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Getting to know each other.

Can we share our birth place?

I was born in Panevezys, Lithuania but lived in two more cities , Kaunas and Siauliai, before we had to flee due to WWII. I was 9 years old. 
A city in the central part of Lithuania, located on the banks of the upper reaches of the Nevezis river. It is often referred to as the capital of Aukstaitija. Panevyzys is an important centre of industry and culture. As the fifth biggest city in Lithuania, Panevezys has 132.000 inhabitants. In historical sources the name of Panevezys was first mentioned in 1503. In the old town a visitor’s view is attracted by the churches of Sts. Peter and Paul’s and the Holy Trinity and the cathedral of the Kings Christ. The town has been famed by the performances of the Panevezys Drama Theatre under the artistic director Juozas Miltinis. The museum of local lore presents an exposition on the history of the city from its very beginning. Upyte has an interesting museum of linen. There is also a memorial museum of the writer G. Petkeviciute – Bite. On the left bank of the Nevezis river the city has preserved its oldest park called Skaistakalnis


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Where were you born?


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  1. Born at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, but have lived in Phoenix, Arizona since 1954, when I was two years old.

  2. I was born in Sutton in the county of Surrey in England .. When I left England I lived in the Bahamas for 12 years and then St Maarten for 8 years and then came to Florida U.S.A..Where I now live.

    1. We settled in Cleveland and I went to Holy Name High School, Western Reserve and then DYKE College. My parents lived there until their health became an issue and I moved them to Texas. Have a lot of memories from Cleveland.

  3. Gina, I was born in the USA. In the state of New York in Westchester County, in the city of Mount Vernon.

  4. I was born in a little midwestern US town named Yankton South Dakota. Big farming community and I grew up there. I longed for a more exciting place to live and moved with 2 friends to San Francisco Ca in 1963. Now 55 years later I am still here.

    1. Janet, do you watch jeopardy? I was watching the finals last week and your home town was a clue!! They wanted to know where yankton was and a few other cities. As soon as I saw the question I’m thinking, hey, I know this, SD!! Lol! 🙂

      Pretty cool!

  5. Gina, I was born in Liss in the county of Hampshire England.
    I moved to the USA in 1962 and have lived in several states. I now live in Hawaii ( in the middle of a hurricane right now)

  6. I was born in Chicago, and lived there through my teen age years. Then I went to Brooklyn, NY and lived there until I got married and lived in Manhattan for a few years. When my husband finished his degree he got a job in Toronto, Ontario and we moved to Canada. (He already was a Canadian from when he arrrived as a 5 year old). We’ve been here ever since–about 45 years!

  7. I was born in Houston, Texas! My Dad worked for oil and gas companies, so we moved from Texas to Louisiana to Minnesota to Illinois and ended up back south I. Arkansas, where I went to school 7th grade through college! I ended up back in Texas to teach school! The rest is history! Met my husband, we were married 50 years. He passed away in 2016!

    1. So sorry to hear about your husband. I have some relatives in Texas – I think somewhere near Austin….

  8. I was born in The Hague in Holland. Moved to Johannesburg in South Africa when I was 7 years old. After living in Johannesburg for 23 years, I moved to the beautiful coastal town called Amanzimtoti, close to Durban in KwaZuluNatal and have been here ever since.

    1. Wow, born in Holland. My little Dutch girl friend! 🙂 My last name is VandeLaare! 🙂 What made your parents move from Holland to South Africa?

  9. I was born in Litchfield, Minnesota, USA. I have lived in Minnesota all of my life, first on a farm near a small village, then in a college town 40 miles away. After college I moved to work in a Northeastern suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota. I now live in Stillwater, which is the birthplace of Minnesota.
    Stillwater is a small city on the west bank of the St. Croix River. From the top of the river bluffs you can see Wisconsin on the east side of the St. Croix. In the autumn the trees on both sides of the river glow with color against the blue water and the blue sky. In the warm months the river is filled with speed boats, cabin cruisers, kayaks, canoes, paddle wheel excursion boats, and real gondolas from Italy. In winter very amazing people drive across the river on the ice from one state to the other.

  10. I was born and raised in the Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn, NY .a wonderful place to live and work, yes trees do grow in Brooklyn. Waiting for Our Guys to make a return trip to our city, they are much loved here!

    1. I read “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.” Great book! 🙂 Been to NYC a few times when dating the NJ guy!

  11. I was born and raised in Providence, RI. I spent most of my life there marrying and raising my family. In early retirement my husband and I began spending our winters in Naples, Fl. and now I am very lucky to be able to spend most of the year there but return to RI every summer to be with family and good friends!

    1. Been to RI to see the “cottages” of the rich. That was pretty cool. Was with a friend that lived in Boston at the time. Haven’t made it to Naples yet, but am going back to Florida for Christmas again!

  12. Ciao Gina, I was born in Roncadelle, a small town of about 10.000 inhabitants, it is 5 miles from Brescia, in northern Italy.
    It is not a beautiful country, but it is the country where I was born and where I have always lived, and I love it.
    It is a very old country because it originates in the 14th century.
    There is also a Castle, with a moat and walls, born in the same period.
    In addition to the Castle there is a beautiful Parish Church.

