I want to explain the meaning of the video posted by Michele Torpedine.

During the program Dancing with the Stars, Carolyn Smith, great friend of Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio,  said that she loves all three boys and says that next time it would be nice to invite Michele Torpedine to perform a dance, in Dancing with the Stars.

In fact the idea would be good, I think we would all look at Michele juggle into a dance.

But why did Michele Torpedine make a collage of all his interventions in the various television programs, putting in opening and closing, the request of the nice Carolyn?

I’ll explain it to you right away.

You should know that Michele Torpedine, who you have come to know as a person who has no hair on his tongue (says what he thinks), has recently been very critical of Italian talent programs.

He does not disagree with the type of program, but with the judges that are used, because they are often very incompetent people, who know nothing of the subject, but are known public figures, and therefore are used as judges, only to have the audience view the program.

In this way, the work of these program talent is debased, because they should bring to light the true talents, instead there are inexperienced judges who do not recognize the value of the boys who are in front of them, often killing their expectations and their hopes.

Certainly, Michele, with his experience in the musical field, both as an instrumentalist and as a talent scout, would certainly give a nice support, in these programs where music and song seek new talents………..but he is never called to be a judge.

For this reason, Torpedine wanted to make a video collage of all the interventions in TV programs, where he reiterated this concept.

He has made it clear several times that, if he were called to be a judge, he could even think of going into these programs.

Ironically, Michele starts with Carolyn’s video and ends with the same video, to confirm that the only talent program he received a formal invitation to participate in was Dancing with the Stars, through the nice Carolyn.

Too bad the program is a talent for dancing and not singing !!!!

These are the words that Michele Torpedine wrote in a post on his Facebook page, LA TORPEDINIERA:

“Today the discovery of new artists takes place through the commodification of talent.

Without the visibility that only a talent show or a platform like YouTube can give you, there is no way out of anonymity.

However, for someone like me, who does not give up yet and never will, the greatest desire, especially when I see the raging nothing, is still to go to the places where live music is played and there to search, listen, ask … where you least expect it!”

“Discovering and bringing a hidden talent to success, getting it to be applauded all over the world, well, that’s another thing.”

Michele Torpedine

Needless to say, I completely agree with Torpedine.

The Italian talent programs, unfortunately, cannot be judged by people who are not completely educated on the type of talent they must judge or so inexperienced that they cannot be judges.

Congratulations Michele, for stating all of this, in the various programs, you will be more liked …… or more hated ???

Surely it depends on the point of view.


Credit to owners of photos and video.

28 thoughts on “TORPEDINE AND THE TALENT SHOW by Daniela”

  1. Bravo Michele for telling it like it is. I’m sure there were many who did not like his truthful words. But we would still like to see him dance!

    1. Laura, surely her words don’t appeal to many, to me yes.
      I’d love to see him dance too!

  2. Bravo Michele!!! Thank you, Daniela! I ❤️ your articles.. translated for us. You are a gift!

  3. I love Michele’s candidness. He was just saying what has needed to be said for a long time. We have some of the same issues in the states. The competitors are less of the focus than the antics of the so called jurists. Well said Michele. And thank you Daniela for your amazing translations and interpretations. 💕

    1. I agree, Leslie, Torpedine said only pure truth.
      Thank you for your compliments.

  4. Totally agree with Michele..These shows MUST have judges who understand music and the work and talent that goes into the result. But Il Volo kmow by now that they are exceptional..If they were not, they would certainly not be where they are now. World class..and world renowned. So many people in so many countries are clamouring for them to perform..May their truly deserved success continue!

    1. In fact Linda, I believe that Michele does not refer to IL VOLO, which naturally has a recognized talent, but to those young boys who want to take this path. For them, having these judges in front of them is not really the best.

  5. Michele’s comments are thoroughly credible. He is knowledgeable and can fairly critique talent. Even more, he can promote talent. I admire him and would like to see the politics removed from talent content juries and replaced with his own talent for judging.

    1. We all want this, Vicky, but it’s very difficult.
      Yes Michele would be an excellent judge.

  6. Thanks to Michele for bringing this to light as it is so true and to you keep up the good work it is so appreciated by us that don’t understand Italian but want to hear everything about our awesome guys

    1. Beverley, I believe that with these right statements, Michele has made many enemies.
      I’m glad you like my topics

  7. Wow. What a powerful and much needed voice. Michele speaks from good ole common sense. A notion seldom used in today’s world. I can see what a strong presence he has In the guys lives and am so happy they have him. It brings home the strong values the guys have and what a blessing Michele is. Thank you so much for all you do for us. You are wonderful.

    1. Victoria, Michele with his experience can really say these statements, as a great essay, but I don’t think what he said was taken so positively by so many people. This is a very uncomfortable truth.
      Thank you for appreciating what I propose to you.


    1. Loretta, as I have already said, Michele has a good nose for true talent, and our boys really have a lot of it and in all fields.

  9. HI Daniela have you heard if our sweethearts are coming to the States & Canada I am champing at the bit to see them fingers crossed. If I hear they are I am heading the States pronto..

    1. Pat, I just posted a long explanation as to why I couldn’t get on the website. I clicked onto post comment and it wouldn’t post.
      But as you can see it worked on my post above. I have to put in instead of just Ignore the previous comment, I was just practicing to see if anything would go through. Thank you Daniela for contacting Pat for me, and I hope you have a great mother’s day.

    2. Jill, I don’t see the long explanation you commented about as to why you couldn’t comment on the website. I got an email from Daniela about it. I’m glad you found a way to get your comment to go thru. Is that the URL that was being asked for? I don’t really understand the technical side of the blog. I just put up the posts. Kelly is supposed to be working on the few problems that we are having since the upgrade.

      1. Pat,
        Yes, at the end of it asked me to add a URL. I finally tried adding the https:// to the front of it, and it worked the first time, but the other long post disappeared. So, sometimes it works, and sometimes not🙁

  10. Michele has spoken much wisdom. I am so glad and
    thankful he has guided our boys these ten years and
    probably more years to come. The boys show much
    respect, admiration and love for him and his wisdom.
    They are a really good team.

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