These days, Telemundo has published a wonderful interview with IL VOLO, made this summer, for the television program Don Francisco.

When I saw it, I laughed a lot, the boys were simply adorable and nice.

The interview is in Spanish. I do not know this language, but being similar to Italian, I understand everything that is said, so I will make a rough translation of what is said.

The first video is a complete collage, the following videos are fragments of the piece I’m translating.

DF 01

Let’s start with a trio of young Italians. They already hold 10 years of international success and are: GIANLUCA, IGNAZIO and PIEROa loud applause, IL VOLO.

DF = By the way, you are doing 10 years of business and are promoting new material.
G = Everything started in 2009, next year will be 10 years.
DF = Next year, we met seven years ago.
G = It was 2011
I = 35 Kg ago (77 pounds!)
G = (pointing to Ignatius) He was fatter.
DF = A nice difference 35 kg less.
(Piero dishevels the hair of Ignatius)
G = These guys are spiteful, maybe because they are Sicilian.
DF = And you are not?
G = Not me, I live near Rome.
I = (to Gianluca) Hey Roman, be careful how you speak.
P = How is your Italian? (asks Don Francisco)
DF = Very smashing …… Once, while we were shooting a singing video, grace and breathing are important (and he intones with his deep voice) “Where’s IL VOLO ????”
G = (intoning IL MONDO), “and the day will come ….”
GIP = “Tonight love I have not thought of you anymore ……. to you !!!!” (applause)
DF = You Piero studies lyrical singing.
P = YES, I study every day, because my passion is the opera and my dream is to be able to sing one day at La Scala in Milan or at the Metropolitan in New York, a whole opera.
I = And have us in the first row.
DF = He holds talent, because he comes from a humble family, Piero’s father was a car mechanic, his grandfather made him taste the music, Piero imitated Pavarotti
P = Always, even my motorcycle was called Pavarotti.
But I have the same voice as my grandfather, identical.

DF 02

DF = You are promoting a new record, which will be published when?
G = For now we publish a single, because it differs a little from our usual genre, turns to Latin music, is a tribute to Latin music, we made this record with Emilio Estefan, who is the producer of this album.
DF = You will sing this Spanish record with Estefan.
I = No, Emilio Estefan is the producer.
DF = Of course, Emilio does not sing anything, that sings is his wife.
G = Yes, of course, she is Gloria.
DF = And are you happy with the work and the result?
G = Yes, we are young and we wanted to do something different, the duet is with Gente De Zona, IL VOLO and GENTE DE ZONA.
DF = (asks Ignazio) do you have problems with the microphone?
I = No, is that I thought it was cold but now I feel very hot. (and he takes off the denim jacket and then asks Don Francisco)
“I saw that here are all women” (the band that plays is all women and then Ignazio begins to sing) …. Don Francisco like women !!!!! (and Don Francisco responds by singing)
DF = The flutist is not engaged ……
I = Hello flutist, I’m not engaged too ….. (Ignazio says always singing)
DF = And now it’s time to play !!

At this point a nice game begins that involves the boys and the public. The public will have to answer some questions about the boys and if they guess, they will have a cash prize.

DF = Our Jessica receives a kiss from Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca because she has to go.
I explain the game, we will ask questions about Gianluca Piero and Ignazio, we will ask one person the answer, another person can give a different answer, which of the two will have guessed, will win money (500 dollars?). The person who has won will also be able to answer the next question. Do you agree?
Who wants to win money?
Let’s start with you, stand up, what’s your name?
Salia. Well Salia, the first question for $500 dollars.
Which one of them worked on the ears to make them smaller: was he Gianluca, was Ignazio or was he Piero?
(Salia replied Piero, another woman answers Gianluca.)
Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero, who of you was operated on the ears?
P = It’s me.
DF = Meanwhile, I give the money, explain why you did the operation to the ears?
I = (addressed to Salia) but Don Francisco explained to you that you owe us 10% to us?
DF = And why not, look, I’m giving her $500 money. So why did you operate your ears?
P = At the age of five I kept them like that (he opens his hands like Dumbo) and riding a motorbike, the wind attacked them.
DF = A applause to Piero.
P = Bella, keep the money that we then go to dinner.

