On June 23rd, the guys took part in the PREMIO BIAGIO AGNES event which took place in the beautiful BORGO MARINA GRANDE, a seaside village in Sorrento.

This award celebrates 10 years of activity and is given to journalists who uphold the dignity and function of journalism.


The award ceremony was attended by several guests with performances, and among these, IL VOLO.

Here are the guys during the rehearsals, Gianluca is missing because he could not get to the tests in time, because of the traffic.

How wonderful, I cannot think of a better song than CARUSO to be performed in the Neapolitan Gulf.

Some photos from those lucky enough to meet the guys.


I know, RoseMarie Paliobes, you were in Sorrento all day and you did not meet them !!!

It’s so frustrating, is it not?


And here we are in the evening, the boys are ready, the evening and the type of award requires sobriety and the boys wear elegant men’s suits.


There are no official videos because the show will be broadcast on Wednesday, June 27th on RAI 1, so there are only videos made by the public.

For now let’s be content with these.


IL VOLO and awardIL VOLO singing


They also sang GRANDE AMORE.





And here is a beautiful article on the evening and that Mr. Ercole Ginoble immediately shared, I think with great pride.

Il Mattino Article – click here

I translate:

Sorrento, dinner at Marina Grande for IL VOLO: fans in delirium

They had already been in Marina Grande at the beginning of their career, when they had not yet become one of the most popular Italian music groups in their homeland and in the world. So, yesterday evening, the three members of “Il Volo” took advantage of the final ceremony of the Agnes Prize to visit again the seaside village of Sorrento and the restaurant “Da Emilia”, an authentic temple of gastronomy on the Amalfi Coast. And it was enough for the fans, including the staff of the club, to recognize them and go into delirium.


Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble were guests of the final evening of the Prize which, recorded last night in Marina Grande, will be broadcast on RAI Uno on the second evening of Wednesday. Together with them other stars of Italian music such as Ermal Meta and Dodi Battaglia, without forgetting the team of dance masters of the TV show “Dancing with the Stars”. The recording of the TV program has offered the trio, winner of the Sanremo Festival and third place at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015, the chance to return to one of the symbolic places of Sorrento and the Coast: Marina Grande, also famous for hosting the filming of a cult film like “Pane, amore e …” by Dino Risi.


And just as Vittorio De Sica and Sophia Loren used to play in the film dating back to 1955, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca enjoyed a moment of relaxation in the trattoria “Da Emilia”. For them dinner based fried anchovies and marinades, grilled fish and tomatoes “crowned” in the end, by a regal lemon delight. As soon as they entered the club, where they had already been in the past with their respective families and then on the occasion of the Caruso Prize, the two tenors and the baritone aroused the enthusiasm of the fans seated at the table as well as the local staff. Including Irene Cacace, the queen of local cuisine and historical memory of the village of Marina Grande, with which they were immediately photographed.


And then, it comes midnight and need to celebrate Piero.



What to say, must have been a fantastic evening for those who could be present.

The guys were impeccable, elegant, and as always very good, and the Neapolitan public reacted enthusiastically.

Too bad not to be there, what do you say?


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

30 thoughts on “IL VOLO TO PREMIO AGNES by Daniela”

    1. Joan, they had a beautiful day, a fantastic evening and what better way, midnight arrived, to make the best wishes to Piero !!

    1. What did I tell you, Mark? I could win the bet !! As you can see the guys, they adapt to the place and type of event, certainly could not be presented to a journalistic prize, with torn jeans, but the delirious crowd of Milan appreciated their casual style. Well they know perfectly how to act on various occasions.
      Naturally from my female point of view, I find the boys terribly beautiful and sexy in a men’s suit !!
      The voices are always magnificent, and the kind of songs, appropriate.

      1. You’ve turned me into a believer! The “boys” are savvy and know just what to do for each setting they find themselves in. They’re a class act no matter what!

