As usual, no news was leaked on this event.

A pleasant surprise, which not everyone could access, a private event in the beautiful DUOMO in Milan.

As usual, let’s go in order.

Some clues had been given by our guys, in fact in the early morning Gianluca had published this photo:

Duomo 01

We all thought that Gianluca was in Milan for purchases, seeing Christmas just around the corner.

Then Piero has posted this picture where he shows his departure …. where? He had recently returned to Bologna.

Duomo 02

Finally, does Piero resume the arrival of Ignazio at the entrance to their hotel?

P = But what a beautiful child we have below … (Ignazio makes a gesture towards Piero) …. thanks Ignazio, very kind!

But what would our boys want to tell us?

Why were all three in Milan?

Towards evening there is another clue …

Ignazio and Piero are in the car, there is also Valentina. Elegant clothes, where are they going? Valentina tries to unveil but is stopped by Piero.

P = This evening we go to the streets with the escort ….. Love, where are we going?

V = We are going …

P = ….. and who knows !!


Begin to filter the first gossip, IL VOLO will perform in the beautiful DUOMO in Milan.

Duomo 03

But why all this secret?

Milan, damn a few steps from my house, I could go and see them !!

Everything is explained by this short video.

On stage, Ennio Doris, owner of the most famous Milanese bank, the MEDIOLANUM Bank.

After making Christmas wishes to all those present, (shareholders, supporters, customers, friends), Mr. Doris announces that he has adopted one of the spires of the DUOMO in Milan, and his bank will pay for the restoration of the spire. Then he introduces the guys from IL VOLO who will start the concert offered by the bank, for all his guests.

Here are his text words:

“I do not want to say anything else and I leave you in the company of this great orchestra and with this concert of these three great young Italian artists, who are our pride, in Italy and around the world. When I hear them sing, I am proud to be Italian like them, so I leave you to this evening and take the opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas”.

Duomo 04Duomo 05

And here are some short videos and shots of the evening.

Duomo 06

Duomo 07

Duomo 08

Ennio Doris does not hold back, bewitched by the trills of the three young men of the bel canto of Il VOLO and launches to embrace them at the end of their talented concert, offered by Banca Mediolanum for Christmas greetings in the Duomo of Milan.

Duomo 09Duomo 10

And here is a beautiful article of the event, which I translate for you.

Duomo 11

The master is Matteo Parmeggiani, the orchestra La Filarmonia Veneta, and the lineup has the most beautiful pieces of the classical repertoire, Christmas declension. It starts with Nessun dorma da Turandot, and the first applause is even timid. Then O Holy Night, then Maria from West Side Story, the tension melts and the participation of the thousand special guests is released – the Duomo is neatly full – then Smile, Ave Maria Mater Misericordiae, Panis Angelicus, and My Way … The ban on photographing and filming videos is kindly pointed out on the invitation. So much so. As the notes of the three of IL VOLO rise, the mobile phones are raised. Selfie and secular prayers.

The cathedral closed as always at 18.30. Then an hour of environmental reclamation for safety. And so for the private concert of Mediolanum the trio has tried for an hour, no more. Just how long the evening lasts. There is Astro del Ciel, O Sole mio, naturally Grande Amore that conquered the Ariston, year of grace 2015, and closes – in a climate of standing ovation – with Adeste Fideles. Even Milan, sometimes, is able to be moved.

They say that the three (former) boys, contacted by Mediolanum, have not discussed the cachet in the slightest, so much they wanted to sing in here, at least once.

And anyway, a concert like this – offered by a bank – is priceless.

Duomo 12

And finally, a comment by our friend Valeria Bosch:

“Of course, listening to Ennio Doris, president of Banca Mediolanum to praise our boys, was a true balm on the heart, an immense joy, for all of us who follow them, but first of all for them, our young friends who deserve all these praises and even more!

While I watched them sing, in those few videos that have arrived, I thought that rarely a concert can offer an image of such perfection: a church of unique beauty in the world, a great orchestra, three beautiful and elegant young people, a music immortal, three sublime voices … what more could you wish for?

This is the true image of Il Volo, the image of which I fell in love, from the now distant December 21, 2014, when I saw them for the first time perform in the Senate. An image where the beauty of the place and the exceptional skill, the incomparable power of great music and the deep emotion of three angelic voices are closely intertwined. Thanks guys, thank you because you are certainly a great pride for us!”

How wonderful, a concert of IL VOLO in the Duomo of Milan, an event to which we all wanted to be invited.

To hear the magnificent voices of Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca singing these beautiful melodies, performing them in an impeccable way, in a place like this ….. incredible emotions.

Thank you guys!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

15 thoughts on “CONCERT IN THE DUOMO OF MILAN by Daniela”

  1. Dear Daniela, All of us would love to have been there. You can happily see more of the guys and we’re all waiting for them to come to America. How glorious that concert had to be. Thank you for sharing everything with us.

    1. Yes Victoria, it was really a glorious concert. Me too when I hear them sing, I feel proud to be Italian like them!

  2. What a perfectly marvelous evening that must have been for all who were fortunate to attend. Thank you to all who contributed and shared it with us. Especially our dear friend Daniela. It was wonderful to hear and to be able to read the compliments by Sig. Ennio Doris. Finally, positive remarks, so well deserved by our young men.

  3. As always, thanks to the compliments RoseMarie. To hear the words of Ennio Doris was really a panacea for us fans. We know Piero Ignazio and Gianluca well and we know that they deserve these words and finally so many other people are aware of this.

  4. Thank you Daniela for these videos and translations. Beautiful songs by our wonderful and elegant Il Volo in the magnificent Duomo in Milan! O Holy Night is my favorite Christmas hymn and nobody sings it better than Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.
    It’s nice to hear that they are getting more recognition and respect which they truly deserve. They are a treasure!

    1. Thanks to you Margaret, I also really like O Holy Night, I always get emotional when I listen to her.
      We hope that the awards will continue.

  5. Many thanks Daniela for keeping us updated. I think we must become wise and more alert when Gianluca gives us these challenges. If we had followed his clue when he posted a photo of the beautiful DUOMO, Daniela might have found a way to attend that wonderful concert!

  6. The performance is just precious. All three really
    were in great voice and so sincere in their
    performance. I hope when they come to America
    I will be able to attend one of their concerts. They
    have improved so much more or maybe I should
    say matured so much more. I love IL VOLO.

    1. Yes Gale, the continuous work of improvement work, is always noticed, especially if you feel the same songs sung earlier.
      They are incredible and tireless.

  7. Hi Daniela,
    Ignazio is so funny, and did you see the look on Michelle’s face when Ignazio suggested they dine at McDonald’s?
    I just purchased the guys Christmas CD. I have their Christmas DVD, but the CD has a couple of different songs on it.

    1. Jill, Ignazio is unique in his way of always being cheerful and happy and mocking ….. yes, I noticed the face of Michael, ha ha ha, I wanted to be there.

  8. oh Daniela, again i am mesmerized. bewitched…. fully and completely magnetized to them, to see them, to hear them….yes, another magical evening! yes, they have grown and become even more polished now…. Grazie.

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