New Latin Cd

Well folks, most of us got a surprise in the last 12 hours or so!

Apparently, things are finally starting to heat up with the recent release of their new Latin CD.   However, it looks like only in Japan.  But, it appears it’s all over already on itunes, spotify and others.

Check it out on your instagram and Facebook sites.

Thanks to Daniela for the info this morning!

What a hot cover to warm us on this frosty morning in the midwest!! 🙂

Can the US tour announcement be far away??


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  1. Amame. Listened to all the songs and though i think this new CD will certainly appeal to the Latin audience i am not so sure that the American ,or other non Latin countries will find it so appealing. Personally i think the Guys beautiful voices are lost and the true richness of their voices does not come through.This is my personal opinion and i am sure many will disagree. Thank you Daniela for bringing this to our attention as nothing seems to have been said about this release.Any idea when it will be released over here USA and S America ?

    1. Marion, unfortunately also here in Italy this CD is not available, and it is certainly very different from their style, but I must say that I like it, of course I have to evaluate it as a Latin record.

  2. Daniela, I will be very interested to read from other Il Volovers their opinion on the new CD ,certainly so very different from their previous choices on their other CDs .

      1. Its on (it is for Italy) It’s all in Italian but believe me you can figure it out! On one of these blog posts there is a link directly to the CD on The price is in Euros.You sign in with your regular Amazon ID and password.

  3. I am inclined to agree with you Barbara.I think from what I have read I believe Piero was a little worried about the way this would be received.Not up to their usual style.

  4. I just want to know when it will be released in the States. As for whether I will like it or not, I am going to keep an open mind. All artists need to try new things and this CD might just be the experiment. Afterall, they can not continue to sing old Italian songs forever and still hope to keep a audience closer to their own age!

  5. I wanted to give you some news.
    First of all the CD, today is # 1 on Amazon in the Best sellers Latin pop section, # 4 on the Pop section, # 1 on Amazon in Japan, # 1 on ITunes Argentina 😍.

    I would not say bad.
    I agree with you that it does not enhance the beautiful voices of the boys and the high tones that we are used to hearing.
    We must think of it as a Latin CD, therefore with a precise rhythm.
    A friend of mine of Spanish language, said that there are no vulgar words, and this personally makes me very happy, so they kept a clean image.
    Certainly the rhythms we are accustomed to are quite different, but IL VOLO will never abandon its beautiful style, it is just a parenthesis, in short they are always PIERO IGNAZIO and GIANLUCA, who only wanted to demonstrate their versatility.

    Marion , you ask me the opinions of the fans …… my friends liked it, the Italians are angry because it is not available here in Italy, they feel a little betrayed, but the CD like (even if they say does not enhance the voices of the boys ).
    I read a comment abroad, I think it is from Latin America and says it is the best time because summer is coming, so good a pace like that.
    The most disappointed seem to be some Latin fans, and to think that this CD was made for them, they are disappointed because they liked the IL VOLO just because he had a different style from the usual music. They can not understand that it’s just a project, they seem like a definitive turning point, it’s not like that.

    Connie, I really appreciate your thinking, that’s exactly what I think.

  6. I don’t feel that I can make much comment, as I have not heard the CD yet, but, only to say, that if anyone on Team IL Volo is monitoring the commentary on IL Volo Facebook, the boys must be pretty discouraged and won’t sleep easy tonight. This is just what I was afraid of since they announced this project.

    1. Marco, maybe you’re not used to these comments, but I unfortunately yes. I do not consider these people true fans and sometimes I think this are targeted operations to belittle our guys.
      I have to tell you that lately (not just for IL VOLO) I realize that those who write comments, do it only to denigrate, infact I always said that I really like FLIGHT CREW because there are all sincere and positive people.
      To several comments on the official page, my friends and I have answered, but it seems that these people do not understand.
      Maybe if the official page was kept much more updated on what IL VOLO does, there would not be so many misunderstandings.

