ARLESIANA by Daniela

Immediately after having participated in Florence at the event for IL MONDO CAMERETTE, our boys were invited to dinner at a very refined and particular restaurant.

You will have seen from the interior that it is a deconsecrated church. Really unique.



A nice dinner with friends.

A happy company, which after dinner intones some songs.

The boys sing together with Alberto Di Chiara, an Italian soccer coach, already known football player.

But then Piero amazes everyone by singing this song, the acoustics of the environment were perfect.

It is the beautiful air “IL LAMENTO DI FEDERICO” taken from L’ARLESIANA.

IT IS THE USUAL STORY OF THE SHEPHERD, also known as LAMENTO DI FEDERICO, is an aria from the second act of the opera L’arlesiana (1897) by Francesco Cilea. It is sung by Federico (tenor), who is hopelessly in love with a girl from Arles, called l’Arlesiana, who, on the contrary of appearances, has proved to be an unworthy woman, already engaged with Metifio. Only on the stage, Federico reads the letters that the Arlesiana sent to Metifio, the proof of his betrayal, with a broken heart.

This beautiful air has been interpreted by many famous tenors such as Beniamino Gigli and Pavarotti.

Listen to our good Piero.

Piero, I must say that your studies of classical opera are seen and heard.

Very well, Piero, continues like this, your dream of singing a whole opera, slowly is coming true.

In the upcoming concerts, you will certainly make this air feel complete.

We wait impatiently, thank you and good study!


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29 thoughts on “ARLESIANA by Daniela”

  1. oh, Daniela, Grazie. Long time no connect. so heartwarming to connect again. see the guys, our guys, having wholesome fun, again….as they do…. brings me right smack at home…..

  2. Thank you, Daniela. Our Piero is on his way to becoming a great opera singer! I can feel it in my heart. – Allene

    1. Allene, Piero must be admired for his efforts. Listening to the songs of a few years ago and now, we hear a noticeable difference due to constant study. We must all be very proud of him.

  3. Daniela. When I first saw this video I thought, my god, Piero, we need to hear more of this music from you. His voice is amazing, and I love that Igna is conducting. Their recordings of course are fabulous but it is wonderful to hear something new. I hope Piero never gets loses his focus.

      1. Yes, RoseMarie, I too am amazed that evening at the first listen, I think Piero gave us a rare pearl.
        I hope that his dedication to classical opera can not have arrests and may have the satisfaction of the results.

  4. Thank you so much Daniela. Listening to Piero sent shivers down my spine, his voice is so strong and surely he will achieve his wish and become a great opera singer!! Tremendous !!

  5. Your know I listened to a video from the opera of that aria and I think Piero sounded superior to the professional opera singer in the clip!

    1. Yes, Connie, I admit that I am not a lyrical connoisseur, but also to my hearing (and I try to be objective) certain arias I prefer them from Piero’s voice.
      This also happens with the song CARUSO, many singers have performed it, but as IL VOLO does it, there are no comparisons.

    1. You’re right, Gina, Piero has become handsome and very good at lyric singing. His constancy in obtaining the results is admirable.

  6. What amazes me is the amount of sound and volume that comes out of that little guy! I personally like his tone and enunciation.

    1. Mark, you know yesterday IL VOLO sang in Milan Cathedral, a journalist posted their video, a girl asked him if he liked them and he replied
      “Yes, but they make an impression, because they have such important voices that you think they can come out only from men of the mass of Pavarotti ”
      I also really like the tone of Piero

    2. Piero may be little in stature but he is totally “grande” in all the things that matter! He is a lovely person with a big heart.

      On another topic completely, it is time to break out the Buon Natale album and listen to our guys singing something different for a change!

      1. Penina, I agree with you regarding Piero.
        Did you see that today the entire Latin CD of IL VOLO was published? It is called Amade.

      2. I did! Strange that it should be released in Japan first. Sorry I am late answering this–my husband is in hospital and I have had a few very busy days.

      3. Penina, I’m sorry, I hope everything will soon be solved.
        This new CD will not be released in Italy.

  7. Penina, I put my Buon Natalie cd in my auto
    cd player to make the trip to my son’s for
    Thanksgiving day. Oh, how enjoyable that
    trip was. Their Christmas music is just
    wonderful and so easy on the ears. It just
    makes the season brighter.

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