Pat and I had already prepared a post on the latest news concerning the recording of the new record, but today was published an interview made to Michele Torpedine, it is really interesting and at the end it communicates some really good news about our guys.

The interview is long and at the beginning they are questions about Torpedine’s book, of which he seems to want to do a second part.

Later on, he talks about the non-recognition of certain artists and at this point Torpedine starts talking about IL VOLO and from there I will translate word by word.

News 01

QUESTION = Not everyone is like that.

Torpedine = There are exceptions, and I was lucky enough to meet one …. or rather three: the boys of IL VOLO, as we understand from the title of the book, dedicated to them.

When I met them and put them together as a trio, they were so young ……. think that 10 years have already passed!

With Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio and their families, good people, a relationship was born that goes well beyond the professional one.

Together we joke, we laugh, then we are serious, collecting world successes: but the human side, their being true and clean, for me is an added value that, in this environment, is a rare commodity.

QUESTION = What is there in the near future of the boys?

TORPEDINE = They are leaving for Lebanon, they will perform for a Christmas concert in an area of peace and, at the end of February, will release a new record with the most beautiful songs in the world.

QUESTION = The Grande Amore?

TORPEDINE = Arrived for Piero, who is living a beautiful story with Valentina (daughter of Massimiliano Allegri), a true relationship, capable of transforming him for the better.

I hope it’s a contagious thing (he laughs) I’m single, looking for my soul mate.

News 02News 03

I’m really curious about to know your opinions on what Torpedine said !!


Here is the original post:

We are all awaiting the release of the new CD of the guys, and from the last messages they have posted, it seems that the CD has been completed and soon, we can hear it, but let’s go with order …..

This article just came out, written by the good Antonella Esposito, I will translate it for you.

Zon Article – click here

IL VOLO from “Noche Sin Dia”, “Duets” and the tour. All the news. 

Il Volo is about to return. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have posted some shots that portray them in the recording room with the producer Michela Canova. Meanwhile, “Duets Forever” came out for which they collaborated with the unleashed Cristina D’Avena.

Il Volo is preparing a return in style. After the breath of news with the song “Noche sin dia” which in the summer had shown the Latin American spirit of the three artists, was released yesterday “Duets Forever” last album by Cristina D’Avena that collects her greatest hits and for which the boys of Il Volo have lent their voices.

News 04

The “Noche sin dia” by Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca

We had left them about to take off the elegant Armani black tuxedos to wear leather with nails, stylish sunglasses and alluring Hawaiian shirts. This is the unusual atmosphere of “Noche sin dia”, the summer teaser launched exclusively for the Latin market that saw Il Volo dueting with Gente de Zona, a well-known reggae group.

The announcement of the single CD had a little ‘destabilized the minds of lovers of pop-lyric, iconically attributed to the three and who had watched them as children all the way to the conquest of a worldwide reputation.  Subsequently, some clues had suggested that the page of lyric music would not be completely abandoned and so it was.

News 05


In fact, the second round of the Tour 2018 will start in December and, after the Italian dates of July, will see them engaged in another five stages in Eastern Europe. Again with the repertoire dedicated to “Notte Magica” and again with the unmissable voices of the guys from Il Volo.

Here are all the stops of the European Tour 2018:

12/08/2018 Lodz, Poland Atlas Arena

10/12/2018 Budapest, Hungary Papp Laszlo Sportarena

11/12/2018 Bratislava, Slovak NTC

12/20/2018 Ljubljana, Slovenia Dvorana Stožice

12/21/2018 Zagreb, Croatia Arena Zagreb


The last post published by Il Volo on social media dates back to yesterday. From the group’s Instagram page you can see the three smiling guys, in the recording room, in the company of the record producer and arranger Michele Canova. The caption reads:


News 06

“DUETS” and the meeting with Cristina D’Avena

Waiting to know what these irrepressible talents have in store, the trio has enjoyed singing the well known “D’Artagnan and the King’s Musketeers” alongside of the Queen of TV, theme songs for kids. Performing a piece with Cristina D’Avena represented a true return to childhood and at the same time the demonstration that it is really true that everyone sings Cristina. You can listen to this singular version on Spotify.

So many novelties are boiling in the pot. It is unclear whether in the input Il Volo is spreading alludes to the release of the new album, in which – we remember – should be important names among the collaborations, including Ermal Meta and Tiziano Ferro. What shines through is a restless and irrepressible enthusiasm.

Whatever the nature of the surprise, it is to be expected so much by these artists that even in different shapes and facets they continue to capture the admiration of endless crowds of fans, coming from every part of the globe and belonging to different generations. Il Volo above all continues to generate sincere affection in those who believe in them and a strong sense of sharing. Good guys.

News 07

….. but to whom will have referred in the article, when they spoke of “fans coming from every part of the globe and belonging to different generations” …….

Here they are in the recording studio with MICHELE CANOVA.

P = So guys, we are in the studio with our producer.

G = The great Michele Canova

P = Actually he is a personal trainer.

G = Exact (laugh)

CANOVA = Mom, what a face!

But who is Michele Canova?

He is a record producer, arranger, composer and Italian sound engineer.

Lately, the most successful Italian singers have been produced by him.

News 08

Moments of relaxation in the recording studio, together with Francesco Renga, hint at one of his songs.


I would say that there is so much news they are adding and the works in the recording room are not finished yet but will have to be temporarily abandoned due to the tour.

What do you think of the Christmas concert in Lebanon?

I think that to be finished by February, the guys will have to work a lot, also considering the commitments made.

