How many of us when they were young, loved cartoons?

But maybe even as adults, cartoons remain in our hearts.

Every episode of any cartoon, has always been announced by beautiful songs, when just heard, have all the children running to the TV to see their beloved characters.

Three Musketeers 01

In Italy, almost all the songs of cartoons for a long time had a queen undisputed, her name is Cristina D’Avena.

Cristina, is a good singer who was noticed in a singing contest for small children and was only 4 years old. Her sweet voice, with the passage of time, has interpreted the most beautiful songs of cartoons.

But why do I tell you all this?

Because Cristina has decided to record a record of many beautiful songs that she sang, but in a duet with other singers, among them also IL VOLO.

The title of the CD will be DUETS FOREVER.

The CD will go on sale on November 23rd.

Three Musketeers 02

But here’s what Cristina thinks of our boys.

Cristina says it was wonderful to sing with IL VOLO. She say that they were very good, very nice, we had fun together and as soon as you hear the song, you will be thrilled because they have been very, very good.


Here are the guys in the recording room to perform the song.

G = Hello everyone, today we are not IL VOLO, but we are the three musketeers of Cristina D’Avena.

P = It was a great experience, let’s say a dive into the past.

I = Cristina is a wonderful person, really, for us it was like going back to our childhood and our growth.

P = We can say that we never thought of recording an acronym of cartoons.

G = Everything can happen, and then with Cristina. It was really an honor to participate in this beautiful project, and we thank Cristina.

P = Thanks Cristina

G = A kiss on the fly (Un bacio al VOLO)

It’s a way of saying, it means “a quick kiss”, but it is a play on the double use of the word FLIGHT. Often the boys are teased with phrases like “what kind of flight do you take”, that is, what kind of air flight do you take, but because they themselves are THE FLIGHT ….. here is the double meaning of the word. Often the boys greet with “a kiss on the fly” i.e.  a quick kiss = on the fly and they are THE FLIGHT.

Three Musketeers 03

In the picture we can recognize: Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca …. ha ha ha !!

It will be a lot of fun to hear the boys sing this song.

When my son Marco was a child, it was one of his favorite cartoons and this song I remember very well, it is certainly suitable for our guys.

But then, who better than PIERO, IGNAZIO and GIANLUCA can be compared to the THREE MUSKETEERS?

Three Musketeers 04

Are you curious to hear this song?


P.S. : We waited to publish this post because today, November 23, this song could be heard on you tube. So now we attach it … remember it is a song for children. Good listening.!

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

17 thoughts on “THE THREE MUSKETEERS by Daniela”

  1. Beautiful singing and catchy toon. IL VOLO is so versatile.
    You can hear the joy and enthusiasm in their delivery of this
    song. It’s nice to have a reminder of your youth and they
    sound like they really enjoyed this work.

  2. Gale, surely they had fun, they admitted that remembered them when they were children.
    Their voices are very recognizable and they blend well with Cristina.

  3. This doesnt show because of the way its formatted, so I have no idea what it was about.

    Sincerely CarolW.

    Sent from my iPad

    1. Hi Duhh Kitty, I answer you from Italy and use the translator, but I can not understand your comment. Do you mean that you do not see the final video? In reality it is not a video but only a soundtrack. Can you hear it?
      Otherwise, try to explain better what you mean and I will try to help you.
      A hug from Italy.

  4. hi Daniela, this is fun! Grazie. (but alas! am unable to open the youtube video of the song!…
    Un bacio al VOLO a te

  5. Wonderful hearing Il Volo’s voices of course they can sing any song & I will be happy. Daniela any songs you want to send our way I will be extatic. Do you know if there is any new CD or any other song they have recorded? The stores in my area dont have any new Il Volo recodings

    1. I agree with you Loretta, they can sing any song.
      For now, no news on new CDs, as soon as there will be news I will tell you,

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