Today is Ignazio’s turn. I found this video, shot immediately after the Sanremo victory. The entire city council and the whole city of Marsala gave a beautiful recognition to a very happy Ignazio and he does not lose his sense of humor.

Here is the translation:

(The crowd applauds and shouts IGNAZIO, IGNAZIO ……. Ignazio gets up and turns smiling, at that moment a girl’s voice shouts “Bravo my love!!”, everyone laughs.)

The city council expresses all the satisfaction of the city for the great goal achieved by the fellow citizen Ignazio Boschetto who, as a member of the trio IL VOLO, has won the 65th edition of the Sanremo Festival. (applause and again the girl’s voice “Bravo my love……..fantastic”).

And now, the proposal to appoint the fellow citizen Ignazio Boschetto as ambassador of the city of Marsala in the world. (much applause and ritual photos, the mayor tries to bring back the order but there is too much noise of the crowd and then Ignazio takes the situation in hand raising his voice ……. too nice)

IGNAZIO = Gentlemen, as it is an official session ……. (everyone laughs)

Ignazio 01

Man = The President Enzo Sturiano delivers the resolution to Ignazio Boschetto. (kisses and applause)

Let’s read the official prize:

“The city of Marsala,  the gold medal to the civil value to Ignazio Boschetto, member of IL VOLO, ambassador of the city of Marsala in the world. The president of the City Council, Enzo Sturiano, city of Marsala, 18 February 2015”. ( photo and then the anthem of Italy sung by the whole crowd).

Ignazio 02

IGNAZIO = There would be many things to say, because it’s really unexpected, starting from a small city like Marsala and starting to study a little for fun, and then after 11 years, you’re ambassador of your city, so it’s really something inexplicable, it is also difficult to explain the emotion, but what I can say and that in recent years, sometimes I was also criticized by Marsala, people thought I was a haughty guy, who had found the opportunity to go on air to Rai1 and has become who knows what!!

What I have learned, and I do not want to be a teacher, is that before judging a person, one must know him. (applause).

Ignazio 03

The problem we have today is that many people judge immediately, instead of doing the actions, we all judge and say only words.

In fact here today, I came with a friend of mine, he came to my house. I unfortunately was not there, but then at home we talked about it, it’s this boy here . . . get up.

What’s your name?

Antonio Maniscalco?

Well, this guy is Italian boxing champion right? Lately I’ve heard people say that Marsala has recently forgotten about her talents and is only interested in me.

Instead I hope that Marsala is aware, even of these small but great realities, that they are like him in boxing and many other people in all sectors, because Marsala is full of talents.

Ignazio 04

What I wanted to tell you, is that I am the first who would like to have a friend ambassador in fact, I’m the first one who would like to share the emotions with another person, but I think that many people speak only to talk, and to get out the air from their mouth.

I wanted to say thank you, because in recent years I felt supported by Marsala, and, apart from the politics there is, with Enzo there is a great friendship.

I have always pulled back with regards to politics because in my position it is always better to avoid, but with Enzo there is a friendship that goes beyond politics, it is a beautiful person.

And then there are all of you here, I think that in the end there is always something that unites us, in this case THE MUSIC unites us all.

Ignazio 05

We may be acquaintances or friends, but in the end we are all the same, we are all in the same place, so sometimes I think there is no need to make any difference.

So I wanted to say thank you to all the inhabitants of Marsala and the city council. (applause, people shout Mayor you, Mayor you and Ignazio respond to them)

I would not run a city ….. I must be mayor of my life, first of all.

Thank you very much for this nomination, I am truly honored and I hope I will never disown this nomination, because it is really nice to be ambassadors of your city and I hope to always bring prestige to this city.

Man = You have the keys to the city.

(follows a hug, and then several short questions)

Ignazio 06

IGNAZIO = I think that in Marsala we have many beauties, there is the Stagnone (a reserve with natural landscapes, there are also salt pans), but I think that first of all the inhabitants of Marsala have to take care of it, because if all the inhabitants of Marsala will take care of all the things we have here it will increase tourism, it will increase the number of people who will come only for a weekend. So I think we are an important part of a new economic and tourist recovery in Marsala.

Touring a lot, you realize many things, when you go to Vancouver in Canada, you realize that there is not a cigarette on the ground, if we had the same efficiency of other countries…….. when I arrive in Marsala I wonder, “but you imagine, if everyone had respect for the city. “

Interviewer = I spoke with Mr. Tony Renis, he complained that none of the boys contacted him to announce the victory of Sanremo.

IGNAZIO = Obviously there is controversy. Like any relationship, over time …. when the glass breaks, it breaks. Critical aside, I do not want to think about it, we won Sanremo and it’s a nice emotion, and I want to enjoy it at the limit of everything, so I let it slip away.

Ignazio 07

IGNAZIO = Marsala has a population of warm people, when you come back to Marsala, you never feel alone, there is always the person who makes the joke, that makes you laugh, maybe, if you go to Milan and it’s a little more difficult to find people like that. But as I said before, maybe we should have more respect for our city, because we know that we have a beautiful city and we think only to exploit it but not to preserve it.

(At this point, Ignazio was asked for an opinion on political matters)

It’s something that does not belong to me. I have always said that I do not like giving preferences, however, I have a person here next to me that is very valid. I say only this, and in friendship I can say that I hope that all of Marsala will understand what this man can do, politically speaking, I’m for nobody.

Follow the images of the crowd outside the Town Hall, all sing Grande Amore with Ignazio, a woman imparts to him the wrong words and Ignazio scolds her and everyone laughs.

Ignazio 08

Ignazio 09



I believe that night all the citizens of Marsala felt proud of Ignazio. They filled the municipal hall and also the whole square in front of it.

