Un Amore Cosi Grande – The Movie!

Finally, with much delay, our beloved guys will officially make their big screen debut!  How long we have waited!  It will be released in Italy around mid-end of September.  I did hear some rumors at one point, it should be released elsewhere, including the United States.  Again, we wait!  Thanks to our Il Volo site friends, below I found this on my Instagram yesterday!  🙂  Isn’t it awesome how clearly they promote our Il Volo guys?



3 thoughts on “Un Amore Cosi Grande – The Movie!”

  1. I hope it comes to the United States ! Congratulation to Piero ,Ignazio, and Gianlucca , on there first movie, can’t wait to see it.

  2. Would love to buy the movie, I hope that is possible. I try to buy everything they do….LOVE THEM SO MUCH !!!

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