The citizens of Montepagano, they want to wish well to their fellow citizen, Gianluca, and his family.

A few days ago, even if IL VOLO did not get the first place in Sanremo, the citizens decided to have a nice party in the square, in honor of Gianluca.

These sentences are extracted from an article in the local newspaper:

GG Celebration 01

Everything is ready for the big party. Gianluca Ginoble, fresh from the prestigious podium of SanRemo 2019, will return to his country Sunday evening at 6 in Montepagano who prepares him a welcome with due honors.

Gianluca Ginoble is the pride of the entire city of Roseto degli Abruzzi, but above all the ancient village of the City of Roses, are ready to stretch, symbolically, a red carpet to the one who in these years, has brought up all the pride of our country.

In Montepagano, the Pro Loco, the Fan Club and the BereBene bar organized the celebrations. An entire country awaits him with open arms. The appointment has been set for him with banners and more. There will really be everyone there.

GG Celebration 02

The preparations were hectic in the village while Gianluca was in Paris. And on his return, the party was ready in the square. The citizens were so many, it was certainly a moment of great joy for Gianluca.

But let’s see some images.

GG Celebration 03

GG Celebration 04

GG Celebration 05GG Celebration 06

Gianluca with his father and his grandfather.

Mayor = Good, and thank you for what you do, for Italy, because we need to keep our name high.

Thanks to you for what you do for Roseto, because the reflection that you have as a person on our country is great.

GG Celebration 07

This photo gallery is beautiful.

GG Celebration 08

GG Celebration 09

GG Celebration 10

GG Celebration 11

GG Celebration 12


Montepagano di Roseto degli Abruzzi, Sunday 17 February 2019.

Festival of the community of Montepagano, organized to pay homage to Gianluca Ginoble and Il Volo, after the 3rd place at the 69th Sanremo Festival with the song “Musica che resta”.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Gianluca Ginoble in front of so many people, outdoors, simply. Nothing screams and no unnecessarily high tones, because the important things are said better in a calm voice.

An intense chat came out of it, thanks to the reflections of Gianluca who a couple of times was also moved.

And in those moments when his eyes were touched with tears, talking about his family and the values that he transmitted of his beloved land of Abruzzo, the uselessness of living badly envying and hurting others.

Luca Maggitti, journalist.

GG Celebration 13

And here is the interview by Luca Maggitti. (Click on the Twitter post above to view the video.)

LM = How much did it hurt, to you three, to see that video and now, you, Ignazio and Piero, where you are with this thing, how you are living it.

GG = But you must know that I, by character, I slip, all over me.(You know when it rains? The water wets you, but it slips away, that is, once dry it leaves no trace on you, it has not affected your person …… the same is the meaning of this first sentence….. even if the things said by the journalists, they are very bad, Gianluca intends that those words leave no trace of malice in him, nor even of rancor, it is like saying that he has swept away from his shoulders all the bad words.)  I do not hate anyone, absolutely, because, you can also make mistakes, not in a press room in Sanremo, in a place like this, it should be a party, so it should not happen there. Everyone can make mistakes, in the end, of course forgive them, they are important people, the journalist in Sanremo and the music critic are important. The people are the ones who command at the end, (applause), the televoting is the most important thing. In the end, they can criticize, they can express their taste, because in any case they talk about musical tastes and may not even like our music. We do not have the presumption of pleasing all, absolutely, it would be stupid.

One thing is, the news, one thing is criticism, one thing is the offense.

Somehow, thanks to this thing, they are learning to know each other, they are really knowing who we are, as people, because I can understand that sometimes, repeating so many times “international success, they go around the world,” risk to have the effect on the contrary. People can be envious, they can be bad, they can express their negative thinking, but never fall into the offense. We, thanks to this Sanremo, somehow, we managed to get into people’s hearts, not only with the voices, but also as a person, what we really are, not just us (IL VOLO), but nobody deserves to have that treatment. (applause)

GG Celebration 14

GG Celebration 15

And here is a beautiful article published after the party and which I translate for you.

Il Martino Article – Click Here

MONTEPAGANO – A starry sky, on a February evening with an unusually mild climate, a long banner and the notes of “Musica che Resta” framing the ancient village of Montepagano. This is the atmosphere with which yesterday evening a crowded square, not only of Paganesi but also of many fans arrived from different areas of Italy, has prepared to welcome the young talent from Abruzzo.

A party in honor of Gianluca Ginoble who returns to the native village of Montepagano, after having won the third place of the podium at the Sanremo Festival with Il Volo. A party announced a few days ago and that is part of the tenth anniversary of IL VOLO that began to take its first steps in 2009, with the participation in the Clerici program, “Ti lascio una canzone” (“I leave you a song”).