DF 03

DF = Second question, which of them three to five years gave their first kiss, under a sofa? (Salia answers Ignazio, another woman answers Gianluca). Who was three?
I = It was me.
DF = Ignazio, but really at 5 years?
I = Yes, I had 5 but it was a very tall sofa, otherwise I did not pass under it.
DF = Under the sofa, and how old was the girl.
I = Two years older than me, she was 7 years old, I enjoy women older than me ……. hello flautist (he greets the woman playing the flute)

DF 04

DF = Another 500 dollars to Salia.
Third question: which one of them has the shortest foot? Look at the feet, which of them three has shorter feet?
(Salia answers Gianluca), what do you say, will he?
G = It’s me.
P = What a fool.
G = Why ?? I did not have to tell him ??? (Gianluca has not given the time to another person to give an alternative answer, for this Piero verbally takes it, but Gianluca did not understand that he had to wait to confirm …….. Ignatius amused, he throws himself into the ground and laughs out loud !!!!)
P = You did not give the second option !!
DF = What Italian shoe size do you wear?
G = 41
DF = And you Ignazio?
I = I hold the Titanic, 46
P = Yes, but only foot, keep 46
DF = And you Piero?
P = I lost my bill.
DF = What number do you wear?
P = 42

DF 05

DF = Salia wins 1500 dollars !! Fourth question: which of them burned his father’s car, when he was 4 years old, and sent her against a wall?
(Salia responds Ignazio, then changes and says Piero, another woman answers Ignazio ….. the boys, create a little suspense.)
I = It was me!

DF 06

DF = Two hundred dollars for you (the woman who said Ignazio) and now who wants to answer for the last question? Jennifer, here’s the last question for $ 300.
Which of them has realized his dream of making love on the plane? (The woman answers Gianluca, a man answers Piero.)
I = Wait a second, I do not hold the face of one who could do this thing? You all said Piero or Gianluca ……. flutist … vamos … (everyone laughs)
DF = Sit down, so who created this fantasy? (Suspense)
P = It was me.
DF = Well, $ 200 for you (to the man, and then to Piero), now you have to tell me quickly how the experience was.
P = Very rapid! (laughter)
I = Was the Rabbit Airlines. (laughter)
DF = A big applause, for the sympathy to Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero.

Change scene, Don Francisco is interviewing a young singer and IL VOLO.

DF = I wanted to ask you something, why do not you do a tribute to a singer, would you do it?
G = Yes, now?
DF = Could you sing EL TRISTE? Josè Josè, is watching this program, this song is for you. (start this beautiful song)
G = It all started when we were 14, we thought we were singing and we met in this contest, the first time we sang together was April 25th 2009, and we sang O SOLE MIO, the strength of the three of us was incredible because you imagine three children singing with the voice of adults.
DF = And who won the competition?
G = Me.
DF = You won the competition. And now what are you going to sing?
P = Now let’s sing NOCHE SIN DIA, which is our last single.
Produced by Emilio Estefan, we will sing alone here, but in the first version we sang it with Gente de Zona.
DF = A big applause for IL VOLO: Noche Sin Dia.
(start Noche Sin Dia)

DF = Here is our next guest Stephania Duque. I was talking here with this singer and IL VOLO.
G = Hi Stephania.
DF = Do you like Stephania? But she has a husband.
I = Like how, do you have a husband? Flautist, ……. I did not want to betray you.
P = Stephania, ask if I can sing a song to your ear.
DF = Now IL VOLO must fly to Rome, Italy, because tomorrow they will have a concert.
P = yes tomorrow we’ll have a concert and now we’ll say hello (they sing O Sole Mio).
DF = I hope you enjoyed this program.
I = We like you a lot, because you have always been good to us, we love you, it is a pleasure for us to be here, greet you and tell you, that when we want we come here, for you, because you are the best of all.
DF = I do not believe, even if I like it very much, to be the best of all.
I = For us yes.
DF = Yes?
G = Yes, of course.
DF = I greet IL VOLO, a big applause, you are always welcome.
G = See you in Italy.
DF = Thank you all.

