It had been announced, Il Volo would be at Radio Italia to record an interview and a concert that will be broadcast by radio vision on November 25th.

Anyone who wanted could ask to be present, and so I immediately sent my membership and I got two passes, for me and my husband.

Here is the promo announcing the event.


……. and yes, in those people sitting on the floor at the end of the video, we’re here too.

To tell you that it was an unforgettable evening is really an understatement.
Everything was great, the guys close by. The room was not huge, so all those admitted (about 150/200 people) were very close to the boys. Everyone could see them and hear them very well.

The only sore point was that we had to sit on the floor, really very uncomfortable, but nothing stopped us.

This photo is by the master Grani.

Radio 01


In the confirm e-mail they sent us, it was clearly written that we could not take photos or videos, and so we left the camera at home, instead as soon as we entered, they told us that we could do both photos and video, but not use the flash .

Damn what a shame …… but with cell phone in hand, we did what we could

And here are my photos.

Radio 02

Radio 03

Radio 04

Radio 05

Radio 06

The interview was short, but very funny. Manola (speaker), asked each of the three, to say something that was never revealed to anyone. Piero started and said that he does the depilation to Ignazio.😁😁😁

Great laughter, and Ignazio, a little embarrassed, said that it is something quite natural now among men, on the other hand he is called Boschetto (in Italian this word means small wood). Then Piero specified that he depilates Ignazio, only his shoulders and chest! More laughter.😁

Too bad that then Piero and Gianluca no longer told their secrets.

Radio 07

Then the boys took the stage for the concert, but before starting, the director projected a video message from Antonella Clerici, who said only words of affection for our boys –  Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca and said that Antonella has always been very present in these 10 years, with messages of affection for them, without ever asking for anything in return.❤

While they waited for the direction to be ready, the boys sang “Grande Amore” in Sicilian dialect.😁

Then the concert started, we were really attached to the stage. It was awesome.

The boys, accompanied on the piano by the master Grani and two guitarists and a drummer, sang: (in random order)












And here is a collage of my short videos, I recorded short pieces of almost everything.

They sang two meters from me, I could hear and see them very well and it was really nice to hear and to see them so close, actually Vicinissimo!! ❤

Another fun moment, when the director stopped recording and sent two make-up artists on stage.

Look how the boys reacted, everyone laughed and the make-up artists ran away.😁😁


Still my other photos of the boys, but how beautiful they are.

(Click on each photo to view a larger version.)

And guess who I met at Radio Italia??? …… Xinjie Wang, who came from Rome to watch the evening.

It was good to see you again, Xinjie Wang, you are always very sweet and happy to celebrate your birthday, with this beautiful evening.

Too bad we forgot to take a picture of us together.

Radio 24

And here is a beautiful photo made by Xinjie.

Radio 25

It was a wonderful experience, certainly to be repeated.

In my most optimistic expectations, I never thought that I would have enjoyed so much, that evening, I was thinking of a much more distant vision.

Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca two meters from me all the time, priceless.



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

32 thoughts on “THE RADIO ITALIA LIVE CONCERT by Daniela”

  1. Daniela, thank you again, especially for the mini-concert. How fortunate for you to have been that close. I would sit on nails to be able to be there. LOL. Were you able to have any contact with them?
    I wish the American fans could have this interaction too. The meet/greets go by so quickly.

    1. RoseMarie, my husband was a little doubtful, but then he was enthusiastic, so close to the boys, an experience to be repeated, I hope that Radio Italia invites the boys other times.
      And all absolutely free.

  2. You lucky,lucky lady to be that close to the guys for that amount of time Wonderful pictures and video Thank you

  3. Daniela, I am thankful for your attention to detail and always giving us a close up view of your adventures tracking the guys.
    I have been reading your posts for a year and look forward to each
    post. But TODAY…I have to say you deserve this special reward of
    this close up …..almost like a private concert…for all your hard work.
    Grazie mille.

    1. Martha, thank you so much for the compliments.
      It’s nice to know that what you wrote, people like.
      I can tell you that this event was really almost a private concert.

  4. Siamo così felice per te!! 🤗😘 ❤Meritavi davvero di essere lì !! Ti vogliamo bene!💖💖💖💝

  5. Daniela, Many Thanks as always you deliver. It was Awesome that you could be so close. I Love that you shared and translated for us. Another keeper. I am so Anxious to see them in concert on Gianlucas Birthday.. I will probably pass out..❤️😘🥰

  6. I wish the boys would grow their hair back. Do not like the short cuts. Ignazio looks great with his “flowing” hair. Envy your ability to get to go to some of the events where the boys participate.Thanks for sharing.

    1. Regina, you know that I think like you, I like longer hair, especially Piero, I don’t like that haircut.
      While I’m answering you, I’m waiting for an event on television, our guys will be doing a virtual duet in honor of Dalla.

  7. Daniela, I am so happy for you that you had such a wonderful experience and that you shared it with us!

    1. Thank you so much, Mary, it was really a beautiful experience, I hope to do it again. This evening there will also be the possibility for you to connect, maybe I was filmed during the concert.

  8. The boys have been so busy the last few weeks and you have done a fantastic job of posting interviews, videos and photos. And a special thank you for all the translations. What would we do without you? They looked and sounded wonderful! I am so happy you and your husband got this opportunity to be so close to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. It truly was much like a private concert!

    1. Margaret, many thanks for all the nice compliments you give me.
      My husband was skeptical of going to that program, but then he was very happy to have come, the boys are adorable and very good.

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