GG Celebration 16

Gianluca arrives at 6.00 pm, welcomed by a thunderous applause. Peaceful and smiling he greets and opens with an interview in the square, moderated by a journalist. Gianluca appears visibly excited and calm, just as they are used to seeing him, his fellow citizens who have reserved for him a welcome, as an international star.

A recognition not only to the artist but also to his two traveling companions, Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone, who have made Italy known throughout the world and continue to represent with grace and style.

But how has Gianluca changed during these 10 years?

Walking through the village and collecting people’s impressions, comes the portrait of an affable and genuine boy, attached to his roots and his family. They tell us about Gianluca as one of them, calling him “Our Gianluca”. One who when he returns to his small village stops to take coffee at the bar of the village and does not miss an opportunity to greet and exchange jokes with everyone. One who could spend his summer holidays who knows where, but who chooses to go back home and stay on the beach of Roseto, with the affections of all time; one who at happy hour prefers football matches with friends.

GG Celebration 17

Il Volo in their artistic career has trod the most prestigious stages, and known world-renowned artists. Following the steps of Bocelli and Pavarotti he succeeded in spreading the refinement of the bel canto also abroad and exponentially raising our country in the world.

An ascent in the Olympus of music, culminated with the victory of Sanremo 2015 with a niche music genre, but which in recent years is gathering more and more acclaim and that allowed them to know not only great personalities of the music world. In November, in fact, they enchanted Trieste singing the Inno di Mameli in front of President Mattarella while, last January, they performed in front of Pope Francis during the World Youth Day in Panama. Gianluca, despite his success, has appeared as the boy of all time who, with his simple and courteous ways, was able to make the Abruzzo geographically known also to Woody Allen, through the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.

GG Celebration 18

Strongly linked to these places, Gianluca never loses an opportunity to highlight its beauties anywhere in the world. The last one dates back to the Sanremo Kermesse during which he made Antonello Venditti fall in love (guest of one of the evenings), the arrosticini, in dialect “li rustell”, making him become familiar with the dialectal terms of Abruzzo, as can be seen from a funny video that is becoming popular on the web.

As he says in the interview in the square “This is a special place because I feel good when I’m here, it’s my home. I continue to live here and I cannot wait to come back to see all the Paganesi and my family. That is the most important thing.”

All this love for the music and for his people, last night he came back to him, through the shining eyes of the people, the manifestations of affection and the industriousness of his countrymen, of the Pro Loco, of the Fan Club, of the bars of the village that took care of the organization of the party, setting up even a refreshment for all those present. A way to pay homage with simplicity and warmth not only the artist but also the boy of 24 years (completed last 11 February) which is the pride of his country and of an entire region.

GG Celebration 19

A young man aware that the road to go is still a lot and it is perhaps this humility, beyond the unquestioned talent, to make him so loved. When asked what he would suggest to the boys who want to pursue a dream, not only in music, but in every field of life, he replies that he does not feel like giving advice.

“I still have many dreams and goals to reach, for example learning how to play the piano; before telling others I have to tell myself. Study for the future!”

But the engine that drives this young talent forward is the family. He thanks his parents but above all a person. This is his dear grandfather, Ernesto, who since childhood gave him the love for opera music.

The evening draws to a close with the greetings of the mayor of Roseto, Sabatino di Girolamo, who rewards the singer with a plaque, thanking him for having made known the places of his land and makes them visible all over the world.

GG Celebration 20

Here comes the greetings and takes a real bath of crowd that surrounds him. Smiles and photos with everyone, with its infinite availability and courtesy.

And compared to the controversy in Sanremo, on the insults received in the press room, the three singers have won not only on stage but especially in life, managing to beat offenses with the grace and good manners that are their hallmark.

Soon we will see Il Volo in a series of firmcopies (CD signing events) – as the singer himself says – then in March the tour in America and Japan. On the 22nd, “Musica”, the new album, will be released, with two unpublished works and then many other projects: a summer tour that could also include a date in Abruzzo.

GG Celebration 21

Gianluca, you are really a treasure!

You said things that were really beautiful and without any rancor.

Only very intelligent and sensitive people would react just like you, to such malice.

You really deserve all the love of your people.

You always stay that way.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Thank you Daniela. We enjoy the pictures but, through your translations, you have brought us to the party. Cheers, soluti, Cin Cin al nostro ragazzo Gianluca!!

