There is not a moment of rest for Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero. They returned on 29 November from Israel, arriving in Milan and in the evening of the same day they had a private event, a concert in the beautiful Milan Cathedral.

Ercole Ginoble’s photo.

On 29 November 2018, exactly 4 years ago, Il Volo held a concert in the Milan Cathedral. The concert was planned by Mediolanum Bank and its founder Mr. Ennio Doris.
In this photo, you can see Mr. Ennio Doris and his wife in 2018 congratulating Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero. Mr. Doris has always admired the beautiful voices of Il Volo.
(you can consult this post
A year ago, on November 24, 2021, Mr. Ennio Doris died, and  Mediolanum Bank, in memory of its founder, wanted this concert.
At the concert, only people with an invitation from Mediolanum Bank were present. The event was called: MUSIC IN THE HEART.

It wasn’t a simple concert, it was also done with a noble reason: a fundraiser, as communicated by the Mediolanum Foundation.
In the splendid setting of the Milan Cathedral, dear to the President Ennio Doris, Banca Mediolanum continues, in his memory and one year after his death, to support the Mediolanum Foundation.
The funds raised will be used to support the “Families in emergency” project to help 1,000 children thanks to donations that will be destined for Istituto Beata Vergine Addolorata and Associazione San Fedele, two historic realities in the Milan area, which are committed to restoring dignity and autonomy to vulnerable families.
Accommodation will be made available, foodstuffs and clothing distributed, treatments and medical supplies offered to Italian and foreign families in conditions of great hardship.
It is possible to contribute by bank transfer to the current account held by the Mediolanum Onlus Foundation using:
– IBAN: IT68C0306234210000000417750

It was certainly a beautiful event, but unfortunately there aren’t many videos or photos, being a private event, so I’m attaching what I found.
Photos from Maestro Grani before the concert ….

and during the concert.

With them also a children’s choir, “I Piccoli Cantori di Milano”.
Here is the list of songs performed:
Carols the Bells (choir I Piccoli Cantori di  Milano)
Silent Night
White Christmas
Nessun Dorma
SE, Cinema Paradiso
E più ti penso
Tu scendi dalle stelle
Panis Angelicus
My Way
Ave Maria Mater Misericordiae
O Holy Night
Amazing Grace
Adeste Fideles
War is Over (with choir)
Feliz Navidad (with choir)
Two short videos:

First short video – click here


And here they are together with some members of the orchestra.

Beautiful event, too bad that we were not able to see it.
Surely it must have been wonderful to be able to hear your beautiful voices within the walls of the Milan Cathedral.

But on Sunday 4 December, in the afternoon, there is already another engagement, they will be guests on AMICI on Canale 5.
But you never stop??
And in fact, here they are on the AMICI show.
AMICI is a program where the kids who participate highlight their talent for singing and dancing, in short, a talent show. It is a program very popular with very young people.
Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca enter after a nice video promo, and then they get in three positions to watch and comment on the performances of the various boys. At the end of the video, you will also find the performance of Il Volo singing HAPPY CHRISTMAS, War is Over.
At the end of the song, Piero recalls the dates of the three concerts in Italy and the concert on Canale 5 from Jerusalem.
Ignazio adds the following, addressed to the AMICI students:
“I wanted to tell you one thing, the greatest limit of ourselves, we are ourselves, until we stop believing. Never stop believing, never, never, never.
Well done everyone!!”

As you have certainly noticed, our boys are dressed in rather strange clothes, for them, but you must understand that AMICI is a program very popular with very young people and therefore Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have shown, in their clothing, that they are not three young in very serious clothes, but wanting to get closer to the tastes of young people.

Even though they only sang one song, I liked their attitude at the end of going among the AMICI participants.
These are young people who hardly listen to Il Volo and don’t go to their concerts, so I like that Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero try to get closer to this type of audience that otherwise wouldn’t even listen to them.
After a few days we saw two very different realities of Il Volo:
Classic, elegant, mature in the event in the Duomo in Milan.
Sporty, relaxed, youthful, on the TV show AMICI.
But their voices are always the same, the voices that only Il Volo can have!!!
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Thanks again, Daniela and Pat and anyone else who participated in producing this review! Many of us search for the details of the guys and their activities. It’s always a joy to have access to your stories!

    1. Sono molto felice di aver trovato questo blog, che ci tiene aggiornati su Il Volo. Questo meraviglioso trio che seguo da poco tempo, ma che mi ha lasciato completamente incantato, innamorato. Spero un giorno di assistere al loro concerto. Un abbraccio dal Brasile
      Dalva Nunes

      1. Grazie Dalva, ma tu scrivi molto bene in italiano, sei di origini italiane? Quando si incontra il nostro trio, si rimane molto affascinati.
        Loro stanno venendo in Brasile adesso, per un evento privato.

