Crew, I do not know which way to start telling my day.

I just came back from Milan, where there was the instore for the presentation of the new CD, MUSICA.

My feet are broken, and I’m very tired, but I want to fix immediately, the emotions that have marked the day.

I had already decided to go to Milan on Friday, but on Thursday, I received a letter from the official fan club, which warned me that I had been drawn, to take part in the mini-live that would take place a couple of hours before the instore.

Daniela Milan 01

Here I am with, in my hand, my copy of MUSICA, the new CD.

Waiting for the mini-live.

What about the Duomo behind me? Always beautiful to see!

After a couple of hours they call us for the mini-live. After going through the check of documents, here we are all lined up in the corridor, waiting.

Daniela Milan 02

We will spend more than an hour in the corridor, with an incredible heat, because it was a beautiful spring day.

Meanwhile, we fans talk, and who should I see but Veronica. She bought tickets for Jana, for the Verona Arena.

Veronica sends you her greetings, Jana !!

Really nice, Veronica!

Daniela Milan 03

And finally they let us in and tell us to sit on the ground ….. is not the best of the comfort, but they explain that they can stand up only at the bottom, otherwise nobody can see before.

Ok, I sit on the ground …. what we would not do for these guys !!! 😜

Daniela Milan 04

We are 150 people admitted to the mini live.

Daniela Milan 05

The director of Radio Subasio comes and begins to present the event. 

He says that during the week in Sanremo he was able to know Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca well and he says they are really special people (we already knew that) and he says that Radio Subasio will always play the music of IL VOLO.

Begin, the notes of, “MUSICA CHE RESTA”

But now here they are ……. IL VOLO….. Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca !!!

Did you manage to see me in the video?

They are really beautiful and funny, they sing and we all sing with them. This is a video of mine and of course what you hear is my voice!!

Daniela, Musica che resta – Click Here

And here’s another video, of the same time, we were all singing. There was a very relaxed atmosphere.

My legs hurt so much to stay in that position, but it did not matter!!

Gianluca also made a video!

A small interview follows from the director of Radio Subasio:

RS = In this CD there is music present and also of the past.

G = Yes, it is a slightly different album from the others we did in the past, because however there are more contemporary sounds, the choice of songs, also, but without abandoning the classic, such as “Be My Love” sung by Mario Lanza, but also by all the greatest tenors.

This represents a new beginning, a new path, which will lead us to have “a new face”, we sing with what are our true voices, our musical styles, which are different. It represents us 100%.

RS = Are you a little more pop, compared to the past, is it true Piero?

P = We have undertaken this collaboration with Michele Canova, we are fans of Mengoni, Tiziano Ferro, Jovanotti, and Canova has produced all the albums of these great artists and we have decided to collaborate with him and I must tell you that we are very satisfied and surprised of the work he did.

Daniela Milan 06

RS = Well, Ignazio, in the meantime, congratulations.

Congratulations because of you, this week, there was the image of you give a caress on the cheek to Mahmood (applause).

A gesture of great class, “chapeau” to Il Volo but above all to Ignazio, because this is the thing that remains of this Sanremo, as you have accepted this result.

P = The most famous profile of Italy (that of Ignazio)

RS = Proving that it is absolutely not true that they did not like the result, and that they are envious …. the envious one is another (Ultimo).

I = There is a whole story behind that caress. Because behind the scenes, while we finalists were waiting, Mahmood was sad and I asked him: 

“Excuse me, because your face is so sad, you are living a beautiful experience, we are in Sanremo” and he said, “The microphone did not open when the song started.” I told him, “What are you saying, you have a good song, you’re good, you’re among the first, you have to be happy and not sad.”

So when they said he was the winner I went to him and whispered to him, “What did I tell you?”

Daniela Milan 07

RS = So, you won the festival 4 years ago, in 2015, this year you came back, because you had to celebrate 10 years of IL VOLO activity, and you showed that, despite having won a Sanremo, and after having participated as super-guests, you are back in the race.

