The controversy over the treatment of Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio by the press room is not over yet.

Even today (Sunday) while I am writing this post for you, a television program has just ended, where the guests talked about Sanremo and how unjust the treatment suffered by our boys is.

The newspapers and television programs that have talked about this topic are many. I will try to make an overview with bad things, I would say very bad that they were written and that certainly will make you angry a lot, and also beautiful things.

Bullying 01

Surely this collage of comments by the journalist Domenico Naso, will make you shiver with rage. He was in the press room and published these comments to brag about it, but the thing turned against him.

This man speaks of an “anti-VOLO brigade”, in short, a sort of group of people who do not like IL VOLO, (and this is their right), but which in any case tries to hinder the success of IL VOLO (and this is a really very vile act).

Bullying 02

In the first comment, on the left, he comments on the famous video of the press room, published by his colleague Silvia Truzzi (always to brag), his comment says:

So much love for the mythical anti-Volo brigade of which I am honored to be a part.


In the comment at the bottom left he writes:

The Festival musically more “contemporary” than ever, is likely to crown again the three young-old. It’s Italy.


First comment at the top right:

Hallucinating ranking: IL VOLO among the first three.

Other than whistling, there would be to devastate the Ariston (the theater).




Second comment on the right:

I’m sure the press room anti-IL VOLO brigade will be honoring my seat at this difficult time. True?


Last comment on the right:

Danger averted, I repeat: danger averted.

Abandoning the anti-atomic shelters, the country is safe.

(Sanremo was over and IL VOLO had not won)

Bullying 03

When I read these comments, I was baffled ……. BUT HOW IS THIS ALLOWED ?????

I know that now you are full of anger at the comments of this “journalist”, but do you think he understood or apologized? Absolutely not, in fact he said that it is not about bullying, but he does not like IL VOLO, so it’s a long time that he’s ironic about it.

My friend Melina, posted on the journalists Facebook page, some worthy comments and then she wrote these words, which I consider absolutely correct:

So far I have not commented on the story of this horrible Festival of Sanremo, having to overcome the bitterness and anger, honestly I do not know if I have succeeded and if I can be sufficiently lucid, I’ll try.

To begin with we premise that the guys of Il Volo have been since their career began, subject to obstruction by the press and the media, this attitude has increased dramatically after the victory at Sanremo in 2015, becoming a real and a widespread and systematic boycott, which is capable of destroying them artistically and humanly, in fact the so-called “criticisms” were not directed only to their musical genre (our Italian melody, third in the world in importance), but also to them personally. They were called young-old, bimbiminkia and other similar amenities, they were accused of being presumptuous, whipped, and arrogant, all seasoned with offenses, derision and ridicule. With nobody else, the Italian press, the various “experts” and “opinionists”, have allowed themselves a so insolent and disrespectful attitude! “Those of us who tried to point out this situation were mocked and insulted.”

Bullying 04

We come now specifically, I will not dwell on the fact that in a serious competition the juries remain the same for the duration of the event and that one is not removed in the last two evenings, to replace it with another, ridiculously called “jury of ‘honor’ which turned out to be “jury of horror”, composed among others by a cook, who invited on social networks to vote for a singer, four actresses, a friend of a competitor’s girlfriend and a former producer of a protagonist of the duets.

But as the whole world now knows, the real eyesore has been consummated in the press room where presumed professionals in the exercise of their function, have abandoned themselves to vulgar hysterical, inadmissible, incomprehensible, indefensible and unmotivated insults, epithets and personal offenses, as it is clearly visible in the videos circulated a bit everywhere. They are unworthy images of men and women, most of them with gray hair, who rant against three guys who are only doing their job, the one they study and sacrifice for. Now that this shame has come to the open, instead of doing mea culpa, the aforementioned professionals, are indignant for the violation of their privacy, moreover perpetrated by their own colleagues present, who had the brilliant idea to post the videos as if they were a pride (fortunately sometimes the impudent arrogant, they are also stupid)!

Bullying 05

And fleeing, trying to limit the damage, citing tragicomics (tragic comedy) and childish justifications, invoking episodes of cheerful “goliardia” (university students) and finally proffering weak excuses with clenched teeth. Some of the journalists who have left an opinion have continued to turn over the omelette (take the excuse), others have cowardly preferred to delete the comments, remove the post and block. I quote here, for example, one of my thoughts written on the page of the journalist who recorded one of the incriminated videos, to boast of such dignity, comment that was promptly removed by the “lady”: “I AM A FAN OF IL VOLO. Il Volo are international stars, videos unworthy have been around the world, causing indignation and making a petty figure to the Italian press. This is the difference between you and them: they bring prestige to Italy, but you bring discredit!” . . . of course, the truth was not tolerable.


