Everyone surely knows that in boys last week they were in Zagreb (Croatia),  and in Slovenia to promote their next concerts.

They did a lot of interviews and lots of beautiful photos that you have seen published on the countless Facebook pages.

I also propose some good photos and a couple of interviews and some details that maybe ….. I hope you have missed!

Stupendous photos in a park in Zagreb, but how beautiful are our guys?

Promo 01Promo 02Promo 03Promo 04Promo 05Promo 06Promo 07Promo 08Promo 09Promo 10Promo 11

Promo 12   Promo 13

…. and tell me about these wonderful photos where the boys have conversed with a couple who walked in the park? Simply delicious, it could not be that way, we know their kindness!

Promo 14Promo 15Promo 16Promo 17

Interviews for Croatia TV ….


And then they flew to Budapest (Hungary).

Promo 18

During their visit to Hungary, they were also in a car dealership, PAPPAS AUTO, where they were involved in a test drive on a new Mercedes car, so they got in the car launched at high speed.

Promo 19Promo 20Promo 21Promo 22

G = We are here in a circuit near Budapest, I show you, there is Ignazio, and Piero on the other side. We will have to drive but it is not a race, so I promise you that I will go slowly.

= Guys, today is a special day, because we will do this interview by car but in a rather strange circuit.

(In this video we see the guys who are signing a letter …… and on the video there is the inscription “we sign the will before the race” … ha ha ha)

Promo 24

P = Guys, we are ready for the driving test, you know that I love you so much, I love you so much, (he sends a kiss), goodbye!

… but what do you answer Ignazio, are you crazy?


They have fulfilled the dream of a Hungarian fan, to meet her idols.

What a magnificent picture!

Promo 23

And they made this interview for Slovenian television….

These were really intense days, full of appointments.

As usual, our boys did not escape these dutiful appointments, but they faced them, always with sympathy and good humor.


But fatigue definitely made itself felt and we understand this message posted by Gianluca.

Promo 25

“After 2 intense days, passing through Zagreb, Frankfurt, Budapest, I am finally at home, even if for a short time.

And there’s nothing more beautiful.

Good night.”


Again, you did a great job guys.

Rest well deserved, but for a while, soon the concerts begin.

Always stay that way!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

25 thoughts on “IL VOLO IN PROMOTION by Daniela”

  1. I don’t often comment but please know that I always read your wonderful update articles. If not for this site the fans in the USA would hear very little about “our” guys. We appreciate all of your efforts to keep us updated. Now, if you can only let us know of a U.S. tour. Or a new CD.

    1. Thanks Marlene, I am always very pleased to know that someone has read and is interested in what has been written. Thank you for your attention, as soon as there will be news on the concerts I will send them immediately.

  2. Dear Marlene, the guys are all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and who know what else. Anything you want to know about their public and sometimes their private lives is posted everyday by many groups.
    Daniela, thank you again for your wonderful input on this blog❤️

    1. Hello, mate of sleepless nights.
      In fact, this time too I did not want to publish this news, because all the fan pages are invaded, but then I thought that someone could not understand their little speeches that I translated.
      Thanks always for your compliments.

  3. Dear Daniela thanks for keeping us informed and doing all your ltransalations It means so muich to know what they are saying and I love the picture of Piero on the park bench with the older couple they probably reminded him of his own grandparents. and we know how he loves his grandpaents.

    1. Yes, Luckylady, I also love that picture, demonstrates all the great communication skills of our kids who love to talk with people of all ages, I would say admirable.
      I’m glad you liked the translations, thank you.

  4. Hi Daniela, what does Piero mean when he says in interview, that they were used to singing “covers” before Grande Amore was proposed. To me it sounds like he says the word covers. Just curious what the word means in this context of the interview or is it a musical term they use? Thanks

    1. Hi Mark
      A cover is a term used for a song that has been sung before by other artists–not a song expressly written for them. And that’s what they usually sing–songs that have been around for a while that have been sung by one or more different vocalists. Grande Amore was the first song that was written for them, and therefore their first original song.

      1. Thanks so much-thought maybe my hearing was playing tricks on me, also, I sometimes have difficulty understanding Piero when he speaks English. I’d never heard the word used with this meaning, but am glad to have this understanding. Mark

      2. I first learned this word when they were in the San Remo contest and talked about singing the “cover” Ancora.

    2. Mark, it’s exactly as Penina explained to you, and I thank her for the clear and exhaustive explanation.
      The covers are always beautiful songs, but they are just repetitions of already existing songs, instead Grande Amore was an “unpublished”.
      Here in Italy, IL VOLO has been criticized enough, because it has been labeled “cover singers”.
      For this reason, the boys, they insist a lot that they are preparing a disc of unpublished for 2019. There will always be other songs, but now they have to think about their repertoire.

  5. Daniela you are priceless so dedicated to making sure you translate & always making sure we have all information possible about our sweethearts. I can thank you repeatedly but I don’t feel it is enough. You give to us how can I personally give to you besides putting you in my prayers

    1. Dear Loretta, you’re so sweet and I think the best thanks you can do is to read and appreciate what I write for all of you.

  6. Hi Daniela,
    I want to add my appreciation for your devotion to translating for us. You have kept us in the loop with the guys and their many travels. Thank you so very much for helping all of us who speak only English.

    1. Hi Sandy, I am happy to have been helpful. There is already another long interview that I have translated and which I believe will be published between today and tomorrow, I will wait to know if you liked it. A hug.

  7. Hi Daniela
    Thank you so much for the translations and the videos of the guys. I am concerned that Piero is getting too much facial hair, we don’t want it hiding that beautiful face of his🙂 I was surprised to hear of one of the concerts so close to Christmas.
    You would think they would want to be close to home during that time.

    1. Hi Jill, I fully agree with you that Piero, but also Ignazio, is growing a beard too much and they cover too much their beautiful face, which we want to see in all their beauty.
      Do not worry, surely the boys will be home for the Christmas holidays, from Zagreb to Rome there are 1 hour flights, or a little more.

  8. I too wish to thank you Daniela for all the interesting articles, photos and videos and keeping us up to date on the activities and travels of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. I really appreciate your taking the time to translate as much as you do! It’s always great to know what they are discussing.

    1. Thanks Margaret, it’s a pleasure to translate for you, so that you can understand what the guys say, which is often fun because they have a great sense of humor !!

  9. Peninahonig and Daniela, I think I am older than some of you here, but “covers” have been around for a long time. Bobby Rydell, Dean Martin had hits with Domenico Modugno’s Volare for example. Many white artists “covered” songs done originally by black artist too.

    1. I completely agree with you RoseMarie, moreover I do not understand why a singer is belittled if she interprets covers, usually the covers are of beautiful songs, reproposed in a more modern form.
      Almost all Italian singers play covers, but if they do IL VOLO, the press criticizes them.
      I want to clarify that the song “E PIU’ TI PENSO” was written specifically for IL VOLO by Tony Renis and now has been interpreted by Bocelli and Ariana Grande, but no one has protested, or pointed out that Bocelli was doing a “cover” of song of IL VOLO.

  10. Daniela, you add so much to our pleasure of trying to keep
    up with IL VOLO travels, interviews and beautiful singing.
    I don’t know what I would do without your wonderful
    interpretations from Italian to English. Your sharing is
    so precious to me.

      1. My dearest friend daniela, I last wrote you when I was coming back to Italy when I had a stroke. may I ask if the “boys” will be coming to the states any time soon? I know that I can’t fly to Europe again and I do so want to see those wonderful Italian boys again. Thank you, Carol Ann

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