Fourth Who’s Going Where and other details….

Ok folks, the tour is winding down when it feels like they have just gotten started!!  Just about 2 weeks now til Vegas!  🙂

I think most by now have gotten the hang of signing up for the Fan Club and the Soundchecks, but I still see a few comments on the Fan Club Site asking questions… they are only posting a few days ahead or so for registration for the soundcheck, so don’t be looking a week ahead of time…. 🙂  They only post the meeting time the day of the concert, which may interfere with any plans you have for dinner/group meetings that night.  The time of the soundchecks have been between roughly 4:30p and 5:15p or so….depending on the venue.

I also want to thank everyone that has sent in their reviews of the concert.  I have read them all and I promise to post them when I get a few minutes.  🙂  So, keep them coming and don’t give up on me!

Also, Barb Jones would like to know what seats are best for TAORMINA, if you are challenged with stairs!  Please post here!  🙂

A big grazie mille to Daniela and Pat, who have been doing a fantastic job on reviewing and posting the concerts so far!  🙂

OK, here we go!


Terry May and sister

Sue Hood

Lois Hartwig





Mary Lynn Rothlis

Barb Morris



Rose Marie Paliobeis


Kay Roseff






Jay Dehaas





MAR 15 – VEGAS!!!!

OK, I know there will be a large group in Vegas and I have just a  handful of folks so far…  I know not everyone wants to be made public and that’s ok, but if you want to be on the Vegas list, please respond here.  🙂

Just a few thoughts on Vegas, being that it’s the end of the tour and we have a very large group for the early dinner before and most people likely going to the soundcheck there, it will likely be a crazy madhouse for the soundcheck. SO, it is my guess that there will not be much time for the guys to come and greet everyone, as they have done in previous cities.  Just sending a friendly warning to not be disappointed if this happens and you are not able to give them your gift, hug, etc. personally…  I imagine it will be the same for the meet/greet.  Being that it is the last one, I hope they don’t rush us through as much as the others.  Just want everyone to be prepared and not disappointed, if this is the case.




20 thoughts on “Fourth Who’s Going Where and other details….”

  1. Thank you so much to all concerned for keeping us up to date on all the previous concerts. It is great to see them all as they are posted. The meet and greet in Ft Lauderdale was very quick with no time to do anything but say Hi and have picture taken. However, the two friends that I brought with me were amazed at the strength of the Guys voices and are now firm fans of Il Volo !! We had a great time in a truly packed house and can only look forward to when they come this way again.?? Great job Guys and please return soooooooooooon.
    Please pray for the Italian people as they are having a bad time with this virus as they have the most people infected in Europe. Stay safe Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca along with your family and friends.

    1. It has occurred to me with the outbreak of coronavirus in Italy and now the US that these may be the last ” Meet and greets” we might have for some time. This does not mean you have to grab them even tighter or smooch them even more. instead. Be respectful, Its okay to gush and be enthusiastic but your germs will not be the only germs they will encounter and the same is true for you. I want to enjoy their heavenly music for years and years to come instead of having them be forced to retire because it became too dangerous for them… or us!. I want them to be able to do what they do best sing and perform! Be charming! Fill us with joy!… Have a great time at your concerts!

  2. Meeting in fleet hi my name is Linda I’m from the il Volo American fan group we are love and I know we have two groups that are we’ve communicated with that are going to see them and Taormina and we have taken a little pole so as soon as I get a good list I’ll give it to you. By the way I’m going LOL

  3. It looks at this point like I am the only FlightClub member going to see “our boys” at Fantasy Springs in Indio, CA. Counting the days. A reminder: if anyone else is coming, I am offering my home to stay all night. I know we are anxiously waiting out turn.

  4. My daughter-in-law, Sara and I will be in Las Vegas! I was keeping a list as I saw people mention Las Vegas and I had about 14 people on it.

  5. I will be going tonight to Mesa with my sister and a friend who has never seen them. Eager to see her reaction. Then going with another friend to San Jose. Again this friend is new to Il Volo. Than with husband, daughter, son-in-Las and 2 grandsons to San Rafael. The grandsons, ages 9 and 12, hope to be called by the guys to join them on stage. Lastly my sister and I will be at the Las Vegas concert.

  6. Thank you for your post! I hope to attend a concert and M & G too!!! I love the guys so much…Gianluca is in my heart for all time💙

  7. Thanks for your post! I’ll be in Vegas for my 5th and last! See you there!?

  8. I went to the Concert in Boston with my sister, we had the best seats, and I loved the concert . I have been trying since 2017 and finally made it. I hope they come back next year.i was even able to get pictures with them after the concert, of course I had to photo bomb Gianlucca didn’t want to miss my chance to get his picture.

  9. Helou everyone. My esposo and myself will attend the Las Vegas Concert. Two concerts and less than a year, the first one Oct 5 at
    Baja Mar Ensenada Mexico……

  10. I will be in Las Vegas, simply can’t wait to see il Volo again and meet many of you too 😉
    I will fly more than 10 000km in almost 2 days to see “my guys” … I think this is love 😉
    kisses from Poland

  11. My husband and I will be attending the Las Vegas concert. We are very excited to see the guys again.

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