Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio arrived in Japan, the tour begins and it starts from the east.

At the airport in Japan, they were greeted by fans who kindly waited for a welcome.

Always followed by the inevitable, sweet Barbara, who does not abandon them for a moment.

But there is also another female presence, Mrs. Lenora, Gianluca’s mother, followed her son in this oriental adventure.

And because today is Mother’s Day, let’s talk a little about the mothers of these fantastic boys.

Here they are:

Eleonora, Caterina and Lenora, are three very sweet women, not at all intrusive or obsessive with their famous children.

Surely, at the beginning these women suffered the distance and all the worries, for these children, little more than little boys, distant thousands of kilometers.

At home there were other children, and the presence could not be divided, but the maternal love, that one, could overcome the enormous distances and make itself felt strong and vigorous, always.

For this reason the role of their fathers, associated with that of the extraordinary Barbara, was also fundamental.

Lenora,  Gianluca’s mother.

Caterina,  Ignazio’s mother.

Eleonora, Piero’s mother.

Mamma Eleonora, mother of Piero, has a big problem, she has the phobia of flying, so on tours abroad she didn’t follow her son, except perhaps rare cases.

For this reason we have often seen photos of Lenora and Caterina together, that during the tours of the children, they keep each other company. 

Do you recognize Piero’s gaze in Signora Eleonora’s eyes?

For this reason Eleonora  was not there during the special PBS, when the boys sang and were filmed with their mothers.

Really sweet this video !!

But let’s also see the splendid concert in Taormina, where Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca sang “MAMMA” clutching their mothers warmly.

Fantastic, what adorable kids.

Who wouldn’t want to be in place of those three moms ??

They will be very proud to huddle with their children, in front of all those people.

Really beautiful images, which move us and prove the great love that binds these guys to their mothers.

An interviewer, one day asked the boys, if they considered themselves “mammons” (very close to their mother, often said in the negative sense) and they answered, “What is wrong with loving their mother?” We have to admit this is a sign of a great son’s love.

We owe a great thank you to these women for having raised children with sound principles, with great education and respect. 

A mother’s love goes beyond time and circumstances, and is forever.

Naturally we are all linked to our mothers, certainly is not a party to remind us of them, but it serves to make us linger a little and distract ourselves from the daily life of this frenetic world and send our thoughts, to the one who created us, our mum, wherever she is.

I think of you too, mum, and I know you’re always here with me.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone !!!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

29 thoughts on “IL VOLO AND THEIR MOTHERS by Daniela”

  1. What a lovely post. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in this group.

    1. Thanks for the compliments, and I support your wishes to all the mothers of this group. <3

  2. Daniela, Thank you so much for for this wonderful “Mother Tribute”. I am a Mother and I have a Mother. Although my Mom is in Heaven, There is never a day I don’t miss her or give my heart to the one who gave me life. God Bless the Mother’s of il ragazzi for sacrificing precious time with their babies so they share their beautiful gifts with the world. And, Happy Mother’s Day to you Daniela.

    1. Thanks Leslie, even my mom is in heaven and I miss her so much.
      Happy Mother’s Day to you too. <3

  3. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone, Love the article abut the Moms they sure have seen and done a lot for their young men and I want to congratulate them for raising such fine young men.

  4. Happy Mother’s day to all ladies who have cared for any human being or the four legged “child”. The mother’s love is what gives each child the courage to grow into adult hood. Daniela thanks for reminding us of the boys connection to their mothers.

      1. Thanks Jill, and of course wishes also to you that have a ” fur babies”<3

  5. Happy Mother’s Day to you Daniela. Lovely to see and read about these dedicated mothers of our guys.

  6. Thanks again Daniela for stories &, pictures of the beautiful ladies of our precious young men. I am fortunate to be in close touch with my second son so know how the the boys mothers feel.

  7. This was very nice to read before going to bed on Mother’s Day. I had the pleasure of seeing these three young men in New Orleans years ago and hope to see them in Italy one day. 💕

  8. Happy Mother’s Day Daniela and to all the Flight Crew. Thank you for this post celebrating the lovely mothers of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. They have made many sacrifices in sharing their sons with all of us and of course have helped create and form three wonderful young men! Loved your message that “A mother’s love goes beyond time and circumstances, and is forever.”

    1. Margaret, it is a great truth, the maternal affection goes beyond everything and every circumstance and beyond time, a mother’s love never stops.

  9. The tributes to Mothers everywhere is so touching
    and I especially appreciate the mothers of our
    wonderful singers. I was privileged to sit in the
    same row with Gianluca’s and Ignazio’s mom
    at the concert in Oklahoma City and later at the
    M&G I shook the hand of Gianluca’s mom and
    second mom Barbara. Thank you for sharing
    this news. And I hope you had a wonderful
    Mothers Day.

  10. i just love love love these two clips. downloaded them sometime back, and i like looking at them again and again.

    when i first saw the one of Taormina, i didn’t know you or flight crew yet, just newly came across our guys. when i saw Gian with this lady in red, i didn’t know she was his mom. i though she was a fan. then after so much hugging by Gian, i thought, (bit envious), ok, enough already. ha ha ha

    Grazie Daniela

    1. It’s true Cynthia, those videos are fantastic and, not knowing their role, one gets jealous, but then knowing that they are their mothers, one melts of tenderness.

  11. Hi Daniela i may be too late to contact you but have you heard if our sweethearts are coming to Canada & the States in the near future I HOPE i HOPE i HOPE

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