After waiting for them, the tango has arrived. The boys were guests at Ballando con le Stelle (Dancing with the Stars), but let’s review how the facts took place…

Milly Carlucci (program presenter) sends us a video from the backstage, before the beginning of live TV.

MC = Il Volo, sing, we know, Il Volo, dance !!

Piero = Embarrassing.

Gianluca = Again, after 5 years.

MC = But with another dance.

Ignazio = Absolutely, but with another elegance and bearing.

Gianluca = You will say it, hopefully good.

MC = A kiss, see you later.

But before we see them dance, and after a good two hours of waiting, here come our darlings.

Below is the video that summarizes all the moments of the evening with IL VOLO.

MC = We have announced them several times, even during the week, because it is always a pleasure to embrace these guys who have conquered our hearts already many years ago, even if they are very young, but then they really managed to conquer the world, because they brought the Italian voice, the Italian song everywhere, from the US, to Japan, to Australia, everywhere.

Gentlemen, it is a pleasure to welcome, here in Dancing with the Stars: IL VOLO.

MC = How nice to have you here and how nice to see the public, who not only did the “ola” but sang with you, with a blissful face that meant “how nice”.

Ignazio = Yes, but when they see us dance they will change their mind.

MC = But it is not true.

Meanwhile, let’s talk about your immense success, because we have just heard “A CHI MI DICE” that it is your last single just released.

Piero = It is part of the last album called MUSICA. A tour will follow, now we leave for Japan, after tomorrow, but in June and July we will be in Italy with 17 dates.

MC = The beautiful thing is this, they have conquered the Italian public like a hurricane, but then they have conquered the public all over the world, everywhere. Actually there is a warmth around you, it is very beautiful, because music is a universal language, so if it comes so powerful, it means that you did the right thing.

Gianluca = We want to say that we are celebrating our 10-year career.

MC = Yes, of course.

Gianluca = We also wanted to thank the public that supports us every time, and we can’t wait to go back on tour in Italy too to bring our music to the most beautiful places.

MC = But you have two important appointments here in Italy, soon.

Ignazio = Yes, there will be Matera which is very important for us. Matera is the city of culture 2019 and we are very happy, but with the tour we will also be here in Rome

MC = And then also Verona, so there is really a way to follow you and support you.

You, who through this 10-year friendship, have brought Italian music all over the world, and it’s not easy, because we export little.

Gianluca = We do our best to continue to bring this kind of music, not only to those who like it, to those who grew up with this music, but also to the youngest, trying to do something unique.

MC = Sure, then now, we come to this evening’s story, because they are magical when you see them and listen to them, but they must prove to be magical even when they dance.

Piero = Can we leave?

MC = NO! Meanwhile, can we let your teachers enter?

Ladies, please sit down and take your partially protected place.

We have formed new dance couples.

Our three heroes will now have to fly, even in tango, so this is the challenge.

Gianluca = We will try.

MC = I saw them try this afternoon, they will make it.

Gentlemen, we look forward to seeing you on this track with a magical tango: IL VOLO.

MC = Dancing with the stars and we are waiting to see IL VOLO, this time, not as singers, but as tango dancers, and meanwhile we tell these three wonderful Italian boys.

(moments of the 2015 Sanremo Festival)

Ignazio = We met 10 years ago.

Piero = We are celebrating 10 years of career.

Ignazio = We are three very different people, one from the other, with three different ideas, three different ways of thinking, sometimes it is not easy to reconcile ……

Piero = For example, today we said that we had to come dressed in black, with gym clothes, and look at him (Ignazio) as he arrived, blue.

With the song, we engage, with the dance ….. you know, three tree trunks ??

Gianluca = I am the worst of the three to dance.

Ignazio = I have the pelvis movement, guys !!

Gianluca = But I’ll try.

Piero = This year we decided to dance tango, because we have grown physically, mentally, so tango is more passionate.

Ignazio = Growing up …… you are always the same height, not that you have grown, the tuft of hair is higher.

Piero = Come on, lately I’ve also lowered the tuft.

Gianluca = Getting in the game is always nice, and then it is really a game, we have fun, we come here with great pleasure, we will surely have fun, you will see some good ones.

Piero = At the disco, do you know how we dance? So (rocking on the feet) all the time.

