Who’s Going to Verona in September? / PBS Detroit Labor Day…


Can you believe it?  Just 4 weeks away now for those of us lucky enough to visit Verona again!  I have to say, I really didn’t think I’d be able to go back again.  As many of you know, it’s been a really rough past year and a half for me for many reasons, but I am feeling much better and finally looking forward to going to Italy again to see the guys. 🙂

I am lucky again to go with my dear friend Lorna.  We will also be joined by Rose Marie from Ohio, and Betty from New Orleans!   Our itinerary includes Roma this time, in fact, verona 1we will eat our way through Roma, after the Vatican, of course.  Lol!  We also plan to visit Lake Garda for a day, after the Verona concert, then back to Roma, and home.  Will be a quick trip, but hopefully a more relaxing one than last time.

So, who’s going to Verona??  Each day, I find that there is another person that will be joining the many hundreds of fans at their last official concert in Italy – at the Arena di verona5Verona!  Alas, we don’t have front row, but do have meet/greets.  Front row will have to wait for Detroit, and hopefully Chicago.

In the comments, please let me know who is going to Verona, for starters, it will be myself, Lorna, Betty, Rose Marie, Daniela P (of course 🙂 ), a few others I am aware of from the States, as well.  Also, my other friend Veronica from Italy, and her friends.

I know many do not like to “join the throngs of the crowd” and that’s ok, but if anyone would like to join our group for a pre-concert gathering somewhere near the arena, please note it in the comments.  If you’d like, you can email me directly at:


We also have our tickets to the soundcheck!  Yay!  Maybe we could plan something before or after that?  Lorna, Rose Marie and I are staying at DiMoras House – about a 10-minute walk or so to the arena.  We are taking the train from Roma to Verona that morning of the 24th.

I look forward to your comments and suggestions!  🙂


On another note…. I’m sure many of you have seen (and cringed) at the PBS announcement of the guys being in Detroit again on Labor Day September 2.  Looks like pbs guysthey’ve really outpriced themselves this time as it was initially a “big secret” – now they are having trouble selling the tickets.  I believe I heard there were 50 tickets and as of this writing, they still have some left.  Tickets are $500 for meet/greet & Wine/Dine.  Here is the link, if anyone is still interested in going… https://www.pledgecart.org/pledgeCart3/?campaign=38B55A20-6C5C-4849-B794-175DAF95CB7A&source=#/home?cmpgn=DPTVExp2


P.S. all picture credits go to me – lol 🙂  (except PBS one…)

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  1. I am going to Italy (Lake Como) but on the 4th-11th so too early for Verona. going with friends. so sorry not to be able to see them. living in England is lovely but has its disadvantages when it come to Il Volo as they seem to not want to entertain us here!

  2. Wish everyone going a great time. Wish I was there to join you before the concert. Hope someone posts some great videos for us staying at home.

    1. I would give anything to see the guys…I’m in Parma Heights and love the guys; Gianluca💙had me at “Hello” and every minute afterwards. I can’t get to Chicago or Detroit and I’m broken-hearted. To all if you going, have an awesome time. I am in awe of you all…😊

  3. Not in the cards for me this time, but I wish all of you going to have a magnificent time!! I know you will!!
    Glad to hear you are feeling better Jana!

  4. What a dream trip! I wish my Il Volo friends the best of times. I love the idea of being only one degree of separation from our boys! I will have patiently wait for their USA west coast trek. Buon viaggio amiche!!

  5. hi all, I come to Verona on Sunday 22.09, before I stay few days in Rome. We have appartment on Via Filippini – about 650m from Arena.
    I will be together with my brother and friend. we have tickets to the soundcheck too, so adventure with il Volo starts arround 6pm 😉 after the soundcheck we stay in Arena for dinner (included in gold package ticket)
    We plan some “after party” after M&G in the old town, but nothing fixed yet.
    kisses Alicja

    1. Wow, it will be really late after the meet greet. Yes, I believe I also got your email?

      You are close to the arena. 🙂 So you will be in Rome before like us?

      1. hi Jana, yes it will be late after M&G but come on… we are still young 😉 I only hope that pubs/restaurants are open that late
        I come to Rome on 18th of September, on 19th have business meetings but 20 and 21st I plan only sigthseeing. I have hotel very close to Piazza Navona so walking distance to all “must to see” places in Rome. 22nd I travel to Verona by train and meet my friend, next day my brother arrives from Poland. Tuesday 24 is “il Volo day”, we have soundcheck, dinner (maybe only snacks and drinks, does not matter), concert, M&G, afterparty 😉
        We stay in Verona till 30.09, plan to visit Florence, Bologna and Lake of Garda.
        I will be more than happy to see any or all of you there 😉
        kisses from very warm Poland

    2. Alicja, yes, you are probably correct in the meet greet. I am hoping for a tad longer time, if there are not too many people at the meet greet. Usually the European cities have less people than the United States.

      Many years ago, I taped one of our friend’s time with the guys, it was less than 30 seconds! This was in Los Angeles, California.

