It’s Saturday morning, about 10:00 here in Italy.

The news of yesterday, have Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca to Bagnaia, in Tuscany, in a splendid golf club resort, where they participated at a very elegant dinner and sang two songs at a youth publishing event.

The guys in Bagnaia

I browsed the newspapers on the Internet, nobody talks about the Flight and their new video, but a title writes “…. Bagnaia” this name reminds me of the dinner so I open the article, and there is a live video. I open the direct and to my amazement, I see the guys very busy in an award ceremony.

It’s just like that, they are rewarding them in live streaming, with emotion I watched all the live, I felt very proud of them, and here I am to tell you everything.

Here is the video of the award ceremony.

Ms. Marisa Monti Riffeser, president of Poligrafici Editoriale and owner of Bagnaia, Golf & Spa, is called on the stage accompanied by her nephew. They are called on stage for the award ceremony: PIERO, IGNAZIO and GIANLUCA.

The presenter reads the motivation for this 2018 award “to these wonderful guys”. (his words)

“As a tribute to the road traveled so far, despite their young age, aims to be an example of how commitment, dedication, passion and study can allow you to achieve the prestigious goal of being recognized internationally and bearers of a message positive for all young people who want to continue believing in their dreams.”

What a wonderful motivation and I would say absolutely right for our boys!

The guys and Mrs. Monti

Later, Piero tells how he met Mrs. Monti, really a special and causal meeting that I’m going to translate.

P = We were on a plane to Paris. Gianluca and Ignazio were behind me. I was sitting in front and listening to music with headphones. From my place I saw the lady, whom I did not know.

The lady tried to open a small bottle of water, but it was difficult.

So I got up, I took my headphones off and asked her if she needed help.

Then, when I arrived in Paris, I gave the lady the arm to get off the plane. At that point the lady (who really knew who that guy was) said:

“Mr. Barone, you are not only a great artist, but also a very polite person”.

Since then a nice friendship has been born with Mrs. Monti.

Dear Piero, you’re really a special person!!! While I was watching all this live, I felt very proud of our boys.

Piero Speaking

Ignazio then takes the microphone and gives a speech to the boys in the room, tells them to never give up and to always pursue their dreams, that only in this way can they come true.

Gianluca instead talks about the next projects, 10 years of career. He says they have recorded a Latin record as a “tribute to Latin music” and to show that they can do something else.

Therefore, it is clear the concept, it is a tribute, and not a definitive turning point!!

And these are some photos and videos of the previous night where the guys sang GRANDE AMORE and MY WAY, very elegant and good as always.

The guys with their award

Piero and Gianluca at event

Below is a clip of the guys singing GRANDE AMORE at the event.

Beautiful evening and a beautiful award. Nothing was leaked of all this, surprises are always around the corner.

And our guys know how to surprise us.


Credit to owners of all photos and video.

24 thoughts on “IL VOLO, THIS PRIDE! by Daniela”

    1. Every day, a surprise. You read that nice motivation, I would say very appropriate.
      Deserved prize.

  1. Touching moment to see them receiving the awards-who wouldn’t be proud of them and to know them. Wonderful post-thanks.

    1. In fact, I was very, as if they were my children, of whom I was very proud. I liked to know how Piero explained how he met Mrs. Monti, really very polite.
      You have seen Mark, they have sung the beautiful songs we know, they are always the same, they have added to their program, an extra style, but they have lost nothing of what they had.

      1. My faith in them has been fully restored and I feel bad that I may have doubted them in any way! Great guys!

      2. I know what you mean, Mark, but I wouldn’t feel too bad, for It did confuse a heck of a lot of people, apparently! I think now that the wide-spread reaction will actually serve to show Il Volo just how important their “Bel Canto” is to their vast number of fans. Just think; they’ll never have to conduct a survey! They can be pretty sure now what their fans’ most favorite is. 🙂

      3. Mark you absolutely must not feel guilty, as Laura says, we all had a moment of disorientation, it seems more than normal.

  2. Daniela, I especially love this post today. This lovely Ceremony and Speeches and Award might never have happened had sweet Piero not offered to help a stranger on a plane. Worth contemplating. Simply beautiful.

    1. Laura, I was enchanted to listen to this story, Piero was special, there are no words, just a lot of admiration.
      This award is established every year for deserving young people. This year has been assigned to IL VOLO with the beautiful motivation that I have translated.

      1. Piero is ALWAYS special–that’s who he is. He behaves the same way to everyone.
        A very special, caring human being. He is the gold standard…can you imagine what the world would be like if we all acted the way Piero does?

      2. I loved your comment. You put it so well. Piero is a standard we can all aspire to. He is so well spoken and his heart comes through whenever he speaks. Thank you.

      3. Penina, Piero is a diamond and together with the other two, they are rare jewels.
        I’m really happy to be their fan, not only for their artistic skills, but also for human ones.

      4. I agree–I love them all and not only because they have voices sent from heaven!

  3. Daniela, thank you for your words. The boys endeared themselves once again. I loved your remark about the new Latin music…. “it is clear the concept, it is a tribute, and not a definitive turning point!!” We love whatever the boys do and of course will support all of their music. I will look for the “Grande Amore.” We love that beautiful song. Hugs to everyone, Victoria

    1. Dear Jane, being you, a very sensitive person, I had no doubt that you did not like this story.

  4. I am so pleased that all of the time and hard work they have put in is paying off with positive recognition. Not only is the recognition for their performances on stage and the recordings, but also or the fact that they are loving and giving people. We as their fans have much to be happy about for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. They are doing well and may they continue in that same way. Congratulations to Il Volo!

      1. Daniela, I watched most of the game and loved seeing the boys play. I desperately searched the screen to find our boys, I also read how the ‘always kind Piero’ helped that famous lady on the plane. She could have been anyone and he would have done the same. I’m certain this act of kindness moved her and the future played out in a natural way. I love what happened out of a moment of kindness and it touched my heart as well. That was a delightful story. Thank you Daniela for bringing it to us. Big hugs!

      2. Victoria, believe me, I saw this award ceremony randomly, and I felt very proud of the boys, especially the kindness of Piero. Good guys, we love you.!

  5. Daniela, I am never surprised at the kindness of Piero. He has instinct about sensing the needs of others and steps up to their needs. It’s very refreshing and shows the heart of our wonderful boys. They all display kindness in different ways and they are developing into men we can all be proud of. In my humble opinion, I think singing such beautiful words all the time would feed anyone’s soul and help develop a life worthy of praise.

  6. I always have difficulty seeing these videos from Italy. They don’t open. Does anyone else have this or can everyone open them? Sharon

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