Perhaps many of you have already seen this video, done by IL VOLOCOMIO, but I want to translate the background words for you. This is the beautiful presentation made at the Verona concert in September 2015. Who reads is a famous Italian actor, Giancarlo Giannini, the video was made just to confirm the good words.

A modern fairytale does not start with “Once upon a time …..” because it happens here, and now.

A modern fable, has no dragons, nor princesses, as protagonists.

Start in Italy, think, in some cities of our beautiful province.

More than the characters, the real protagonists are: the passion that animates them and friendship.

The passion for the “bel canto” that takes possession of three kids, the friendship that, instead of the soccer field, grows in front of a large orchestra.

And what passion and friendship alone cannot, is achieved by talent.

Passion, friendship, talent, are not the names of three fairies, but when in life, rarely happens that they get together, as if they were, they realize magical things.

This modern fable does not have an ending, because it has just begun and is still to be written, and it speaks of three guys, who have taken flight, IL VOLO.

In this video of the concert in Verona 2015, Giancarlo Giannini introduces CANZONE PER TE, reading the first verse of the song.

Meanwhile, about MUSICA CHE RESTA, Emilio Munda (music writer) in an interview said:

It’s the first time I work with IL VOLO and I’m going to Sanremo, so a set of things that excites me so much.

I cannot say much about MUSICA CHE RESTA, except that it is a lyrical pop very suitable for them.

Let’s say it’s a dress that they wear very well.

And here are our guys in the backstage of Sanremo, a photo shoot during an interview.

fairy tale

And all of you, are you ready to listen to MUSICA CHE RESTA?


Credit to owners of videos and photo.

35 thoughts on “THE FAIRY TALE GOES ON by Daniela”

  1. Daniela,
    Thank you once again for bringing us the magic and love of IL VOLO in your translations. The labor of love you perform daily on this site connects those of us who are non-Italian speakers with the great hearts that our are guys. You have been a huge blessing to me.

    I am so honored to be a fan of IL VOLO. It is wonderful in this day and age to have three international superstars, who embody moral values, unparalleled natural talent, grace while under fire, charisma, humbleness, professionalism, along with great love of family (mothers), country, and fans. I could not be more proud of them and pleased with their honorable words and actions—especially recently.

    And finally add to the above with the facts that they are sexy, fashionable, and LOVING (this Grande Amore naturally flows from all three like a fountain) is a mix that I find irresistible—plus they are Italian. My heart melts. I cannot wait to attend a concert.

    1. Congratulations, Cristaldawn, you wrote beautiful and truthful words that we all think.
      In addition to describing the deserved qualities of our boys, you have understood that they, with their way of being, represent novelty, fashion, elegance, talent in the midst of so much mediocrity.
      You will be enchanted by their voices.

    2. Crystaldawn, you say this so well, Daniela enriches our life immensely with her wonderful writing and translations, I can never thank her enough.
      Il Volo are truly special and possibly unique in their attitudes, talent and all the other qualities you mentioned. This is why we love them so much and are proud to be fans.

    3. Thank you Daniela for the beautiful translation……and thank you Crystaldowns for reading my mind!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    4. Ahhhh, Crystaldawn, rooting for our magnificent young men to come join us in Oregon, USA! You, my, Pirate, and not sure who all else would most gratefully and graciously welcome our beloved ragazzi!

      1. I would love it to learn that Portland could be on their tour— but more than likely we would need to travel to Seattle or San Francisco.

  2. Crystaldawn has stated well the thoughts of so many of your followers. Just want to say, ” Amen” and Thank you again, Daniela.

  3. I just want to say that Crystaldawn has, indeed, put into words exactly how I feel about our Il Volo. And thank you, Daniela, for once again bringing this to our attention. – Allene

  4. Thank you Daniela for sharing this with all of us. Once again you have taken your precious time to bring things to us when we don’t speak Italian. We love the boys and their contribution to the world is heartwarming. Crystal dawn has captured what we all feel.

    1. Victoria, I’ve always said, that I like to write in this blog, because here there is a sensitivity and a strong affection towards our guys!

