The news has been circulating for some days, but today there was official confirmation: IL VOLO will be at Dancing with the Stars.

Here is the announcement given today by presenter Milly Carlucci which I translate for you:

Saturday night at Dancing with the Stars: IL VOLO.

They came a few years ago, they danced a salsa, this time, as they grew up, they matured, their style will be tango, and I’ll wait for you guys here, we’ll see what you’re made of here!

It will be a good challenge: kisses.

But who does not remember the last edition of November 2014, when IL VOLO participated?

If someone does not remember it we immediately propose the video of the evening.

Really fun, also the guys were great, but let’s also review the dance rehearsal video.

Furthermore the boys will still meet their great friend Carolyn Smith, who has always been very fond of great affection for them.

It will therefore be a wonderful evening, all tuned to RAI 1 at 9.30pm (Italian time).

Also this time I think they will surprise us.

I can’t wait to see Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca commit to dance tango.

And you?


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

26 thoughts on “IL VOLO at DANCING WITH THE STARS by Daniela”

  1. I’m sure they will be awesome! I hope someone gives them a rose to put in their mouth. Lol

      1. Hi Daniela I dont care if they dance, where they dance just as long as I can see them perform or just stand & sing. I love these boys so much there is no other sings can compete with their sense of humour or any performance they sing or do, And Daniela please let me know if they are coming to Toronto. I will be on cloud 9.

    1. I thought they were excellent! Wish I could have been there ! I agree Wish there would have been someone run up and give a rose and give them a kiss on the cheek!!

  2. I love dancing, so I can’t wait. And I am sure it will be better than ever. Because there is a great difference in age back then and now.

    1. Martha, for us in Italy it is evening, for you, early afternoon. Now I see if there is a link that can work.

      1. If you get the RAI App for your phone or open the internet on your computer and type RAI TV in the address bar. Good luck.

  3. Daniela is there a link to RA1. I will try the links on the internet. Sometimes it works. I can see Ignazio do his ‘dramatic’ moves.

  4. Daniela is there a link to RA1 to see this show? I will try the ones on the internet. Sometimes it works.

    1. Regina, unfortunately I too have problems accessing, my answers must always be approved. I hope this is resolved. For the link, now I try to see if there’s a possibility.

  5. My first thought is “when did they have time to learn and practice the tango for this show?” They have been so busy with many projects and getting ready for the world tour. I loved their last salsa dance back in 2014 and am really looking forward to seeing them tango. I read that we might be able to watch live stream on https://mobile.webtvhd
    I think it will air on Sat on the west coast about 11:30 am. They are so multi talented!

    1. I have watched IL VOLO’S salsa episode many
      times because it was so enjoyable. They were
      so happy during that video and you could tell
      they were having a lot of fun. I will be looking
      for this new video of them performing salsa.
      Great performers they are.

      1. Gale, they were really good and nice during the salsa ballet, I think they will do very well this time too

    2. Janet, I asked myself the same question, it’s not easy to learn a tango, we’ll see what they can do. Today they have done the tango tests, they will learn everything in one day ??? I expect everything from them.

    1. Loretta, please understand that yes, they are supposed to come to north America, however it is too early for any details to be published.

      We might not know anything until at least September.

      Watch your Facebook and Instagram if you have it.

      We PROMISE to publish everything as soon as we hear anything. You will have plenty of time to make arrangements and get your tickets. 🙂

      Ciao, jana

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