NEW VIDEO by Daniela

We knew it would arrive.

It was announced by a preview on TV on RAI 1, A CHI MI DICE’s new video has arrived !!!

In the clip you see Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca aboard a sailboat, sailing towards the beautiful island of Capri, passing between the stacks.

Take a few minutes and take a look below!

This video is really beautiful.

A beautiful song, sung in a fantastic way with a breathtaking view of the Capri Faraglioni (Stacks).

What more can we want ????

I enjoyed reading the numerous comments below the video, to see how many people from all over the world appreciate IL VOLO.

Here is a small example: 

Lerato Klassen


Marta Powałka

Wiesz, że jesteś nienormalna, gdy zamiast myśleć o tej cudownej przecież muzyce, to ciągle zastanawiasz jak się pływa takim jachtem xD Greetings from Poland 🇵🇱

(You know that you are insane, when instead of thinking about this wonderful music, you are still wondering how to sail such a yacht xD Greetings from Poland)

Paul Kolone

They are so awesome…. an Indonesian fan here.

maxwell salvatore

Eu amor lá bela música italiana 😘 Brasil

(I love there beautiful Italian music 😘 Brazil)


Con intimíssimo sentimento. Grazie! Con amore dalla Russia! 💖

(With intimate feeling. Grazie! With love from Russia! )

Come. to. me come. to. me.

Amazing !!!big love from China 🇨🇳 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Raphael Kaworu

Bellissimi! Vi amo! Spero che veniate in Germania!

(Beautiful! I love you! I hope you come to Germany!)

Lirio Pérez

¡Dios! Sus voces siempre se roban un cachito de mi corazón, amo su música. Saludos desde México 🇲🇽❤

(God! Their voices always steal a little bit of my heart, I love their music. Greetings from Mexico 🇲🇽❤)

Yesica Zegarra

Fantastici come sempre <3 Li amo ! dal Perù

(Fantastic as always <3 I love them! from Peru)

Alicia Descarrega



Mellas Brugiati



Betzabe Fuenmayor

¡TEMAZO! Los amo mucho, desde Venezuela con mucho amor…

(TEMPLE! I love you very much, from Venezuela with a lot of love …)

Shan Fran

Chicos bellos! Se los espero mucho Gracias por su hermosa música💜 Escuchándolos desde Bolivia \n.n/

(Beautiful boys! I wait for you a lot.Thank you for your beautiful music💜
Listening to them from Bolivia \ n.n /)

Rei Na

I love this version more than the original 😍 Sending lots of love from Malaysia 💕

Anka Schonmeier

Beautiful song,beautiful view and very handsome and talented IL VOLO…love from Chicago

Carmen García

Magnífica versión que, según mi opinión, supera el original, especialmente por la calidad de las voces. Felicidades y saludos desde España

(Magnificent version that, in my opinion, exceeds the original, especially for the quality of the voices. Congratulations and greetings from Spain.)

ximena lopez

Buenos días Que Hermoso La canción Muy bien Felicidades Chicos 👍👏 Viva Italia 💚♡❤ saludos desde Guatemala 💙

(Good morning That beautiful The song Very well Congratulations Boys 👍👏 Viva Italia 💚 ♡ ❤ Greetings from Guatemala 💙)

meenakshi dixit

Such a beautiful video and song. Did not understand the lyrics….should be as amazing as the tune. 💛 from India.

Irene Pat.

This song made my whole day 😁 I adore you guys so much ❤️ You have the greatest voices 👏 Much love from Greece

Yudi Beltre

Me encantan sus canciones! 😍😍 saludo desde República dominicana… 🇩🇴 😘😘

(I love their songs! 😍😍 greeting from the Dominican Republic … 🇩🇴 😘😘)

ester riquelme

Estos chicos del il volo siempre me dejan impresionada con esas voces tan bella que me hacen viajar junto con ellos Aparte son tan bellos especialme mi adorable Igna ( que irradia alegria 😁😍😇) saludos desde chile 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱💓🎧🎶

(These guys from il volo always leave me impressed with those beautiful voices that make me travel with them
Apart they are so beautiful especially my adorable Igna (radiating joy 😁😍😇) greetings from Chile 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱💓🎧🎶)

Maria Guadalupe

Muy bonita cancion!! Desde Honduras u saludo!!😚

(Very nice song!! From Honduras or greeting !! 😚)

Estefania Bernal

Voces hermosas, venga a Colombia! Me muero por verlos en vivo!

(Beautiful voices, come to Colombia! I’m dying to see them live!)

Gall LE

Waiting for them to sing in Bulgaria this September 2019. Love you all! 🙂 🙂

Of course it is only a small part of those who wrote, and I chose only those who specified their origin.

I was very pleased to read, how much they are loved and esteemed everywhere.

And what do you think of this and of the new video?