  7. Daniela, I perhaps was too hasty putting any belief in what people say on the face books. Other people like me, relatively new to following face books, could easily not understand that people write mean things just for the sake of doing it or out of IL Volo envy-thanks for driving this point home with me. I honestly didn’t take that into account. I should have waited a while longer. I do believe this Latin CD was not really the boys idea in the beginning-just a suspicion on my part. Others saw $$$ signs over here on this side of the planet. I love all the beautiful work the guys have put forth so far-will do less face book listening and have more faith. I would hate to think this latest CD would, in any way, derail their wonderful career. Thanks

    1. They are too good to be “derailed” if one CD is not as popular with everyone as all the others. You can’t please everyone all the time. Many people, like me, love it. It’s different from their “usual” stuff but they are good enough to experiment.

  8. I do not know about others but thru my long life I have listened and loved different artists and their music. We change and we can not expect Il Volo to just sing the same songs that the older generations seems to like. I am sure if they come to the US they would not arrange a tour with these songs but would sing them in Miami. We need to let the boys have a chance to explore and definitely make money. Concert tours are very expensive and they need to make many ages and areas of the world happy. So lets support them in all of their endeavors.
    A little “unconditional love” would be great. At 83 I liked one song I listened to. Made me smile and tap my foot.
    Daniela I am happy you liked it too. Keep us posted. I saw some of the bad comments and then just passed them. These comments are from people that want to have things their way. I can understand a person that prefers classical music not to be excited but not make comments to hurt the boys.

    1. Gina, it’s really a pleasure to read your comment.
      You have understood very well the intentions of our boys and you have the certainty that they will never abandon their style, like me, I have the certainty that you will support them in their various experiences, which may please, or not, but are not a definitive turning point.
      People who make negative comments for the sake of hurting these guys, I can not stand them.

      Tomorrow, every now and then, check your e-mail!

  9. I have listened to most of the songs I the new album. They are available in YouTube. I don’t like most of the songs. I believe every body has a right to his own opinion. They are a great trio but the new songs don’t showcase their talents.., don’t know who thought of this,project. Vet disappointed.
    P.s I just discovered them this summer watching PBS while on vacation. I’m a teacher and so very busy.

    1. Sonia, you know them recently and I’m very glad you liked them.
      Surely you like lyrical pop, the style with which they have been so successful.
      Do not worry, because their style will NEVER be abandoned.
      This was just their parenthesis, a tribute to Latin music, even if Latin music is not just that. IL VOLO has often been pointed out to use a style that young people do not like so much, this CD was a way to get closer to the younger guys, who would not otherwise listen to them. If this can be the way to approach younger people, very well, also because then they will realize that IL VOLO is much more than this CD.
      These days, IL VOLO is finishing the recording of the CD for their ten years, and certainly will not be on this style of Latin music. These guys can do any kind and can please more generations, even the younger ones, given their age, but never expire in vulgar and rudeness.

    2. Sonia, if you want to hear and see them at their finest, in my opinion, purchase the Notte Magica DVD-it’s near perfection. I too have been, at times, worried that they would lose their essence, but realize that, as Daniela says, will never happen. They are continuing with their traditional menu in Eastern Europe tour and later in the year a tour in Japan. I’m thinking the Latin rhythm tunes won’t be a part of those two tours. We hard core fans, of which I am now one, are too afraid of losing their tremendous talent to commercialization.

      1. Hi Mark, I agree with you strongly that the Latin cd is not IL Volo’s forte . I don’t how you can follow up Notte Magic one of the greatest cd of all. The dedicated Fans of the IL Volo will love them whatever they sing, their great voice pulls you in every time. My choice would have been, IL Volo sings “Broadway and the Movies” . Song like “ The Impossible Dream” “The Music of the Night” . “And Affair to Remember” including Ignazio’s “Once Upon a Time in America” his song of “Tonight” and the group rendition of “Marie” is really special. Movies & Broadway are international. Danliela and Mark maybe this will happen next time around.

