Gianluca on Billboard Italia March 26 – 11a EST (16:00/4p Italy time) via Instagram!

Hello folks!

Looks like Gianluca is reaching out to his fans and will be live on Billboard Italia, via Instagram.  If you don’t have Instagram, you can go to to download it.  You can also access Instagram on your computer, but I honestly don’t know if it will work for the live feed.  There are not a lot of details, but I believe Billboard Italia will be contacting Gianluca via live video on Instagram.  You will need to be sure to subscribe to Billboard Italia and wait for the notification the live feed is active.  You should get a notification that Billboard Italia is starting a live video.

So, have your questions ready!  Thank you Dani Ci for the heads up!  🙂  

(Cosa vorresti chiedere a Gianluca = What would you like to ask Gianluca?)  🙂



I’m sure it will be flooded with fans!



11 thoughts on “Gianluca on Billboard Italia March 26 – 11a EST (16:00/4p Italy time) via Instagram!”

  1. I am unfamiliar with how this works having only just become familiar with instagram. Do I follow billboard Italia and when the interview starts be notified of it or do I have to be watching for it. The same question about these live feeds that I see the boys do with hearts going up. What is that?

    1. Kim, you are correct. You will need to follow BI and when the interview starts you should receive a notification. Be sure your notifications for Instagram are on for your phone. Or, you can just watch for it. They might not be exactly punctual, so just be flexible. 🙂

  2. If any Il Volo fans do not have Instagram, you should. The guys, especially Gianluca are always posting photos or videos. You are missing a lot.

    1. That is so true! I personally much prefer Instagram to Facebook or Twitter – much easier to use, also! 🙂

  3. Jana, by any chance will you be posting a transcription of the interview? I have to work and I submitted a question. Hopefully I translated the following question correctly; What are some of your aspirations outside of Il Volo? – Quali sono alcune delle tue aspirazioni al di fuori de Il Volo?
    Thank you for keeping us posted 😊

    1. I’m sure between jo ann and Daniela, we will know what is said. However submitting your question to us is not the same as doing it through the luve video…

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