        Thanks Dalva, but you write very well in Italian, are you of Italian origins? When you meet our trio, you are very captivated.
        They are coming to Brazil now, for a private event.

    2. Daniela,
      Thanks for the updates.
      Excuse me for asking, are the donations transfered to the needy children???
      Il Volo is very rich , so they really do not need donations , isnt it??

  2. Many thanks for the review Daniela and Pat, much appreciated. I managed to download latter last night, though it wasn’t too happy to cooperate to begin with. I also sent the link to Dolores. 🙂


    1. Roz, now between you and Dolores, there is a direct line!! 🙂
      However you know, that you can always count on finding what happens to our guys, here in this crew.

  3. Thanks you Daniela, Pat, and all of you wonderful people for sharing this with us. We wish we could have been there.

    1. Dear Victoria, but what a pleasure to hear from you, I was thinking of you and your husband just a couple of days ago, I hadn’t seen any more of your comments and I was a little worried. How are you both? And how is our mutual friend? I hope to read often from you. A hug.

  4. They certainly have been busy guys, Daniela. I had seen a couple of short clips on Instagram of the Milan concert (by the way, I attended Sunday Mass there in August) and also the Amici program. But it’s so much better when you and Pat do a post that explains everything! (Plus it’s loaded with terrific photos too.) Grazie mille for all you do for us.

    1. Thanks Judi, the reason is that we fans also like to know the details of their events and so I try to get as much information as possible so I can explain better to you.

  5. Daniella, when did the guys go to Israel? Did they tape the concert at the Church of the Nativity? I am not on Facebook and somehow I feel like I have missed something!

    1. Penina, the boys have been to Israel, but I think they have been to reconnoiter the places, perhaps there has been a change, they no longer speak of the grotto of the Nativity but speak of singing from Jerusalem. However don’t worry, always read our site and we will keep you informed.

  6. Thanks, once again, Patti and Daniela, for a great read and watch of the videos. Will those boys/men never take time off? But, what would we do if they did????

    It was such a treat to see the young hopefuls singing in front of the seasoned entertainers. Bet they were shaking in their boots!!

    Yes, Roz and I have a direct line (by email) and converse at least once a week, sometimes more. We met through this column and became friends quickly. She sent me the loveliest hand made Christmas card (and a couple of presents which I haven’t opened yet, as promised). We get fun out of critiquing what the amazing 3 are wearing, etc. But, we just love them all. Although Roz loves Piero a little more, I think! Hugs, Dol

    1. Dolores, how nice that this friendship was born between you and Roz, you know I too have met friends from all over the world, thanks to Flight Crew!

    2. Aw thank you sweetie. 😉 I love Piero a LOT more. 😉 Hey, I was even late to the tea rooms today as having done my Italian lesson in the library, as I usually do on a Tuesday, I just had to listen to So This Is Christmas, just to hear Piero’s voice. 😉

      Roz 🙂

      1. Kocham całą trójkę a Ignazio najbardziej.Przytulałam ich po koncercie,płakałam ze wzruszenia.Nie znam włoskiego i nic nie mówiłam ale tuliłam.

    1. Yes, Kay, I don’t know if Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are aware of how much love gravitates around them, if I have the chance I’ll ask them.

      1. Może podejrzewają ze na całym świecie są kochanymi chłopcami a ja ich nazywam synkami bo są młodsi od moich.Pozdrawiam całą rodzinę Il Volo.

  7. Daniela, no, non sono di origine italiana. Sto sudiando italiano da sette mesi. Leggo e scrivo un poco, quindi ho abisogno di un traduttore rsrsrs. Scusa per gli errori
    Peccato che i ragazzi vengano in Brasile solo per un evento privato. Continuerò a sognare.
    Grazie per tutti
    Dalva Nunes

    1. Dalva , sei brava, così puoi esercitarti a usare la lingua italiana.
      Si , Il Volo è partito oggi per il Brasile, ma starà per poco tempo, ma poi verranno per i concerti i primi mesi dell’anno prossimo.

      Dalva, you’re good, so you can practice using the Italian language.
      Yes, Il Volo left for Brazil today, but it will stay for a short time, but then they will come for the concerts in the first months of next year.

      1. Sì Daniela, sono qui. Giovedì 8, Il Volo si esibirà nel programma televisivo “Encontro” dove annuncerà le date e le città dei concerti del 2023 in Brasile.
        Grazie mille per l’informazione.

