Two other stages of the tour were made: Tampa and Dallas, and everywhere it was a great success.

Slowly, the last dates of February have arrived, still 15 days and the tour will come to an end, but for now, let’s enjoy these good moments.


February 24 TAMPA









Final greetings


Tampa 01

I can happily die now that I got to experience the passion these 3 have for music.


Tampa 02

Tampa 03

Tampa 04

Tampa 05

At the Tampa concert, there was our RoseMarie Paliobeis, who sent us these photos, thanks RoseMarie! 😘

Tampa 06

Tampa 07

Tampa 08


February 27 DALLAS 


Our Laura Parish was present at the concert and filmed these beautiful videos, and photos, thanks Laura.😘










Dallas 01

Dallas 02

Dallas 03

Dallas 04

Dallas 05

Dallas 06

Final greetings




Dallas 07

Dallas 08

In Tampa there was also our Regina Hanna, who sent us this nice review, thanks Gina!

My daughter Kim and I left Waco at 3 and came home after midnight. It is about 100 miles to Dallas but we have to travel on HWY I35 which is a nightmare. Huge trucks going in both directions. Dallas traffic is another mess. Anyway we got there and found the “AT & T Performing Arts Center” where the Opera House is located.

Impressed with the center and the army of volunteers keeping thing going smoothly. The “Winspear Opera House” holds 2600 and had a 5 tier box and balcony seating. When we bought the tickets we went by price and really lucked out to be on the second level box next to the stage. The box had chairs for four and we met a lady from Houston who was there with her friend from Los Angeles.

One of the members of the Flight Crew blog says not to watch all the bad little videos posted because they do not do justice to the boys. True. They looked so handsome, self assured and sounded fantastic.

The acoustics at the Opera House where very “strong” and  their voices sounded so good. Ignazio was his usual fidgeting, pulling up his pants and just lovable self. The first row in this theatre was so close to the stage with room to get into your seat and a little leg room but was filled with ladies that gave Ignazio a hard time. He even looked uncomfortable. One girl yelled out “my mother would leave my dad for you”.

The Texas fans are laid back but loud. Lots of cheering and clapping. There were couple rows that had empty seats. So not sure if it was sold out and people did not show up. I think this virus talk on TV day and night is scaring people to attend crowd events.

Wonder what will happens to IL Volo European Tour since so many places are closing events. They must be worried going home since Italy is having a problem with the virus.

I was amazed at the difference of boys in their black T-Shirts and somewhat shy and confident well dressed (suits) and sounding so so much stronger. 4 year span.

I am not sure how I feel about Ignazio doing some of the  “piano” sliding trick and some of the other silly gestures. I love him mo matter what but like a grandmother I wonder if he should “refine” his comic moments. Got home after midnight and had a good nights sleep. At my age a long day takes its toll. Anyway enjoyed and hope I am around for their next US Tour.😊Gina

Dallas 09

What can I say, the show repeats itself every time, and every time is a great success.

How much love for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, really a GRANDE AMORE 😘

Their voices rise, majestic and powerful, but full of love and emotion, they give love and receive a lot of love !!! ❤️❤️❤️



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

19 thoughts on “IL VOLO WORLD TOUR: TAMPA and DALLAS by Daniela”

  1. Thanks Daniela,Pat, Laura and Gina.
    In talking about the CoronaVirus, it is a lot safer in the United States right now than in Italy for the guys. I don’t think it has hit Sicily yet, so maybe when they get home they could rest up for a while there.
    I’m sure Piero and Ignazio can find room for Gianluca.
    Daniela, you be very careful and don’t get sick.😘

      1. Wow, i am really surprised that the shopping center is so busy after the stories we have seen on tv about the virus in northern Italy.
        We are still praying for you anyway🙏
        Thank you for the video Patrizia.

  2. Wonderful Concert in Mesa, AZ!! They are now young men with much more powerful voices. They sang 2 hours straight with NO BREAK. To think I almost did not go!!! I will be there again next time they come to the USA! Piero made my night by shaking my hand. He is so much more relaxed with the audience. Just wish Ignazio would interact a lot more with the audience. Love “my boys!” They will always be “my boys” as i too am a grandma who has loved these boys since i first saw them on the USA tv spots. Sue

    1. Sue, how nice words you wrote, yes their voices are more and more powerful.
      I am glad that the concert was as you expected and perhaps even more.

  3. Hi Can’t figure out why I no longer receive your posts Luckily I have your icon and I checked that and now have read your article which is so informative all the time. I always looks for reviews. I am just praying that the boys don’t pick up anything while travelling I realize the media overplay everything but still have to stay cautious. Loved my first concert in Ft. Lauderdale but feeling let down after so much anticipation.
    With such a successful tour in North America hope they will be back again next year and I am still here to go and see them. Thanks again to all the crew for all your hard work and great articles.

    1. Hi Beverley, after a long wait, when everything ends, there is a little bitterness, I understand you.

      I don’t understand why you don’t get the posts, I will ask Pat, who takes care of the technical part.

      1. thank you Also I find Ingnazio funny He danced with a girl at our concert
        They all mingled with the crowd I like when he clowns around makes most people laugh and nowadays that’s what we need
        Have a good day.

    2. How did you receive our posts before Beverly? Via email? If you scroll down a bit on the Flight Crew blog, past the top six blogs on the top, on the right side there is a place to follow the blog. One way is to follow the blog entering your email address to be notified of new posts. You might try doing that….I don’t know how you would just quit receiving notices unless you changed your email address. I don’t see you listed as a follower or an email follower. Try that and see if it helps. 😊

  4. I just got back from Tampa concert, what a success, what a experience! I did not know what seats we have, since my son bought a tickets for us, so sooo surprised to find out FIRST row in the middle!! just few feet away from our boys! My forth concert from Rome, RCMH, Chicago and Tampa and I hope there will be many more! Have a problem when someone criticizing Ignazio, he is HE, hope he will never change, without him show still would be great but not the same. As he said in Tampa ‘ I’m funny guy but I’m actually very romantic person’, he is the best! Thank you Daniels for writing.

    1. Irene, were you wearing your Flight Crew badge? I was looking around and didn’t see any or I would have said hello. My friend and I were also in the front row center seats 7 and 8. what were your seats? We gave them the flowers.

  5. But wow Irene, even central front row, better than that …..
    Then you have certainly enjoyed excellent audio and, in particular, excellent vision, perfect.

  6. I accept being chastised for making some comments about Ignazio’s comic moments. He is so talented, funny and handsome and I loved him since 2009 but a little criticism is a way of telling a person to take a look at oneself. Thru the years the boys have taken turns being the one to interact with the audience. Ignazio danced with a young lady who did not want to let him go.

    1. Regina, mothers and grandmothers, always try to find the point where their “treasures” can be attacked, it is not critical, it is excess of love.

  7. I attended the Tampa concert. This was my 3rd concert. They just get better and better. I like when Ignazio is funny. It is good to laugh these days. The show was FANTASTIC. I hope there will be many more in the future. Alice White in Florida

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