We’ve known it for a long time Japan was on the horizon.

The boys arrived in “the land of the rising sun” and have already had some commitments.

Here they are upon their arrival.

Visit to Sony Music Japan and the announcement of the start of the tour.

The promo link from Sony Music Japan, of “NOTTE STELLATA”.

Short interview in the program Music Station, in Tokyo.

I = In these photos, there are our passions: fashion, football, music.

G = It is also an honor to be close to these great characters, whom we dreamed of meeting as children, and whom we then met.

P = Singing in front of Pope Francis was a great thrill and also in front of a million people and this is the most beautiful selfie of our life.

P = Hi, I’m Piero

I = I am Ignazio

G = and I’m Gianluca

P = and we are IL VOLO.

I = Our favorite song, lately is “Shallow”, by Lady Gaga

P = and Bradley Cooper

G = also has also won the Oscar, is one of the most beautiful songs ever, of the last period.

P + I + G = Goodbye, goodbye.

But here we are at the most important moment of the program, IL VOLO performs “NOTTE STELLATA”.

There are no words, this short video of “Notte Stellata” gives us a sweet execution made by our boys. Superb, even if shortened for program needs.

Magnificent words related to this video by Valeria Bosch:

HOW YOU CAN FALL IN AN “ENCHANTMENT” – A video of just over two minutes, shot in Tokyo, in a television studio: three young and handsome boys with unique voices, already beautiful at the beginning, but now, as that the maturation proceeds, even more penetrating, passionate and sensual, a timeless music, “The swan” by Camille Saint Saens, arranged by Tony Renis (“Notte Stellata”), a skater who designs magical evolutions on the ice. It is possible that all this could cause an enchantment, indeed I would like to say, with the permission of Dante Alighieri, an “enchantment” why does it seem to me that I can capture the state of grace in which I felt immersed ?

The degree of perfection to which these youngsters have arrived in solo interventions, in the fusion of the voices, in the musical harmony, in the understanding between them, I think has no worthy comparison in any other musical group in the world: Gianluca starts with that voice persuasive and velvety that immediately immerses you in a special world, made of dream, love, pure romanticism; Piero then softens his powerful voice to prolong the magic and dilate it so much that you seem to be completely enveloped in it, and Ignazio takes you to the stars, enchants you, fascinates you, forces you to hold your breath, until Gian returns to you with his singing an incomparable sweetness.

Three male voices of a poignant beauty, more and more ductile, ever more melodious, sweet and powerful at the same time, singing the eternal law of love, passion and dream.

Valeria Bosch.

Some shots of “life in Japan”…

Here is the full video of IL VOLO’s stay at the MUSIC STATION show.

Yes, the tour is officially starting.

And then it will be a very long run from Japan to Italy, and then Europe.

In lightning will also come from you and the long wait will be over.

Did you enjoy performing Starry Night?


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

43 thoughts on “START THE TOUR: JAPAN by Daniela”

  1. The performance by the guys and the performance by the skater was superb as was your article thanks again

  2. What a beautiful rendition of the guys and that wonderful skater. Thank you for the translation. I’m loving all the news from Japan.

    1. Victoria, today the first concert in Japan started, but nobody posted videos.
      I think that in Japan you can’t film during a concert, and we fans are all …….. dry-mouthed.

    1. In fact, RoseMarie, is a combination of arts, a beautiful skating exercise, performed on a beautiful song, accompanied by beautiful words.

  3. Magnificent singers as usual, excelent skating, beautiful music I would have loved to have been there. Thank you Daniela

  4. Dear Valeria, i’m always feeling the same when watching our boys, but would never be able to write it down so beautifully as you did…… thank you and Daniele for giving us the pleasure to watch and follow our boys wherever they are, whatever they do.

    1. Thank you very much, Irene. When Il Volo is singing, to write I listen only inside myself!

  5. Should we be at all surprised that they could take this song and make it so unbelievably beautiful and perfect….and the skater was great too!

    1. Mark, you saw the concert lineup in Japan, there are some interesting songs. I would say that this program is very classic, I told you, there may be more or less modern programs, but they will never betray their classical repertoire.
      This song The Swan is really beautiful !!

      1. I saw them today–I hope this list isn’t what they will be singing for the whole tour–I am sure the fans would like to hear more songs from the Musica CD.