  8. Thank you for sharing their news and their videos otherwise i don’t think i can see something like Amici online. I love them in their street clothes, they each have great style. And the boys and girls all seem mesmerized by Il Volo’s performance (well, who wouldn’t be?)

    1. Amy, I too am happy that Il Volo sang in front of such young kids with tastes that aren’t exactly towards the music of Il Volo, at least in this way these young students can appreciate the skill and sympathy of our guys

  9. Thank you Daniela for the videos and all the photos. The church is really beautiful. It must have been a wonderful concert. I’m always touched by how Ignazio plays with his father’s ring when they sing Your Love. It’s so special. The guys are always so nice to the young people. I hope that someday they will become fans and love them like we do.

    1. Cathy, I live in Brescia and it’s close to Milan, a pity that the event in the Duomo was not open to the public.
      Yes, I believe that Il Volo’s intention is to make itself known to younger guys, given that our radios never play Il Volo’s songs.

  10. Thank you Daniela and Pat for this report. I enjoyed the music clips and the Amici contest (and all the photos! ). Looking at the Duomo program, I thought this song list would make a wonderful CD (even if many of those songs are already on CDs, but this combination I would love.)

    1. Maija, I too would really like there to be a CD and maybe even a video of the whole event, did you notice that there are some songs that Il Volo has never sung, like Amazing Grace, I would have liked to hear it.

  11. Thanks Pat and Daniela for another interesting article and great photos and videos. They guys certainly have stayed busy all year. The seem to be in demand! so many people and places want them. The cathedral in Milan is spectacular and what a setting for our handsome talented guys. It sounds like they are on a busy pace all the way to Christmas. I hope they take a few days with the families at Christmas. Are you going to the book signing in Milan? We appreciate you both so much for keeping us up to date and all the time and effort in bringing us the latest. Wishes to you both for a very happy holiday and may the new year bring us many more Il Volo concerts!

    1. You’re welcome, Janet! And thanks for the holiday wishes and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

      1. Tell ’em it needs to be available in English. Granted I am translating it, and quite enjoying the experience, learning a lot too. But not everyone has the patience, or inclination to do it.

        Having finished the first three parts of Piero’s story, and having been told off about my obsession regarding him(!) I thought I would start at the other end, with Gianluca. I have had a wee bit of trouble there as some of the words don’t appear to be direct Italian translations, so I have had to work our what he means.

        Roz 😉

  12. Thank you very much for all the lovely photos and the information.

    I would like to say thank you very much for all the information about Il Volo. I love listening to their music so much. I would love to see them in a concert but I know that will never happen. I am an elderly lady (82 years) with secondary cancer so listening to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca brings me much pleasure and hearing of their travels and concerts is a bonus for me. So once more, thank you so very much. Those voices are magical. Maureen Fullerton

    1. Maureen, Here’s hoping that those three voices are far more magical for you than you realize and carry with you a constant positive attitude, just as they do. Wishing you wellness.

    2. Maureen, I’m so happy that what we write is to your liking and I’m even happier that the beautiful voices of Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio, give you pleasure and serenity. There will still be lots of good news coming before Christmas. A big hug!!

    3. God bless you, Maureen. I send you love and good wishes and am sorry to hear of your cancer diagnosis.

      I’m going into my 91st year come May 1, 2023 and have seen Il Volo twice in concert. I just wish you were able to see them, too, as they are so wonderful and uplifting. May you have a long time to enjoy their music. Hugs, Dol.

    4. Dear Maureen, never give up on yourself! I’ll keep you in my prayers, God Bless you. I’m Sure the guys would want to see you stay around to listen to their amazing music that calms all of us and gives us peace. Be well and heal.🙏🏻🫶🏻 Carol Orlando

    5. You never know Maureen, miracles do happen. I have been down the cancer route myself. My best advice it to think positive thoughts. Live each day as it comes. There is an old saying about today was the day you worried about yesterday.

      Gentle hugs – Roz 🙂

  13. Maureen, here’s hoping that those three voices are far more magical for you than you realize and that you may carry with you a constant positive attitude, just as they do.

  14. Dear Daniela and Pat, I love to read your stories and the videos and photos you post about our favorite trio! I love that they care about young people, they have so much love to share with all of us…young and old and in the middle!🫶🏻❤️🙏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Carol Orlando

  15. So thankful for you guys keeping us up to date on the guys. I really loved Piero’s jacket on Amici. These guys seem to be tireless, thought they would be taking in easy after all the concerts and travelling they did but being so awesome they are in demand everywhere. Keep up the good work and a Merry Christmas to you all.

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