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

44 thoughts on “NEW VIDEO by Daniela”

  1. I love the video! The images from Capri are just gorgeous and the guys voices are superb on this song. It is my favorite on the new cd. I will be playing it a lot!

  2. I have been to Capri and sailed around the island… Ohhhh how I loved this video. It captured a beautiful day for me to the sound of my favorite singers in the world, IL VOLO!

  3. Dear Daniela, I was never big fan of traveling, here in America we have almost everything, mountains, beaches, lush forests, sand deserts, but after falling in love with our boys, I also fell in Love vith Italy. They really put Italy on the map big way! This year after concert we will stay in Rome for three days, traveling along Amalfi coast, (imaging beautiful sail boat sailing along with us, maybe there are our boys on it!) next year Milan , Sicily, etc.
    I’m following them since their first special on PBS in Detroit opera house ( sorry, but that is stil my favor, so young and exiting), and following their enormous success to the level of worldwide superstars, Italian Icons, but still the same, humble, loving human beings.
    Thank you again and again for you work.
    Irene from Florida

    1. Irene, what a nice program you have, the Amalfi coast is beautiful, I hope for you that the boat arrives with the boys !!
      I confirm that they are the best ambassadors for Italy.
      They are really humble, but the press has always described them as haughty and many people, who don’t know them, think that they are.
      Grazie mille for the compliment.

      1. Daniela, I’ve been watching their videos, interviews, pictures, shows and all the stories you provide us with, about the boys, for about two years and I just do not understand this Haughty business that the press there insists on. In word and action they are certainly far more humble, amicable and civilized than many of our celebrities here in the US. I just don’t see haughty anywhere!

      2. In fact, Mark, it is this thing that makes me even more angry, because people let themselves be convinced by some press that it has always been against our boys and I have not yet understood the reason. I can’t think that in the beginning, these people had a grudge against three kids, maybe towards Torpedine, I don’t know, but it’s a shameful thing. This year after the chaos of Sanremo, they admitted it, that against IL VOLO from the beginning there has always been the will to crush them.
        Believe me, Mark, I made this post by gathering some comments to highlight the origin, but in scrolling through the comments, I find few Italians, but they still say that these guys are too haughty. They never even met them, but they read the articles of those horrible journalists. Even today, I took the defenses of IL VOLO, in some comments under the Capri video. I have to say though that after Sanremo, these stupid comments have become very few.
        Are people opening their eyes?
        It would be time !!!

  4. I have watched this video so many times and shared it with all my friends who were so impressed They are the very best and I sure hope I get to see them in concert. Absolutely loved the video it makes me want to book a plane ticket to Italy Greetings from Ft.Lauderdale, Florida

  5. Thank you so much Daniela for this video; the location is breathtaking and stunning and the admiration and love for our guys keeps growing and becoming stronger as they do. Their voices have always always been from the Angels and they keep soaring higher and higher – there are not enough accolades for them – their artistry leaves me speechless. I adore these three amazing amazing men.

    1. Margaret, it’s nice to read how much admiration there is for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, from all over the world.
      For the video, nothing to say, just rejoice and listen.
      I love them too.

  6. The guys leave speechless when they sing. The video is fantastic!!!
    I just love them with all my heart and soul. 💙💙💙😘
    From New York, USA

    1. Thanks Blanche, it’s very nice what you wrote and I translate it into Italian.
      Li amo semplicemente con tutto il cuore e l’anima. 💙💙💙😘
      Un abbraccio dall’Italia!

  7. This video is breathtaking!! This is also my favorite song from the new cd. I have been to Capri and the video captures the scenery beautifully. It also helps to have three handsome Italian men on board singing to make it so breathtaking!!
    Daniela, you must visit Capri!!

    1. Yes Mary, I absolutely have to do it, Capri has always fascinated me, I hope to be able to go there soon.
      Certainly these young and talented men also contributed to the beauty of this video.

  8. Danelia thank you for this wonderful video, their voices are better than ever. They are all great but Ignazio take his high notes to another level. Slimply amazing!

    1. Vincent, surely this song highlights the singing qualities of Ignazio’s high notes.
      All three are very good, but Ignazio here has one more point.

  9. HOLA recién descubrí a Il Volo en el 2018, estoy fascinada con ellos. Por su excelencia interpretativa, por su humildad, por que irradian juventud y amor. Un saludo desde México, Baja

    1. Hola Natalia, it’s a real pleasure to read your comment here.
      I myself have begun to follow IL VOLO since 2015, but since then I have been a Volo-employee, I am always fascinated by their skill, their charm and their way of being.
      Welcome to the big Volo-family.

      Hola Natalia, es un verdadero placer leer tu comentario aquí.
      Yo mismo he comenzado a seguir a IL VOLO desde 2015, pero desde entonces he sido un empleado de Volo, siempre me ha fascinado su habilidad, su encanto y su forma de ser.
      Bienvenido al gran Volo-familiar.

