The couple Piero-Valentina, it seems that it is proceeding very well, or at least this is the impression that we have seen the various videos posted by Valentina. Yes, because Valentina does not hide the relationship with Piero at all, indeed does not miss an opportunity to publish moments even a little “personal” for the joy of the fans, but will be equally happy for Piero? For now it seems so, and to see him happy, it is very good for our hearts.

Here they are together in Siena.

V = Try to take pictures of me.

Hello sweetheart.

P = Hello Love

Continues 01

Together they went to see the concert of ULTIMO, which won the last Sanremo festival in the YOUTH section.

Continues 02

Together they go to the stadium to watch football matches.

V = This is our tree and our crib, finished.

Is it beautiful, honey?

P = Yes. There is also what flies

V = And all the boxes, to bring down now?

P = Do you bring it?

V = Nooo!

Continues 03

These videos seem to fix, “evidence of life together”.

 Are really sweet videos.



This is a newspaper article  that has appeared these days.

From the photos we can see, Valentina and Piero with Valentina’s father and brother.

On the photo where the couple is embracing, there is a sentence printed, “Valentina with Piero, has taken flight.”

Continues 04

Even the relationship with Francesco Barone and his girlfriend seems to work well, in fact here they are in a Sunday lunch together with Piero and Valentina.

This is a video, where the couple answers directly to questions that are written on the video.

QUESTION = What do you do if a pelican enters you at home?

V = There was a bug out of the car window and I did not want to open the window to get the ticket.

P = Who must drive to remove this bug?

V = Now? ….

QUESTION = Favorite song of IL VOLO?

V = I do not even know one! No, only GRANDE AMORE I know, that I know …… you too, you do not understand anything about football, so what do you want from me? We are even, Love.

QUESTION = (small incomprehensible word, perhaps Arabic)

V = Fully agree with him!

P = But I do not understand the last word.

V = You are not acculturated.

P = No, unfortunately.

V = We have to study a year in Dubai.

QUESTION = (to Valentina) Are you engaged?

V = (stroking Piero’s head) in reality he is my best friend, he just makes me, so much company (she laughs and kisses Piero on the hair)

P = There is nothing to do …

QUESTION = Was not Piero CR7 better? (CR7 is Cristiano Ronaldo IUVE football champion)

P = What would you say about my turtle? (abdominal muscles)

V = But in fact, since he came to the stadium, he goes to the gym every day to do his abs.

P = I have to become like CR7.

V = Then you have to work a lot !!!

P = The important thing is to start.

QUESTION = I’m a big fan of Piero, do you let me know?

P = But still … (laughs) I can not take it anymore, enough!

V = Enough (laughs)

P = See you tomorrow, what do you want?

V = Ginoble, take it back a little, bring it with you …

(It is clear that this question was made by Gianluca, who teases the couple … ha ha ha)

QUESTION = Do you know that Vale is an excellent singer?

V = The truth, Love, confess, who sings all day?

P = You. But me, what did I do wrong?

Continues 05

Beautiful girl Valentina …..

Continues 06

But how beautiful is our Piero here ???

But how cute these two are!

Continues 07

Really entertaining these two, Piero is looking for toy stores to buy board games.

They play “Guess who?” and “Tombola” and who always wins? PIERO!

Valentina says, “Dragged me to the gym, wants to be cool.”

Piero answers, “As Cristiano Ronaldo I become.” (ironically, he intends he will have abdominals like Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese soccer player.)

Continues 08

This photo was posted by Valetina with this message:

Emozioni forti come il primo giorno
Che fanno sparire le cose che ho intorno. 
Non c’è niente al mondo che mi deconcentri
Non c’è cosa bella dove tu non c’entri.
Guardami negli occhi come fossimo
Complici di un piano rivoluzionario
Un amore straordinario. 🎼🖤  

Strong emotions like the first day
That make the things I have around disappear.
There is nothing in the world to deconcentrate me
There is no beautiful thing where you do not have to.
Look me in the eye like we were
Accomplices of a revolutionary plan
An extraordinary love. 🎼🖤

Continues 09

V= And then they have the courage to say that we are women, slow.

Love, do you try to make yourself beautiful?


In these days Piero brought Valentina to Naro, to his house.

They have made the Christmas tree.

They went around Sicily.

= There are 18, even 20 degrees Celsius, it’s hot, there’s a sun that breaks stones (very strong), the sea, and he sings Christmas

They went to see Ignazio.

Ignazio continues to wonder in amazement “Piero plays with the dog !!!”, because Piero has always refused the proximity of the dogs, also because of his allergy …….. but since he attends Valentina (which seems to have a little dog), things have changed !! 

Continues 10

It will be Ignazio’s horse.

Very sweet, Piero.

Continues 11Continues 12

In short, I would say a nice couple, maybe a little too “public”, but if they like it, everything is ok.

