And finally IL VOLO WORLD TOUR has arrived in BOSTON!

Finally, because we remember that in 2017, during the NOTTE MAGICA tour, the Boston stage was canceled due to snow storm.

So Boston fans, are you ready after such a long wait to rejoice with Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca again?

The concert takes place in the beautiful WANG Theater:

Boston 01

Here is a nice video taken during the rehearsal of the concert, posted by Gianluca.

Magnificent theater.


Boston 02

But here they are, the show starts!

Boston 03

The warm welcome of Boston:



ARRIVEDERCI ROMA (beautiful videos thanks to Karen Bruno)



VOLARE (John, are you the one dancing?)



DELILAH (grazie Donna Pothier)


Talking, about Boston…..we loved it!!!!

Funny moments: 😁😁😁 (by Karen Bruno)

Final greetings: ❤️

Grazie mille to Donna Pothier and Mary Minton for the wonderful pics.

Boston 04

Boston 05

Boston 06

Boston 07

Boston 08

Boston 09

Boston 10

Boston 11

Thanks from IL VOLO. 😘😘😘

Boston 12

Reposted from @ignazioboschetto Boston has been a great even spent together! Next New York…

Reposted from @ilvolomusic – Yesterday was another incredible show, thank you Boston for your love! ❤️

Boston 13

Reposted from @barone_piero – Thank you Boston for your love. You made my night!

Boston 14

Donna Pothier’s review:

It was awesome ! They did not sing most of my faves, but someone said they sang a lot of Notte Magica, because Boston missed that one. They didn’t sing too many of their pop ones. After soundcheck which our part was short, they came down to say hello to everyone …about maybe 15 of us. Very nice.


Mary Minton’s review:

We did not attend the sound check in Boston, but from what we heard there were 14 people who attended and the boys also greeted them, shook their hands and chatted briefly after they finished rehearsing.  

It has been 4 years since the boys had been in Boston because 3 years ago their concert here was canceled due to a snowstorm, a fact that Piero mentioned during the concert, so it was a very enthusiastic sell out audience! 

Our seats in Boston, at the magnificent Wang Theater, were in the third row center and throughout most of the concert the boys were right in front of us! It was an incredible experience!

There was a slight change in the songs, Ignazio and Piero did not sing “O Paese d’o sole” as their duet, but instead sang “Core ‘ngrato” which all three did at Foxwoods. Also they did “Volare” later in the program than at Foxwoods.

They sang 25 songs, a solid 2 wonderful hours worth! They also looked very handsome, Gianluca in his black tuxedo and Piero and Ignazio in their black suits.

There were over 100 people at the meet and greet after the show and due to the viruses and flu going around we were told not to hug or kiss the boys. It went very quickly because we couldn’t say much to them, so it was just really having a photo taken. The VIP package included a tote bag, autographed photo, luggage tag and lanyard. We can’t believe that these two incredible concerts are over and are now looking forward to Taormina in September!

Here is a photo of the VIP gifts.

Boston 15

And here’s Mary and Mark Minton at the Meet & Greet.

Boston 16

Boston 17

I had written to the Minton couple that John was also at the concert, in fact they met and made friends.

I am so happy with their meeting.

Boston 18

And this is John with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. “John, were you able to speak them in Italian? We await your impressions of the concert!!”

Boston 19

Even Boston has been archived so successfully.

Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero are truly incredible.

I thank everyone who sent videos, photos and reviews, you had fun and you made us have fun too!

A couple of days of rest and RCMH is waiting for Il Volo !!!!



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

15 thoughts on “IL VOLO WORLD TOUR: BOSTON by Daniela”

  1. Thanks to Daniela for putting all this together. It was a wonderful experience made even greater by meeting the Mintons in person as well as members from the Official Fan Club. Truly an unforgettable concert, the best I have ever attended. I have submitted my review to be posted at some point. Grazie!

    1. Hi John, I am happy to feel happy with the concert, I will gladly read your review. The Minton couple are special, I met them in Verona and I am very happy that you met them. Beautiful these friendships thanks to Il Volo. You are good at dancing …. and I also saw you in other photos, first row wow !!!

      1. Daniela, you are also very special! Would love to see you again at another Il Volo concert!

    2. John, it was great meeting you also! Hope we will meet again at an Il Volo concert somewhere else in the world, maybe Taormina!

  2. Hello mrs and mr a read that you going to Taormina concert i am going to i hope to see you there . Greetings from a big fan from Belgium 🇧🇪🇧🇪

  3. Hi Eveyone!

    I just attended the February 6th Il Volo sold-out Show at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. I love you Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero–you put on an awesome. wonderful, magnificent concert, with great songs, tremendous strong voices, humorous moments that I found myself jumping up and down from my seat to applaud you after every single song. The ending — Grande Amore was so thrilling. You related to us so well –when you said “We love you New York” I hope you heard us scream out that we love you back –a million times over, Please
    come back to New York as soon as you can.

    All my love and appreciation–IL VOLO FOREVER!!

    Elisa Marie from Warwick, NY

  4. Just want to say a big THANK YOU for putting together these lovely concert reviews with photos and videoclips. And of course to everyone who contributes with their stories and photos!

    It’s so lovely to see and read everything!

    Lots of love from a IL VOLO lover in Sweden <3 / Jeanette

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