    2. ha ha ha Mark! even before i read the comments, as i was looking, savouring this — you came to mind! i thought- ‘ah! Mark would love love love this!’…. i see i was on the right track there! 😉

  1. As always Daniela you share the moments of Il Volo with impeccable style… You make me feel like I was there with your words painting a perfect picture … Of course you add pictures and videos to enhance the article… I totally enjoyed the commentary on our guys, “Sorrento, dinner at Marina Grande for IL VOLO: fans in delirium”. Thank you for always keeping us well informed…

    1. Thanks Jeannette, I’m glad you like what I translate, I try to find something you have not seen or read. I would like you to be there at dinner, from Emilia, who knows what good things she cooks, and to see the affection of the boys for her, and of the public towards them, must be priceless.

  2. What a beautiful place! I visited there once and now want to put it back on my travel list. The guys sounded so good as always. And in my opinion the pictures of the guys from this whole event are some of the best I have seen. All three have never looked better, handsome, tanned, healthy and relaxed. Wow they have it all talent, looks, charisma. Lucky the fans who met them unexpectedly. Thanks again Daniela for bringing us to this event.

    1. I agree, the boys are relaxed, maybe Piero not so much, as they must immediately return to Sicily for school exams, but they are all in excellent shape, beautiful, loving and good.
      Thanks to you Janet, for the compliments.

  3. Daniela, what an elegant presentation. I agree that these are the finest pictures of the boys. We all celebrate with them and hope somehow, to be able to enjoy the show on the 27th. Thank you so much for the beautiful translations.

    1. Victoria and Jay, how I wish I could be in Sorrento to hear these beautiful and good guys, sing CARUSO.
      The first piece of CARUSO says just like this:
      “Here where the sea shines and pulls the wind, on an old terrace, in front of the Gulf of Sorrento ……”
      Perfect for the beautiful evening and really appropriate, as were Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

      1. Daniela, we could not have chose a better song. It is so appropriate a song for the venue. It is also one of our favorite songs. It is so beautifully performed by the boys. I hope it shows up on YouTube from that evening.

      2. Victoria, surely will come out on you tube, but you remember tonight at 11.00 pm on RAI 1 you can see the whole evening of the Agnes Award.

      3. Daniela, thanks for the reminder about tonight. I will surely watch if at all possible. I do love all the comments and everyone is saying what I was thinking. We do love all your work on our behalf. Hugs!

  4. What a great singing performance by IL VOLO. Aren’t they
    just wonderful?….. I love their voices so much. That tanned
    skin enhanced their good looks. Thank you Daniels for the
    translation, I appreciate you so much. I send you my love.

    1. Yes Gale, you’re right, they’re just wonderful.
      The tanned skin makes its effect, makes them bright.
      Thank you so much for the compliments, for me it’s a real pleasure.

  5. Thanks Daniela. A short video showed up on my Facebook of the boys singing “Caruso”. It was especially great because of the setting on the balcony.

    1. Gina, I love Caruso, but since listening to it sung by IL VOLO, it seems to me that nobody sings so well as they do. It must have been a lovely evening, blessed who was there !!

  6. Daniela, lovely post. Wonderful pictures. However, there is something that I don’t understand that I hope you can clarify. What exactly is the award that Il Volo received? What is it for? If this organization awards journalists after 10 years, what has that got to do with our raggazzi? Please explain!

    1. Thanks Penina, and you’re right. In fact, the boys did not have to be awarded, because the awards were for journalists, but the mayor of Sorrento, wanted to give recognition to the boys, and gave them a small sculpture in terracotta.
      It has nothing to do with the Agnes award, but it was a welcome thing.

      1. Thanks for explaining that Daniela! They can add it to their award cabinet whose shelves are filling up very nicely! Now when is that album coming out???
        The need a grammy to round out their collection!

      2. Penina, a Grammy would be perfect.
        In this case the sculpture was one, so I think it will keep Torpedine at his home.

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