      2. Mark, I do not think so, that the Latin CD tracks will be part of their tour, but if a song or two were there, I would not be disappointed. I’ll explain.
        When IL VOLO started the American tour after the victory of Sanremo, they had not included the songs of the CD GRANDE AMORE thinking that they were not suitable, with the result that several fans were unhappy. Often when IL VOLO does concerts here in Italy, it does not perform “Mas che amor” or other songs that you perform in America, and we are sorry not to hear them. All this to tell you that personally, in one of their concerts, I would like to hear a little of all their vast repertoire.

      3. It seems to me that they change the playlist according to where they are performing. They add songs they think the audience wants to hear, and therefore have to remove some so the playlist is not too long. I don’t know whose idea this is–but whoever it is does not realize that the fans like ALL the songs–they don’t have to sing the Toutes Les Visages De L’amour every time they come to Canada for instance. They don’t have to sing Spanish songs only when they go to Miami. Maybe they do it to keep the concerts from getting stale when they are on tour. But when they do that, they remove other songs that fans in those cities want to hear.

      4. Vincent, I would love to hear the guys in a collage of Broadway music and I think that with their versatility they would have no problem coping with a whole musical.
        Meanwhile Vincent have already seen this video, they were really small and are directed by Ennio Morricone, the author of “Once upon a time in America”.
        The song they sing is “E più ti penso”, this music is by Morricone and the words were written by Tony Renis for IL VOLO.

      5. In fact, Penina, there are beautiful songs that here in Italy, in concert, never perform. They try to please everyone, but they’re all beautiful songs and we’re sorry when we do not hear them.

    1. I am sure they will go on and sing the Italian songs in different concerts.
      They are trying new ideas and some will flop and some will succeed..
      This is just one small CD in their young lives.

      1. Gina, today they sang for Japanese TV, and they certainly did not sing these Latin songs.
        In a week they will be on tour in Eastern Europe and will bring Magic Night.
        The beautiful songs of the Italian BEL CANTO and the beautiful songs of the American crooners will ALWAYS be in their repertoire.

  10. I feel we all try different things in our lives and they are no different. I just listened to the album on Youtube and liked some and and did not care for a few others. I am from Texas and you hear this type of music on the radio and at events. If you had a chance to listen to the shows they where on in Miami you would hear this kind of sound. Maybe you can find out about IL VOLO having their own recording label?
    Life is full of surprises good and bad and I feel us the fans need to let
    the boys experiment and find which way they will go.

  11. I have listened to the short excerpts of all the songs. I found most of them to be loud and noisy. But it is hard to tell from a mere 24 seconds of a 3 and a half minute song. I too will keep an open mind. But I would have much preferred having two or three of these songs sprinkled among other Italian songs rather than having an entire album of them all at once.

    1. Very well Penina, keep an open mind and also your ears, because IL VOLO is preparing the CD of the tenth anniversary and it will be beautiful.

      1. I have now listened to the complete CD and I have to say there was only one song on it that I actively disliked. The rest of them I can get used to! As for the 10 anniversary disc, do you know if it will be new ITALIAN songs? Or will it be their favorites from the past 10 years?

  12. Earlier today I saw on Facebook Il volo saying ,” Friends we offer you our new album. We wanted to show you another side of us.” I believe this album is just that, another facet of this multi talented, diverse group. I am sure , like Daniela, that they will continue to sing the pop opera they are famous for, but it seems they needed an change and a chance to explore other sides of their talent. I personally like it more every time I listen to it. I can hear, on most songs, their distinct voices and harmonies. Some other fans have said that they could enjoy Il Volo even singing the alphabet, and I think that is true. Talent is talent. I support them whole heartedly in their new effort. It may not be my favorite of their albums, but they do it well. I am eager to find out when/if they finally do a North America tour if they will mix both styles or just how they will present themselves. Well done guys, and hope to see you very soon in a city near me!!