G = Because you do not have to live Sanremo only with the spirit of competition, certainly it was a courageous choice, but from guests to competitors, should not be understood as a step back, it was our choice, we did it for you fans, that you’ve been waiting for us for a long time. (applause)

It’s nice to be able to live Sanremo and sing for four nights in a row, even for you who have followed us, and voted.

RS = Yes, voted, because IL VOLO on Friday evening are splashed at the televoting. What did I tell you? Televoting !!

P = Now, girls, we know that in Sanremo you have voted so much, now give your banking code to Ignazio, who will think about making the wire transfers to you.

I = Besides giving them to Mahmood, I give them money too !! (laughs)

RS = It is nice to feel the warmth and the affection of your audience, now they have bought the cd and then they will come to see you on tour in concert.

P = One important thing, I read that you ask for dates in Sicily, in other places ….. in a few days, we will publish many other dates, now we have announced 7/8, there will be many.

Daniela Milan 08

I = It will be a summer tour.

RS = Long

I = It will be a summer tour and then there will be other surprises, indoors (indoor concerts).

RS = Let’s say that they are back in Italy and do not leave us, they want to be heard and sing live. We listen to another song, because we have to get ready for the tour, for the concerts, from today the new album is out, we need to learn the new songs, like “VICINISSIMO”.

I = We decide, “A CHI MI DICE” or “VICINISSIMO”

G = “A CHI MI DICE” because they already know it.

I = Let’s say to “A CHI MI DICE” and then we end up with “VICINISSIMO”.

RS = “A CHI MI DICE” in the version of IL VOLO is the track number 4. This song was brought to success by the BLUE and was written by Tiziano Ferro.

Now begins “A CHI MI DICE”, sung by all the fans.

….. and this below is my video.

Daniela, A Chi Mi Dice – Click Here

After the song, the director of Radio Subasio, asks if there are any questions, no one raises his hand.

Only a 10 year old girl, name’s Chiara, close to me, asks to speak.

Chiara tells the boys, that they are very beautiful and that she feels Gianluca as a brother!!

Here is the short video.

The boys are very relaxed, Gianluca is the most elegant, with light trousers and gray jacket, Piero has a grey turtleneck sweater and black trousers but wearing fluorescent yellow sneakers, very showy, and at some point asks the fans if his shoes are beautiful.

Ignazio wears a flannel trousers and a simple mustard-colored sweater, he looks a lot thinner in person and all three are really young, young men.

The director of Radio Subasio, still asks if anyone wants to ask questions.

A boy takes courage and says that he follows IL VOLO since they won Sanremo and he likes them a lot.

A woman says they are very good and would like their greetings, for her 86-year-old mother.

Another boy says that thanks to IL VOLO he has established many true friendships.

In short, no real question, and then I make a sign, I have a question, or rather two.

They give me the microphone and they tell me to stand up. My legs are numb for the position on my knees, but I get up, too bad that there is no video of my intervention ….

Daniela Milan 09

Me = I’m Daniela and I’m from Brescia. First of all, congratulations for Sanremo, you were really great.

In the fourth evening, that of the duets, you did a wonderful duet with Alessandro Quarta, do you think that, in any of your concerts, we will see the participation of Alessandro Quarta?

G = We cannot say anything but there is the idea.

P = It’s possible, let’s see.

I = First of all we must say that with Alessandro we have a good friendship and then everything is possible.

Me = I have another question, the American fans . . . I have been advised to tell you that when you go to do concerts in the USA, they would like a less classic program, because at the end of the concert they would like to stand up and sing and dance like Italian fans.

G = Now our program will be this, it is no longer Notte Magica.

I = Of course, the program that we will bring will be that of the CD …..

Me = … yes, but when you talk of concert on American soil you say you will do a more classic program. 

I = ….. but if you let me finish (everyone laughs), I was saying that before we were bound by Notte Magica, but now we’ll bring more pop there too.

Me = Thank you.

Daniela Milan 10

I must say that I was not at all troubled to talk on the microphone and in front of everyone, in fact, I felt in the family.

I took the opportunity to talk about the American concerts, because then during the signature-copies, they stop for a few minutes.

