The American tour of Il Volo continues undaunted and has many beautiful successes of audience and constant unaltered affection, despite their absence for two years.

March has begun, and the voice of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca rises very high in:


MESA March 1

Almost no videos from Mesa, but some good photos.

Of course we all know what they sing and we have already seen many of their videos, but the idea of continuing to publish videos of the various concerts is certainly for people who cannot go to their concerts and I know that they look forward to the updates, even if they are songs that we have already seen several times.

Mesa 01





Final greetings


Mesa 02

The sign says – “My dream is to sing on stage with you.”

Mesa 03

Mesa 04

Mesa 05



Moment of the soundcheck.

SD 01

Under this photo, I read a nice comment and I hope that Doris Jaffe doesn’t scold me, because I also want you to read what she wrote:

“That’s me in the second row at the sound check wearing a cap and dark gray Il Volo sweatshirt. When we walked into the theater Ignazio greeted us. Each one of the guys came down from the stage, shook our hands and spent a little while chitchatting with us. A few people gave the guys gifts (tee shirts, pastries) but I gave them each a handwritten note to thank them for aiding me in my recovery from open heart surgery – I watched their videos 24/7 – their singing and antics elevated my mood. They are friendly, charming, personable, and better looking in person that what you see on screen. The show was marvelous. Glad I indulged myself.” 

Grazie mille, Doris! 😘






Final greetings

Some photos of the evening.

(Please click on each photo below to view at a larger size.)

Having fun at meet & greet

The long trail of concerts on American soil is slowly shortening.

Only 6 concerts and then everything will be concluded and a great void will remain …… but we still have fun, so next stop: Los Angeles!



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

17 thoughts on “IL VOLO WORLD TOUR MESA and SAN DIEGO by Daniela”

  1. I was at the concert in Mesa with my sister who had seen them twice before. We also brought a friend who had not even heard of them before . When the curtain opened and they were standing at the top of the stairs in front of mike stands and opened with Nessum Dorma my sister and I both got tears in our eyes. The strength and beauty of their voices brought out so much emotion, and it just got better from there! They were funny, kind, charming and of course the music was out of this world. Our friend said she loved every minute and Il Volo has a new fan. They never disappoint.

  2. Pricilla Presley was in the audience in LA last night. They also did a tribute to Kobe Bryant.

    1. Another success, true RoseMarie. I saw the video with Priscilla and also the tribute to Kobe Briant, there will be in the next post.

  3. On 3/2/2020, I wrote, “I’m wearing the I HEART Il Volo” T shirt designed by my artist sister, still on a high after the Mesa sound check and concert.
    We had been thrilled to be led to the 2nd row of Ikeda Theater for sound check, greeted by a huge smile from Ignazio. When Piero said into his mike, “Hi, how are you?” I exclaimed joyfully, “I am WONDERFUL!” Gianluca was beginning a favorite “Mattinata” and I could picture the dawn wearing a white dress bringing light and love. After 2more songs, he jumped down to shake hands and say hello to each of us. Yes, he’s even more handsome than photos. So was Piero with his dark hair and beard grown out and smiling as he also greeted us individually. Be still, my heart!
    Ignazio stayed to jam a bit with guitars and a lovely lady left from our row. Was that the young looking Elenora? We were allowed to stay until Ignazio looking handsome and fit, came down to receive handshakes and ppins from a nice Canadian lady we’d met in the lobby. He grinned when I declared, “ You sound GOOD!” as they all did. He’d reached some high notes new to my ears while warming up.
    On to our nose bleed seats where we discovered IlVolo sounded even better in Ikeda acoustics. Outstanding group work and solos continued to impress me and my sister who’d reluctantly joined me,enjoying English favorites as well as Italian and Spanish ones I’d been studying.
    What a remarkable experience! They held notes longer than I thought possible and used their well trained voices to go from pianissimo to high volumes with apparent ease while also charming with amusing banter. After nearly two hours, we were asked to sing along to “Volare” and “Grande Amore”. Great love indeed, by all!!
    Now this granny groupie can die happy after experiencing that concert. But I hope to be around for more as they come to the West Coast (Portland OR?) in the future. I’ll follow them on YouTube, PBS, CDs and DVDs until then. I truly do love Il Volo! Thanks, guys!”

    1. Lois, let me say, that this groupie grandmother wrote some really lovely things.
      If I’m not mistaken it was your first concert and I am very happy that you had such a beautiful experience and I am happy that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have shown you their affection, in addition to their undeniable skill.

      1. Second concert, but vastly better than the one I’d expedited my passport to attend in Vancouver BC in 2913. Been a groupie most of their 10 years. Thanks for all you do to bring us news of our guys!

    2. Oh Lois I am so with you! IL VOLO: PLEASE COME TO PORTLAND OREGON!!!
      On a more serious note: I truly believe that as much as we love Meet n’ Greets with our beloved IL VOLO, I believe they will need to be curtailed somehow while this coronavirus is on the move. I know I would much rather have IL VOLO around for a lonnnnngggg time than lose a single one of them to something that could have been avoided. I would rather hear and see them on tv or on DVD then lose them to this crud!
      Stay safe! Wash your hands, don’t touch your face!! ..
      I know I sound scary but its because I am scared and I care about us all.

      Connie/aka pairatesorka

      1. Connie, I forgot to say we reluctantly washed our hands very thoroughly.

  4. Thank you Daniela and Pitterpato for continuing to post these great videos and photos. It just keeps the good memories alive. I’m so happy for everyone that the weather was good for the tour and all seems well! We will miss them when they leave the USA but know they must be anxious to go home to family and friends. It’s just lovely having them here!

  5. Thank you for these concert reports! It makes things so much easier to be able to find all the videos and pictures in one place. The trio sound magnificent once again! Also, the news coming out of Italy with regards to the coronavirus sounds quite concerning. My best wishes to everyone there, and hopefully we will hear better news soon.

    1. Karen, thank you for your compliments.

      As for Coronavirus, I live in Italy in Lombardia, which was decreed “red zone” last night, that is, a high risk of contagion, we are not allowed to leave our region. Schools, churches, cinemas and theaters closed. Sports events only without audience. My family and I are fine.

      1. take care Daniela. We are thinking of you and your family. I hope this contagion is not too long lasting.

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