I AM WITH IL VOLO by Daniela

We all attended the fourth evening of Sanremo, the beautiful duet of IL VOLO with Alessandro Quarta for the performance of “MUSICA CHE RESTA”.

It was a wonderful evening and we all had the opportunity to know this great artist.

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Alessandro Quarta was born in 1976 in Lecce and has a great success internationally, so much so that CNN has defined him a “musical genius” – a true star, the result of a great passion for music. Besides being a famous violinist, Alessandro Quarta is in fact a multi-instrumentalist and composer.

In his curriculum he has collaborations with major world artists such as Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Jamiroquai, James Brown, Tina Turner and Tom Jones.

In 2017 he was awarded at Montecitorio as “Best Italian Excellence in the World for Music.”

Alessandro has released a wonderful interview with RECENSIAMO MUSICA, which I now translate for you.

Recensiamo Musica Article – Click Here

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The meeting with the violinist from Puglia in the aftermath of his performance at the Sanremo Festival 2019.

“There is no classical music and light music, there is beautiful music and bad music”, begins with a quote by the American composer Leonard Bernstein our chat with Alessandro Quarta, internationally renowned violinist whom we had the opportunity to appreciate on the stage of the Ariston Theater.

Hello Alessandro, welcome to Recensiamo Musica. I would like to start with your recent participation in Sanremo as a guest of Il Volo in the evening of the duets. How did you experience this experience?

“I would say very well, I did not expect the call of Michele (Torpedine) and the boys. As you can imagine, for me it was an important emotion, I deeply admire these three artists so young, theirs is a great musical talent and I think they still have a lot to give to the public, because they possess both the technique and the head, features that they do not always go hand in hand.”

What motivated you to collaborate with them?

“With the boys we share the same great passion, they for the beautiful song, I for the violin and the ability to combine beauty, passion, softness and violence together, aware of what you want and can give. I’ve never made a distinction between classical music and pop music. I appreciate everything that comes straight to the heart and makes you shiver, whether it’s Mozart or Il Volo.”

I AM 03

Musically speaking, however, there are some things you do not like?

“Surely, it annoys me everything that screams to be heard, but this is not necessarily enough to get noticed, indeed there is the risk that the opposite will happen, that the trouble will push you to change channels or stations. I accepted to collaborate with them because I consider them as innovators, certainly they were not the first ones, but they follow the great example set by Luciano Pavarotti and continued by Andrea Bocelli .”

“Musica che resta” has made someone turn up their noses, they have defined it as a too traditional song, because in your opinion the term “classic” is seen today as a negative assertion?

“It’s simple, everything that is labeled is already prejudicial in itself. I’ll give you an example, if you see me walking down the street I do not think you would ever ask me what time it is, because from my appearance I can look like a Mexican escapist, it’s much more reassuring, someone in a jacket and tie that, maybe, steals your wallet. Unfortunately what is said is true, it is the clothes that makes the man, the same thing happens in music. What I recommend to everyone is to listen before judging, especially to young people who are more likely to be influenced than they can imagine.”

I AM 04

Two years ago you were awarded as “Best Italian Excellence in the World for Music”, you the best person spoken to for this next question: how are art and culture in Italy?

“Bad, very bad, I’m not at all happy with how we are managing our immense artistic resources. Italy is living, of cultural heritage, it would take more responsibility on the part of the institutions, which should innovate and enhance our present, not just the glorious past. If we go back in time, between the end of the 1800’s and the beginning of the 1900’s, we would discover how the great musicians Erik Satie, Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy have not been immediately successful, despite having reformed the art. Without them, today, we would not have what we have.”

You have traveled the world, you know many realities, because it is also a matter of mentality. We are loved around the world for Italian bel canto, why do we struggle to recognize it ourselves?

“Good question, I think we are a bit ‘too tied to the opinions of others’ and we trust little of instinct that suggests the kind of emotions we want to try. It is often just a matter of fads, you follow the herd rather than bring out your personality by praising your tastes. Then, for heaven’s sake, not everything can please, but why criticize something before even knowing it? A dish should not be judged by its appearance, it must be tasted and not photographed .”

I AM 05

You are a multi-instrumentalist musician, what binds you so much to the violin compared to all the other instruments?

“Do not ask me, I do not know what to answer, for me the violin is not an instrument, it’s part of my body. I also play the piano, the guitar, the bass and the drums, but there is no answer to your question, it’s like I was born with the bow in my hand, I started at the age of three, it’s part of me and he accompanies me around the world even simply resting in his beautiful custody (smiles).”

Speaking of your upcoming projects, February 22 will be released for the Italian market “Alessandro Quarta plays Astor Piazzolla”. What can you tell us about it?

