Today began December, I woke up, it’s a quiet Saturday, I opened Facebook and what did I see??

Piero, what are you saying?

A live show for Japanese TV, and from the Capitoline Museums or Roman Forums in Rome? WOW WOW

In reality, some other clue had been published by Ercole Ginoble who posted this beautiful picture. 

Japan 01

But it is a wonderful thing, an event that we would not want to lose, but how will we see it?

And here is that directly from Japan. To our rescue comes friend Mami Takada, who publishes live video – here it is:


Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero, beautiful and good, no doubt, and the background of Rome, beautiful !!

Once again the best ambassadors of our Italy are confirmed.

The promotion in Japan continues. In this video, Piero shows a newspaper in Japan where their photo is on the cover, the newspaper must be read on the reverse and inside there is an article on IL VOLO.

But look how beautiful photos have published Piero and Gianluca (Ignazio, as usual, not received)

From Piero:

Japan 02Japan 03

Japan 04

Above is the LUPA CAPITOLINA symbol of Rome.

Japan 05

From Gianluca:

Japan 06Japan 07Japan 08Japan 09

But surely this of Gianluca is the most fun: IL VOLO After Christ!!

Japan 10

But now let’s enjoy a few shots of our beautiful Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

Japan 11Japan 12Japan 13Japan 14Japan 15Japan 16

Perfect, guys, I do not know what to say ….. I LOVE YOU !!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

16 thoughts on “ITALY CALLS JAPAN by Daniela”

  1. Thanks Daniela. The Guys are the best ambassadors for Italy.They are so sincere in their love of their country, I hope they have a tremendous tour and reception in Japan .

  2. Marion, there is no better ambassador of IL VOLO, for Italy, I realize this when I talk to fans who have never come to Italy, they love it, thanks to IL VOLO.

  3. Thank you again Daniela for putting this together for us. And especially to Mami Takada for thinking of the Il Volo fans. Hopefully she will see this on Flight Crew Twitter. The boys were wonderful as usual and I know the Japanese fans are as happy to see them as we are.
    I love Piero’s longer hair, does anyone else?
    Daniela can you please tell me about the statue of the gentleman on horseback? It is magnificent.

  4. Thank you dear Daniela! Loved the photos. Itruly loved the one of the Roman Forum for I have been there and it was a thrilling time for me to be standing at such a place so deep with history! I love Italy dearly and I know I want to be back down at the Forum someday again. I would also LOVE to see our handsome IL VOLO men sing in Italy while I am there ( whenever that is!)
    Ciao Bella!

  5. Hi RoseMarie, I hope you enjoyed Hanukkah well.
    I’ve already noticed that Japanese fans are just as warm with boys and I like that.
    Mami was really very kind.
    I love Piero’s long hair. In my opinion, those of Gianluca are too long and I do not like it when Ignazio cuts his hair so short on the sides, but having removed the excess of beard, is good for all three.

    You ask me about the beautiful equestrian statue and then I give you some notions of history.
    It is the bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius, executed in 176 AD and arrived in our times in very good condition. It is not known where it was located in ancient times, but the current position, in the center of the Campidoglio square, was decided by Michelangelo in 1539, remained there until 1979 when, due to an attack, the base was damaged. After the restoration, the statue was placed inside the Capitoline Museums (where Piero photographed it) and a white resin copy was placed in the square.
    Marcus Aurelius was a Roman emperor, philosopher and writer.

  6. Oh, Daniela, this is “heartwarmingly” (i don’t think that word exists. well, for our guys then.) beautiful. Grazie. BACI. (will connect with you soon.)

    1. Thanks to you Sheila, the guys are notoriously good, and the scenery ….. Rome is always Rome !!

  7. Hi Daniela do you have any idea how I can contact the ill volo to find out why they dont seem to want to come back to Canada. They were here about 8 years ago I would be on clouud 9 if they would come back here

    1. Hi Loretta, the guys are now leaving for the Eastern Europe tour, so they will be around.
      An effective way I think would be to make a post with the adhesion of many people, or to send a request to the Canadian show agencies, to invite IL VOLO.

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