  5. Aren’t they wonderful ? Crystaldawn, you have put their
    singing and personalities in the most beautiful words.
    If you want to have good thoughts, just think of IL VOLO.

  6. I love fairy tales and this one especially, it’s beautiful and unique just like IL VOLO. Thank you Daniela, you dissolve us and I’m afraid we would be disapointed not finding something new for a few days, your great. And Crystaldown really beautiful words, nothing to add, I agree we all feel the same. Thank you it’s pleasure to read.

  7. GRATITUDE!!!!
    Thank you all for your affirmations and compliments of what I wrote. Reading your responses brought me to tears (of joy). I really appreciate each of you!

    Yes Gail, I bring to mind IL VOLO, and I feel great joy as well as feeling wrapped in their loving embrace (easily witnessed viewing concert and fan postings on YouTube). Their first response is always love (a warm hug and kiss). When I listen to IL VOLO sing and their blended harmonies I quite literally feel tingling running up and down my spine. I have never felt that from any other singers.

    They each were raised by loving and generous parents whose strong values were instilled into each of the boys. It is amazing and wonderful to me that they came from different villages in Italy and yet as they frequently state, “they have one soul.” The fact that their parents and grandparents played such a significant role in their lives is the mortar that has built a strong IL VOLO foundation. Their families are to be commended.

    Blessings to all!

    1. I agree Crystaldawn with everything you wrote about these three wonderful young men who inspire such love, loyalty and faith. And I truly don’t know how to thank Daniela enough for all the time and effort she spends translating, and also giving us the latest information in such a calm, kind and thoughtful way. We are blessed to have you Daniela!

    2. The compliments are more than deserved, not everyone knows how to expose the feelings on a sheet of paper, and you did it very well. As soon as you see a concert, we are waiting for your review!

  8. I have watched the whole 2015 Verona concert several times. It is easily my favorite of all their concerts. I have always wonder what the opening reading was about. What Mr Giannini said was so perfect in describing Il Volo. Now it adds another layer of enjoyment onto this concert. Thanks Daniela !

    1. JD, I’m so happy to have helped you, in fact it’s just the beginning of that wonderful concert (I think this year’s Verona concert will be a show like that). Giancarlo Giannini, is a good actor and his voice is warm and sensual, and those words are really beautiful and describe just the beautiful story of our boys.

  9. Thank you, Daniela and Pitterpat0. This was amazing! So perfect to read this, and in perfect timing.

    I Love seeing IL VOLO and crew with Canzone Per Te. Lovin’ the Love ~ always!

    JD, my fav is their concert at Taormina in 2014. Have you seen that?
    For whatever reason, I feel choked up when I watch them sing Io Che Non Vivo Senza Te with the audience swaying with their lights. I know I’m somehow reliving something from another life, or at least from a dream that was so real that it feels like past life memories.

    I pray that our guys may feel the Love and Support from many wonderful Italians from Italia, as well as all the rest of us. They so deserve to be uplifted for all they are and all they offer.

    Love to all from Jeanine

    1. I’m with you Jeanine! That first Taormina concert is my favorite too! Thanks to Myron I have it on a disc, and I watch it frequently. There is something electric about that performance–their first in Italy. And who can forget Piero singing to his Mom who saw him in concert for the first time? They gave their all–unforgettable Caruso, among other things.
      Just a marvelous concert all around.

      1. Sweet to hear your Taormina memories, Penina! I had the best party at my house watching the concert on the Internet and having various Italian foods and drinks with friends. Everyone agreed that it was incredible. And I So remember Piero with his mom. Thanks for mentioning that unforgettable moment!

        Love from Jeanine

      2. Penina, that piece of concert is fantastic and even when Piero defends his sister from Gianluca, too funny

      3. And how sweet was it that Ignazio jumped off the stage to dance with Antonina Clerici? Such a lovely way to give her recognition!

    2. Jeanine, who has not seen that concert. It’s wonderful, I watched it several times. The boys, so young, beautiful, good, the affection for their grandparents and their mothers, all too beautiful.
      I think that in this period, many Italians are showing their support to the boys of IL VOLO, after the events of Sanremo.

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