Last stop on the Musica Tour / Latin tour, CHILE.

Since there have been riots and popular demonstrations in Chile, there is concern about the concert, but the boys immediately reassured the fans about their presence at the concert.

In an interview, a journalist asked Piero why they decided to keep the concert in Chile, despite the climate of popular unrest. The boys responded:

“It would have been easy to decide. We don’t go to Chile, we go back to Italy and finish the tour. But the reason we wanted to go, all three together, is because we don’t want to leave our fans alone.”


A mix of songs.






Read how nice this comment made by a Chilean guy who went to the concert. Thanks for your words.

“There is nothing better than listening to the music you love, the one that inspires you, feeds your soul and makes you happy. What you listen to over and over again and it is never synonymous with monotony, that’s why you need voices that are the perfect complement. Today I had the opportunity to meet and share with ideals of my generation, Gianluca Ginoble, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto, representatives of lyric pop, already in their 10 years of artistic career, that I followed completely since 2009 when Gianluca won the show Ti lascio una canzone (“I leave you a song”). For me today is an unforgettable day and I feel full of gratitude for this great moment that is part of my dreams that become reality. For you, Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio, the greatest success of all time.”

Chile 01

Some photos of the evening.

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During another interview, to the question of what they will do in 2020, the boys said this:

“In November there will be a special album to follow the celebration of the ten-year career. In 2020 we will continue with the second part of the tour of the United States and some other countries that we cannot yet reveal. Therefore, we have a very busy year.”

Chile 12

The nice words of thanks of the boys:


This first part of the world tour ends. South America has given us so much and all this energy received gives us strength and reminds us every day that we are on the right path, our road. Now we have all the charge and adrenaline for the next projects: the promotion of the new album “The Best of 10 Years”


And this tour is over too! Now we return to Italy for the “The Best of 10 Years” release. Thanks to all the Latin America for the affection and love that it has transmitted to us this month! ❤️


Gracias a todos! My life is a dream!!! It’s been an amazing tour! See you in February in the US! 😘

Chile 13

Guys, the Latin Tour was a great and deserved success.

But now it’s time to go home. Italy is waiting for you, a little rest and then off,  immediately in promotion for the new CD.

Hasta la vista!! 

Go on like this!!


Chile 14

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11 thoughts on “CHILE MUSICA TOUR 41 by Daniela”

  1. So wonderful of them to do the Chile concert These guys are the best and what a nice, well deserved, compliment from the gentleman concert goer

  2. A very sincere and heartfelt message from the first gentleman. Happiness grows where ever they go, even in Chile. It was brave of them to go there for the Chileans, who so much wanted to see and hear them live.

    1. It is true Mark, a beautiful compliment from a young man of their age.
      If they had given up going to Chile, I think this guy would have been disappointed, but they didn’t. Doubly happy.

  3. IL Volo comprised of Gianluca, Ignazio, Piero is a class act that is so beautiful to hear and see. Whether singing solo or as a group, each one has their own style. I love hearing both solo and together. I am waiting and looking forward to seeing them in Mesa, AZ on March 1, 2020. I wanted to get as close as I could but I am 10 rows back. No Meet and Greet, but VIP package and I was told that IL Volo decides on a sound check. I hope they have one, I am 83 years old and I don’t know why but they have stolen my heart and I would love to give them a hug. Beautiful guys, beautiful music, and beautiful and heartfelt love for them. See you in AZ “my guys” and am hoping for a hug. <3

    1. Sassylady, right, when they sing alone, everyone has his own style, but the fusion of their voices is what we can witness more than spectacular.
      I’ve never been to a Meet & Greet, but I had the same opportunity to embrace them. I hope it will happen to you too.

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