After the series of questions, ended with my speech, they asked to pose for the final group photo and then we had to get out and queue for signature-copies.


Group Photo Milan 23

These are the last shots I took before going down.

Daniela Milan 12

Daniela Milan 13

Daniela Milan 14

There were fans waiting to sign-copies, so we had to get off.

In a short time it became dark.

We who were at mini-live had precedence, so we all started waiting for our turn.

We were on the second floor, for the mini-live, about two hours of which one of waiting and one of mini-live.

I arrived in Milan by train, accompanied by my husband, but he was not admitted to the mini-live, so he had to wait outside …. what a treasure! When I got out, he said the voices were heard downstairs, so he figured out that I was talking at the microphone.

Daniela Milan 15

And here are some photos, while we are in the queue and we approach the boys.

Daniela Milan 16

Daniela Milan 17

Finally our turn has arrived, and here is our official photo – me and Beppe and IL VOLO.

Daniela Milan 22

I was able to make a few words with the boys to whom I brought your greetings, they signed the CD and also the book UN’AVVENTURA STRORDINARIA that I had brought with me.

I gave two kisses to each of them.

A few moments and it was all over.

Daniela Milan 18

Outside the library, there were Torpedine and Barbara Vitali sitting outside a bar talking to a couple of friends. I wanted to stop and talk to them, but I did not want to be inappropriate.

And so we headed to the train station, about 3 km to do on foot, as we had already done on arrival, under a hot sun.

We arrived at the station, everywhere there were great videos that projected the event of IL VOLO.

Daniela Milan 19

Daniela Milan 20

Daniela Milan 21

Finally on the return train, I was able to rethink that frantic afternoon.

It was worth it.

I was finally holding my new CD and I was so close to the boys.

They are really simple and genuine.

I hope this CD will lead to their sales success, which is really deserved.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Thank you, Daniela, for sharing your experience with all of us. I listened to the new cd on YouTube last night since it isn’t available in the USA yet. The music is beautiful in every way so I’m really excited about buying the cd & also looking forward to hearing the boys sing this beautiful music in concert in the USA!

  2. Daniela. You have surpassed everything that we Ilvolovers could have wished for. What a wonderful insight to the Boys and their first signing of their new CD .I can imagine your excitement and what a wonderful experience (apart from stiff legs! ) It looks as if the Boys are pleased with their new selection of songs and are looking forward to many new concerts.. The world is at their fingertips and they richly deserve this to be so after their hard work and popularity amongst their growing fan base around the world.Talent , and there is plenty of that, along with kindness and humility will win every time !!.So looking forward to the dates for concerts in USA, I am sure all will be “sold out ” events, I hope all the naysayers at Sanremo are taking note !!
    Once again many thanks Daniela.

    1. Yes, Marion, my legs hurt, but my heart was happy.
      The guys are very enthusiastic about their work and they are right.
      They deserve so much success.

  3. Thank you Daniela!! Reading about your experience and looking at the photos and videos makes me feel like I was there with you!! I am so glad that you had a wonderful time.

  4. Daniela, I am so happy for this report. It is quite extensive and allows me to feel like I was part of the event. Thank you for your time to collect videos and photos, as well as to translate. I am very grateful.

    I was delighted to read that the guys had good heads on their shoulders about Sanremo and are moving forward with ease and grace. Also delighted that Ignazio is receiving the just compliments for his congratulations to Mahmood—and truly representing IL VOLO’s love in that moment. Wonderful!!!

    I love the new album. I cannot stop playing it over and over again. To read your translation that they state this new album is 100% them is fantastic. This new direction is really their maturity and their experience of 10 years to be the drivers of their destiny. They have grown up in many ways and now their support team and managers are taking more direction from them. It is so wonderful. I cannot wait to see them live in concert—hopefully an announcement this week for Matera.

    I leave in two weeks for Paris to begin my pre-trip sightseeing prior to my 55 day Camino walk. I will be in Italy around May 12th after completion of my pilgrimage. I would like to purchase Matera tickets prior to departure as access to WIFI and time availability will be challenging once I leave the USA. I am saying daily prayers to the Divine Mother for this outcome.