And here’s a short video taken during the shooting of the show.

I had a lot of fun watching these videos, first of all because the guys were amazing, they had fun and they enjoyed the audience. Their singing performances were perfect as usual, they were polite but also a little easygoing without overdoing too much. I saw them pleasantly relaxed, at ease, which is difficult when they are interviewed in Italy, because here every moment is controlled, for fear of the inevitable criticism of the day after.

Ignazio was very strong, funny and disrespectful, but with sympathy, also good Gianluca and Piero who were able to get involved with even a little embarrassing questions.

I hope the translation has served you and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

44 thoughts on “IL VOLO to DON FRANCISCO TE INVITA by Daniela”

  1. Daniela, do we know if the questions asked by DF were based on real life experiences for the guys? For instance, did Ignazio actually set the car on fire and drive it into a wall? Or were the questions of a fantasy nature just to play on the boys sense of humor? Can’t imagine Piero actually making love on an airplane-doesn’t seem to be the type!
    Are the guys known to be as humorous in their private lives as well, or just for fun when they are on camera? What we see on video and interview, are we seeing the real, sincere personalities? I can’t figure out which is the real character of each and which is for show. I’d very much like to think they are sincere and genuine in all situations, as well they seem to be. I notice the word fool is still used in reference to Ignazio-I think behind all his kidding around, is a very sensitive person.
    One last question: Do mainland Italians view Sicilians as different culturally and ethnically? Don’t mean to bore you with analytical questions, but thank you. I study people. One thing is indisputable, they are real tremendous singers!!

    1. Also, you alluded to the fact that the guys are more guarded and controlled there when giving interviews for fear of the usual criticism following an interview-I assume the press? I didn’t think any public press could be more critical and “shark like” than the American press and tabloids here in the US. Most of the time they know no kindness in reporting on people in the public eye.

      1. Mark, you are so correct! American press is the worst, but I think all press is monstrous!

      2. Sorry Mark, the double answer, but first I had to close the pc quickly and it seemed to me that the answer was not registered.
        As for the fear of criticism of the press, you must know that the Italian journalists, have never been very kind to the guys of IL VOLO, they consider them haughty and not at all sincere, whatever they say or do is never well liked, for this , when the boys do an interview in Italy, or attend an Italian television program, the day after they suffer severe criticism.
        For this reason, when they are interviewed here in Italy, we often notice that they are not as casual as when they are interviewed abroad.

    2. Mark, they are really very honest and honest guys.
      Those questions are truthful and are based on statements that the kids themselves have made.
      I do not know if I disappoint you, but Piero has said very sincerely already a couple of years ago to have had this relationship by plane, the boys were asked what was their sexual fantasy and Piero replied that it was to have a relationship in the plane , to the second question he was asked if this fantasy had come true and he answered yes.
      Even in another interview he was asked a similar question and he confirmed, now is the third time I hear him confirm.
      However all the questions that have been addressed to the boys are based on their statements.
      The boys are absolutely truthful as they appear, there are no boundaries for them, everything is sincere.
      It does not seem to me that the word “crazy” addressed to Ignatius was used, the strong word is “idiot” (the translator reports crazy), but it is addressed by Piero to Gianluca, because he did not wait for the second answer, but also this word was given in a playful tone, between boys who make fun of each other.
      It ‘s absolutely true, there were once substantial differences, the northern boys were considered very workers, the boys of the south, very passionate, jealous, excellent lovers, but now it is not like that anyway, the people of southern Italy is very warmer and Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio play a lot on this character.
      Do not worry, I like answering your questions.

    3. Yes, Mark, I can assure you that the questions made to the boys are statements that they themselves have made at other times and I can also tell you that the boys are really as they appear, very sincere.
      As for Piero, himself in an interview two years ago, said he had a love affair on the plane, and has also confirmed it other times.
      As for the word “crazy”, it was not intended to Ignatius, but said by Piero to Gianluca, who had not waited for the second expected response, in any case was said in a joking tone, but unfortunately the translation does not take into account the tone nice!! In any case, the right word is not crazy but “idiot”.
      As for the differences between North and South Italy, the stereotype confirms that in the north the men are great workers, in the south they are fiery lovers, jealous, very possessive ….. and Ignazio Piero and Gianluca joke a lot this fact.
      Do not worry about asking me questions, I like answering.

