The tour has started.

Japan, first stop, Yokohama.

The theater that will host IL VOLO is very beautiful.

Everything is ready, last moments in the backstage, sent by our beautiful baritone.

The evening program booklet is also very nice.

The concert will be set to the NOTTE MAGICA program, but there will certainly be variations.

And here is the list of songs that will be performed in the concert.

A really intense program.

It is very similar to the NOTTE MAGICA program, but with some variations.

The following have been introduced:

“QUESTA O QUELLA” taken from IL Rigoletto,

“NOTTE STELLATA” (lately they sing this only in Japan and instead we would like to hear it everywhere),

“LAMENTO DI FEDERICO” from the Arlesiana,

“BE MY LOVE” and “MUSICA CHE RESTA”  from the last CD.

Furthermore “O ‘PAESE D’O SOLE” is sung by all three and not only by Piero and Ignazio.

Unfortunately in Japan, it is not allowed to make video footage while the concert is taking place, therefore there are no videos, only a very short video of the concert already finished with standing ovation, taken by Mrs. Lenora.

And here are the only photos of the concert.

The Japanese are very observant of the rules.

However we can guess that it was a success, and we wish Piero, Ignazio and GIanluca to continue their tour with great success …… and we hope, for us, to be able to see some videos!

The boys continue to be hosted in the various programs, here they are in the UTACON show, where the boys sing a small song in Japanese.

Very nice as usual and always available for photos.

What do you think about the concert program and the new songs included?

It is clear that the program will not be the same here in Italy and also in the US.

I think it’s a very intense program and honestly I’m curious to hear Rigoletto and Arlesiana.

I also think that these guys can do everything, and range from a classic program to a pop with great ease and this is certainly not for everyone.

Well guys are you ready for the next concert ???

Tokyo awaits you !!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

36 thoughts on “INIZIA IL TOUR: YOKOHAMA by Daniela”

  1. Hi Daniela. Has everyone checked out the new video taken on a yacht by Capri and the boys singing “a chi mi dice” Wonderful !!! Can be seen on Youtube

    1. Yes Marion, thanks for posting it, in fact yesterday there were problems on the site, this post had to be published yesterday and today there had to be the new video.
      What do you think of the video?

      1. Daniela I think it is absolutely fabulous. More so because I have been to Capri leaving Naples on a hovercraft but making a return journey back to Naples on a regular ferry. (much more comfortable )!! The scenery is terrific and of course our Guys are superb, when are they not? I was thrilled when I came across the video and discovered from the notices that it had only just been released, so thought I would take a chance and forward to the Flight Crew site. The concert in Japan is lengthy with a great mixture of songs. I guess we will just have to wait until they return to Italy to find out the program for the concerts there.
        There is nobody today who can touch Il Volo for their ability, charisma and humility.,a success wherever they go !!!

      2. Marion, the view is lovely and the video is beautiful.
        For the composition of the concert, we will have an idea of ​​the program after Matera.
        I agree, with you, there is no one at IL VOLO level.

    2. Hi Marion, i also appreciated this video you posted above of the young men with beautiful voices. thank you for sharing.

  2. It’s a good mix of classic and pop. Our boys sing either with ease. But, what has happened to the music from Amame, Niche Sin Dia etc.?

    1. Maybe too classic, RoseMarie, I hope to hear something even more pop and I wouldn’t mind even hearing NOCHE SIN DIA, just to show their versatility.

  3. The program seems to me to be nicely balanced and inclusive of their very best. I would love this program performed the same or very similar here in the US, If I’m ever lucky enough to attend one. And once again Daniela, you are right, their classic is their strong element of any of the programs and always will be. The non classic is great too.

    1. Mark, I think they will make a classic in the US but with something more pop. Certainly, changes will include People.
      In Italy I think it will be a program with some classic but even more pop. Unfortunately, while abroad their classical repertoire likes and is highly regarded, here they say that “it is old”.
      I honestly don’t understand what path Italian music is taking.
      However they have the ability to sustain a classical air and these qualities must be shown.

      1. We have discussed this before. I don’t know who tells them that the American audience doesn’t like the new Italian songs. Yes we love opera and the classics, but we love the new songs too!

  4. It looks like a wonderful program with a great number of songs! There are many songs from their new album which could have been added and I would love to hear the songs from Rigoletto and Arlesiana. O’Paese D’O’ Sole is one of my favorite songs. I can’t wait until they come to the US!

    1. I agree with you Margaret, I too want to hear Rigoletto and Arlesiana: O ‘Paese d’o sole is a song that I really like and when I heard it sung by Ignazio and Piero I got the chills. It will be interesting to see it performed in three.

  5. when i was looking closely at the Programme, i was thinking, “oh wow! i like this programme!” (am a big notte magica fan.)…. and then you asked how we like the programme!

    Grazie, Daniela. it’s anyway nice for the audience not to be disturbed by people using their phones to take videos. so they can be with the show properly, fully. and they can have a complete experience of our boys. which one day i’ll have too……


    1. Yes Cynthia, it’s a very difficult program, or rather it would be for some other singer, not for them.
      You know, I too believe that I will not be filming at the Arena this year, because I believe, or at least I hope, that it is recorded on TV, so I can enjoy the whole show.
      I hope that day will come soon.

  6. I noticed that Gianluca’s song “La Danza” had been crossed out–I wonder why.

  7. Thank you for one of Gianluca’s songs at the
    beginning of his career and IL VOLO at the
    beginning of their career and through their
    wonderful years of singing. I liked your thought
    “I also think that these guys can do everything
    and range from a classic program to a pop
    with great ease.” I hope to attend another
    concert when they come to the USA. What
    a thrill that would be. Thank you Daniela for
    your hard work to keep Flight Crew informed.
    You are a special lady.