  10. Everything in this video is beautiful, music, landscape and IL VOLO with their amazing voices, just fantastic. I’ve watched it many times, always with a great pleasure, love it very much. And the comments are really good and enthusiastic,pleasure to read. Thank You Daniela. Greetings from Poland.

  11. Hi Daniella…I love the video of the guys on the boat nearing Capri. Gianluca has my heart…he lives in my dreams always. I am here in America, and I’m completely enthralled with Gianluca’s very presence…his perfectness, his sense of humor, beautiful voice, his mannerisms, his technique, sweetness, sultriness and his sensitive heart and his emotional side. All very appealing to me, and what, even at my age now, I would love to find these things in a man. I continue to hope and to dream…thank you for your post. Eleanor from Parma Heights, Ohio, America.

    1. What a gift this article and all the shares were. The video is gorgeous in every way. I sent it to so many already after watching it over and over again. Thank you Daniela. You are our miracle.

      1. Thanks Victoria, did you have fun and fascinated reading the comments?
        Very good that you passed the video to friends, it’s a nice video and should be seen by everyone.
        A kiss.

    2. Hi Eleanor, hope never hurts, on the contrary, we must always hope and I wish you to find a Gianluca in Ohio.
      These guys make us dream …… but it’s so nice to dream.

  12. Daniela, you may recall in an earlier post I said how much I loved this song and now a breathtaking view of Capri to match a beautiful song!!I I find it interesting that they chose this song for the video !!! Best wishes guys!!!

    1. Yes, Annette, I remember that you had spoken very well of this song, now the video, exalts even more the song and the beauty of Capri.:)

  13. This video has it all: Scenery (Gianluca!), the Sea (Piero!) and the Sun (Ignazio!) Put them together singing and you have a fantastic experience–I can watch it all day–and do!

  14. I love the video and listening to the guys harmonies. When I arrive in Southern Italy I plan to take a day trip to Capri.

    Currently I am in Padova, having already visited Milano and Verona. I stood in the Verona arena and imagined IL VOLO singing. Next I travel to Assisi and then Roseto degli Abruzzi. Afterwards is Roma for the lighting of candles and prayers for IL VOLO at the Vatican for the final 10th church from my pilgrimage—celebrating their 10 years of career.

    Does anyone know if Piero’s friend Dario is still leading tours of Naro and Sicily? Since I was able to obtain a ticket for Matera I have extended my vacation by two weeks in Italy and now have time to tour Sicily. If he is leading tours please send me his email or website so I can contact him. Thank you.

    Daniela, as always, thank you for bringing such interesting and varied posts to this site. I love being able to keep up with all the exciting activities our exceptional guys are involved with on behalf of their fans.

    Hello to all. I am so delighted to traveling in Italy for one month.

  15. Very good Crystaldawn, you’re doing a nice tour in Italy.
    Too bad that the weather here in the north is not beautiful, so you will have seen Padua, Milan and Verona in the rain. Did you like the Arena?
    Assisi is beautiful, you will like it.

    Piero’s friend is called Dario MIrabile. I send you the site link.

    I am very happy that you are holding back more in Italy. 🙂

    1. Yes, all tours in the rain. But I am from Oregon in the USA and it rains a lot there, so I am not bothered by it. Yes, the arena was great, only thing missing was the guys singing. Thanks for the link. I sent an email.

  16. Absolutely breathtaking! I listen to music by Il Volo and it makes my heart happy. Their voices are amazing individually and then together they’re magnificent. I can’t wait till they tour the United States. I’m hoping in 2020? I have never seen them in concert, but have followed them for about 7 years. I have watched them grow from teenagers to young men. The interviews we see, show polite, sincere and humble young men. Thanks Daniella for sharing. Much love from Judy in Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA.

    1. Hi Judy, how many new names I see in this blog and I am very pleased.
      Surely IL VOLO will be in US in 2020, and you absolutely have to go to their concert. Their voices are even more beautiful heard live.
      The interviews show the boys for what they are, no fiction.
      A hug from Italy.

  17. Daniela this site is wonderful that I look for every day what people are praising by the press somewhat. I read the press rotton coments a few years ago & was desperately trying to find where & how I could find them to no avail Crystal Dawn I wish I was travellng with you keep hoping that you will bump into the ilVolo boys. Thanks again Daniela for the video of the boys singing & I hope I have got that song on my new CD.


  18. Daniela you ask what we think of this new video ~ I think it is art in motion! Il Volo singing and showing the emotion of the song in beautiful surroundings!
    I so agree with Penina when she writes about the scenery and I say ditto to Eleanora’s summary.
    Daniela thanks also for finding the South African Il Volo fans for me! It is lovely to get into contact with them.

    1. Ineke, darling, as soon as I see a fan from South Africa, I immediately think of you, I understand very well that being able to interact with close people is really fun.
      I wonder if the guys know they have the power to unite !!

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