    I am delighted that the guys are doing the in-store events and can be wrapped in the love and devotion of their fans. This is such a healing balm and validation of who they are as individuals and as IL VOLO.

    1. Cristaldawn, sometimes I would like to be shorter in the expositions, but then I know that you appreciate every word and then I let everything flow even if it is long.
      I love the album too, it’s really a good job and I hope I can give them so much satisfaction.
      Are you registered with the official Fanclub of IL VOLO? because the presales of all the concerts can be done from that site.
      The instore events are tiring but they make you feel the affection of the fans.

      1. Yes, I am registered with the fan club and this morning I opened an account with Instagram so that I can comment directly to Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio. I am not excited about social media, but it will get my name in their consciousness while I walk the Camino.

  5. Great piece Daniela! Thank you for expressing the wishes of the American fans. I’ve recently relayed the same sentiments to Barbara.

    I hope one day to meet you in person! You have been a joy to know!😘

    1. Thanks to you Lisa. Surely you would also prefer at the end of some concert to dance and sing, is not it?
      But perhaps you would like to do it again in the streets of Sicily.
      I am sure that sooner or later we will meet, I would be very happy! 🙂

  6. Daniela you are a great gift to us who do not speak Italian. You make us feel more part of the Il Volo family when we know what is going on. I ordered my CD from Amazon and the are supposed to start mailing March 1. Found the new CD on Youtube and listened to it three times.
    Love the new choice of songs and the new arrangements that seem to make the boys sing in such great harmony.

    1. Gina, I know you suffer when you see a video and do not understand what those blessed boys are saying.
      I like helping you understand.
      It’s true, the choice of songs was great.

  7. Daniela, you are simply awesome in presenting all the details to those of us who wait patiently for the boys to get to the USA. I’m so happy you got to talk to the boys and the videos made me feel like I was there with you. We all thank you for sharing so much with us. I go now to find the new cd on YouTube.

    1. Thanks Victoria and Jay, I’m glad you enjoyed the details and the videos.
      Our boys are really very natural and simple.
      Please also send a greeting to Tricianna.
      Listen well to the cd, it’s beautiful !!

  8. Daniela, Grazie, Grazie. You have given us more than we expected. Your husband is an angel, please give him a hug for us. I feel as though I was there with you, which I was because I was watching. I saw you behind Laura P. and I thought oh my , she is sitting on the floor! We make many sacrifices out of love for our boys. Ignazio deserves the title of “Classiest Man” at Sanremo. He is a class act. Thanks for passing on our wishes for “looser” concerts in the states. I have my ticket for Verona and hope to meet you there.

    1. RoseMarie, you said well, all of you were there with me, I watched, listened and talked, even with your eyes, ears and mouths.
      I gave my husband a hug, thank you!
      Ignazio is too strong, he can not stay still for a moment. If you look carefully, in the picture I was near a door, from that door a man of about 35/40 silently entered and stood on the sidelines. Ignazio from his seat, saw him and waved to him and the man answered with a wave of his hand and then Ignazio stood up and crossed the room and came there to hug him. He is like that. Fantastic.
      Of course we will meet in Verona, I can not wait.

  9. Wow Daniela how lucky you are to have such a wonderful experience seeing & meeting our precious boys I so wish I had been beside you & also to have given then each a kiss. I am champing at the bit to try & find out or hear where they will be performing here but so far have had no luck so am going to see if Amazon can give me some help & find out tickets as well especially since they will be selling fast. You have a wonderful husband for being so patient he is a treasure.

    1. Loretta, I was really lucky. I’m not sure you’d be satisfied with two kisses from Ignazio !!
      I will report to you, my husband, all your compliments!
      It’s still early for tickets for your concerts. Patience.

  10. Dear Daniela, thank you so much for all of this account. I like to know every second!! Lol In October I was in the Train station, and in that bookstore. So happy that you were able to do all of that. They are treasures, and I cannot wait to see them again. I will watch all of your videos. Hugs from Portsmouth Virginia!

