JUST FYI!!  I just tried to order tickets (Feb 16 at 12p) and either the site is jammed, or blocked, not sure what, but I can’t get past the “go to shipping” info area.  🙁   My dear friend Veronica said she would try to order me some from there.  Hope there are still tickets left when she gets home!

Good luck if you try to order any!!  You will need to register on the site first and sign in.  It actually still had my order from when I purchased them almost 3 years ago now!  Lol!

Here, the first dates of the Italian tour have been announced.

Go to to find tickets.  Verona venue is offering a gold package with a pre-event, but no guys for 250 euros.  However the first 2 rows are already sold out.  It is orch pit area.    Best regular tx there after that start about  90 euros  but when I checked a bit ago, they were already on the 3rd row there also.  If you are a member of the fan club you should have gotten an email, however I missed mine!  🙁  Came in at 4am sometime!   Pat forwarded it to me.  It references going to fan club page for presale code, which has technically already expired, but maybe can get better seats still?    I just looked at site though, and did not see any reference code?  Jana 

Finally the tour is taking shape.

Here is the list:

First Dates 01

I think they are only the first dates, surely others will be added, in fact you will have noticed that there is no Taormina and this is not possible.

Also there are not the two dates of Matera, which we know well have been announced. Maybe those are the two dates of the PBS special, will they be by invitation only ???

I believe that I will go to Verona, but I still want to wait for the announcement of all the dates.

The dates of the instore have also been announced.

First Dates 02

I will go to Milan on 22 February, only a few days are left, what a thrill!! I will be able to see them, even if only for a moment, while they sign my copy of the new CD.

I will give them all the greetings and all the love from all the IL VOLO FLIGHT CREW !!! ❤️

For now, this is the news, but it’s just the beginning . . . things are moving.

Soon other dates will be given.

First Dates 03

Some good news was needed, given the latest news that had made us so angry, and things, here in Italy, are not yet settled.

On the contrary, every day we discover many wrong behaviors, ungenerous and unjust actions that our guys have suffered for years from the press.

Things do not end here ….. there will still be a lot to say.


First Dates 04

Credit to owners of all photos.

58 thoughts on “FIRST DATES OF THE ITALIAN TOUR by Daniela”

  1. So excited for you seeing our boys in Verona. That is my dream. Thank you for giving them the message from all of us….WE LOVE YOU IL VOLO!!! 🇺🇸 🥰

    1. When will Italy get their act together.
      Nothing like trying to push these three wonderful and outstanding guys out of Italy. My hope is that the three of them are absolutely stronger than the critica that are trying to drag them down. 😂
      So glad to see their tour schedule.
      I am in the U S A. Hopefully I will be able to see them one day. 😍

      1. Blanche, they are stronger than all the criticisms.
        We Italian fans, we recognize that when they are on tour in America, they relax, they do not have the press that oppresses them.

      1. Of course Connie, they have to sign the CD under my eyes, that’s how it’s done here.

  2. Thanks Daniela.for passing on the message from the all the Flight Crew members .How lucky you are to be going to Milan,I hope you get your CD signed by all three .I think I will try for Carrara…. Autostrada to La Spezia and then to Carrara.( where the cover photos have been taken ) or fly to Pisa and then to Carrara .Now to get organised with flights etc. Cannot wait to see and hear them in their new concert, as I have never seen them in Italy before, only in USA..

  3. As a fan club member I got the email with the code to buy tickets before the general public. We saw Notte Magica in the Arena in Verona and loved the whole experience. We decided to go again. I was able to get 2 tickets in row 6. Now to get organized with hotel and flights. Daniela, see you in Verona in Sept?? Where do you stay? In spite of what the critics write the Italian fans fill the Arenas and concert halls. A magical experience!

    1. JD, I’m a member of the fan club too, but yesterday I could not book tickets because I was away from home. Today I tried but the site was not reachable, as Jana said. I could not book. Even an hour ago I tried again but the site is still out of order.

