Third stage of the World tour: Mashantucket, first stop in the US! 🇺🇸

Mashantucket 01

Mashantucket 02

Our boys, beautiful and elegant, send us to say that they are ready !! And you at the Foxwood, are you ready to get messed up by these 3 golden boys?

And here, the audience of Foxwood!!  (John, I saw you!! 😉)

Mashantucket 03

Let’s enjoy some short videos.

Mix of beautiful songs:









Finally a short video of a solo by Ignazio: TONIGHT

The final greetings


Some photos of the concert:

Mashantucket 04

Mashantucket 05

Mashantucket 06

Mashantucket 07

Mashantucket 08

Mashantucket 09

In this stage, there was also the soundcheck, announced a few days ago by an email from IL VOLO. This is the first time for a public soundcheck in the US!

Mary and Mark Minton were at this concert, and they wrote this to me:

We were told to arrive at the beautiful Grand Theater at Foxwoods at 5 o’clock to meet for the sound check. When we went into the theater the boys were singing Mamma and they sounded amazing! There were only nine of us so we sat in the second row together and listened to them practice a few songs. When they were done they came over to greet us, shaking our hands and chatting a little. Gianluca’s mom was also at the sound check. After the sound check we were able to leave the theater until the doors opened at 7 o’clock. The show opened with “Nessun Dorma”, followed by “Il Mondo” and “Un Amore Così Grande” and “Surrender”. Gianluca’s solos were “Bridge over Troubled Water” and “Always a Woman to Me”. Ignazio sang “Memory” and “Tonight” and Piero sang “Love Story” and No Puede Ser”. Duet for Gianluca and Ignazio was “Maria”, for Gianluca and Piero was “My Way” and for Piero and Ignazio was “O Paese d’o sole”. The whole concert was a nice mix of English and Italian songs. “Volare”, “Libiamo ne’lieti calico”, “O Sole Mio” and the finale “Grande Amore” really had the audience on its feet singing along and with many standing ovations! The boys have never sounded better! Now on to Boston! 

Mashantucket 10

Another nice concert to add.
Thanks to Mary Minton for the report.
Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, take care of your voices, the journey is still long.

Boston, next stop !!



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

20 thoughts on “IL VOLO WORLD TOUR: MASHANTUCKET by Daniela”

  1. Thank yo so much for all the postings .If it is possible every concert is bigger and better than the last. Their voices are fantastic and just seem to go from strength to strength.So happy to see Gianpiero Grani with them as there is great rapport between them all. Getting more and more excited for February 22nd concert and meet and greet.

  2. Marion, Thank you. How wonderful to get this report while we wait our turn. I am waiting to hear some of these songs. I hope by the time they get to California they will decide against singing “She’s always a woman and Tonight. These 2 songs are so light weight, that they don’t do justice to Gianluca or Ignazio’s abilities.They seem to like songs from American plays. There is a beautiful song from Camelot that they could sing called “If Ever I should Leave You” that they could listen to for appropriate presentation..But of coarse I’m going to love just seeing and hearing them perform in person.

    1. Kay I have wished for years that Gianluca would sing If Ever I Would Leave You. So nice to see someone agree with me. It would also be nice if they sang it together.

  3. So sorry, Mary and Mark Minton, I really meant the above post for you. I just put Marion’s name in by mistake. You did a wonderful job of reporting. I will try to do the same for you when I see them in March.

    1. Thank you, Kay. We were also at the concert in Boston last night and they dropped “O Paese d’o sole” from the set and instead Piero and Ignazio did a duet of “Core ‘ngrato”. They did sing a lot of songs in English and even though I love everything they sing I would have preferred more songs in Italian.

  4. Great description of the concert. I wish I had known who you were I was also at this Sound Check. Would have liked to have met you. The concert was fantastic, over too soon for me. Thank you.

  5. To the Mintons,
    Thank you for posting about your awesome experience at the soundcheck—up front and close to hear and meet Il Volo and listen to their practice session.

    I am going to Radio City Music Hall in 2 days! I can’t wait. I know they will sing Grande Amore and we in the audience can respond. How great is that!!

    Regards from Elisa Marie

  6. Another reply from me–the concerts go by so fast; I wish they were 3 hours or more long. Have fun everyone!

    Elisa Marie

  7. Aren’t they just wonderful with their fans. They are a joy to watch. Thank you for all the videos.

  8. Looking forward to seeing them in Washington DC in a few days. I personally dislike trying to get to this venue which is a traffic nightmare to reach, but it has been so long since they have been in the area that I a thrilled to see them in-person at last.

    1. Eileen, Sunday you will see them, and you will not think about the effort to reach the concert venue. You will enjoy beautiful music and you will not think of anything.

  9. Hi, Eileen, I will be in Washington D.C. Oh, how I hope there is a sound check for us ! Enjoy!

  10. A friend and I will be in Atlanta to see the boys. I’m hoping there is a sound check that we can attend. Any news on that venue?
    We are so looking forward to this concert

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