    1. Hi Donna, yes, I remember that in October you were in Milan with Judy.
      I am close to Milan, but you are brave to make these trips and come from so far. I admire you very much.
      Thank you for the compliments.

  11. Thanks for the Americans message. They did describe us that way in another interview. Calling us older and wanted more classical style. Not true. So thanks.

    1. Kathy, I had communicated the same description to Daniela before she left for Milan. That interview made it sound like we wouldn’t appreciate pop style of music. I told her that all Americans aren’t like that. I so appreciate her comment to the guys about us! I don’t care how old I get I can still “move” to the music! I love to drive around with the music turned up loud and the wind blowing thru my hair! ️🎶🤣 OK……well, not so much in the winter time! LOL

    2. Kathy, in fact, it’s true, in interviews they say that in American concerts, they use a more classical style, and that’s why I insisted, interrupting Ignazio’s speech. Pat and Jana also asked me to raise this topic.

  12. Thank you, Daniela, for brightening my day as I look out my windows at snow drifts up to 2 feet high. And yes, some even higher. I am completely snowed in at least for a little while. So reading your experience has really and truly made my day much happier. I can’t wait for my CD to arrive. In the meantime, I enjoy so very much your posts keeping us up to date on our guys. I love Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio so very much. I truly hope that I get to see them this year.
    – Allene

    1. Allene, I’m so happy to have brought you a little sun on your cold day.
      Friday there was a beautiful spring day in Milan and I had in front of me, 3 suns: Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca ……. what a warmer it was !!!

  13. Dear Daniela, Thank you for your account of your experience with Il Volo! I read it through twice and feel almost as excited as if I’d been there. You have all of my sympathy about the sore legs and feet. Yes, you do make sacrifices for the cause. Thank you for asking the questions for us!

    1. Jeanette, then I had to do 3 km on foot and of course I put on the shoes with the heel. But everything is done for them!

  14. Dear Daniela, thank you so much for bringing to life this great experience. You are a very talented writer to be able to convey these feelings so well and very generous to share them with us. How exciting that there are more concerts to be announced, I hope we will meet you again at one of them xx

    1. Dear Sue, I’m glad you enjoyed my story and I’m sure we’ll meet again at some concerts.
      I always have with me the keychain of IL VOLO that you gave me, I attached the keys to the house !!

  15. Dear Daniela, I purchased Musica mp3 from Amazon and I can say without a doubt that the boys got at big hit on their hands. The Romantic sounds of this album ring loud a clear, it’s Beautiful. “People”, ”Be My Love” and Meravigliosa Creatura highlight a wonderful selection of songs. The guys are on top of their game and never better. I will purchase a Cd for my car. Don’t leave Home without IL Volo.

    1. Vincent, you’re completely right, the CD is a beautiful collection of very beautiful and varied songs, who else could go from pop, to classic, so naturally, only them.
      And what about their voices? Fantastic.

  16. Thanks to you Daniela for sharing this beautiful experience with us. I’m sure meeting IL VOLO and attendigd the mini-live were worth all those secrifices. I’m waiting for my CD too, but in the meantime I listen MUSICA on Spotify and I don’t know haw many times till now. It’s really beautiful. I only hope that nothing will change and the boys will come to Poland or Chech Republic. Me, my friend, our husbands and maybe my son with his fiancee (they got engaged last Friday in Naples, engagement in Italy, my dream come true) are ready to go.Thanks again. Greetings from Poland

    1. Jolanta, but sure they will come, they were very happy with their concert in Poland.
      So your son got engaged here in Naples, a beautiful love story!
      Me too, I keep playing the CD, now it’s also available on Amazon.

  17. What a wonderful experience for you Daniela! Thank you so much for writing about it in such a great detail. I am addicted to Il Volo and their music, and it is such a treat to be able to get more information about them (especially interviews) in English. You are greatly appreciated Daniela! Thank you!!

  18. Daniela, so much envy you have created! It must have been great to actually meet them and interact verbally and walk away with a signed CD they signed in front of you. So much envy from this fan! Thanks.

  19. Daniela, so much envy you have created! It must have been great to actually meet them and interact verbally and walk away with a signed CD they signed before you. So much envy from this fan! Thanks.