    1. Daniela, I think the video of “ a chi mi dice” is beautiful. As I have said before, the guys love to be out on the ocean. The video was sent to me by the fan club.
      As for the concerts in Japan, that is a lot of songs for one concert.
      I bet that during “ torna a surriento” they tone down their antics, usually that is the song that they really clown around on.
      I think that it might be a little too much for the Japanese audience, because of cultural differences.
      Of course I love it😄

      1. Jill, I really liked the fanclub’s arrival of the video, really a good initiative.
        I also believe that the boys will have a much more sober attitude during the concert in Japan.
        They know how to behave, they are chameleon-like and never out of place.

    2. Thanks for the compliments Gale, you are really too kind.
      Surely you will attend the concert next year.
      Do you know what I really like about guys? The naturalness, when they sing classical arias, they seem to make no effort and when they sing pop it’s the same thing, it’s not easy to have this beautiful and natural stage presence, not to mention their likeable way of present, between one song and another.

  8. I have been filling my heart & thoughts as well as longings to see our precious singers in concert. I so hope they will come to Canada as well as the States, My heart will be on cloud 9 if they do.

  9. The selection of the songs in their Japan’s concert is absolutely wonderful, mix off their signature songs and newer repertoire. Can you please Daniela explain what you meant by saying it would not be right for USA? I’m sure America would love it!! I’m going to Musica concert in Rome, album is beautiful 11 songs 37 minutes, concerts usually last 2 hours, they keep tight lips on what songs they will add, I’m flying from Florida to their concert, and I HOPE they will add some of their classical signature songs!

    1. Irene, I firmly believe that the concert program in Italy will be much more pop with more songs from the new CD and also from L’amore si Muove. When they come to the US they will insert some more classic tunes and take away some pop tunes.
      I would say it’s perfect for you, you will see two types of concerts and not one repeat.
      Here in Italy they will remove some songs already heard several times with Notte Magica, but the classical repertoire will certainly be there.

  10. First, I thank you for your time and graciousness in sharing all things Il Volo. I read everything you post. From Il Volo’s first PBS special to now, I am amazed and in awe of their growth, their voices and their positive presentations to the world venues. Because of Il Volo, I have discovered how much I love everything Italy and each year I travel from Canada to see their concerts in Verona, Lucca, Marostica, Taormina, and many more towns and cities. They have not only given me wonderful music that fills my heart but also have shown me other parts of the world as well: Budapest, London, etc. For me, I do enjoy their pop songs but their powerful voices when they sing the classics takes my breath away. Again,for me, there are many great singers who sing pop and Il Volo sings pop songs better than anyone but Il Volo is keeping alive the classics by reintroducing those songs with their voices to the world stage. The best! I have tickets to 9 concerts so far in 2019 in Western and Eastern Europe ~~ nothing can replace the pleasure of seeing and hearing them in person. I also look forward to seeing them all over the US and hopefully, Canada. (I can never stop working again!) Again, thank you Daniela. You are special and appreciated.

  11. Judith, it’s a real pleasure to read your comment.
    You are very lucky, you follow IL VOLO from their first PBS, I started following them after Sanremo 2015, so I miss their first period (even if I did long video searches of those years).
    I recognize their great vocal maturation, often when I hear their song sung years ago, it is incredible the improvement achieved certainly with the studio, their vocal style and interpretation, they are fantastic.
    I am very happy that you like Italy, we Italians owe much to IL VOLO for having made our land loved everywhere and having stimulated people to want to come here. It’s true, IL VOLO sings pop very well, and keeps interest in classical music alive.
    Wow, how many concerts you attend, they must cost you a fortune, but I think it’s worth it. Will you also come to Verona? In that case we will meet.
    Thanks for the compliments, they are very appreciated.

  12. I love our guys unconditionally and every song they have ever sang in concert. That said and this being their 10 Year AnniversaryTour I think they should include a song from every concert throughout the years such as Il Mondo, We Are Love, Un Amore Cosi Grande Etc. There are volumes of magnificent songs and I know they can’t include all of them but maybe just a few of the past favorites to celebrate their 10 incredible years together.💕💕

    1. Joanifl2 I would say you had a wonderful idea. I would like them to gather all their best songs in their concert, and I’d like a CD of all their previously unreleased songs and their successes.

  13. I agree with everythng you have said about the Ilvolo boys & listeing to previous songs they sang.. I managed to get about 27 of their CD’s & a few records of their older songs. I dont care what songs old & new % if their same songs are on old & new recordings they are all beautiful. Judith you are very lucky to be able travel as often as you do. I wish I was traveling with you…

    1. Loretta, you’re right, any song they sing is beautiful.
      There are old Italian songs that I really didn’t like, but sung by them, are wonderful.
      Just yesterday I heard for the first time the song IO CANTO but in the Spanish version, I hadn’t heard it yet and it’s wonderful even in that version.
      Yes, Judith is lucky.

  14. I sure do like the idea of a mix of the older songs for this tour. Very appropriate for the 10th anniversary tour. I am excited to hear what we will get in the USA. Not too classical I hope, though I know some will disagree. We are all different. Anyone know when the PBS special will be filmed? I thought it was this Sunday but nothing has been said.

  15. Daniela please let me know if there are concerts near Canada I might be able to go. I dont know how many concerts my pension will allow me to go to see them. I’m missing so much.

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