      1. Daniela, I hope I did not sound as though I have doubts about the three guys honesty, integrity, and character, as I have great respect for their seeming genuine and humble personalities and I admire them and their outstanding talent and resultant career. Over here we are aware that celebrities can have several sides to their personalities-some are not so genuine. I just want to believe that, for the most part, when I look at “the Trio” and listen to them, that I am seeing, the REAL thing-that’s how much I like and enjoy them. Sometimes they seem too good to be true as real people, in an age of celebrity worship and all that goes with it.

      2. Mark, do not worry, I understand you very well, they are really so disarming in their being “real”, not built at all. However, those who knew them personally talk about them extremely well, like really simple and kind boys.

  2. First of all, many, many thanks to Daniela for her translation. Ignazio has a wonderful sense of humor, definitely not a “fool”.
    Mark, those are great questions. The boys have been interviewed so often and I have heard those same answers over and over. Sooo, I assume they are true. I did not know their shoe size but Igna has been teased about his big feet by Piero many times.

      1. RoseMarie, we are talking about shoes, do not cut clothes. I do not mean American shoe sizes, but I think that maybe for you it’s a fairly normal measure, for us Italian shoes n. 46 are great !!

    1. Thanks to you that you liked RoseMarie.
      You know well the interviews of the boys, so you know that what they say has already been said other times … and it’s true !!
      Ignatius is too nice, spontaneous as a child, adorable!

  3. Daniela, Thank you so much for the translation. Ive watched the video two or three times, hoping to gather more of what was said. This translation helps us to enjoy the trio’s fun.

    1. I am very happy if you enjoyed Leslie and even if you have taken other details. It is difficult for the translation, which is only a translation, to grasp the nuances of the voice and the tone with which things are said.

  4. Daniela, thank you seems so lame for this translation. We appreciate you so much for taking the time to translate and send this to all of us. We loved reading what was said in the interview. The videos were such fun to watch. I also wonder if there is any video of the concert in Rome that the boys talked about. We can hardly wait to see the boys in the USA. Hugs and love to you for your diligence in keeping us all informed to the fullest.

    1. Victoria, thanks to you, you were the first who asked me to translate this video.
      I hope that the joking and friendly sense of the boys could be understood, combining the translation to the video.
      You mean the concert in Rome you attended, or the last concert they did for Jeunesse?

      1. Daniela, I heard reference in the above interview of a Rome concert. Perhaps I was confused and I thought that concert was after their appearance that you just translated. The boys were delightful and we’re watching the videos again and again.

      2. Victoria, in fact, in the interview they talked about Rome, but in the sense that they had to return to Italy, because they had to do a concert, but I think they were referring to the Cervia concert.
        Victoria, when you find videos and you’re interested in the translation, ask me, I’ll do it willingly.

      3. Daniela, you are usually seeing events and translating them for us. I watch for anything that has anything to do with Il Volo. You are usually on top of everything. I did enjoy the translation of this show the boys were on. They looked like it was terrific fun for them. I got quite a kick out their antics. Hugs from the USA.

  5. Thank you, it is so nice to hear what they say. They are so talented and yet kind and humble and so very gracious to all of us,their admirers. We
    do so appreciate getting some sense of what they say.

  6. Grazie,Grazie ,Grazie Daniela !!! I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful translation !! I watched the show on my TV when it was aired on Telemundo and I enjoyed every minute but had wished I could understand what they were saying !! Now I know thanks to you !! The guys were so relaxed,talkative and funny !! It was great fun watching them !! I hope they come back to America soon !! We miss them !!

  7. Thank you so much Daniela. This program was so much fun to watch and now even more fun that we know what they were saying. I hope you don’t mind if I share this.

    1. Hello Laura, I’m very happy that you enjoyed it and I’m glad you want to share it, no problem on my part and I also believe by Flight Crew.