Ignazio = He doesn’t go to the disco.

Piero = At the disco, I go there, not every week, but when I’m with friends, I go and dance, and when I watch videos while I’m dancing, I’m clumsy, I can’t move, and I laugh.

This is the truth.

I’m worried about this evening.

Ignazio = Can I tell you a secret? There was a time when I went to the disco and dance Latin American on Sunday evening.

Gianluca = So are you ready for the challenge? Tell the public.

Ignazio = But that was salsa, not tango.

Gianluca = So you will give us the advice.

Ignazio = Absolutely boys.

Piero = So if we take bad grades it’s Ignazio’s fault.

Ignazio = I take the responsibility, for me, but not for Gianluca, for him I don’t take the responsibility exactly.

Piero = Gentlemen and ladies, a Dancing with the Stars, a dance at IL VOLO

Ignazio = What a bad thing it is ??

Ladies and gentlemen, with “MUSICA CHE RESTA” in tango version, IL VOLO.

Gianluca = Not bad.

Ignazio = Other than Pippo Baudo (presenter).

MC = So, I am very satisfied, then now you tell me (addressed to the judges).

Carolyn Smith = Can I say something? I am moved, really moved, because Gianluca last time (5 years ago) was a disaster, I must say that the other two are already fantastic, because in concerts, they dance, I am a witness because I go to their concerts and I have them seen, but I must say that you learned something, good, but you have to dance more.

Gianluca = Have you seen? The look, sensual!

Carolyn = Passion really, you’re good.

Ignazio = Nureyev in tango version.

Carolyn = Let’s not exaggerate.

Gianluca = It was cool, we had fun, I danced twice in my life, the salsa the other time and the tango this time, so I’m happy with the result.

MC = (addressed to the judge) So, Mariotto?

Mariotto = I love IL VOLO. He (Gianluca) was the one who promised less but did a nice tango, certainly with that teacher!

I saw them here behind the door, she instructed him, “You put yourself like that, I put myself like this.”

MC = But it wasn’t like they were touching, they were trying tango.

Mariotto = Yes, but they did it very aggressively.

Piero = More than anything else they seemed like foreplay.

Gianluca = We were passionate, the tango must be passionate, we must have the look, enter into passion.

Ignazio = Being passionate is one thing, playing the playboy, another.

Gianluca = See, everyone makes fun of me.

Mariotto = But no, you were really passionate.

MC = Jury, we give this score to IL VOLO.

10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 = 50 points, the maximum.

In live video, Paolo Belli (coach of the national soccer team singers), greet the boys and announces that soon there will be the charity football match which should also be attended by Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca returning from Japan.

MC = So gentlemen, it was a real pleasure to have Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca with us, that is IL VOLO.

P + I + G = Goodbye, see you next time.

Il Volo and Milly Carlucci.

Some shots of the evening.

(A new feature has been used for these photos. Please click on one and it will show as the full size image. There are arrows on both sides of each photo so you can scroll through them all!)

(photos by Deborah Georgini Beaupre and Il Volo Sicilia Fanpage)

Ok, and so after a long wait we admired our beloved boys, try a tango.

They were good, during the evening they sang their new single, with an informal elegance (Ignazio do you want to stop wearing baggy pants?).

The tango was nice, but too short, maybe because the expectation is high and the moment passes too fast, we would like an entire program with them.

Nice show, but time is short, in two days …… Japan they arrive.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Grazie Mille Daniela!! This is a fantastic translation!! The guys were amazing!! I watched the show on RAI1 and recorded their performances!! They absolutely stole the show!!💕😃💕

    1. Yes, Joanie, they stole the show, in addition, they got the maximum TV ratings of the evening, all watching our guys !! 🙂

  2. I am not criticizing just commenting that the music was not a true tango. But weren’t they handsome? And yes Daniela, igna should ditch the baggy pants. Thanks to all of you for putting this together.

    1. RoseMarie, what do you say if we prepare the clothes to wear to Ignazio ???
      You’re right, I liked hearing MUSICA CHE RESTA as background music, but it was really slow and then, as our boys sing it, no one sings it!

  3. Daniela, thank you for your time and energy bringing us so much information regarding these great guys. It was so much to read and look how handsome they are.