    2. JD – How did you get through? Even my friend in Italy can’t get through today? I never saw the code on the fan page, did they take it down already?

      1. The code was kind of buried on the official web page. It took persistence to find it. Also I did it within the first few hours the presale was up. Maybe after that first 24 hour period sales closed again. Why that would be makes no sense . They surely want to sell all their tickets.

      2. Yes, Jana, they have already removed, this morning I just woke up I entered the program and I saw the places I wanted to book, but I could not stop, the store had to open. When I returned, the program was no longer accessible.
        Even now it is not accessible.
        The code was this: V40FTLSF

    3. JD – thanks, my friend was able to get me tickets. She was having trouble, also, so I don’t feel bad. Couldn’t afford the orch section, I got Fila: 6, Posto: 37, 39. I figured if I can’t go, I can always sell them to someone! 🙂

      1. I also figured if I cannot go I could sell them. I think we have orchestra, but I need to find a seating chart so I can confirm. They cannot be sold out yet are they? Last time we bought tickets we had to go through Viagogo and today they say they have 7 tickets left!

      2. JD – if you paid the 250 euros, then you have orchestra! 🙂 Mine were just the 95 euros…

      3. JD, even orchestra. What luck, when I entered there was no longer any place in the orchestra pit. See you in the Arena.

  4. How lucky you are, I’m happy for you. That’s wonderful you will have the opportunity to give our boys all the love and greetings. Thank you and wish you wonderful impressions.

  5. Daniela wrote: “On the contrary, every day we discover many wrong behaviors, ungenerous and unjust actions that our guys have suffered for years from the press.”
    For the life of me I cannot imagine what They have done to merit such bad words and such from journalists!!

  6. Ok ladies and gents – I have my tickets to Verona, thanks to Veronica!! I just have to get there now! She said I can buy my plane ticket now – I tell her I can start dreaming now…. 🙂

  7. Daniela. I undersand that Michele Torpedine was on ItaliaSi today and said Il Volo accepted the apology. But what I’m understanding from twitter is that the interviewer was not very kind to them. Could you give us a summary of the interview?

    1. Well, Roxanne, yesterday there was ITALIAsi, where there was Torpedine and also one of the journalists, but it was not one of those in the video.
      What to say, we all expected a lot more bite from Torpedine.
      Let’s say that every time he tried to speak, the presenter changed the subject.
      Torpedine said the staff accepted the apology of the journalists, indeed he said that some of them personally called the boys to apologize to them.
      Torpedine was very kind, and the impression is that there will be no legal retaliation. Perhaps the kind attitude, is that, of not making journalists
      still enemies , even in view of the upcoming commitments of the boys. For their part, I believe that journalists have had a good lesson, from the public that sided with the boys. We will see how they will behave in the future.

      1. That would be the way of our guys to take the high road, and just perhaps those who only knew the low road will find their way to more respect. No telling what others will do, but our guys remain of great integrity.

        Just thinking about “Energy flows where attention goes.” I’m giving all my attention to the Truth that matters in my heart…

        Love from Jeanine

  8. Daniela and pitterpat, I got my ticket through the fan club, to Verona concert Orchestra row 3. I am so excited because I have never gone to a concert in Italy. Now I have to get there. Pitterpat May I contact you for some information on hotel, how you get there, etc. ? Daniela I can’t wait to see you! It was a little complicated to get the ticket, I tried 3 times before I made it.

    1. Hi Rose Marie. Sounds like a few of us are planning on being at the concert in Verona. I do look forward to meeting Crew members there.

      1. Hi Daniela,
        I knew when I saw that they will be in Milan, that you would be there.
        Were you finally able to get tickets to Verona?
        I remember when you went to Milan last time that you couldn’t ask them any questions because there is always someone there to move everybody along quickly.
        It’s like that at
        the meet and greets also.