Bullying 06

Yes, because you understood correctly, the apologies of the journalists were really ridiculous, they said that they were only goliardic scenes (similar to frat house antics).

Still here in Italy we are talking about all the bad stuff, the boys have not been on TV anymore, they are thinking about their tour dates. They really had an incredible response of correctness and education, they are really an example.

But now I want to show you some nice messages that have arrived.

First of all this comment is by Gianna Nannini, the evening of the duets wrote as follows:

“This is rock! Yesterday you split the Ariston with that violin!”

Bullying 07

And this was posted a couple of days ago by Alessandro Quarta:

The moment that I would live another million times!

“Sanremo 2019” with “Il Volo” and the “Standing Ovation” of the Ariston Theater and of all those who love their music in the world, because it is “Musica che Resta” !!!   ~ Alessandro Quarta ~

Bullying 08

I end with this speech by Bartoletti, a great friend of our boys, here are his words:

Look  Mara, they knew perfectly well that going to Sanremo, they had to accept a regulation that included a televoting, which favored them, and two juries, admittedly against.

Yet they went the same, yet they smiled, before the verdict.

The jury of honor, placed them at the twenty-first place, is not a judgment, it is a form of artistic racism against IL VOLO, and they have always and only a smile !!

Bullying 09

Thanks Bartoletti, for your sincere affection for the guys !!


I really hope that the opinion of journalists and critics, has had a good shock, because it is unworthy of the behavior they had, towards Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca.

I do not know if there will be repentance from these people, but at least that for the future they have learned the lesson, because these guys are “great” in every sense and must be respected.

As for Alessandro Quarta, I sincerely hope that he can perform with IL VOLO in concert so that we can all enjoy this wonderful performance!


Credit to owners of all photos.

46 thoughts on “BULLYING OF IL VOLO? by Daniela”

  1. It is truly a shame that adults can and do act worse than children. No matter what reason the press chose to discredit IL Volo, their fans love and appreciate them, more than ever. They are dignified and went knowing what might happen. And because they were adult after the situation I am sure more people will buy their music. My twin and I are waiting for announcement of the next USA schedule of concerts. Trust me the fans who purchase their music know and love them

    1. Yes Marlene, these facts make us love our boys even more, and we will show them how great our love is.

  2. These three are so loved and respected these rude journalists don’t deserved to be mentioned or given the time of day They just make everyone love Il Volo more so just say thank you to them

    1. Vero Beverley, the “anti-VOLO brigade” believed to discredit IL VOLO, instead they increased their fame.

  3. As I have repeatedly said IL VOLO true critics are their fans who buy their music! The others have no taste for true artistic beauty. IL VOLO will Long be remembered for their timeless music.. True artist like Michael Angelo, Bernini, Monet , Renoir, Chanel, Armani, etc. never die….they live on to bring love and smiles to mankind and live on and on! Le Vita E Bella! Thank you for teaching the world to love ans smile. God Bless You dear men…..live on! ❤️🇮🇹♥️🎶💕🎵🇮🇹.

  4. How could any panel of so called “Jury of honor”, with their eyes and ears wide open, downgrade the boys performance with Alessandro Quarta to 21st place, without a preexisting abundance of hatred for the four performers? Their performance was gorgeous and the addition of Quarta was a brilliant pairing, very different and very creative. I don’t understand how those so blinded by hatred could face the public, let alone call themselves professional judges. I eagerly await my autographed copy of Musica and I bet all I own that I won’t be disappointed in the least bit! We IL Volo fans are not crazed fanatics, but, rather people who know beautiful music and talent when we see it. I could go on and on, but will shut up now.

    1. Mark,
      Beautifully stated. I agree with you 100%.

      It is shocking to me that some of the journalists as well as the jury of honor formed a pact prior to IL VOLO’s performance. They should all be outed from future participation. Good for the other reputable journalists who are “outing” their piers for poor conduct. Also good that well-known Italians are coming to IL VOLO’s defense. This only serves to provide more positive press for them— and hopefully new fans who purchase their music and concert tickets.