  2. Gianluca is truly a classy and talented young man who knows where he comes from and never forgets.His parents have raised a wonderful son.

  3. Grazie Dear Daniela!! We always wonder what is bring said on these occasions and then bing,bam,boom!! ….there you are translating it beautifully for us!! You are truly a blessing!! This morning I had tears in my eyes while reading this post. Gianluca as well as Ignazio and Piero are treasures who stole my heart over nine years ago and who all these years later continue to remain humble,gracious, kind and dignified …..even when faced with people who set out to hurt and destroy them. Seeing how much our endearing Gianluca is loved and celebrated in his little village was very touching and well deserved. Kudos to his amazing Team and especially to his beautiful family for all their love and support throughout the years and for giving us this beautiful young man who enriches our lives everyday.💕💕Joan Brenin

    1. You saw Joan, you read and I translate for you, so that you understand. Joke, of course, but I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      I agree with what you wrote, these guys, they enrich our lives every day,

  4. Thank you Daniela for the translations and photos from this beautiful party in Gianluca’s beloved Montepagano. The interview with Gianluca and the Il Martino article say everything that is beautiful and known about Gianluca! It’s wonderful to see how much his people love and respect him. They are the real Italy! I don’t think you could possibly find three young boys anywhere who could be so intelligent, respectful, loving and kind. You add their world wide fame, success and love, and you realize just how good, humble and wonderful Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were and still are. They are a treasure and a true gift. They love their families who have helped create these lovely young men. I can’t imagine how proud they all are of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero!

    1. Margaret, you saw what a beautiful party, and what a beautiful words for our Gianluca. He deserves this, as well as Piero and Ignazio.
      Thank you for your compliments.

  5. Thank you Daniela for bringing us into the party. G.G. deserves all the acclaim and especially from his village.

  6. Congratulations Gianluca, your town has shown you the well deserved recognition that you and Piero and Ignazio so rightly deserve.. You are so correct to ignore all the bitterness and nastiness of people who are only jealous of all Il Volo success in every way. Enjoy the adoration of the people of your community it will remain in your memory forever.
    Thank you Daniela for the translations and photos of Gianluca’s home town and neighbours, we are all so grateful. Marion

    1. Marion, after so many malice, for Gianluca, to return to his small town, surrounded by the affection of its citizens, must have been very nice.
      Thanks to you that you read and appreciated.

  7. Big star and a boy from the neighborhood, nice, sincere and humble, just beautiful. That’s Gianluca and the same Piero and Ignazio. How lucky are inhabitants of Montepagano, Naro and Marsala to have them as friends, neighbours. It must be wonderful to meet each of them on the street, in store or bar and just say “hallo”. Those people have to be very happy to have “their voices” . Ok, I’m dreaming and I’m envious a little. Thank you Daniela, thanks to your translations and beautiful photos we can feel the atmosphere of this beautiful event. Our beloved boys deserve all the best and the most beautiful things in the world. Grazie . Bacci

    1. Jolanta, they are really very simple people, they love their land of origin, their family, their ties are deep, and we admire them for this too.

  8. Thank you Daniela for helping us enjoy this well deserved event. Gianluca is truly a treasure. He is a really wonderful young man who is such a good example to all young people . The Il Martino article is one I would have expected from all the journalists around Italy, and I hope one day his country will support Il Volo in the same way.

    1. JD, I too would have liked to read these beautiful words of praise (deserved) on all Italian newspapers. This time will come too!

  9. When we listen to Gianluca’s mature and measured responses to the interviewer we tend to forget how young he really is. Bravo Gianluca!

    1. It’s true Penina, we realize how mature these guys are.
      You’ve seen Mahmood, a few years older than them (27) instead, Ultimo is the same age as Gianluca, but the attitudes of our boys demonstrate a much deeper maturity.

  10. Simply the best!! Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero are the most gracious, kind and talented young men to have come along in decades. Love Il Volo and we are very proud of them, too, here in Pennsylvania, USA.

  11. My compliments to all. What heartfelt and true statements have been written above. I fully agree.

    We as IL VOLO fans are so fortunate to have such grounded, exemplary, and loving guys to celebrate. As I have stated in previous posts, their parents and grandparents are to be commended for raising such loving, respectful, and honorable young men.

    They are ground-breaking artists, not just for the fusion of pop and opera, but also for their loving grace—even in the face of personal insults. IL VOLO is unique in the world and as displayed above in Daniela’s translations —to be cherished.

    So happy that they are receiving the love from their fans and their communities. Also happy to learn that Gianluca prefers to have the insults stream off him like water. So mature and wise. I adore him.