    1. Mark, I did not want to create envy ……. but yes, it’s beautiful, meet them, have the cd signed by them and talk with them …… even give them two kisses !!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. Daniela, I know that you had a pair of very tired feet but I would have loved to walk in your shoes for such an exciting event. And you got to kiss those handsome cheeks! What a great experience! Thanks for taking me along on your Il Volo journey. ❤️

    1. Annette, at a certain point, I no longer felt my feet, because I was flying in their world, which that afternoon was also a little mine.
      Thank you. 🙂

  21. I can’t thank you enough for asking il Volo about the American concerts! I agree with you completely. Some of the American fan groups do not, and I’m about to be kicked out of one for suggesting such a thing. L’amore si Muove has been my favorite since it came out, although I would have traded a couple of songs, but anything by il Volo, right? Did they seem to understand your point? I appreciated you saying we would like to sing and dance like the Italian audiences! I hope I didn’t misunderstood your point. Thank you so much for your description of the event. Bravo for asking your questions, you lucky, lucky girl. 🙂. Janice

    On Mon, Feb 25, 2019 at 8:54 AM Il Volo Flight Crew ~Share The Love wrote:

    > pitterpat0 posted: “Crew, I do not know which way to start telling my day. > I just came back from Milan, where there was the instore for the > presentation of the new CD, MUSICA. My feet are broken, and I’m very tired, > but I want to fix immediately, the emotions that have marke” >

    1. Janice, I really wanted to say this to the boys.
      They no longer have to say, that American fans want a more classic concert.
      I assure you that they understood well what I meant, and I think that these requests are coming, even from other parts. I recommend to you, Piero is asking questions in instagram to know what like best for you, from the answers then they will establish the lineup of the concert.

  22. Hi Daniela. Thank you for taking us along with you on the fun and exciting day. So cool that you were picked for the mini-live event, and you got a chance to speak and ask a couple of questions. It is nice that you were able to let them know that the American audience also loves their more pop music. I think when they bring their concerts to the US I hope they do a couple of classical Notte Magica pieces, of course songs from the beautiful new album, and some of their standards like Grande Amore, Ancora etc. but I would also love to hear some things from the Amame album. I really do enjoy that up tempo, latin side of their music. By now they have a very large repertoire of music to choose from. Did you get a chance to tell them hello from the whole Flight Crew? I am hoping to be in Verona in Sept, and eagerly waiting for the American concert dates. Thanks again for all you do for us!

    1. Janet, when the letter from the fanclub came to me, I did not believe it.
      I was really content to participate.
      I have to tell you that then, I thought I could ask if in the concerts they would sing some songs of the Latin CD, but I was asking too many questions, I would have been there all night !!
      Of course I brought them greetings from all the crew.
      If you come in September we will meet.

  23. Yes, it was quite the coincidence of Daniela and Veronica meeting! What a nice picture of them to me! 🙂 Crazy, isn’t it? An American fan, bringing two Italian fans, together! 🙂

    You are awesome!

    1. Jana, was too good as we met. We talked together and did not know who was each other and then you were our junction point ……. and as always, thanks to IL VOLO.

  24. Hi Daniela,
    I’m happy you had such a great time with the guys( except for sitting on the floor)☹️
    That’s a great picture of you and Beppe, and I love the look on Ignazio’s face!
    I often wonder if they remember who the Flight Crew are. They probably remember the Fan Faire. When you gave them our greetings, did you say greetings from the flight crew?
    It won’t be long before you see them in Verona, I hope you got tickets.

    1. Jill, not just the feet, but all the legs were sore, but it does not matter. They were so kind and nice, Ignazio, the usual joker, who sang in the ears of Piero and Gian.
      Of course they remember Flight Crew and all the crew.
      I would have continued to talk to them.

  25. Daniela, this post is fantastic. You covered every aspect of your great time at this event, making us all feel like we were right there with you!
    Your poor legs from sitting scrunched up on the floor! A pain surely worth it!😊
    Great you were given the chance to ask your questions.
    Can’t wait to get this beautiful new CD.

