Verona & Taormina 2020! Set your clocks!

Okay folks, if you missed them in Italy in 2019, you may have seen and heard they are offering 2 new shows in Italy in 2020.  More than likely, others will be announced, but for now, tickets go on sale TODAY at, well, 5AM EST time!!  (of course even earlier for you west coast fans!) Yes, set your alarms for 5AM easterners, as they go on sale at 11am Italy time!  Details are below and again you need the code, but please don’t call me at 4am.  You need to be a member of the Fan Club to attain the code.  Last time it was 10anni, but who knows if it will be the same this time?

Get your tickets soon!  Info below was copy pasted from the email we received today:

(Please be sure to follow directions exactly and purchase tickets from only the site listed below)  Personally, I’ve yet to actually see the code myself, but they tell me it’s on the Fan Club site, which you will have access to, after your membership is activated.

If you are not already a member of the fan club, follow these instructions:

Go to this site:  (link should take you to the English version)  1.  Click on Shop (upper right); 2.  scroll down a bit and you will see 2 options for the fan club subscription.  Choose either one, but I suggest the digital one, as you won’t be charged shipping.  Price comes to about $20 or so, depending on current euro value.  If you choose the non-digital, you will get a member card in the mail, but I’ve yet to really need it for anything, it’s just cool to have. 🙂  3. click on your choice, do add to cart, and check outPlease note: Once payment is done, you will receive two emails: one with the confirmation of purchase and one containing instructions for activating your online account.  4. billing, etc. is pretty straightforward.

If you have any issues, they are actually pretty responsive, just give them a few days to respond.

iv 10 anni

Wow! Il Volo announces 2 new dates for the next year!

August 30/2020 Verona – Arena
September 4/2020 Taormina – Teatro Antico

Fan Club members can purchase tickets IN PRESALE, before all the others!!


FROM 11am Italian Time OF WEDNESDAY 6th NOVEMBER, TO 10am Italian Time OF THURSDAY 7TH NOVEMBER all the members of the Fan Club will be able to buy MAX. 4 TICKETS for each date.

The code is valid for ONE PURCHASE only. You will not have other codes available. If you want to buy more tickets, you will have to buy them in one single order.

In order to purchase tickets, you will need an account on the TicketOne website. If you do not already have one, register here:

(if you click on the little Italian flag in the upper right corner, you will have the option to translate to English, or about 20 other languages!)

  (this is very important – do this first. I personally would recommend e-tickets, if you can get them)


– Copy and save the PROMO CODE that you will find in evidence on the Fan Club homepage

– Copy and save NOW the address (we recommend adding it as a bookmark)

– FROM 11am Italian Time November 6th you can proceed with the purchase directly on without going through the Fan Club.

This procedure will allow direct access to the presale page, avoiding overloading and site blocking.

FAQ – Answers to some frequently asked questions

Can we access the presale without having received the card yet?
YES! You do not need the card. As soon as you sign up for the Fan Club, you will immediately have access to all the initiatives, including presale.

Will there be access to the soundcheck?
Any initiatives, such as access to the soundcheck, will be communicated as soon as we have all the necessary information, agreed with the production of the concert.

How come so little notice for presale?
The methods of communication of the tour and the start of pre-sales are planned by the organizers who must consider many factors.
As Fan Club, we put ourselves in this dynamic to guarantee to the subscribers the advantage to purchase tickets.

18 thoughts on “Verona & Taormina 2020! Set your clocks!”

  1. I am thinking of getting tickets to one or both of the concerts next year. Is anyone else thinking about a trip to Italy next year? I suspect after this long world tour it may be a couple of years before they tour the US again and going to Italy may be the best best. I am thinking that I could always sell my tickets if next year comes and I cannot go. thought?

  2. mine is different too. But I have not been able to access ticket sales even though it is after 11 am in Italy. The site is not opening up.

      1. Hi Daniela. I really thought about coming to Verona first and then Taormina, but that is a long trip and also we want to see Palermo and Agrigento . So we will instead spend the extra time seeing Sicily. So hope to see you in Taormina.

  3. This was wonderful news to wake up to yesterday! Thank you for all the booking information. Straight away I booked seats for my husband, Vidas, and myself to see them again in the wonder ancient theatre in Taormina on 4 Sept 2020. This will be our third trip to Sicily to see IL VOLO and our 5th concert – so so excited! Would highly recommend to all fans to try to see IL VOLO in Italy – their home. It is several long flights from New Zealand but so incrediably worth while. In the meantime will spend next 10 months learning a bit more Italian! Our seats are Fila M Posto 23 and 24.

  4. Donna here. Had my Taormina ticket, plane ticket… everything. FORWARD to August 2020. Covid came. Everything cancelled. Saving it all for 2021…. Thanks Susan for the great translation and stories. I read some in the beginning that I already had. Then lost track of it. This week I will read it all. I love them so much. Thanks Again….Donna from VA.

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