to have always enjoyed dancing and moving to the music. For 9 years they have been singing opera, cross over pop opera, Italian classics and American classics. They probably needed a change after 9 years. I sincerely doubt that they are abandoning their roots and the music that made them famous, but this is a fun trip down a different road for a while. I do not know of any other singer or group of singers today who could successfully wander into all these genres so well and successfully. It takes real talent to be so versatile. Their versatility makes them even more dear and important to me. To say nothing of their singing in perfect Spanish while dancing up a storm. I feel certain that their new cd will have lots of songs where we will hear more of their voices . No one holds a candle to them and I totally support them in this venture and all their future adventures. My only criticism of the video is that it is too busy with the camera refocusing every few seconds. Almost too many people in the video, but what a party.
    Daniela, the video is not available in Italy for fans to see?? Not on Facebook, Instagram or You Tube? That does not make too much sense as to why it would be blocked at their home.

    1. Janet you honestly put my words in your post… Everything I was going to express you have already written… I, like you was up dancing right along with the guys while watching the video… It is delightful to see how much they were enjoying themselves… Charming as ever and they rocked the new sound and that will bring them new fans and hopefully delight most of the fans they already have…

      1. Jeannette, what if in the next mini tour in Taormina they also included Noche Sin Dia to finish a concert “dancing under the stars”?

        Everyone cares about Piero, but in the video, it seems to me the most fun!

      2. Daniela, they would have the entire arena up and dancing… We can only hope they will….

    2. Janet, congratulations, I see that you let yourself be carried away by the rhythm, without making you obscure by bad thoughts that made you think that they would have left the road of beautiful singing! This will never happen, even yesterday they were interviewed and they replied that they bring the “bel canto” in the world !!!!
      So let us invade from the rhythm of this beautiful party and try to support them in their new adventure.

      1. Janet, it’s true, we in Italy, we can not yet see it, or rather, we all see it in private, but if we go to the official website or you tube, the vision is denied.
        Italian fans are very angry about this.

      2. Daniela, if they were to add Noche Sin Dia to their mini Italian tour, I would bet the entire audience would be on their feet dancing! How could you reisist?

  13. Daniela, I loved your report on the new video…. The guys are opening up a new fan base for sure with this new Album but they will never walk away from what makes them an International sensation… If they do not continue to do something new along with their signature music they will grow stale in the Music Market … This is a fun video and all three are having fun in it… It is a step they need to take to stay fresh and continue to grow in all musical directions… They know how to bring in the young and not so young fans… They will never stop using that winning formula no matter what other directions they try…

    1. Exact Jeannette, it’s just like that. They will never abandon the songs that we like so much and their beautiful way of singing and being. They will always be our dear boys, but what problems are there if with this project they try to please a little more to the younger ones?
      I’m glad that IL VOLO is known by more people, and these will realize that IL VOLO is not just an engaging rhythm and a cute face, there are wonderful voices to be discovered!

      1. Our boys have a lot of young fans in Latin America… Even with that said the fans that love them could not convince other young people to give them a try… So this album will open doors to those who have closed their eyes to our fantastic guys… I am so proud of them for stepping out of their comfort zone to try something new and suited to fans of their age … This will bring a new younger generation to their music, and then they, like us will buy all their music old and new, these new younger fans will learn to love the classics through Il Volo….

      2. Jeannette, that’s what I hope happens, I really hope so for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, who work hard and are so good, to put everything at risk and leave the comfort zone, as you say. All our respect and our support for them.

    1. Sheila, the translation of the refrain is in the post, at the beginning, but I bring you here too, it’s a song about love. As for the girls “little dressed” if you follow certain Latin music videos, I expected a lot worse, but I saw that, here it has not expired in the obscene.

      “There is no night without a day
      There is no rain without water
      That would be, of life
      Without love it would not exist.”