    The city where you were born is beautiful, did you come back to that city again?

  13. Jana thanks for re-posting this. If is fun to get to know more about this faithful group that follows the boys.
    I came to the States thru New York and took a train to Cleveland, Oh where our sponsors lived. Left Cleveland to join the Marine Corps and eventually found an Army man to marry. He retired in 1979 in Texas.
    He died in June 2018. Now if I could win a Lottery I would move to Italy. Just wishful thinking.

  14. I was born and raised in Boston and lived there until I got married then moved about 30 miles south of the city and still reside in the area. I love Boston, it is a beautiful city and the New England area is the best, especially in the fall!

    1. Ah Boston, was there a few times when a friend lived there. Great little city with Little Italy thrown in! There was also this great pancake house but they weren’t there too long.

  15. I was born in Brooklyn NY… My parents moved us to Southern California when I was six years old… I grew up in a town called Lakewood, I went to grade school, Jr. high and high school right there in Lakewood… I went to work for Douglas Aircraft Co. which was only two miles from the house I grew up in and worked there for 35 years….They were good to me, they put me through college and paid me a good wage and retirement package… I retired from that company… When I retired my husband talked me into selling our house and moving to Las Vegas and buying a RV… Now I live in Michigan…I have to say the USA is a wonderful country because not only have I lived in four states, I have seen the forty eight continental United States in my travels in our RV ….

    1. Jeannette! So nice to hear from you – we really need you back on occasion!…. You certainly have lived an interesting life. So glad you have now settled in the great state of Michigan! 🙂

  16. I was born in Mercer county West Virginia. It was cold and muddy. 1957 left home to see Miami , Florida with my older sister and her husband. Miami beautiful. Birds singing, flowers blooming and warm breezes. Loved it . Married had two children, husband moved family to Interlachen, Florida. Still in Florida . love it. Been widow since 1978. Enjoy Il Volo since 2009. Also found another famous singer from Italy Massimo Ranieri. When TV has nothing to offer, I watch music videos on my computer.

    1. My grandma was born in West Virginia – either Charleston or Huntington, I can never remember. Approximately 1907. However, the city hall burned down with all the records, so according to my mom, they just kind of guessed at a lot of things, like her birthday! lol!

  17. I was born & lived in Newark NJ & after getting married, we moved to neighboring Union NJ, not far from New York City.

  18. I was born and raised in St. Joseph, MO – home of the Pony Express and where Jesse James met his end! It is about an hour north of Kansas City on the Missouri River. After my husband passed in 2013 I moved a half our south to Smithville, MO to be closer to our son and his family. Smithville is located is between St. Joseph and Kansas City. It’s a nice little town and close enough to my hometown that I drive back up there all the time. 🙂

  19. Hello all! I think most of you know I’m from Michigan. Born in Detroit, and lived there for the most part until I was 5 and we moved to Dearborn. Pretty much been in Dearborn or Dearborn Heights all of my life. Moved a whole mile from home to my new house in Dearborn Heights and lived there for almost 21 years. That is so hard to believe. I then had to move back to my mom’s house in Dearborn where I grew up and lived there another 3 years or so. I then had a fairly secure job and ventured out on my own again to my now apartment in Dearborn, just another 1.5 miles from the Dearborn house. I didn’t get around much!

    Good thing I travel!

    Wow, so lovely to hear where everyone is from. Glad I left this one up a few extra days!!

    Would love to see more people comment on where they are from.

    Take care…Jana

  20. Born and brought up in Revere MA city just north of Boston.. Grandparents from Sicily/Italy. Currently residing in a town that was established in 1637 south of Boston.

  21. Hi Rose Marie I was born in Toronto Canada & for a good few years lived there then moved to Brantford Ontario stayed there for a few years one of my sons lives there & now am living in Chatham Ontario still in Canada. I must say I am surprised you remembered me at all because my memory is poor remembering people I met earlier but rest assured if we are fortunate to have the Il Volo boys get back to the States to give us impatient fans a wonderful concert I am going to try my darndest to get to the States to see them & perhaps have a chance to meet you, you won’t miss me for I’ll be the lady using a walker. I spend a lot my time following the boys on the internet whatever they are doing or wherever they are & listening to their concerts & wishing with all my heart to see them in person. I am sure glad I have a computer..

    1. Ciao Loretta, I don’t think we have ever actually met but we all know you here on the Flight Crew. We are all waiting for news from the boys about the concert dates for next year. I hope they come somewhere near you and that you get to see them up close. ❤️

  22. I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, and I’ve lived here all my life. I love the changing seasons. I love the beach, but I love fall a little more because of the beautiful colors on the trees. My life’s dream is to go to Italy, specifically Rome, Florence, Milan and definitely get to the Aegean Sea cities to see the beautiful blue water and the beautiful beaches.

    1. Eleanor,
      I was born and raised in Cleveland. I love the changing seasons, just wish winter was a little shorter, well, a lot shorter. We lived in Madison for almost 30 years and now in Mentor for 10 all in the snow belt.

      1. Oh my, you went from worse to bad or is it the other way around?? Good luck this winter 2018…I hope it’s not a bad one for all of us!!

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