    1. You said everything, Crystaldawn, and I love him too.
      A boy who does not hold a grudge is not really easy. Bravo Gianluca.

  12. Thank you Daniela for the wonderful article ! My heart is happy for Gianluca ! Showing so much grace & poise for so young a person ! Definitely was raised with good morals & ethics ! Couldn’t be more proud of him if he was my own son !! All of them actually ! I love my boys !!

  13. Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio – as Il Volo – are a true treasure of Italy and to the world. It is very hard to understand the Italian journalists who have nothing but cruel things to say about them. I am very proud to have been a fan of theirs since 2009. – Allene

  14. A wonderful tribute from his own home town and, as Jolanta said, “you made us feel the atmosphere of the beautiful event.” Wonder what they have in mind for his 25th birthday celebration? Thanks

    1. Mark, how you run! Gianluca has just turned 24, but I think he celebrates his birthday in private. But I think that the festival of the country has served a lot, to make it clear to Gianluca, that his people love him, and that the bad words of the journalists, do not count for anything.

  15. Thank Daniela. Gianluca has grown up to be a very beautiful person. He always was sensitive and I am sure it hurt him to hear the ugly comments but he is dealing with the incident like the lovely person he is.

  16. Probably my favorite article since Sanremo. So beautiful, and what grace from our precious and wise-beyond-his-years Gianluca!

    Celebrating with Gianluca and Roseto degli Abruzzi! This is the world I choose to live in!

    All my thanks to you, Daniela and Pitterpat0. You bring us such joy!

    Love & Baci!

    1. Jeanine, I’m glad you liked it.
      From this party, one understands why Gianluca, loves to return to his small town.

  17. Thank you again for the translation I am so proud of Gianluca and the wonderful mature speech that he gave Just love all three of these GENTLEMEN Also love the new addition Arturo just love the way Ignazio lights up when he is playing with him

    1. Thanks to you Beverley, I would like also that Piero and Ignazio, have a similar affection from their people and I’m sure that for Piero it is so.
      It is the beauty of having grown up in small towns, where all people know each other. For Ignazio it is certainly much more difficult.

      1. Arturo is adorable and Ignazio is so happy with his new little companion. He loves that little puppy.

  18. Thank you Daniela for sharing this event with us. I just wish Piero and Ignazio could have had such a reception.

    1. You’re right Laura, I would love it too. Now we are at the presentation of the new CD, I want to see the behavior of the Italians. For now, as I am writing to you, I listen to the radio and are playing most of the songs of Sanremo, but I never hear MUSICA CHE RESTA.

    1. Crystaldawn, I’ve already posted messages on the radio, but I did not get anything. I’m waiting for the CD to come out tomorrow and then, even after the release, I do not hear it on the radio, I’m going to agree with my friends and send a request message to the radio. Radios seeing the same message from more people, can not ignore it.

  19. It gives me a warm feeling to see the joy on Gianluca’s face as he is being treated with so much love and adoration from the people of his town. He is such a awesome person, so much talent and yet so humble!

    Thank you Daniela and Pat for this great post. Daniela, at a similar Gianluca occasion, a couple of years ago, you did your first translation for us, do you remember?

    1. Yes Ineke, I remember, were my first steps on this page, as a translator.
      Ineke, tomorrow I’ll see the boys, I’m very happy.

  20. Daniela thank you for taking us to the party of Gianluca. We had a wonderful time. I cannot believe how wise these young men are at their ages. Some people much, much older than they, will never have their wisdom. I love them and their families to pieces.

    1. You’re right RoseMarie, maturity, is not a matter of age, our boys have always been more mature than their actual years.

  21. Thank you for the translations pertaining to this event, Daniela. Helps us confirm the impression that we have of Gianluca’s character.

    On Wed, Feb 20, 2019, 8:09 AM Il Volo Flight Crew ~Share The Love wrote:

    > pitterpat0 posted: “The citizens of Montepagano, they want to wish well to > their fellow citizen, Gianluca, and his family. A few days ago, even if IL > VOLO did not get the first place in Sanremo, the citizens decided to have a > nice party in the square, in honor of Gianluca. T” >

  22. Hi Daniela after reading all the remarks the town shows how much they love him witch is wonderful. Now a question I want to ask did you mention in an earlier post that the boys said they would be coming to Canada or am I wrong with just wishful thinking. I’ve gone back pages & pages but havnt come across that remark either. I hope the towns that Ignazio & Piero live show them the same recognition. Loretta

  23. i love love love this post! it’s like “coming home” with Gianluca to Montepagano!
    Grazie, Daniela!

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