How fun to hear the whole square that sang the verses of Grande Amore, which only a few days before had won Sanremo.

But the thing that struck me the most were the answers of Ignazio, clear and mature answers, of a serious, honest boy who does not want to obscure the success of other people.

This is simply Ignazio, one of the three jewels of IL VOLO.


Credit to owners of all photos and video.

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  1. Daniela, I was so surprised to see this post because, for some reason, I was under the impression from past posts, that the City of Marsala had never recognized or honored Ignazio in any manner for his achievements.
    Does my heart good to see this. He is to me the more remarkable of the three, because of his personal history, some sad and a lot triumphant, and his overall mixture of humble, genuine and sincere nature, stage presence and incredible talent as a singer. He’s a very good and animated speaker as well. Actually, I think I like to hear him sing Grande Amore solo rather than with the trio. Enjoyed this very much. Thanks!

    1. Mark, Ignazio is also much appreciated in Marsala, but maybe he gave you the impression that it was not, because Gianluca and Piero, come from Montepagano that perhaps has 5000 inhabitants and from Naro that has 7650 inhabitants, are two small villages where practically the inhabitants all know each other. Marsala is a much larger city with 83000 inhabitants. You understand that the relationship is very different, in Montepagano and Naro, everyone almost personally knows Gianluca and Piero. In addition, Montepagano and Naro are two hill towns, therefore quite isolated, Marsala is an extended city of the sea. Interpersonal relationships between inhabitants of small, rather isolated countries are easier.
      Apart from this long explanation, I’m glad you enjoyed the interview.

      1. Thanks for that explanation, Daniela. I knew that Montepagano was a small place, but I didn’t realize that Naro was so small also.
        Look what we learn on this site! Italian language, the occasional recipe, and geography!

  2. Daniela, this was such a happy post and we love Ignazio’s personality. He has done so much with his life with a life story he can be proud of. We as well are all proud of him. His kindness and humility always shines through and he is a credit to any city that honors him. It appears that this young man holds himself to very high standards when he is on the stage and out in public. We love every bitt of news and this was especially fun to read.

    1. Thanks Victoria, I have to tell you that I had only seen the short hints of this interview and instead found this video where the interview is in full, I really appreciated the answers of Ignazio, I found his answers very mature, and I really like that he wanted to share his joy with that young boxer too.
      These guys give us many life lessons.
       They are UNIQUE.

  3. Daniela, what a wonderful tribute to Ignazio. He is so deserving of every accolade they shower upon him. Thank you for the translation. I always love hearing them speak in Italian and just wonder what all they have said. And you faithfully come to our rescue and translate for us!! Grazie!

    1. Jane, I’m really happy to have been a little help.
      Understanding the words of these guys is to know them better and appreciate them even more if possible.

  4. Dear Daniela,I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have always had a special feeling for Ignazio. There was just something about him that was different from the other boys. He seems so outgoing but I believe there is a shy and private part of him that he hides very well. This was a great honor given to him. After I read their book and learned of what he and his family went through when he was a child made me understand and appreciate him a little more. Gianluca and Piero had more idyllic childhoods, Ignazio, his parents and sister struggled through the illness of his mother. All 3 are very mature for their ages, and all 3 have a grande amore for their towns. They make great ambassadors to the world.

    1. RoseMarie, you know well that Ignazio has a special place for me too and every time I learn about him or his family, I understand his attitudes. He is a very sweet boy, sensitive and very unselfish. Simply adorable.
      A boy who had to mature very quickly, but that remained a great Teddy Bear

  5. Hi Daniela,Thank you so much for sending this  Share The Love article.  What should I click on to see the video and hear the music?  I live in the USA .Thanks again,Joanne

    1. Hi Joanne, just click on the first image below the title (second image of the whole post), it’s a video of the entire interview, if you do not hear the audio, on the left of the image, at the bottom, you’ll see that there is the symbol of the microphone with a \ (audio suppressed), you just have to click on that image and you will hear everything.
      Have fun listening !!

  6. This is absolutey beautiful he has done his country and his town proud.

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    pitterpat0 posted: “Today is Ignazio’s turn. I found this video, shot immediately after the Sanremo victory. The entire city council and the whole city of Marsala gave a beautiful recognition to a very happy Ignazio and he does not lose his sense of humor. https://www.youtub [1]”

  7. Daniela thank you so much for the translation of the acceptance of Ignazio to the the city of Marsala. How proud he is. I am so glad to see he was accepted in Marsala. I know the boys are magnificent singers & honest & caring young men but Ignazio has always had a special spot in my heart. I will never forget his coming off the stage & asking me if I got home safely the day before after I had seen them perform the day before in Toronto & spoke to them at the meet & greet His sense of humour & caring shines through everythng he says & does & I love him with all my heart. What I am sad about is how the States & Canada are changing rules about entering either country. If i could afford it I would go to Italy to see the Il Volo boys perform. So instead I will try & find as many performancs of the Il Volo boys as I can find on the internet.

      1. That’s all you still need! Once we left a bag containing our passports at my son’s house in Philadelphia. We realized we didn’t have them halfway home. We called border control from the car –we really didn’t want to have to go back if we didn’t have to–and they said just show us your driver’s licenses when you get to the border. Which we did–the agent at the border in Niagara Falls chuckled and said “you thought we wouldn’t let you come home?!” They let us in and some friends of ours brought home our passports a few weeks later.
        I keep telling Loretta nothing has changed but I guess she doesn’t quite believe me…

    1. Loretta, I’m glad you liked the translation, it’s certainly nice to see the recognition to Ignazio of the citizens of Marsala.
      For the rest, RoseMarie and Penina have already answered, thanks to them.

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