During the Musica tour, Ignazio Boschetto performs two solo pieces.

Today I want to talk to you about “ALMENO TU NELL’UNIVERSO”.


This beautiful song, was written by Bruno Lauzi and  Maurizio Fabrizio , good Italian songwriters, and brought to success by Mia Martini.
Mia Martini was a very good singer, sister of Loredana Bertè, very close sisters, but diametrically different.

Mia was a very sensitive and even reserved person.
Thanks to her beautiful voice and her way of singing in 1973 she began her success at the age of 26. Unfortunately 10 years later she decides to retire from the scene, due to unfounded slander, perhaps the gossips started almost as a joke, but then the joke became heavy, unbearable, everyone said that Mia Martini brought bad luck to everyone and no one wanted to hear her sing any more , and no one engaged her to attend events.

In 1989 she returned to Sanremo with the new song “ALMENO TU NELL’UNIVERSO”, with which she was immediately successful.

Mia Martini’s life is full of ups and downs and unfortunately, on May 12th 1995, her body is found without life. The autopsy will establish that she died from an overdose of medicines, it will never be known if she deliberately took her life.


The video of Ignazio that I propose to you was recorded in Taormina.

Ignazio himself, presents the song with these words of his:

“And now the time has come to remember a great artist, who unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to know, because today she is gone, but a few months ago, on television I saw a fiction dedicated to her, and I stayed, as Gianluca says, stunned, sad, but happy to have known a little better this artist, to have known better her life, her dynamics, to such an extent that I also did a great research, and in everything I found about her, I arrived in my head  to a great message: – In the end there is no one able to judge other people, because we ourselves know how much we are worth, always.- (applause)

And this year I wanted to remember the great Mia Martini.”

Here is the text:


Sai, la gente è strana
Prima si odia e poi si ama
Cambia idea improvvisamente
Prima la verità poi, mentirà

Tu, tu che sei diverso
Almeno tu nell’universo
Non cambierai
Dimmi che, per sempre sarai sincero
E che mi amerai davvero,
di più, di più, di più

Sai, la gente è sola
Come può lei si consola
Per non far sì che la mia mente
Si perda in congetture, in paure
Inutilmente e poi per niente

Tu, tu che sei diverso
Almeno tu nell’universo
Un punto sei, che non ruota mai intorno a me
Un sole che splende per me soltanto
Come un diamante in mezzo al cuore

Tu, tu che sei diverso
Almeno tu nell’universo
Non cambierai
Dimmi che per sempre sarai sincero
E che mi amerai davvero di più, di più, di più.

Non cambierai
Dimmi che per sempre sarai sincero
E che mi amerai davvero

………di più.


And here is the meaning of the text:


You know, people are weird
First you hate and then you love
Change your mind suddenly
First the truth then will lie

You, you who are different
At least you in the universe
You will not change
Tell me that you will always be sincere
And that you will really love me,
more, more, more

You know, people are alone
How can she console herself
Not to let my mind
Lose yourself in conjecture, in fear
Useless and then for nothing.

You, you who are different
At least you in the universe
A point you are, that never revolves around me
A sun that shines for me only
Like a diamond in the middle of the heart

You, you who are different
At least you in the universe
You will not change
Tell me that you will always be sincere
And that you will really love me more, more, more.

You will not change
Tell me that you will always be sincere
And that you will really love me



And here is the video of Mia Martini.

Very sweet the interpretation of Mia Martini, but I can say that even our excellent Ignazio, has not betrayed the expectations. He didn’t upset the song, maintaining its rhythms and respecting the passion, he only interpreted it in a way more suited to his vocals.

And what about his initial commentary on the song? I read between the lines, a veiled (not very) reproach to those who believe they have the right to judge you, and with a few words to destroy your laboriously built career. (certainly a parallel with certain press and certain judges of Sanremo).

You sang with great feeling, Ignazio, thank you!



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

31 thoughts on “ALMENO TU NELL’UNIVERSO by Daniela”

  1. Fame is fleeting it appears. I am truly sorry for the lady. Ignazio is a very caring person from what I’ve seen when he’s touring and many pictures and videos are taken. IL Volo is love personified over and over and I enjoy hearing them sing. I sometimes , well all the time when they sing in their language but the melody is soothing and relaxing. I dearly love these men for their humility, their generosity, and their laughter. Thank you dear IL Volo. You make a difference in this crazy world.

    1. Sassylady, Mia Martini was very unlucky. Yes Ignazio is very sensitive and Il Volo makes the difference in this period.

  2. Ignazio takes his art to a higher level with this performance. He puts his heart and soul into it. Bravo! Just breathtaking!

