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First, thank you to all of you have commented on the new look of the site.  🙂  I’m glad you like it!

For Flashback Friday this week, I have a little game…

We know Il Volo has the best and most supportive fans in the world…and that many of them have extensive photo collections of their own.

Now let’s see if they have the most observant.  😉

Look at the  pictures below (most have been cropped).  Do you know where they are from?  Post your guesses in the comments below.  The answers will be posted next Friday.

Good Luck!

~~ Kelly


# 1 


# 2

# 3






Extra Credit (in addition to naming where the photo is from):         Who are the people pictured with Il Volo?

6 thoughts on “#FBF : Name That Picture”

  1. Well Kelly I don’t know what city the boys are in or who they are with but I think the first picture is Gianluca, the second picture I dont know what city they are in the third picture is Gianlouca & Ignazio my guess is where they are performing fourth picture looks as if they at a concert
    & the last one I don’t know the people they are with, at least I tried. I didn’t recognize any particular city in the pictures

  2. I should have said the second picture is a picture of the 3 boys in whatever city

  3. N.1 Ballando con le Stelle
    N.2 Dubai, Formula 1 (grazie Lisa)
    N.3 Souncheck Messico
    N.4 Taormina concerto

    For now I have not discovered anything of the No. 5, I do not know who those people are.

  4. The last picture is at the Audrey Hepburn Unicef Gala in Houston. I don’t know the names of the other people.

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