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Hello everyone! The presentations of Torpedine’s book, were seen in the towns of Marsala, Agrigento and Roseto degli Abruzzi with the presence respectively of Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca in support of the project. But remember, the entire proceeds will be donated to charity.

Some gossip had been heard, but as long as there was no official voice confirming, I did not want to anticipate anything for not feeding you false hopes.

But the news has now been confirmed, and by the authoritative voice of Michele Torpedine, therefore absolutely reliable.

IL VOLO photo

But let’s go in order.

During the presentation of the book in Agrigento, Torpedine was interviewed by a local television, TELEACRAS, the video that I attach immediately, is long enough and at the beginning the questions are always the same, and concern, the motivations of having written a similar book .

There is the presence of Piero, who, as you can see, is always kind and affable with people who stop him for a photo or an autograph.

After all the long questions, of which by now you know the answers, we reach the minute 4:00 where, of Torpedine the program for the year 2019 is asked.

It’s coming, even if it will seem a little strange, the ten-year career of IL VOLO.

We will start from January with a big special of RAI 1, a world tour from Radio City New York to Italy, there will be a film.

It will be a whole year dedicated to them.

Abroad they appreciate the important voices, the bel canto, the opera, the true singers, we say, not the rappers or these things here, because they have the originals in America so they will never take J-AZ, Fedez (two Italian rappers), leave them to us, pity, they could also take them.

IL VOLO photo 2

Then? It’s really wonderful news!

It has been said by the mouth of the “boss,” therefore it is founded/true.

A beautiful special on RAI 1 (the last one was UNICI) a world tour that will start from Radio City, and a movie, it is not clear if the film will be that of UN AMORE COSI’ GRANDE or even a film about the career of IL VOLO in any case, it is a beautiful program.

Are you happy?

What is your opinion?

I await your comments!


Credit to owners of photos and video.


39 thoughts on “Beautiful News by Daniela”

  1. Let me be the first to comment! Ok gals, start those diets!! LOL! and fill up those bank accounts, because here we come! 🙂

    Also, I just love that picture of the 3 of them! So artistic!!

    1. Yes Jana, start the diets, and save the money, because they will be there. Time will pass quickly and there will also be other surprises.
      I knew I would make the crew happy, with this news.

      The collage is by Katerina Tsaousi who allowed me to copy it. Thanks Katerina.

    1. Yeah, wonderful news Daniela.The time will go so fast and my diet will start tomorrow😊
      Can’t wait for the details, but that will take awhile.As always thank you so much😘

      1. Jill, I recommend, keep your heart in shape, that next year everything must be perfect !!

      1. thank you for this straightforward statement, Daniela…. it somehow created a “shift” within me…. Grazie

  2. My first concert was theirs at Radio City! Looking forward to more details on this and the need to set aside some dollars $$!! Thanks Daniela for this is exciting news!!!

  3. Absolutely wonderful news. Loved the picture of the boys. I have so many questions as to where they will be and how I can get there to see them. Thank you Daniela for bringing us the news. You are amazing.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you !! Wonderful news ! I was really hoping they would do something “Big” for their anniversary & that somehow America would be involved ! Thanks for your wonderful articles Daniella, I look forward to them !!

    1. Chris, when I heard these words, I could not resist telling you right away.
      I believe there will be many good things next year.

  5. Daniela you made my day. I am so happy that the boys will be touring again and we have a chance to hear them maybe with a lot of new songs. I am still waiting for their new CD.

    1. Gina, do you believe me if I tell you, that I am very happy for all of you?
      We hope there are some lively new songs in the program too.

  6. The good news continue …..
    The publication of this other beautiful piece of news that I am translating is just a little while ago.

    A surprise news for Il Volo’s fans: Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are indeed special guests on June 14th on the stage of the Mediolanum Forum in Assago (Milan) on the occasion of the Elvis Presley tribute concert. The boys will be accompanied by a large symphony orchestra and will interpret the pieces of one of the greatest singers in history.

    On the only Italian date of the show Elvis – A Wonder Of You will be present Priscilla, who will conduct the evening telling memories and anecdotes of the life of Elvis. Produced directly at Graceland, the show is touring the world to celebrate the grandeur of the Rock King once again.
    On stage, a 70-piece symphony orchestra that will perform live all the historical pieces of Presley’s repertoire accompanied by Elvis’s original voice, which will also be present on video through a vertical maxi screen that will rise in the middle of the stage.

    1. Wow That’s different. Elvis, Priscilla, big orchestra and…Il Volo — in Milan. A winning combination. Hope we get to see it.

      1. I also hope that it will be resumed and transmitted. I also hope that at IL VOLO, do not make only one song.

    2. Is there any chance that this concert will be televised? Let us know if you hear anything! This is wonderful news. Thank you Daniela for letting us know about it.

      1. I will be careful if there will be these confirmations and I will immediately report to you, Penina.

  7. You are definitely making a lot of people happy today; nice work, Daniela! A big “thanks” to you and pitterpato. Won’t be that long now and will feel like old times again. Since reading your great news, Daniela, that old song “Hello Stranger” (“… seems like a mighty long time…” ) keeps running on repeat in my mind!😂 (It just happens — iike there’s a DJ’s spirit playing a relevant tune for me!)😂😅 Good day, y’all !

    1. Certainly Laura, now that there is a prospect, the wait seems less long. I’m glad to have cheered up your day.

  8. Great. News. Cannot wait to see them again at Radio City. And glad that they will keep the style we love

  9. Thank you for the news of the Elvis tribute concert… I am so happy to hear that Il Volo will be a part of it… I hope that we will somehow get to see it…

    1. I too was very happy with this announcement, I hope that IL VOLO and in particular Gianluca can make listen to the beautiful songs of Elvis.

      Did you know the other good news already? In project another fan faire for 2019?

  10. What a tremendous amount of great news about the guys-something for all the fans to look forward to and plan for. I, for one, won’t need to do the “diet thing” , but I will start rolling my spare change in preparation for at least one event. The storm clouds seem to have passed and it looks like a great deal of sunshine for the guys for some time to come. They will spread so much joy in 2019. Wonderful news Daniela!

  11. Diet and workout time! The incentive is on again, finally. Thank you Daniela, I will go to as many concerts as I can, maybe you can come to the USA with your husband. You have many friends here who would love to see you.

    1. Thanks for the thought RoseMarie, you know, it all depends if within a year the Pangea will be united !!

      1. Rose Marie, I guess it’s a long shot unless the Pangea unites. I laughed out loud. We can all hope though, or we will gladly visit Daniela in Italy. It was a lovely thought though, to have Daniela with us at a concert in the USA.

    2. Rose Marie, I second that emotion. What a wonderful idea for Daniela and her husband to come here for a concert. We went to Italy to see the boys and I’m sure we could show both of them a sensational time in the USA. Daniela could see some of her American friends who already love her dearly and appreciate her hours of sharing. With Daniela’s perseverence we all have insights about the boys that we treasure. Thanks Rose Marie for that brilliant idea.

      1. Victoria, I’m glad to have made you laugh, but Pangea has to work hard, if you want me to come and see one of the upcoming concerts of IL VOLO !!!

  12. It sounds wonderful and I will be looking forward to every bit of news as to dates and itinerary. This is very exciting!
    The collage is great. Thanks to Katerina for allowing it to be used in the article. Yes, you have made us happy.

    1. Jeanette, as soon as I know precise dates, I will let you know.
      Katrina makes beautiful collages, I will post others.

  13. Oh YEAH!!!!!!! Cannot wait. It’s been so long, but now something to look forward to again. Thank you for the great news.

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