  8. Ciao amica mia!!  Grazie per la traduzione, Daniela!  I actually arrived home from Europe on the day it was aired, and recorded it in case I fell asleep!  To my surprise I understood alot of what was said…however your translation confirmed what I thought and help me to understand more!  Now I will watch it again and be able to understand it all!!
    You know that my love for these three wonderful, talented, beautiful young men, brought Italy and Sicily to me in many ways.  I can honestly say, I would not have even thought about pursuing my Italian citizenship, if that trip to Italy/Sicily with the Granny Groupies had not happened in 2015!! …and I am proud to say “I am now an Italian Citizen”!
    I have been fortunate to have had many more encounters with them since then and a few concerts even before. 
    Yes, some were very brief, some were one on one time and some by chance meetings!  They are absolutely genuine, honest and sincere!  Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have brought so much joy to my life since the first time I listened to 🎶IL Mondo🎶 in January, 2012!!  ….and I have met so many new wonderful people and made some everlasting friendships because of 🎶IL Volo🎶… you well know!🤗😘
    Daniela dico di nuovo grazie mille, amica mia!💖

    1. Deborah, I am so thrilled with your Italian citizenship. How truly wonderful for you. We fell in love with Italy and can hardly wait to return. You are truly blessed to have had time with the boys and I’m speechless that you get to live there. We all wait to hear more about your travels and time with the boys. Thank you for sharing so much.

  9. Hello Deborah, my dear American friend, Oops, sorry you’re now an Italian citizen !!! I was so happy with your citizenship, now you can come and stay as long as you want. I’m glad you liked the translation, and I had no doubt that you began to understand the meanings, you were among the Italians several months and you’ve got to understand our language.
    I am very happy with your testimony that you wrote about the various meetings with the boys, you were lucky enough to meet them several times and you really could see how kind and humble they are. I hope Mark, who commented at the beginning, read what you wrote.
    I too am very happy with all the beautiful friendships I found thanks to IL VOLO, and I’m very proud of it, I have friends everywhere with whom I exchange opinions every day: thanks to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca !!
    Ti mando un grande abbraccio, l’Italia ti aspetta presto!!

  10. HI Daniela I want to let you know I have been scouring my internet trying to find what I had been reading to finely find out that the name Gianluca is a common name in Italy. I remember one man by the name of Gianluca was a millionaire owning some company & the other man was working in a restaurant at least I remember seeing food around his picture. I am not in the habit of spreading rumours so this was all unintentional certainly especially not our precious Il Volo. Also I had really thought what I had read because I was waiting for pictures of his wedding to be posted so I am certainly glad he isn’t married.

  11. Also Daniela I forgot to mention thank you for tanslating the above interview the boys had. Wouldnt it be wonderful if we could be there in person. Your a super lady it shows you love them very much as we all do.

    1. Hello Loretta, it’s always nice to hear, it’s true, Gianluca is a fairly common name in Italy.
      Do not worry about finding the news of the wedding, we know for sure that it was false and when you read it you must have amazed you a lot, just like all of us. I know that you do not like to gossip, even more so if you have doubts about what you are reading, ask for confirmation here on this site that is very serious and reliable.

      Of course it would have been great to be all present at the boys’ interview, especially because they were really very happy and cheerful.

  12. Many thanks Daniela for making this very nice interview understandable to all of us. I enjoyed reading your translations ~ returning to the full interview and understanding and appreciating our Il Volo phenomenon so much more!!!

    1. Ineke, this morning I was thinking of you and I was wondering if you had read the translation of the interview we talked about you and me.
      I’m very glad you liked it.
      A kiss.

  13. I enjoyed the whole thing so much……love these guys and watch them all the time…love Gianluca…he is what I would have wished for in my life. Thank you for putting this together. 🇺🇸🇮🇹

  14. Thank you Daniela for the translation of this interview.
    I read everything I can about them. They are so kind
    and lovable in their lives and they are able to present
    this demeanor in their interviews. They are able to
    pass these sweet qualities through their many
    interviews and performances. I look forward to their
    next concerts in America and hope they are close
    enough for me to attend. Your translations just make
    my day. Love you.

    1. Gale, I’m happy to make your day and I really hope that the concerts come close to your home so that you can participate.
      Thank you for your compliments.

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