  14. After reading every comments I for one like this music & yes I was surprised to see & here that they were singing here. Didn’t Gianluca say they have surprises? There was nothing vulgar, yes too many people BUT THEY WERE HAVING FUN & TRYING SOMETHNG NEw. Thats what performers do. I was dancing as well & having a good time with them. I know they are thinking of their careers & hoping they wont be criticized too much. I totally agree with you Janet & Jennette. I for one will always support whatever they decide to do or sing even if I don’t like a song. They are our precious young men who love us & want us to let them try different areas of they careers. And also if this is sung at a concert where I am then I will be dancing with them. WAY TO GO IL VOLO GOOD LUCK ON WHATEVER YOU DECIDE TO DO.

  15. Nice song and it would have been nicer if it was only Gianluca,Piero and Ignazio singing the song. Also maybe a less crowded party. It is great seeing them singing and dancing so joyfully! Maybe they just want to show to themselves and to the world that they can also compete in the latest trend of music and dancing. In the past, after releasing a new CD, Il Volo would also create a CD of the Italian/English songs into the Spanish language for their South American fans. With Notte Magica this was not happening, so maybe that is why this time they are singing their latest CD in Spanish. Last year they sang Opera/Bel Canto and maybe this year forward it will be dual Bel Canto/Latin hip-hop combination of songs and everybody will be happy.

    1. Yes, Ineke, I really think that was the intent.
      Look, I’m not enthusiastic about everything that’s being passed on, but I have to tell you that the possibility that all of this was much worse, really made me lift my spirit.
      Some say that the video could be more edited, but I remind you that the boys do not have, in some cases, decision-making.
      As I said, I’ve seen ugly videos and silly songs, soar to the tops of the charts. This is not right. If the guys with this operation are able to make their beautiful songs listen to more people, I am extremely happy for them.

  16. I wasn’t too sure about the song or the video at first but now I love both. Its a catchy tune and the guys are so charming in the video. When are they not? As to people fearing they will not hear their beloved Il Volo again, This was only a project. Just as Notte Magica was a project. I for one cannot wait to hear their next project. My goodness, how exciting it is to be an Il Volo fan.

    1. Yes Laura, you’re absolutely right, this is just a project, and I hope it can break through, the pace is there, if you listen to it several times you like, and if we do not think about the usual standards of our boys, we can enjoy more .

      1. Oh my goodness Daniela, that is a lot of opinions. Each of you have valid points. I am sure that when the cd is released we will have even more input. I just hope the song they sing with Gloria Estefan is a slow love song. Daniela, when do you think they will sell the video in Italy, and why do you think they are not showing it now?

      2. Jes Jill, so many opinions, we can not all have the same tastes, but expose everything so peacefully with education, it is a great sign of civilization and also of affection for our children.
        I have no idea why in Italy you can not see and buy, and I find it very unfair.

  17. My goodness!!!! Daniela – I commend you on answering everyone! It must have taken you hours! Ok, here’s my take… my first impression was it (song/video) was boring, monotonous, sounded like all the rest of the stuff on the radio and likely on the pop charts. The video was very jerky and it made you dizzy with all the back and forth, where you couldn’t focus for more than a split second on any of their faces. Its only saving grace was that it changed keys in the last few verses. On the flip side, after listening to the snippet of refrain on almost every other Instagram post for several days, it kind of begins to grow on you. One of those almost annoyingly catchy tunes you just can’t get out of your head. I remember when L’amore si muove came out. I was not overly thrilled, but it became one of my very favorite songs! Perhaps I will find a special place in my heart for this one, but the jury is still out a bit. The lyrics translate site has already translated the lyrics for us and as Daniela has said, it is a beautiful love song. It seems written just for Il Volo and the Gente di Zone, as it references Italy meets Cuba……

    I do agree with the majority of the comments, both positive and negative. Remember, in the famous words of Paul McCartney (I think?) “if you can’t please everyone, you gotta, please yourself!” And that is what our guys are doing. They have made it this far, and as all artists do… they get to the point of success and then they dare the odds of doing what THEY want to do. Fans “be damned.” (or perhaps doomed in our case?)