    1. Thanks Janet, you really understood my thought perfectly.
      IL VOLO has many facets, and they are still showing them, but like a precious diamond it turns and shows its various sides, so they do. I think this is a quality that puts them on the highest steps of any other singer.
      Of the new CD, I really like HASTA DONDE.

  13. I am very anxious to purchase the album here in America…it’s my Christmas present to myself! I love the guys, and I will support them to the end of time! I very much extend to them my love and and congratulations for bringing to us such a beautiful side of their talents, which is already beautiful!! Gracie!!!

    1. Thanks Eleanor for your support for IL VOLO.
      Here in Italy you can not buy the CD, you can not even hear it, but I hope things get better soon, Christmas is coming!

  14. Thank you for all of your positive input Daniela. I happen to really like the Latin CD and the more I listen to it to more I like it !! I love our guys and will support them 100% now and forever !! They are young and wanted to spread their wings and try another genre which they are very excited about. Right now I am going to have fun taping my feet and clapping my hands to their Latin beat !! I am positive they will be returning to the genre we are use to and have loved all these years but in the meantime let’s just enjoy “Il Volo Amame” and their youthful enthusiasm !! 💕💕

    1. Thanks to you Joaniefl2 !!
      We will have fun together on this Latin rhythm, waiting for their new CD

  15. I haven’t heard their latest CD. I can say this though
    if IL VOLO sings it, I LIKE IT. Their talent shines
    through all kinds of music. They are wonderful
    singers and personalities and I love them.

  16. Hola! Well, a lot of great comments and opinions here. This post got as lively as their new cd! I had a chance to listen to a few of the songs. One I clearly did not like, however the others seemed ok. I liked that igna had the lead intro on a few.

    Just like anything, we just have to get used to it.

    Daniela, thanks for keeping the comments going! 🙂

    Hope they announce the tour soon and before I leave for Florida on December 20!!

  17. At the end of the day, what counts is how many people will buy the new CD and attend their concerts. Yes, artist needs to experiment, but at the same time you have to remember who you are catering your music to . IL Volo became popular and should I say famous, because of their exceptional voices and the songs they sang. Their music have a soul which made them distinct from others. When you as a listener evaluate the new Cd, and you don’t like it, that doe not mean you are not a true fan. We are not sheep who just follow blindly. We have to make our own judgement.
    I have all their songs downloaded on my IPAD and I’ve listened to the new CD. You can hardly hear Piero’s voice in these new songs; and though the songs are not that bad, they’re not something I would listen to again and again. I don’t know the meaning of the words but the song I like is HASTA DONDE. It has a beautiful melody just like the Spanish song Reloj.

    In addition when IL volo started, they claimed they wanted to bring the Bel canto and share their culture. After reading comments on FB ( by the way, I like reading what people think ), I would agree it’s some and disagree with others.
    I wish them the best and success.

  18. Sonia, so well stated, thank you. For the most part, my thoughts as well. I look forward to the best they have to offer, because they are the best in their genre-they reawakened Bel Canto for so many, especially for me.

  19. I have read all the comments here today and I am so taken with all the critiques… I can remember when I first started listening to Il Volo’s music on youtube long before I saw them in concert and before I bought their first CD… I thought, hmmm these young boys sing so beautifully and their voices are amazing, but I don’t understand much Italian and I remember wishing that they would sing in English… The more I looked for their music on Youtube the more I knew I needed to by a CD… By this time I had forgotten that I wished they would sing in English…Soon I loved every song in every language they sing in. Let me repeat that , in every language they sing in … There are a few songs that were not my favorites but I liked them enough to enjoy them…. Now on to this new CD…I figure that because Il Volo’s music of the last ten years has really captured the hearts of us adults, they felt they could try something new… They love that we love their music, but I am sure they felt that when they perform in Latin America their audience is much younger than in the rest of the world that they have toured …. Just maybe this was a gift to the young people around the world especially in Latin America just as Notte Magic was a gift to their adult audience… As Il Volo has express so many times, their audience is from one to 92…