Come on guys!!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. thanks Daniela You always start my day happily. I,m also glad that Piero has found a soul mate, He is my favorite and deserves love.

    1. Susan, still nothing has been unveiled on their future tour.

      ,,,,,,, but you are Susan I met in Verona ??

  2. Daniela, so much to read and what a way to start the day as Joan said. And of course we all want them in the USA. It’s wonderful how they always look like they’re having fun. We’re all so happy for Piero. Thank you so much for the diligence in keeping us informed.

    1. Victoria, if the day starts well, you are inclined to accept everything with positivity, so very well.
      Meanwhile, they are already in Warsaw, for tomorrow’s concert, tireless and really professional, but always with a smile. And we are happy to see them smiling.

  3. Thank you Daniela for this wonderful translation. It helps
    us so much to know what is happening in IL VOLO’S
    lives. Did Francesco Renga also sing a song with them
    at Verona? He looks so familiar. Thank you again for
    the work you do to help the Flight Crew. I love you too.

    1. Si Gale, Renga sang a song with them at the Arena, and he is the author of L’AMORE SI MUOVE (he wrote it for the birth of his son). Renga is a good songwriter and I hope he has written other good songs for the new CD of IL VOLO.
      You’re right, love is fabulous !!

  4. Thank you Daniela and Pat for keeping us informed about the latest in the lives of our guys. Their lives do sound busier all the time as they get nearer to the next tour. How fun that they have another cd coming out soon , and it sounds like it may be more in the lyric, pop opera genre. So looking forward to news of their North America tour. Wishing you , in advance, happy holidays and a blessed Christmas with loved ones.

    1. Thanks Janet, you are very kind.
      The new CD will not have, of course, Latin rhythms.
      I too am very curious to hear the new songs.
      I thank you for the good wishes and reciprocation to you and your family

  5. Daniela and Pat…thank you for the great article. So very happy for Pier o and Valentina. Hoping Michele, Gianluca and Ignazio all find their soulmates! They are all such terrific guys. Christmas blessings to you all during this beautiful season.

    1. Dear Jane, I am sure that Ignazio and Gianluca will also find their soul mate, but I have lost hope with Michele Torpedine. You could not read his book, but he had a great love, but then only adventures.
      Thanks for the Christmas blessings, a big hug to your whole family.

  6. Oh this has just been a wonderful post! Thank you dear Daniela and Pat!. I dearly love Piero so it makes me so happy to see his happiness too. I am glad his manager feels the same way.I am also delighted to see that our wonderful IL VOLO is working on new music!

    1. We are all happy with the happiness of Piero, there is a post that talks about the couple coming !!
      So Connie stay tuned !!

  7. Daniela
    As always I look forward to reading your articles… You never disappoint…I know that this article was a true labor of love… To take the time to painstakingly transfer such a long article shows just how much you love our boys and how lucky we are that you found the flight crew to share your love of Il Volo here with us… Thank you for your dedication to Il Volo and to us….You are a treasure to us all.

    1. And you’re so sweet Jeannette with your compliments.
      I am lucky, because I have found many friends who have my same thoughts, there is a thread that unites us and is called IL VOLO and through them, we have learned to know each other.
      Grazie a IL VOLO!!

  8. Dear Daniela Thank you so much for this wonderful article I love the detail you printed thank you for your hard work and dedication. All the news sounds positive I just hope the guys are able to pace themselves and not be too tired to finish the new album. Can’t wait for that release .

    1. Yes, Luchylady, the news is positive but honestly it seems to me that the boys will have many trips to face and we still do not know anything about the American program.
      But they are strong and diligent and above all tireless, they will succeed in doing everything.

  9. I am not to crazy about the Lebanon trip but I am sure they will do great Christmas show. I am ready for the new CD. I also would like the
    “Amame” album but all of a sudden there are no new news about it..

    1. Sincerely, Gina, the vconcert in Lebanon for Christmas, seems to me a beautiful thing, but it scares me a little too.
      I think they will have evaluated everything well, or at least I hope so.


    This news has just been published on this article that I enclose and that translate you in outline.


    The afternoon of Saint Stephen is tinged with the colors of our armed forces who are serving in Lebanon. A great musical show will have as its theater the Lebanon starring the three guys of IL VOLO.

    Gianluca Ginoble, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto will live for three days in the Italian base of Shama, located near the “blue line” the buffer territory that divides Lebanon and Israel. They will be alongside the Italian soldiers in their everyday operations. These three days of the guys of IL VOLO will be documented in some videos that will be shown inside this Christmas special entitled VOCI DI NATALE that will document the concert, in which the three guys of IL VOLO will play some of the most famous Christmas songs.
    The concert will take place at the theater of the Lebanese city of Tiro, included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    (Inside the article you can see the promo of Channel 5, after the advertisement.)

    1. Does this mean that it will be televised? And if so, can we find out if it is possible to watch it on our computers?

      1. Yes Penina will be broadcast on Channel 5 on the afternoon of December 26th.
        I think they will make sure that there is streaming

  11. While this is so generous of them and I’m sure heartfelt, I still have a certain level of concern for their overall safety, even in a guarded military zone. Never the less, it is a wonderful gesture and sacrifice out of their busy performing schedule. Great guys-including the Italian soldiers!

    1. Yes Mark, it’s really a beautiful gesture, a concert strongly wanted by Torpedine, I’m very proud of this project that will be close to our soldiers on a peace mission, but sincerely it puts me a little anxiety.
      They will be in Lebanon on 14/15/16 December, so in a few days.

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