      1. well… I wanted to get their signatures on pictures – caricatures I made for them, but i’m afraid no time… maybe I try in Poland or during sound check… Lets stay optimistic 😉

  6. Hi Everyone. My brother and I arrive in Verona on 9/21. We are staying at Vecchio Verona Hotel–about a 10 minute walk from the Arena. We too have tickets to the Sound Check and then will stay at the Arena for dinner as a part of the Gold Package. We would love to get together with others who will be attending. I look forward to meeting new friends from the Flight Crew.

    1. Hi Susan, then we’ll see you in Verona !!! What a pleasure. Have you solved all the post-fall problems ??
      I can not wait to see you again. A hug.

    2. Sounds fun, but don’t think you really get dinner with that? Thought it was more just appetizers and drinks? Rose has that package also.

      1. Of course you will be in front row! You have to take lots of pics of our guy…. 🙂

      2. dear Jana and Rose, yes you are right, when I wrote “dinner” I used wrong word, should write “buffet” 😉 But the most important for me is the concert. I have as well M&G but I’m afraid it will be very “authomatic” – shake hand – pic – good bye – next please… You have much more experiance, how M&G really looks like?
        greetings Alicja

  7. I am Ann Marie from Boston area..will be at Soundcheck and concert in Verona..would LOVE to meet any and all of you..please count me in!!! Fan Club member over a year..of course saw the boys in Boston in 2016 AND Lucca 2017…so appreciative of ALL the info you provide on the boys!!

  8. Hi everyone, I’ll be there in Verona and finally I will talk about many of you that I know only through comments. It will be awesome. We will agree with Jana for a meeting point. It would be nice if we wear the Flight Crew badge!

  9. My husband and I will fly to Bologna and arrive on Sept 18. we stay 4 days to see where the guys spend a lot of their time and I am making lunch reservations at Donatello where I have seen pictures of the guys eating a meal on several occasions . We take the train to Verona on Sept 22 to spend a few days before the concert. We are staying about 2 blocks away from the Arena at Art & Breakfast B&B. We would love to meet with all the other fans and especially Daniela who is so important in keeping us up to date.

    1. Janet (and all) – I am not going to the Verona Concert, but this summer, I was in Italy and went to the concert in Chieti (which was of course – Amazing). We also went to Bologna for a few days and went to Donatello for dinner. The server we had was wonderful, the food was delicious, and it the table where Il Volo usually sits was pointed out to us. I took pictures of the restaurant, our food and the “Il Volo” table. They also have private rooms, where I think Il Volo has dined in the past, but I didn’t see those rooms. You will love Donatello’s!

  10. So great to hear there will be a nice group of us! Thanks to those that also emailed me. 🙂 Give me some time to gather names and details.

    There were a few that made comments on the Facebook page. It would be great if you could respond to the actual blog site. That way I will get your response in my email. It is difficult for me to read the Facebook page…

    Grazie mille! We will really enjoy meeting everyone!


  11. Happy to hear Jana that you are feeling much better and will be able to travel to Italy and see Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca in Verona. I am sure it will be a great concert and you hopefully will meet many members of the Flight Crew who will be attending also. Best wishes to all and I am sure we all would love to hear from many of you!
    I am hoping that our local PBS stations will also soon show Il Volo’s Special from Matera.

    1. Yes probably during their next major pledge drive…it will be a national taping with Chris and yours truly again. 🙂

  12. It will be nice for so many Flight Crew members to get together in Verona… I was not sure if I would be able to travel… I got the okay late last week and the first thing I did was make plans for the Verona concert…I am excited to see the flight crew group get together there, cout me in.

  13. I was searching PBS program on Labor Day hopping to see their concert here on West coast (California, Nevada), also called friends in Chicago to watch it, unfortunately it is broadcasting only in Detroit, what a shame! Any explanation? Will be the concert eventuality broadcasted on all PBS stations and when?

    1. Hi! Yes, I’m sorry, but it is first being taped, live, in Detroit on September 2.

      After that, it will be sent to the other PBS stations around the country. It may be a few months, but it will likely appear during your station’s next major pledge drive. 🙂

      At that time, you will likely have the opportunity to purchase their Musica che Resta CD, if you don’t already have it, and DVD of the Matera concert.

      They’ve done this same thing with the past several concerts, Pompeii and Notte Magica.

  14. To Jana, Daniela or anyone living in or near Detroit this is Loretta Foley *I am living near Detroit in Chatham. Am I close to anyone meating our precious sweethearts or anyone who is meeting in Detroit. Are their tickets that are available to see the boys perform in Detroit or am I wrong

    1. Loretta – nothing has been announced yet for their tour. It is very likely they will be in Detroit, but not until probably late February or March. Just a little while longer!

      1. Thanks Jana for answering me I have missed so much. this is my phone number 519 802 4983 28 victoria ave in chatham

  15. Could Jana or anyone call Loretta Foley at 519 802 4983 & reverse the charges. If the Ilvolo boys are going to be in Detroit anytime soon I want to see them

    1. Loretta – we PROMISE we will let you and everyone else know as soon as the tour is announced for North America. At this point, we do not know anything and nothing has been announced. All we know is that they will be at Radio City Music Hall, NY in early February, but no one knows of the dates, except maybe the guys! Lol! 🙂 When the tour is announced, it will be all over everywhere!

    1. I really don’t have time to talk right now….maybe when we get back? Trying to get our itinerary together. 🙂

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