Here we say “let’s hope it’s not just a straw fire” that burns fast and goes out.

Expectations seem good, so we wish them all the best in the world!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

25 thoughts on “THE LOVE STORY CONTINUES by Daniela”

  1. Love seeing this young love together. Hope it is real….that their love will last along time as they share being the same heritage. Hoping that they will be happy always in love with each other…..keep us posted!

  2. I’m going out on a limb here and use the phrase “Let’s hope it’s not just a straw fire” , but my initial misgiving is that it is a straw fire. Sorry, just a gut feeling. As always,I wish Piero well in all aspects of his life.

  3. Is he her knight in shining armor?….I wish them well in
    this relationship. They seem to really revere each other
    and so I want to see each one of them happy. We love
    you Piero.

  4. It is love and I for one am most grateful they are allowing us to enjoy it with them. We have waited a long time for our boys to find this very important part of their life story. Thank you for posting/sharing this most wonderful part of life of our wonderful Il Volo.

    1. In this world, often full of unhappy news, it’s really a big breath to share such a beautiful thing, Arlene.

  5. Thank you Daniela for this post. I enjoy seeing these photos and if their love is for real then may it always be so! If it is not well, these things happen and i will be sad for him. Hopefully it is all for the good!

  6. Agree with the majority of the remarks made…but to see Piero so happy and with someone, we as his fans are with reservation “extremely
    Happy” for him. His parents and sister are not mentioned, especially
    His mother….is she taller than Piero?
    Beautiful couple! His stance with her reminds me of a “proud peacock” full
    Of happiness and a love you can feel
    Between them…how does Ignazio
    Feel towards his brother’s new found love? At least she Valentino does not
    “Smother” him away from Ignazio
    But shares openly..

    1. Marylin, of course, the couple Piero and Valentina seem very rented and with a lot of love, they do not hide, they show their affection to everyone. Nothing is known of the reaction of Piero’s family, but Piero brought Valentina to Naro. Piero’s house is adjacent to that of his parents, so I think that the relationship is well liked by the whole family, even Torpedine has expressed his positive opinion about the couple.

  7. Agree with you Mark.. hope it’s not a
    “May/December” love affair…as we know Piero’s greatest love is his singing…so for now we say “ thank you” for sharing your love with all of us, as Piero is/has been our special
    Love…be happy

  8. We are so privileged to watch this love blossom and
    grow through Flight Crew. In the future IL VOLO may
    be a group of six, all sharing love and respect for
    each other. I love all three of the guys and wish them
    happiness in the years to come. Thank you Daniela so
    much for your translations, you are priceless and loved.

    1. Gale, you are very positive, we all care about the loving life of our beloved boys, so we wish them all good.
      Thanks for your compliments, you are very kind.

  9. Just to mention that the audiences in Lodz and Budapest seem to be huge, from what I see in video clips and the guys seem really energized and having fun- it’s their forte and natural environment!

    1. Mark, you saw that wonder, very warm audience and really happy guys, even if there is some problem, but still resolved. I’m waiting for the concert tonight to sum it all up in one post.

  10. Hello, dear Daniela (and Crew), I’m feelin’ pretty badly that once upon a time, I read here more often, but important stuff started happening in life which has drawn considerably upon my spare time and energies, taking me away from the long-time pleasure of keeping up with Il Volo. Just want to offer my sincere appreciation for your terrific efforts to keep this wonderful IL VOLO site operating. It’s funny to me that the last time I managed to read and comment here, the post was some breaking news from Daniela about Piero having a girlfriend and now tonight, I am greeted with updates about Piero and Valentina (nice name!) — an amusing coincidence?! Thank you, as ever. One thing I may have missed: How did Piero meet Valentina and is she a bit older than him ( regarding the phrase up above about them being a “May–December” couple)? Sure is sweet to see various Il Volo animal friends, too, once again!). I’ve got to send you a $ donation. I’ll tell y’all: Valentina must have some really, really good karma! We already have surmised that the Il Volo fellas sure seem to have ‘paid their dues’ and likely in more ways than one! 👼 👼👼 I confess to you that reading about them again here tonight and seeing their still-joyful faces and lives have comparatively and somewhat uncomfortably simply underscored for me a long-held suspicion that I probably was ‘hell-on-wheels’ in at least one, recent past life! ( Crying & LOL😱😿😂 Mercy!!)…

    1. Valentina’s facial features remind me somewhat of the American film actress, Julia Roberts (“Pretty Woman”). They each have a beautiful, wide mouth with an arresting smile. I agree with you, Daniela: Piero does look handsome, indeed! I like his longer hair again. Have always thought he has glorious hair and eyes. As a couple, they both seem to share and nurture a robust sense of humor — an important asset in relationships. That looks and feels to me, so far, to be a potentially promising pairing.

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