      2. Jill, it really depends on the meet and greet. There are several factors.
        One is, are they doing back to back concerts and this is the first one, and they will be hitting the road right after the meet and greet. Another one is how many people there are signed up for the meet & greet. A third factor is your place in the line. Are you near the beginning with a lot of people after you? Are you last on a night they want to get going in their bus to the next venue? All these things come into play at the m & g and sometimes you can play the odds and sometimes it doesn’t matter what you do, you will still be rushed off. On the other hand I have been at a m & g where everyone was told to hang around after the pictures were taken, at which point the guys just mingled with everyone who was there for a nice amount of time–at least a half hour.
        You could talk to them and ask them whatever you wanted. It was great! So you never know what you will get.

      3. JIll, I hope this time in Milan let us talk a little more with the boys.
        As Penina explained to you, the time at the meet & greet depends on many things.
        I hope that in Milan they do not have other commitments to have to escape immediately.

    2. I’m sorry, Rose Marie, but I am not going to the Verona concert. I’ve never been to an Italian IL VOLO concert before. Maybe it’s Jana you need to contact?

    3. RoseMarie, you were fantastic, how nice we can meet.
      I’ve been out all day and I still could not book the tickets, but I do not worry, good or bad I’ll be in Verona.
      Orchestra, you will have spent a fortune !!

    1. That’s quite alright Rose Marie! I have seen the guys once in 2017 in Chicago but would love to see them in Italy!

    1. Rose Marie – sure, I’d be glad to give you any advice. Although there are MANY folks that have travelled there in the past few years that could also give you great advice. My initial advice is to have a plan, decide what is most important for you to do, see, be near (train, airport, venue, etc.) for booking hotels. My first trip, my goal was for the hotels to be nearest the train station, as that was our main mode of travel and it worked out well. Feel free to email me at: 🙂 I also used and to book hotels way in advance, that offered free booking/cancellation, so you are under no obligation and can change your mind/travel plans without penalties. Decide on a budget and what you are willing to pay more or less for, depending on your personal needs. I’ve already booked hotels in Verona and Roma. My buddy Lorna, whom I went with last time is on board. Over $2000 for a ticket on Delta, comfort class from Detroit! But I trust Delta. Detroit to Roma – nonstop. We will really only be there 6 days, so might try a more relaxing trip than the last one. Lol!

  9. I am envious of everyone who is planning to go to the concert in Verona. My husband and I were fortunate enough to attend the Notte Magica concert there in May, 2017, where we met the lovely Daniela and her husband and some other very nice Flight Crew members. We also got to go to the meet and greet with Il Volo after the concert and the boys were very gracious. It truly was an unforgettable and magical night under the stars!!

    1. Mary, I will never forget that meeting, you and Mark are exquisite people and the friendship is continued.
      It was really nice to meet you.

  10. Penina,
    Yes, I have heard about the more relaxed meet and greets, however when I saw them in Las Vegas it was hectic.
    There had to be maybe 150 people waiting to see them.
    Sercurity was allowing some people in the front of the line to just take their time with the guys and not hurry, but those people halfway down the line (me) were told to hurry because the guys had to leave by midnight.
    It was still worth it. Ignazio held out his hand to me as if he was going to shake it, but instead slid his palm across mine. 😊
    Piero was patting me very gently on the back, and Gianluca said to me “well, hello again” because he took a selfie with me before the concert at the fan faire.
    But there was no time for even one question. But as I said it was worth it.

    1. Once we were waiting for a m & g and overheard a group of youngish fans who were deliberately waiting to be last because they thought they would be able to spend more time with them if no one else was waiting. This strategy may work if they are not anxious to be on their way somewhere else, or if they are not very tired. I can see where it may very well backfire! I guess we just get in line and take our chances–and yes, it is always worth it!

  11. Yes… hoping Taormina gets added in later. There is something magical about it, at least from my perspective just watching them on video.

    Love from Jeanine

  12. Look at the beautiful pictures above when they were young & just starting out & now how strong & gorgeously handsome our precious young men are now. I am praying every day they drive or fly safely & also praying they will finally come back to Canada

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