  3. He did the same for Pino Daniele,I never heard of Pino before nor have I heard of Mia. So thank you to Ignazio for bringing this beautiful music into our lives. I love all three but Ignazio has my heart. I don’t know what else to say except that he is a special soul. He makes me laugh, he makes me cry, he makes feel young again.

    1. RoseMarie, how nice this thought is, he makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes me feel young again.💞💞

  4. Thanks Daniela.
    I do not know if others have this experience but I can listen to Gianluca and Piero and mop my house to the music but when Ignazio sings I have to stop and listen. It has been 10 years of fun following them around the World. I admire each boy for their specific talent and personalities.

    1. Regina, I have tried to put on one of the IL VOLO DVD’s to play while I clean house or do other things and I find myself stopping to watch the guys singing every time! I just can’t help it! 😍

      1. They’re too cute not to watch! Sometimes I put on utube videos of them while i am reading my email but I find myself switching over to watch them all the time, my emails never get read!

  5. Thank you Daniela for sharing this interpretation.
    Part of Ignazio’s great gift is his ability to feel deeply and to communicate that feeling. The world is full of singers … Ignazio is more than that … he inhabits a piece of music, makes it his. He interprets. He seems to choose his music because of its nuance, its depth, its meaning … and then convey it to us with such authenticity, such passion. He is original. He makes art. He is an artist.

    1. Nancy, I completely agree with you, Ignazio chooses his songs carefully and is an excellent performer. 😍

  6. Our Ignazio certainly sang with such great feeling. I was in fact quite moved. He has always had his own way of interpreting any song he sang but I think that he has surpassed himself this time. The passion in his voice was palpable. Yes there was a message in what he said and he was right to do it too. No one has the right to destroy another person with what is said or written, not even if they were the worst singers in the world which They Are NOT. Well done Ignazio. Great as ever

    1. Margaret, me too, as soon as I saw and heard the video of this song, Ignazio moved me, so I thought I would do these posts, because you all knew Mia’s story and all that tells this beautiful song.

  7. Giovane, ma con un’anima profonda e sensibile è il nostro Ignacio…Grazie Danielа . Sono molto lieto che ci stai traducendo con un testo in modo che possiamo tradurlo nella nostra lingua. Adoro la musica italiana ora, dopo IL WOLO, ad aspettarli in Bulgaria, a bere caffè italiano e piangere per le esibizioni di Ignacio.

    1. Grazie a te Ahtohena, sono contenta che gradisci le mie traduzioni. Sono anche contenta che la musica italiana ti piaccia, ma come potrebbe non piacerti , con tre cantanti magnifici come Ignazio, Piero e Gianluca? 😍

  8. Thanks for sharing Daniela. Because of the translation of the song I realize why Ignazio particularly choose this song. It also tells something about him as a person, wanting to honor somebody who was a victim of judgement of other people. IL VOLO itself experienced the hate feelings of the journalists in San Remo. I am glad there are a lot of family and friends behind them to support them and stimulate them to go on in the way they are.

    1. In fact, Tineke, I think Ignazio chose this song specifically. his text is very significant, and reminds everyone of the sad story of Mia, unjustly judged by the people.

  9. Daniela, what a beautiful article about a beautiful person,a beautiful song, and about Mr. Beautiful himself! Ignazio has so much Heart and puts that Heart into every song he sings! Grazie!♡♡♡♡♡♡

    1. Dorothy, I was pretty sure you liked this song so much, but how can it not be so, when Ignazio gives the best of himself ❤️

  10. Hi Daniela, their is no question that Ignazio is the master of pulling at the heart strings. The ladies go wild over is whole Persona yet he makes us guys feel the Love that’s poured out in his Beautiful voice.

  11. I agree with all of you guys, Ignazio is superspecial, it is impossible to do “something else” when hi sings. He is so beautiful inside, pure with his emotions and passion to share his feelings with us. He has as well great gift to choose songs with special meaning to him, but as well to any of us. I love this song and Ignazio’s interpretation, simply love it 😉
    BTW this song was written long ago before Ignazio’s birth, but don’t you think it is about him? Ignazio is that “special one” who is always sincere with his love and passion to music. Using words of other great artist: “… How wonderful life is while he’s in the world…”
    kisses from Poland

    1. Alicja, certainly Ignazio chose this song with a very specific meaning that he said in his presentation words, “no one has the right to judge you”. Ignazio is a treasure. Kisses from Italy. 😘

  12. Daniela you always lead everyone to respond with your positive coments regarding our precious singers. I so wish he was part of my family because he is first & foremost in my thoughts always. Love & kisses to the three most harmonious singers in the world. I so wish I could find who to contact that if they cant come to Toronto to at least come closer to the Border. Love you Ignazio always.

    1. Thanks Loretta, but my thoughts are positive, because Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca are positive examples.
      They will come to Canada, do not think badly.

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