      FYI—I will be leaving Oregon in a few weeks to walk the 500 mile /900 kilometers Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain. While on pilgrimage I plan to stop at churches and cathedrals and light candles for IL VOLO—praying for their continued success, strength in times of challenges, good health and well-being, along with requesting that the Divine Mother surround them with great love. Our guys are worthy of great respect, admiration, and love. Yes, they and their music will live on.

      Fortunately the guys are heading into a promotional tour and concert tour where their fans can return the love. It is a healing balm that is very much needed at the moment.

      1. Crystaldawn, thinks that today the newspaper Sorrisi e Canzoni, admitted that their journalists were in that press room and were teased by others journalists, because when sang IL VOLO, they applauded and sang the refrain of the song.

        Your experience of the Camino de Santiago will be beautiful.

        I also believe that the tour will be a balm for our boys.

    2. Mark, I still wonder how they did to give their performance with Quarta, that absurd vote!
      These people DID NOT WANT to be judges.
      As you say, we fans of IL VOLO, are people who recognize good music and talent.

      I will have my copy signed personally on Friday !!!!

  5. Grazie Daniela per la traduzione e per aver condiviso il mio scritto. E grazie a tutte le amiche che hanno apprezzato

    1. Melina, you are a very sweet person and you write very beautiful things, and when you are angry, you write very strong but very correct things.
      Those journalists deserved your anger.
      And I had to let my crew friends know what you were saying.

  6. Rose Marie, you said it. Il Volo’s Wonderful rainbow of Music will live on and on. The Music’s life is endless and a worthy memorium of them, already! The criticism of These ignorant journalists will be Long gone and longer forgotten–the Music lives forever! That’s the most important Goal and they have achieved it already and nobody can take that away from them or us anymore. God bless These guys for Always staying calm and smiling. They have conquered our hearts a Long time ago and forever! We know them better and love them for being as they are. Thank you, not just the Boys, all that that support them now and the last ten years, and in the future. Ignazio, Piero, Gianluca-we love you and you are love!!!

    1. Astrid, you said very well. Soon the wickedness of these journalists will be forgotten, but the music of our boys NO.
      We already knew the goodness and humility of our boys, in addition to their talent. Now other people have also discovered this personal side of them

  7. Our boys were blatantly mistreated by their (so called) peers. These journalists not only bullied them, but in essence staged a mutiny! They should not get away with the way they manipulated from the press box ! Also, where were the executives of the Sanremo contest ? The minute they started shouting obscenities they should have stopped production & removed them from the building. Why were they still allowed to stay? Also, if the jurors had ties to certain contestants, they should’ve been honest & recused themselves from their position. This was not a competition, but a steamroller event & I for one am ashamed of how it was ran. No one should be treated like that in public let alone in a country wide competition.

    1. Chris, I completely agree with you. No control in San Remo, perhaps there was trust in these people, who instead did not deserve it

  8. Thanks Daniela for the translation and for sharing my writing, And thanks to all the friends who have appreciated.

  9. Thank you Daniela and Melina. Since San Remo has been going on since the 1950’s I’m afraid people will say that “we’ve always done it this way” and won’t change. The only way I see the verbal abuse changing is starting with the editors of the publications and media owners. They need to impose sanctions on those individuals who perform so egregiously. Otherwise, the only other thing we, the public, can do, is stop reading/listening. Once their circulation is reduced, then and only then will action be taken. Ultimately you have to hit the wallet to make any impact.

    1. Right Roxanne.
      I think something will change in the rules of Sanremo, otherwise they risk that next year will no longer be looked at, there has already been a period where Sanremo had lapsed. People do not like being teased.
      I hope that all this has served to establish a minimum of decency in these voting operations, these journalists can have great responsibilities in the lives of young artists.

  10. I hope they are done with Sanremo. Sounds like it’s rigged, anyway. Why bother subjecting themselves to it all?

    1. Ruth, for better or for worse Sanremo is a great showcase. The boys, however, had a good result and if it were an honest competition, they would probably have been first. We know it, but so many other people understood it. But Il VOLO participating in Sanremo also had many television interviews and interest in the new CD.

    1. RoseMarie, those journalists should also be banned from their newspapers, because a journalist has to give the news, and bring the data, but can not influence heavily heavily people, with his personal tastes.