    1. Patricia, I’m glad you liked it, it’s long to read but I’m sure you like to know what was said.
      They are not only beautiful, they are good and beautiful. 🙂

  4. GG you were the best of the 3 of you- from me-a ballroom dancers view. Senuous and seductive for Argentine Tango. Nice job. Thanks for the inside info Daniela.

    1. Kathy, I agree with you, GG was the best, he surprised me.
      These guys always surprise us.

  5. Enjoyed the whole program Of course I enjoy anything these guys do.
    thanks for the article

  6. This was spectacular and so fun to watch. The guys did a great job and we’re always happy to see them having fun. Thank you for sharing this with us. We appreciate it so much.

    1. Victoria, I’m always happy to hear from you. Yes the boys, for the little time they had to train, were good.
      I recommend passing the video and a kiss to our Tricianna too.

  7. I feel so privileged to watch and hear them sing. When they are on stage and cut up a little, I laugh with them. I think at 82 I am in love with each one of them, well I know I am! This is #1 and only on my bucket list is to have a Meet adn Greet with them, see them when they come to America. I have no other wishes or desires except to give them each a hug and tell them Bravo. I find Gianluca so extraordinarily handsome, his eyes just melt my heart; Ignazio is sexy, love his hair and his moves, and his smile, Piero is my lil sweetheart, kind and courageous as a roaring lion when he sings. All in all these guys have the most magnificent voices solo or together. They are my dream team most assuredly. I love them as I love my grandchildren and wish the best and kindest life for them. My only regret is that I wish I was 60 years younger… lol… well you know what I mean! Hugs and love. <3

    1. Sassylady, what sweet thoughts you have. I hope with all my heart that your wish will come true and that you can meet them and give them a long hug and maybe even a kiss. <3

  8. Daniela why can we not see a full video of them dancing. I saw a few on Twitter but they where from far away.

  9. Saturday was such a great day for me… I was on the computer for the first time in a long time and I was able to see the big screen clearly with the patch over one eye… I had fun talking with you and Deborah waiting for our boys to come on and show us their dance moves… I was not disappointed… They were fabulous and I was thankful that the videos came in quickly because I enjoyed watching them dance over and over again… All three did well and looked so amazing with their dance partners, but I have to say Gianluca stole the stage and my heart … He had the posture and the moves of a tango down perfectly… He looked confident which did my heart good, because our two salsa dancers love to pick on him for being stiff, well in the tango that works to the dancers advantage because you have to keep the posture ,,,Bravo to all three for entertaining us always… They are truly the best in everything they do..They judges each gave them a perfect 10 each which gave them a perfect score of 50… And thank you Daniela for taking the time for this great tranlation along with the pictures … We are so blessed to have you here on the Flight Crew giving us the important events of Il Volo…

    1. Jeannette, I also had fun chatting with you, and then, we followed the whole transmission step by step.
      I liked the boys, even though I expected something more, maybe a more pressing tango.
      Gianluca was perfect, I said it right away. His bearing was …. from tango ….. he was really good.
      But you saw the picture that Ercole posted, fantastic.
      Thank you for the compliments you always give me, thanks Jeannette !! <3

  10. Yay for our guys—they danced great!!!
    Very proud of them.
    I completed my Camino pilgrimage and have lit candles for Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio in Santiago for their continued success, well-being, prosperity, and joy. That makes the 9th church and the 10th (for their 10 year anniversary of career) will be at the Vatican in Rome when I arrive next week.

    Daniela I have loved catching up with all your recent articles. You bless us with each post. Thank you!!!

    1. Congratulations on completing the trail, Crystaldawn, you are truly admirable.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the latest articles.

  11. Thank you for downloading and translating so much of the very successful tango dancing of our guys. I admire their willingness to always surprise their fans and Gianluca was really the pleasant surprise for me!
    I was not able to see the show live as it seems that South Africa is excluded from viewing Rai. I was not worried because I knew that this info would come on this site! . Molto Grazie Daniela and Pat.

    1. Thanks Ineke, in fact you know that, in case you can’t see things live, we’re here for this, to connect those who couldn’t see.
      So what about Gianluca? Fantastic.

  12. Our young men as always did a WONDERFUL job
    Proud of you…all…you dance great …thank you for let us enjoy your moment…
    Thank you always the best..
    I gave 10 points toooo…👍❤👍❤👍❤

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