    Are we “fair weather fans?” Perhaps some are. But most I think are loyal. No matter what, we will always love them for who they are and their incredible voices and what they brought to us and what we learned from them and how their smiles (and hugs) make us feel. It really doesn’t matter what they sing – we’ve all expressed that. However, I would seriously love to hear them try to sing the phone book. What a great “act” that could be added to their concerts! 🙂 Even as few real “phone” books that are left around anymore! Lol!

    Let’s await their new album and the 2019 tour. I really hope they’ve learned their lesson though and NOT do the northern US in January!?


    1. Thanks Jana for what you wrote.
      It happened exactly like that to me too, apart from the strange initial sensation, this refrain remained in my mind and did not leave me.
      As for the lyrics, I repeat, it’s a love story and I’m glad that some of the articles I read say that this song is a POSITIVE message for young people.
      We hope that this project will succeed in obtaining even more success and visibility for IL VOLO, Piero Ignazio and Gianluca deserve it

    2. I agree with everything you said Jana. Let’s hope future videos will give us time to linger on the beautiful faces of our guys, instead of gyrating bodies, clothed and unclothed. I may be an old foogie, but I still can’t figure out the purpose of the gals in the feathers! They are just there as Laura says, in a denigrating role for women. Not my thing at all! And we have to remember that the North Americans among this group have a more ingrained prudish view of nudity than Italians or other Europeans. So maybe some of our disapproval and squeamishness comes from that.
      And yes, let’s hope they don’t try to come to our shores in the dead of winter!

      1. Penina, I too hope that the next video is more towards the boys. By the way, the two women in black and white wings I think could mean good and bad.
        Were you able to listen to the Remix version? Also I’ve already told you that if the video is not your taste, listen without looking.

      2. Daniella, I have been listening to it without the video from the first day! And I did listen to the remix version. So thank you for that. I can’t decide which version I like better–so I just listen to both of them all the time! 🙂

  18. Thanks you for your kind assessment. Daniela you are the most loyal fan. I will never abandon the boys. I have invested nearly eight year following them and they are like my grandchildren. Like in life everyone has to have the opportunity to try their “Wings” and this way find out where their real heart is. An artist can not stay stale because even the best fans get bored. I applaud them for taking a chance and making this video. I watched it several times and finally learned to just concentrate of the boys by shutting out the “Angel feathers”. I live in Texas and we have two Latin TV stations and once in a while I check to see what is going on and it is a common event that all these lovely ladies are hopping around behind the singers. The avid fans of the boys need to remember that they made several videos singing the Italian songs and they turned out not to our liking. Let us support the boys to try new things and give them a chance to find their way thru their musical career.

    1. Gina, you are really a treasure, thanks for the compliments. I too will never abandon the boys and I must tell you that from the first moment I arrived here on the Flight Crew, I felt a deep affection for these guys, that I do not hear in other pages.
      I must tell you that I learned to watch the video focusing only on the boys and I must say that the result is beautiful, because I see smiling faces and happy and the whole outline is out of focus!

  19. I wanted to watch the boys new video several times before I weighed in on my opinion. In their new video I am seeing Ignazio (love the new curly hair!) Piero and Gianluca really enjoying themselves singing and dancing to this new song. There is a smile across my face each time I watch; I feel they are “letting loose” so to speak and really putting all their emotions and feelings into this song which is very obvious and which they have always done. This music is a big change for them one I would imagine they gave great thought to and decided to take a leap of faith and record it. After their previous tour with Notte Magica they are truly getting into the Latin sound and doing it very well. I know some fans have commented on so many in the video, but my eyes are always focused on our guys and it really does make me happy to see how much fun they are having with this new sound. In the past there have been many artists who are fearful of straying from one particular genre that has made them successful. Our guys are still young and brave enough to follow their hearts with something different . I am happy for them and as always admire their courage. We are all Il Volo fans for life and I know we will wish them well in each new endeavor in their careers. They are spreading their Il Volo wings and experimenting music from a different perspective. Bravo Ignazio Piero and Gianluca. They are young – this is their time.

    1. Well said Margaret, I fully agree with you, it is not a simple game, they are questioned, and it is perfectly useless to open a discussion if the video is good or bad, everything can be better and even worse.
      I support them.

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