  6. Just beautiful, they are perfect, pure pleasure to listen and watch this beautiful video. Thank you Daniela for your great job to keep us informed

    1. Her name is Xinjie Wang, she come from China.
      I found this fan art in the official fanclub, and now we are friends.
      There were also these beautiful words:

      “In the flow of time, the
      first second, from the first notes
      In the new episode of my life here in Italy, from scratch, alone
      there are always your voices together with me
      On the bright days and the dark days … in which I fought but already forgotten
      There is always more time and
      because the moment of encounter is already my eternity.”

      1. oh wow, grazie, Daniela. what lovely words as well.
        she is from China… but does she live in Italy now? or did she live in Italy in the past?

  7. I love the writings of Xinjie where she has brought how we all feel for our IlVolo sweethearts & how they enrich our lives. It is true for me that they are always constantly in my thoughts & prayers & listening to their voices & looking for any tidbit of information as to where they are going or what they are doing & I keep hoping.

  8. Thank you one more time for your words about the boys Daniela! You are always bringing us the most complete news and translations.
    I noticed that on the poster of Japan Tour they indicate the NOTTE MAGICA tour (the last photo on the post). I imagine that it’s because the japanese enjoy particularly the classical repertory, so, in fact, they didn’t really started the new tour, that one with the songs from the new album, and with a really new line up. This is what I am waiting for!!!
    Best wishes from Brazil Daniela!!!

    1. Yes Claudia, I think the same thing.
      When the boys were in Japan last year, they had been asked for more concerts, these new dates were set, but in reality, this program is still about NOTTE MAGICA. I think the new concert will open with Matera, and I’m very sorry not to be there with the special PBS.

  9. I agree with Penina. I saw the list of songs that were performed and hope that when they come to the USA at least 6 of them will be substituted. I do love their classical repertoire, however it’s time for some of their newer songs and more pop. Also, we have a large Latino population here as well, so they shouldn’t limit their Spanish dongs to Latin America.

    1. We’re on the same page Susan! They tend to sing more Spanish songs in MIami. They usually sing Tous Les Visages de L’amour (their one French song) in Montreal. I wish they would give their audiences the benefit of the doubt and make one songlist and sing the same thing everywhere! Il Volo audiences do not need to be pandered to. We like everything they sing! I love La Nave del Olvido on the new CD but I am willing to bet it would not be on a playlist for Canadian concerts, whereas it might show up in Florida.

      1. Penina-their Spanish songs should not only show up in Florida. I am hoping to hear some in NYC, as it is called the “melting pot” for a reason, and has a very large Spanish population. The US now has the second largest Spanish speaking population in the world, after Mexico. So would love to hear songs such as La Nave del Olvido, Il Mondo, and Si Me Falta Tu Mirada sung here in the USA at their concerts-all beautiful songs.

      2. I agree with you. I did not mean that they only SHOULD sing Spanish songs in Florida–I meant that’s what they do. And having lived for 8 years or so in NYC, I know very well that they can sing any language in the world there and parts of the audience would understand it. The same is true for Toronto where I live now. There are substantial sections of the population that speak everything from Chinese to Portuguese. And a big Italian contingent too!

      3. Penina and Susan, you are completely right, their Spanish repertoire is beautiful and I would like to hear it too.
        I would also like Tus Les Visages de L’amour, who do not sing here.
        We can say that it would take a 4 hour concert and we would not get tired of listening to all their repertoire which is really vast.

      4. When I want the full repertoire, I simply play all my CDS starting with the first one IL VOLO in English, and then the Spanish edition of it, then Il Volo Takes Flight, after that there are 4 (yes 4!) different We Are Love CDs in English and 2 more in Spanish. After those is the short Sanremo Grande Amore (one of my favorites!) and the several Grande Amore/L’Amore Si Muove ones, Notte Magica and Musica–and if it is the right season Buon Natale! That’s more than 4 hours of heavenly music…Try it when you want your own private concert!

      5. Penina Honig, How about “Amame” No CD, but I got it from iTunes I believe.

      6. Yes, I forgot about that! I downloaded the whole album free from Spotify and I listen to it frequently when I am on my computer. There are several songs there that I really like also!

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