“I think it is very important to bring the tango back to the atmospheres in which it was born, from sensuality to sexuality, everything that cannot be said in words or seen with images can be told through music. As we said before, the violin is not only a sweet and romantic but above all passionate instrument. For centuries it has been considered boring, in reality there is nothing more rock and erotic than its sound .”

I AM 06

What is the most important lesson you feel you have learned from all these years of musical activity?

“First of all, sacrifice is important, because wanting is power. Perhaps, the teaching that I have is to always remain oneself, even when in the dark moments nobody believes or struggles to understand you, it is in those moments that your real soul comes out, from that precise moment onwards people they will begin to know you for what you do and not for what you are.”

I AM 07

Really beautiful words of Alessandro Quarta, there is a lot of respect and a lot of affection towards our boys, even though they have just recently met.

Too bad that the video of the performance has been removed from RAI and therefore is no longer visible.


And now I want to make you feel an instrumental version of “MUSICA CHE RESTA”, performed with the electric guitar by Marco Sgaramella, I liked it so much!

But last, I want to offer you this video. It was made by Emilio Munda, who is one of the authors of “MUSICA CHE RESTA”. He was in Sanremo, in the gallery, in the audience, and he filmed this video during the performance of the first night of the boys.

The stage is far away, but it is wonderful to see the public reaction.

And here is Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, with Emilio Munda, in Sanremo.

I AM 08

This is the respect we want for Ignazio, Piero and GIanluca.

The respect that comes from worthy people, from people who believe in them and in their talent.

Guys, the road is always the right one, forward with your head high.



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

13 thoughts on “I AM WITH IL VOLO by Daniela”

  1. Daniela you did another great article. Thanks. I hope the boys do some more songs with Alessandro Quarta. It would be great if they could do something together at their last Summer concert this year..

  2. Il Volo will travel far and wide on their musical journey if the new CD is anything to go by. The songs on the new CD are fabulous with some very interesting interpretations of some old favourites. Really up to, and surpassed expectations The Boys get better and better if that is at all possible !! .They should indeed be very proud. I hope everyone enjoys !!!

  3. I agree with you Marion they get better and better. Their new songs are really beautiful and I can’t stop listening. They are still so young but at the same time they are great mature artists. I love all they do and I’m happy that so many great artists and worthy people respect them and believe in their talent.

    Daniela thank you very much for great article, it’s a real pleasure to read such beautiful words about our boys from such fantastic artist. By the way I hope we’ll be able to read about your meeting with IL VOLO in Milan soon. I can’t wait.

    1. Thanks to you Jolanta for the compliments.
      I have just finished the post in Milan, I hope that Pat is able to publish it already tomorrow.

  4. Thank you for bringing all this news to me. Prior to Sanremo I had not heard of Allessandro Quarta. I was very impressed with his duet performance and was hopeful that this version would be on their new Musica album. I was disappointed, but hopeful again for an upcoming concert— one that YouTube will not block access to for viewing.

    It is beyond belief that at Sanremo the juries placed the duet at 21st with such spectacular international talent for the performance. Those journalists are blind and deaf besides being heartless. The Quarta /IL VOLO duet was utter perfection. Worthy of first place. So glad that IL VOLO gave the gift of Quarta to their fans.

    I am grateful for all your research and time with your postings to educate me and keep me up to date on VOLO.

    AND yes, I to want to hear about their opening event in Milan.

    1. Cristaldawn, I admit that I too did not know much Alessandro Quarta. Here in Italy, the first days of the year there was a special television with the dancer Roberto Bolle who danced while Alessandro played his fantastic violin. The ballet was titled Dorian Gray and the music was written by A. Quarta. The boys in fact say that after seeing this ballet, they thought of him as a guest for the duets.
      Thank you for your compliments.
      I hope tomorrow you will read about Milan.

  5. Hi Daniela 2 pages ago of course I had to be on the wrong page but please go back about 2 pages ago at the bottom of the page I sent you a letter regarding |Il volo being attacked by the press plus I am going to find out how to find the press in Italy who have attacked our boys & I would like to suggest that people write in to the press & go after them for attacking the boys unjustly just because one jerk doesnt like them that would perhaps open their eyes & see what jerks they hired

    1. Loretta, I’m going to read, but you’ve been absent for some time from this site, read all the posts in chronological order.

  6. Hi Daniela, I received my mp3 from Amazon this last Friday. I can say with a doubt that Musica Cd will be a big hit for our boys. IL Volo sets the table for a romantic spring and summer. “People” and “Be My Love” done beautifully. Meravigliosa Creatura is a treasure. Their are 3 reviews on Amazon for mp3 buyers and all five stars. I can wait for our Flight Crew Family Hear this wonderful CD.
    IL Volo never disappoints,They are a phenomenon in the Music world.

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