    They try to please all of us, so for those who love the new album, I am with you… It gets me up and I am dancing while I work around the house, I find myself smiling in the car and bobbing my head to the beat… So I feel anything that gets me up and moving and smiling is a good thing… For those of you who do not enjoy this kind of music I totally understand and I am sure so does Il Volo… They are just happy that you are their fans and that you understand they want to please us all…

    1. I agree Jeanette. While this genre is far from my favorite there are songs on this disc that have a really good beat and melody. I have listened to the whole thing repeatedly on Spotify and I am getting used to it! I can’t say I love all the songs, nor have I decided whether or not to actually buy it I understand why they did it and support their decision to do so. I hope they attract a lot of younger fans with this endeavor and that those fans will learn to appreciate the kind of music that Il Volo became famous for–bel canto.

  20. This is the reason why I like to write on this site, because it seems to me that focus here, many people true fans of IL VOLO.
    I completely agree with all of you, maybe it’s not the CD that we were waiting for (they’re finishing it and it will be for the tenth anniversary), but it’s still a good product, not vulgar and youthful so I wish with all my heart to IL VOLO win a LATIN GRAMMY.

  21. Hi Everyone, I just listened to the entire album on Youtube. I like some of the songs and others less so. There are different sub-genres of Latin pop music on the album. There is a mixed reaction in the comments section. Some like it, but other fans are really disappointed about how commercial and “typical” it is. They recognize that our guys have unique and unusual vocal talents with many people saying these genres do not display their talents.

    The genre is not an issue for me. They should try different things. Where I am most disappointed is in the production choices. Most of the instrumentals are drowning out their beautiful voices. Their voices are the instrument and should be in the foreground. If you listen to the song with Gloria Estefan, you can tell the difference – the vocals are “upfront”. The second thing I noticed is that there is too many instruments competing with them. One person commented that “Amame” would have been perfect with just piano and violins and it got a lot of likes. I certainly agree. And finally, a couple of these songs sounded as if they used auto-tune. Il Volo is the last group that I would ever expect to need auto-tune since they sing on key. I just hope that whoever produces their next albums really understand that they need to highlight their vocals. Their beautiful human voices convey so much to the listener. It is a disservice to them as performers and to us as listeners to blur it.

    Hope all in the Flight Crew are well.

    1. Eilen and Penina, my opinion is that in this CD the idea was not to enhance the voices of the boys, but to bring them closer to the Latin sounds.
      There are beautiful Latin songs that are more suited to their type of voice, but I believe that they are not part of the sounds to bring the age group of young people closer.
      I believe that the voices of Piero Ignazio and Gianluca will be highlighted in the next CD, which will be completely different and will be released at the end of February.

      1. I totally agree with you, Daniela. This CD is just a project, a tribute, then they will keep on amazing us with their charming songs as ever… although I must say I do love some of the Amame songs.

        I don’t usually write here but I do come here very often and read practically everything for the same reasons as you, Daniela: no hate, only a honest admiration for the boys and their work.

      2. Another album so soon. That would be wonderful! I think appealing to a younger Latin audience is a good thing. But the mixing of tracks could have been done differently. When I listen to the tracks they recorded with Humberto Gatica, I think that he really knew what to do with their vocals and I wish they would work with him again.

  22. Daniela, your last post above is the best explanation yet-puts this particular CD in perspective ( “closer to the Latin sounds of today”). I didn’t realize the next new CD would be published as soon as February.

  23. Penina e Mark, I’m really glad to hear you positive, there’s news on the CD, you’re online, they’ll soon be unveiled.

  24. As a young Latina, I have to say I’m not a big fan of the CD. I would love to hear their strong voices as they were before. This definitely cuts their talent ability to show off their voice. Some songs are just not really powerful for me to feel like I can play on repeat. I’m sadden by this and I hope they can find their calling.

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