    1. Yes Jane, I was too happy to be able to ask them those questions, I really wanted to.
      Besides, they make you feel really good, all very natural, they are very simple guys.
      The cd is very beautiful indeed.

  26. I’m so happy Daniela that you had this wonderful experience to see and listen to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca up close. And thank you for the videos, photos and translations. They usually look good but I especially like the clothing they have been wearing throughout Sanremo and for all their interviews and photo shoots. You must have been very uncomfortable being on the floor for so long a period but as you said, it was well worth it and then you also had an impromptu concert! It was nice to see you in some of the videos and especially your photo with Beppe and Il Volo, and having them sign you CD and book! I just listened to the new songs yesterday and they are very good! I must admit that there are so many other songs I would also love to have on an album. I remember some of the Italian songs they sang at concerts in Italy which were beautiful also. Of course, we can always look forward to more new music! I would add that having been to four different Il Volo concerts, I thought Una Notte Magica was spectacular and my favorite.

    1. Margaret, I’m so glad you like the things I translate.
      I liked the clothes of the boys in Sanremo too, but I flattened Ignazio’s trousers, he seemed to be fat, but he was thin when I saw him in person.
      I told Beppe, that our picture is having success, thanks.
      As for the concerts, I attended the first “Magic Night” in Florence and it was really a magical night.

  27. Danela!!!!!!!!! sooooooooooooooo nice to see your here!!!!!!!
    i feel that i too, am LIVE there. in this moment. present-tense (not past!).
    i love these posts when i see you. i love love love your long flowing posts…. and you put a bit of this, a bit of that… (some videos, some pics, an interview, some reflections, etc. etc… i am fulfilled reading all of them, and not feeling like left hanging.

    i kept looking for you in the video. i looked at the guys a bit, then i kept looking for you!… then i read this, what you wrote:
    “Did you manage to see me in the video?”
    ha ha ha ha ha…. i looked for you even before i read that!
    but it was too quick. did not find you. please tell me where you sat, and i shall look again…..

    and yes, Beppe is a treasure…. but then he knows he has an even bigger treasure!!! 😉

    1. Grazie Cynthia, when I write a post, I try to think of everything I would like to know, if I were to read.
      I know I’m a little too long when I write, but I know you like the details.
      In the video of the entrance of the boys you must always look to the left, at one point there is a person who raises his arms up, that is Laura Peyretti, immediately after, you see my face, right behind her, I bring the glasses.
      Yes, Beppe is a treasure!

  28. What an amazing experience Daniela!! Grazie for sharing your memorable day with us in such great detail and from your heart. We miss them so much here in the USA and would love to have been able to teleport ourselves there to give them a big hug and tell them how much we love their new album!! Also, thank you for letting them know that we love their Pop songs and not just their classical music here in the USA!! We want to hear it ALL in concert when they tour here!! I can’t stop listening to “Musica”!! I am listening to it right now and it’s hard to pick a favorite as I love each and every song!! This album is so beautiful that it has me swooning, in tears and missing our endearing guys even more then I already do!!💕💕💕

    1. A really good experience, Joanie, and I know that they miss you a lot.
      Next year they will be with you and you will enjoy every minute.
      If teleportation was active, I think most of the crew would have used it!
      The cd is very nice and will be a success.

  29. Hi Daniela, I would also like to add my thanks to you, along with all the comments above, and to tell you that the way you explained your memorial day in the presence of Il Volo, was an absolute pleasure to read. Going by their answers they gave to your 2 questions, I get the impression that they found them interesting and important.

    1. Ineke, I assure you that they were really interested in my questions.
      I would have liked to ask a thousand more questions, but the time is always short, I am still happy, to be able to ask the question for you, US fans
      I always thank you for, the compliments!
      There is a nice interview for the weekend, where ask, to them, in which places have never been and would like to go …… read it as soon as it is ready for publication.

  30. Daniela I did read it yesterday!!!! Gianluca mentioning Johannesburg and Cape Town!!! Good to know that maybe next year South Africa may also be included in their plans for overseas concerts!!!!

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