On November 13th the world of music lost a great Latin interpreter, LUCHO GATICA.

Very great performer of some of the songs that IL VOLO, in their concerts, sings with great affection and interpretation. 

In this way , IL VOLO helped the people to remember this  fantastic songs like:



In 2013 IL VOLO participated in a duet album with Lucho Gatica, recording, with him, EL RELOJ that I now propose for listening.

The guys then worked a lot with the grandson of Lucho Gatica, Umberto Gatica, well-known music producer.

Lucho Gatica 02

But let’s listen to these two beautiful songs, played by our boys.

You can sing it too, it’s like karaoke: El Reloj

But how nice to hear it from our little  guys … how many memories. 

Historia de un amor , Arena Ciudad de Mexico 08 July 2016

Lucho Gatica, your beautiful songs and your sweetness, will always be remembered in the concerts of IL VOLO.


Lucho Gatica Duets

Credit to owners of all videos and photos.



8 thoughts on “LUCHO GATICA and IL VOLO by Daniela”

  1. listening for the very first time to El Reloj finally caused me to cry – 9 months after my husband died. = Hadn’t been able to cry at all.

  2. Thank you Daniela for the videos and may Lucho Gatica rest in peace. El Reloj has always been one of my favorite songs.

  3. I did not know the songs “El Reloj” and “Historia de un amor” but since the first time I heard them sung by the boys, they made me passionate.
    Are beautiful songs with very sweet and meaningful lyrics and a truly unique rhythm.
    Certain songs when they find their right interpreters, do not escape the pleasure of the people, Lucho Gatica was their worthy performer, but I can say that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, they are equally, moreover, thanks to their young age, they continue to repropose, even to a young audience, the musical beauty of these songs.

    Thanks to all of you who have enjoyed this little tribute to Lucho Gatica.
    Rest in peace Lucho!

  4. Daniela this is a wonderful artical again. I feel whatever song the Il Volo boys decide to sing the song becomes theirs. Their voices are pure heaven to hear & magnificent to watch.

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