  11. Hey guys!!! Don’t let this get you down!!! You are the greatest and you have millions of fans that love you dearly!!

  12. Please, guys, try to ignore these stupid journalists who, in my opinion, know nothing. The same goes for the judges! How can a cook be qualified to judge the beautiful voices of Il Volo! So many, many people love you from all over the world! Please remember this. My heart breaks for any hurt and pain you have gone through.
    We all love you. 💕💕💕

    1. Donna, they will do it for sure, they will forget the bad words, and they will enjoy the affection of their fans in all their concerts.

  13. Dear Il Volo the best singers in the world Please try to forget ignorance in the stupid comments from the journalists who should be fired. I so wish you would come to Toronto Canada I would be on cloud 9. I am a senior lady who listens to your music every day & constantly keep track as to where you are performing. Just remember God gave you 3 beautiful boys magnificent voices to treat our hearts & ears with joy. No one can compeat with your voices, I look forward to seeing you soon hopefully. Loretta Foley Canada. .

    1. Loretta, finally, is so much that we did not hear from you.
      They have announced that in the next tour, they will do Canada and Usa, there will be to wait, but they will arrive.
      I am very happy that they also included Canada.

  14. I love that thought Loretta, IL VOLO FOREVER. Certainly
    their music will live on in our hearts and minds. It sounds
    like these critics were not impartial and already had their
    minds made up before the competition even began.
    I don’t know how they are selected but in this case I think
    the organizers made a big mistake by not getting fair
    minded judges and juries. IL VOLO IS MY FAVORITE
    SINGERS, and has been since I first heard them. They
    have helped me through some tough times. I met them
    once when they were in Oklahoma City and they are just
    precious, beautiful men who have great talent and who
    give us love every day through their music.

    1. Gale, it’s all true, these three young men have really helped many people in difficult times.
      This is another of the qualities of our dear Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero.
      I wonder if they realize they have this beneficial aspect on people.

  15. Jealousy and envy our cousins In the family of negativity, anyone possessing these negative traits have their judgment impaired in so many ways. It’s quite clear that they are on the wrong side of things. Just think of the famous people want to sing with IL Volo. The Great Placido Domingo, Andrea Bocelli, Barbra Streisand and Gloria Estefan and many more. They all recognize greatness when they see and hear it. Pavarotti and Mario Lanza would be so proud of these young men if they were here with us. Their respect for beautiful music is awesome. When your the best someone always wants to knock you down, IL Volo won’t be shaken here. The greatest critics of all are the dedicated fans that fill these concert halls and buy their CDs. They are loved the world over. When we hear our guys sing it goes straight to your Heart & Soul. Preorder the new CDs or mp3 “Musica” as I have, I heard the first song ”Musica Che Resta”. It’s a win win for all. 👏 Bravo IL Volo.

    1. Vincent, the beauty lies in the things that remain in time, and the music of our guys is a MUSICA CHE RESTA.
      There is no doubt, the melody, the quality of their singing, the way they relate to their audience, are all winning aspects.
      Unfortunately, many people have not yet figured out, I am sure that if these people attended their concerts, everything would be much clearer.

  16. We have “fake” journalists here in the US too. No different than italy. Don’t let them change your opinions or second guess your decisions. Move forward. More success to come. The world is big enough.

    1. Marcia, unfortunately the non-respect of people and things, is rampant and is everywhere. Many journalists abuse the power to influence people, often in a negative way. Even this is a weapon, very effective and devious, people must think with their own head, and not be conditioned by people often unscrupulous.

      1. Daniela wonderfu to see your post. Please tell me the names of the Press because I am definitely going to write to that paper or papers @ tell them how I feel. I am crying with a broken heart as to what our precious boys have to put up with from the press & especially since this is from their own country.& those jerks dont get fired. I will not sit back quietly I must respond. Maybe if the owners of the press see what other countries reading how their journalists love trying to drag people through the mud it will make them stand up & see what garbage they have hired & improve their paper with journalists who know how to write about kind & honest people.who like the Il Volo boys are only trying to make a mark in the world.

      2. Loretta, you’re right to get angry, it happened to all of us, reading and seeing the rudeness and the bad words of those journalists.
        It was a really horrible event.
        And despite the press room of journalists, said that they have always voted against IL VOLO, our boys have managed to classify in third place, otherwise I think they would still be in first place.
        Some journalists have apologized to the boys, but according to us it was not enough. Our boys were admired for their education and for their exemplary behavior. Now Loretta, let’s see what these journalists write for the review of the new CD MUSICA.

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